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Hello lovelies, it is me, your Dean of Fuckery/Law Professor/Doctor of Doctoring/honorary DVM/Sarcasm Expert/and Queen of all I survey.

I’m working on a synopsis of the Vancallis trial to date, but the judge is giving me so much material it is taking some time.  I will try and have the first 3 days up tomorrow.

I’ve been extremely busy here so please forgive the tardiness.  Jian Ghomeshi’s trial starts Monday so I’ve been doing a lot of research into that.  For those that don’t know he was the host of an extremely popular CBC program as well as the lead singer for Moxy Fruvous for a while.  He is charged with a bunch of stuff, four sexual assault charges and one charge of overcoming resistance by choking.  He is saying it was consensual the women who’s charges stood rolled their eyes so hard they are probably still stuck in the back of their eye sockets.  It is going to be a media clusterfuck and you have no idea how very badly I would like to be there.  I’d have a panic attack in under a minute with a packed courtroom so for now that is out.  I am however, hoping that between now and Monday I can talk somebody into going for me.  If any of you watch The Trailer Park Boys (I personally don’t) the actress that plays the wife of one of them is one of the victims. He has opted for trial by Judge only, which I think is as smart a move as he could have made.  Jury trials for sexual assaults are a crap shoot whether you are guilty or innocent.

Jian is not expected to take the stand, BUT if it is looking like the Judge finds the witnesses credible, he will likely have to take the stand.  He can’t be forced to take the stand, but it would likely be in his best interest if the Judge is believing the witnesses.  Did he do it?  I absolutely believe he did.  Will he be convicted?  I seriously doubt it.  He has been getting away with this shit since university, so I doubt it.  Is his career over? Most likely.  Is he a pariah? Jian according to all sources including personal sources has considered himself all that and a bag of chips for years, he is not well liked by most of the people that actually know him and he is allegedly one of the biggest misogynistic pricks that has ever walked the planet.  So yeah, I’d say his career is pretty much over.

He is actually the very definition of misogyny.   Misogyny is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, belittling of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women. Misogyny can be found occasionally within ancient texts relating to various mythologies. I looked, but so far no picture.

There was also the officer that was convicted yesterday of attempted murder of a guy that was already dead.  Yes I really just typed that.  So, the short version is there was a dude on a bus or streetcar (I’m not going to check) brandishing a knife.  A very pointy knife.  The police were called and told dude to drop said knife.  He didn’t so the officer shot him three times.  Then after some sober second though and probably worried about all the zombie movies he has seen he decided to put another six into the kid just to be sure he stayed dead. He was charged, released on bail because cops are special and was put on paid desk duty until the case was adjudicated.  He was charged with murder, manslaughter and attempted murder.  The fucked up thing about our justice system here in good old Canada is that the jury found the first three shots justified so found him not guilty of murder, but the next six were just being a dick and convicted him of attempted murder of a dead kid.

Since he is a police officer, he will likely get a couple of years.  For killing a kid brandishing a knife.  Seriously, I have said it a hundred times and I will say it a hundred more times.  A lot of people who join the police force, or the army have very serious issues.  They hate specific groups, they feel a need to be the authoritarian, the are power hungry etc.  And they get to carry guns.  Yay for us.

Now, I’ve dealt with a LOT of police officers due to my ex life.  Their visits were frequent to the point that is was an oddity not to see them at least once on the weekend.  I found that while they did their jobs, they showed nothing but disdain for me because I stayed and took it, therefore I must somehow deserve it.  Police are not trained in a lot of things and the biggest one I still believe is domestic violence.  They would take my ex, but he’d get released the next day at first just with a promise to appear, and then 2000 bail, and then 3000, and then 5000.  When you own a viable business, 5000 is nothing. I stated that once to the police and their response was that the judicial system doesn’t feel that prohibitive bail for someone who owns a business that employs people is good for anyone.  Apparently the victims don’t count.  My day came though. I finally got an officer that was supportive and with her encouragement I found the strength needed to spill all of it. She was a good officer and I am grateful for her. But for every one of her there are ten that are not like her.  Even the police blame the victim.

