Let’s Talk About This Guy For A Moment

Hello my lovelies. your Dean of Fuckery and Queen of all I survey had her attention brought to this fucktard by another blogger, good ole Pesky who is definitely not afraid to call a…no that would not be PC; a piece of shit a piece of shit. Well, she went and found a big one and after I read about the misogynistic bastard and what he is doing with his time I decided that for those of you who don’t read Pesky, you definitely need to read about this person. Sad the best part of him probably ran down his mama’s leg, but we can only work with what we are given.

So, meet Kareem Williams, AKA Lefty (my guess is that is his “girlfriend hand” because in my opinion my Camaro has a better chance of getting laid than good ole Lefty. lefty

Kareem brags about the Rolex on his wrist, yet allegedly lives in a shitty little apartment somewhere in Philly.  Now Kareem here, acts as if he is completely love struck by the idea of money  I mean Stabby that he decided to write a rap song about her PTSD and how Nurmi is a tool and it should have been second degree manslaughter.  The fact that he can A)not Rap B)not Rhyme)and C)has a shitty voice had no bearing what-so-ever on his decision to write, have produced and record said rap song.

It’s bad, like that sound a cat makes when you step on it’s tail bad. That however is not the problem and there are a number of problems that Lefty doesn’t seem to get.  First, Stabby probably does have PTSD but she got it from killing Travis, she did not have it beforehand. Second, Stabby is not a victim of domestic violence and everyone here knows it.  Third, for someone that is so vehemently opposed to women being treated poorly Lefty here can certainly dish it out.  This is Pesky’s blog.  Go there to see the conversation that Mr. Lefty feels is fit for women.  I’ll give you the highlights. He flies in real women because he won’t date American woman (Please read: I have to pay to get laid) He called a woman a hoe, why he thinks she is a farm implement is beyond me but he said it, Told one he bet she liked to suck slow and drink fast (which as an aside is pretty fucking disgustingly rude), tried to get phone numbers, says 85% of American women are dumb AND stupid(I just can’t with this one)called Pesky a cum licker and Krusty (I don’t even know what that means, but it was derogatory I assure you) and finally told everybody his video was going to go viral. Since it has to do with Stabby, odds are good it came with a viral load. As of today it has 2002 hits including the one I had to begrudgingly give him in order to see the horror so you didn’t have too. Oh, and an undisclosed percentage of the billions he is going to make off of his video will be given to Stabby.

Here is an article on LEFTY and his insanity if you are interested.  Seriously, you should read it, it is worth the chuckle.

EDIT: Link keeps 404ing which always pisses me off so type metro in your search bar,go to metro and then search Kareem Williams or Stabby’s given name and it will get you there. That’s it for tonight kids

RBMD peacing the fuck out



9 Responses to Let’s Talk About This Guy For A Moment

  1. NapaNonnie says:

    “AKA Lefty (my guess is that is his “girlfriend hand” because in my opinion my Camaro has a better chance of getting laid than good ole Lefty.” Too funny and too true. What a loser. Another Jodi Joker looking for money.

  2. TrulyUSA says:

    Oh he’s a real gem, isn’t he? What is it about Stabby that makes people go blind and the moon turn red (my papa always said that happens during dog days, is it dog days in Philly?)

  3. renaes24 says:

    I think old “Lefty” is an ‘artist’ only in his own mind! I have checked around and no one in the Philly music community has even heard of him. (I have a nephew from and based there, who DOES have 3 or 4 albums out right now ……ok, he is jazz/funk fusion…but I also checked with Max Swan who IS big in the area and does all sorts of hip-hop and all that other stuff…..including teaching an occasional class at the College of Music….and HE has never heard of him )
    Now, that brings us back to his mouth……seems that is the only thing he has as he seems to be a legend in his own mind.
    I think he is just a wanna-be that never was. He thinks jumping on the JA bandwagon will shine a light on his ‘talent’. Well, maybe it did, (as just look: we are talking about him), unfortunately, it only highlighted that he has NO talent.
    If someone wants to highlight domestic violence against women, I don’t think it is too bright to go around being nasty-assed to women in print. And, if someone has to import women to sleep with……well, I would think that would constitute human trafficking. Now since when would a ‘star’ of rap or even rock, not be able to get women to sleep with him?
    As for his mouth? Someone needs to feed him some of his chicklets. (It appears that is the ONLY thing he hasn’t eaten). I suggest for his next shot at fame he try out for “Biggest Loser”. There, he can win a crown for embodiment of the title.

  4. Constance says:

    There will always be a disappointing number of people who are willfully delusional, including anyone who still believes in Stabby or Scott Peterson, thinks Hilary Clinton wasn’t fully aware of the majority of Bill’s cheating, thinks OJ Simpson was innocent, and so forth.
    Being born with a brain doesn’t mean they use it for anything remotely resembling logic in these areas.

  5. mags says:

    I’m amazed how all the bugs come out when an innocent person is murdered. This S.O.B. is nothing but a scab trying to fill his pockets. Not surprised

  6. Mama Via says:

    Ok…Kareem’s 15 minutes of fame are all used up..and he got 14 minutes too long!

    End of comment…

  7. LOl VERY good article! I was distracted tweeting about this sucker trying to give him a high enough platform to fall face first from, and fall he did.

    I understand ole Nancy Grace herself informed him he was barking up the wrong tree. Tammy Rose appears delighted in his fall, and even Beth Karas threw in her two cents on the King Jordan Blogtalk. Krusty was heard to say “STFU!”.

    Rumor has it Arias got locked down because of his recent money scheming stunt. ATTA BOY KRUSTY!!!

    *flicks tail*

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