The reason for that story is that things seem to be changing.  Police seem to be coming up on charges a lot in Ontario all of a sudden.  Something the public has known forever is suddenly being discovered by the higher ups, and that makes me happy.  To serve and protect should mean something.  It really should and I am starting to have faith that in Canada, it once again just might.

In other Canadian news our dollar sucks, so if you Americans want to shop come here, diesel prices continue to fall (YAY!!!) but, oddly gas was up 2 cents today.  Which is still pretty decent for gas so I’m not bitching.  Food prices have gone completely off the fucking charts.  I have a theory about that but that is for another blog.  I asked my son to hit the grocery on his lunch to get us a cauliflower.  When he came home he did not have the cauliflower because it was Six fucking dollars.  Meat is no longer an option.  I was going to try and swing a  quarter of beef, even ordered it, but cancelled the next day because it is just way too expensive.  Is this going on in the States as well?  Like everything has suddenly gone up exponentially? I’m going to start growing my own veggies in the summer.  My son and I have all these acres we don’t do anything with, so he drew out a diagram of a large garden and he said he’d to all the turning of the sod and mixing of the soil since we are on heavy clay and then I could plant it.  It should be fun and the grocery store can eat a dick.

Anyway, that is it for this evening, I hope everyone is well.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.



6 Responses to Untitled Because Why Not.

  1. renaes24 says:

    Good Post Kelly! Only thing you missed was the fact that the streetcar where the officer shot the young man with a gun was EMPTY and STOPPED and NO ONE was in danger!
    I am tempted to go and see the Milard trial, but can’t see driving to Hamilton for days and days for that……..so I will follow on Twitter, if I can.
    First thing Canada has to do is STOP PAYING these ‘officers’ while on suspension. It’s bad enough that they continue to be paid while under indictment……but even now, Forcillo is still being paid even after conviction! How can that be justified?
    Prices here are terrible…..my saving grace is that my income is in US dollars and my bills are in Canadian dollars so it is like I got one big raise……but that can change at any time.
    Jiam? I think you’re right. I don’t think he will be found guilty. In fact, I think some of the charges have already been dropped. We shall see. I don’t think I could sit in the same courtroom with him either.
    Looking forward to more of your posts….and happy gardening!

  2. TrulyUSA says:

    The police have changed, and it seems like all at once but maybe I just didn’t notice because I am fortunate to live in a low crime area. You can’t ignore the news reports, though, and there are very few of the “serve and protect” and a lot of the “look at me wrong I’ll kill you” cops. I’m not sure why, maybe that just makes news, but excessive force seems to be the norm and not the exception. Is it because people are more violent? I don’t know for sure, I just think the response to violence has changed. It’s a bad circle of events, the cops are more violent so the citizens don’t trust them, so the citizens are more violent so the cops don’t trust them, so the cops are more violent, etc. etc. I told hubby the other day that things we did as kids that got us in trouble mostly with our parents are now putting kids behind bars, where they learn how to really work the violence angle and no doubt must as survival in the prison system. I don’t have any answers, it’s a bad situation. Kelly the groceries here in the States are high, too. About the only thing that is affordable in the meat department is pork. The beef is priced by the ounce, or so it seems! A steak is going to set you back big time. The turkey and chicken farms have had to eradicate flocks due to the bird flu, so poultry is high, too. The veggies here aren’t so bad, but I’m in the Midwest and we are the growers, so that stands to reason it would be cheaper here. If you are going to go to all the work to turn soil and plant a garden, find a horse farm or a chicken farm and get some manure to mix in with it, you would be amazed at how good that stuff works. It’s free, most farmers are more than happy for you to come shovel up some, and it works and is organic. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  3. Mama Via says:

    Kelly, I just love your posts…you have such insight, humor and irony…all mixed up into a wonderful post that always makes me ask questions about one thing or another…and comment (sometimes I’m forced to comment SEVERAL times!).

    I’ve got to research a few things before I comment on most of your post…but one thing I am sure of…how little “money” is actually worth now days, and how expensive commodities are!

    I’m upset, because although the price of gas is down, nothing else is! Until I met Papa, the price of a pack of cigarettes was my gauge to the economy. I started smoking in 1967. My dad was buying a CARTON on-base for $1.40. In 1967, the sticker price on a brand new Ford Mustang was $2300 plus taxes, license and dealer prep, try buying a brand new car today for less than 30k!! My photo box in storage, holds a photo of me, taken in 1968. I was a member of the “drill team” that marched with the band in parades in So. Cal. Behind me, the sign on the shell station indicates gas was 28 cents a gallon. (You could”filler up with Ethyl” and still get change back from a $10 bill!). In 1975, the price of cigarettes on base went up to $2.80 a carton…just a year later, at the Des Moines airport, a pack in the vending machine for 75 cents…(I swore when the price of a pack went to $1 “I’d QUIT!” But, I didn’t!) the price went to $1, or $2…$5!! Up to about $8 now over at the Stop n Rob…but, congratulate me…on January 9th, I celebrated my 5th cigarette-free anniversary! (I spend all that money now on new purses!)

    Do you miss having an attendant at the Service Station? I remember driving up to the pump and the young high school boy would not only fill up the tank for you…but he would also clean your windshield and “check under the hood”!!

    There were the “ugly days”…the years after my divorce and before I met Papa. I lived in the “Armpit” of Florida, and times were tough! I drove a little, dinky car, that held only 10.5 gallons. Gas was $4+ per gallon, and it was difficult to find the money to fill up my gas tank! One day, at the grocery, I complained that only the week before, milk was 20 cents cheaper, my coffee pods were 56 cents cheaper, paper towels were 72 cents cheaper, eggs were 35 cents cheaper, cereal was…well you get the idea…I said to the grocery manager that my social security check wasn’t big enough to buy gas AND food! Why had the prices increased? He gave me a reasonable answer…”well, Ma’am, with gas prices so high, we have to pay more, so we end up having to charge more!” Well, OK, I understand that…but when gas went down, I expected prices at the grocery to dip a little, too…but, they didn’t…nope, if anything, everything went up a nickel or a dime…and the same groceries I bought the week before were now costing me an $5, $10 or $15 dollars more than they did the week before…yet, my social security check remained the same…

    As of 1/1/16, the base price to build our house went up by $25,000…we signed the contract in December…so in our case, we’ve got an increase of equity in the amount of $25,000…I almost feel like celebrating…it’s so RARE that we actually “win” in a situation like that; usually, it’s US who are bending over the barrel!

    One of my major complaints about our townhouse is that although we “own” a portion of our “back yard”, basically, a little strip about 30′ X 15′, it REALLY isn’t “ours” to do what we want to do…per the HOA, we cannot remove the sod, we cannot remove the shrubs, although we do have a 6″ edging area for “flowers”…..out in front, we have 2 tiny slivers of dirt to plant “approved” annuals, perennials and evergreens. The strips are about 15″ deep and run along the sidewalk to our entry, approximately 5 feet. Two years ago, I planted some seeds…I can’t even remember what I was expecting to come up…but I do remember that the seeds had germinated, and had grown to about 1 1/2 inches, maybe two, when the gardeners came by and sprayed them with “weed killer”…they managed to survive the spraying for about 3 hours before they became limp and lifeless…not having learned my lesson, last year…thinking perhaps those idiots would SEE that PLANTS had been planted….I put out 3 or 4 four-inch tomato plants…I even put some cute little stakes in the ground with a drawing of a tomato! They had just set blossoms when the landscaping idiots came and dumped, willy-nilly, about 4” of cedar mulch on top of my “baby ‘maters”…I finished digging them out from under all the mulch and talked them into trying to live when the idiots visited and sprayed the “weeds” again….I lost my “tomato patch”…but…this year, I have a fine crop of weeds growing…yet haven’t seen hide nor hair of the “weed-man”….

    I have a small 10 X 10 patch planned in the new yard. I’d like to plant some things that we enjoy; tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and maybe green beans. I will have to do some research during the next 12 months to see what grows well in the soil we have. I’m not so sure it is “worth it” in the grand scheme of things. After buying the railroad ties (or whatever I decide to use to separate garden from lawn), seeds or starter plants, fertilizer, etc…wouldn’t it be just as inexpensive to invest my time in finding coupons and visit the grocer on double coupon day, or just up and go to the farmers market every other weekend?

    Papa and I are Seniors…we really don’t eat the way we used to. We eat MUCH less than we once did! More often than not, I will buy a prepared dinner, and we split it, and that’s enough for both of us. Even at that…I STILL spend about $100-130 a week at the regular grocer…and I also make a Costco run for toilet tissue, paper towels, Kleenex, laundry detergent, Cascade, and other household needs. I’m able to save a LOT of money on the meats we eat; chicken breasts, pork roasts, etc. the problem is that you must buy in bulk, and I don’t have a freezer. (Hopefully, we will get one for the new house.)

    I just don’t know how some people make it week to week. It used to be that the “rule of thumb” was that you shouldn’t spend more than 25% of your income for your rent or mortgage. That would have worked fine with the house I bought back in 1973, where my house payment was less than $300 a month. Even in 1981, that little house in San Antonio, that I bought “no money down” had a $430 payment.

    My son lives alone, pays everything himself. He is currently making close to the hourly rate I earned back in 1999. Twenty eight hundred a month SOUNDS like a LOT…until you realize that you can’t rent a house, condo or apartment in Jacksonville for less than $1,200 to 1,500 a month… Well…actually, he found a little house for a bit less than $1,000…BUT…his house has been broken into several times…they’ve taken several TVs, a ton of his electronics, his gas grill, his class ring and a briefcase full of important papers…

    I just don’t know how young people today make it, month to month…if it’s a COUPLE, and BOTH are working…and earning close to 6k a month, then a house payment of $2000 is reasonable…but “couples” are becoming more rare every day. I know more “single parent families” than couples with families. And, to be honest, I just don’t know how single parents manage anymore.

    My DH and I are fortunate; he was able to save throughout his working life. But, next year, our only “income” will be social security…every expenditure that exceeds our social security will have to be withdrawn from savings or brokerage accounts…and there is a good chance that we will outlive our savings. And, for as much as I worry about our future, there are millions of folks who made no preparations at all for their futures…I’m even more worried for them.

    So, for you “youngsters”…don’t buy the new smart phone every year, do so every other year, or every three years…and put the savings into a savings/brokerage account…put 10% of your monthly check into savings…(and if you can’t do 10%, do 5% or 1%). Save as much as you can….for your future…

    Before Medicare changed a few rules, when I fell into the “do-nut hole”…I glad to start making hard choices…food or my prescriptions? Car insurance or rent? There is no “safety net”…and when the choice is between paying for the medicine that eases your pain, or keeps you from having a stroke or a heart attack…whatever your medical condition needs…versus buying food, car insurance, car payment, cell phone bill, etc…the medicine wins every time.

    Before moving to JAX, my ex neighbor had lost her car, she couldn’t pay the insurance, maintenance, or buy fuel…she had just enough social security to pay her rent, buy her medications and pay her doctor. That was all…she took the bus to her doctor, the pharmacy and the food bank, or sometimes a neighbor would take her.

    I have a “shirt-tail” relative whose children pooled some funds last year to pay the taxes that were due on their house, but one of them currently doesn’t have dentures, because they just can’t “afford” them (even though their house us paid for), both are in their mid-seventies, have many health issues, but, I don’t know how they would survive without their garden (she “cans” the vegetables and fruits that grow on their acreage all summer long, and that, with some hunting, feeds them all year.)

    Yet another relative cannot come up with the $1800 that is due for their taxes…and at 89 and 90 years of age are facing a tax sale and eviction from the home they have lived in for close to 60 years….their church had a “canned food drive” and provided them enough food to get through winter, but even with lower heating oil prices, just their doctor/pharmacy and utility bills consume what little social security and veterans payments they receive.

    Please, don’t let these stories be you in 30-40 years….most of us aren’t wealthy nor do we come from wealthy families…but, for those of you who are….I just want to tell your kids and grand kids one thing…..”don’t count on gramma leaving you a lot of money, she is barely making ends meet herself…and when the decision between buying the medicine that relieves her pain, or extends her life an extra month…or saving it so you get it when she dies….Well, I’ll leave it to you to figure out which one she will choose….but, I wouldn’t quit my job, if I were you!”

    • renaes24 says:

      Oh Mama! So true, so true. All of that is a big reason we got out of NOTL and moved to an apt. All the money it was costing…..for what? Had we stayed, I would still have to work (almost) full time. But I think it was the unexpected that finally broke me. The unexpected wind-storm that means roofing…..the unexpected breaking of an appliance (that you thought was good for at least another 4-5 years)…the unexpected maintenance that took ALL your free time with your husband.
      My grandkids won’t be getting dime one. Too bad. I had long ago told MY parents to ‘spend every damn penny you earned’ because we kids would do ok. (They did.) I earned my way and it didn’t hurt me one bit. I expected the same out of my offspring….and it worked……I now expect the same out of my grandkids….
      Perhaps if more people did it, we would have a more sustainable society; perhaps we would not have people having to make a choice between food or medicine or a roof or heat.
      Social Security provides NO security. It will keep you alive……barely. I am so lucky that I have a few small pensions and savings and most of all…..my husband. Without him, I have visions of me living in a yert. I thank him every day and every night…….and the wonderful thing is…….he thanks me every day and every night too.

      • Mama Via says:

        It is wonderful when you have a “mutual admiration society” within your marriage…we have the same thing!

        Four years ago last Sept. 28, I finished my bath early and came downstairs…(I take a 2-hour swim in the bath tub, every day from 4 pm to 6 pm) it is a good thing that I came down almost an hour earlier than usual…I found my DH flat on the floor, dizzy, confused, bad headache, slurred speech and he could not stand…I called 911 and they arrived in virtually MINUTES….

        The rescue team began work on him even before they got him into the ambulance…I followed to the hospital, only 1.4 miles from the house after gathering up his shaving kit. By the time I arrived at the emergency room, he was back to his normal self…more or less…he still slurred a little, and his right leg wasn’t quite as fast as his left…and the right side of his lips looked “funny”…

        You know without me telling you, that it was a light stroke…he has had chronic high blood pressure forever. In 1989, his dad had the same thing…but, his wife wasn’t home…it progressed to a fibrillation issue, then, his heart attacked, and he was gone…my DH is positive that if I hadn’t been home and come downstairs when I did…that he wouldn’t be here either…he claims that I saved his life.

        Just before we married, my DH said “it’s either me or the cigarettes, I’m NOT marrying a smoker.” I quit, and haven’t touched them again. I had two other issues…I hadn’t had proper dental care in ages…everything else came first. I had a chronic sinus infection I didn’t even know I had that was caused by my teeth. And, the Fuchs’ endothelial dystrophy had affected one eye so badly that in combination with cataracts, I was “legally blind”. My DH insisted I go to the dentist…and I spent the next 18 months getting my teeth fixed…and then, as most of you know, I had cataract surgery in both eyes, and a corneal transplant in my right eye. Not only did he literally save my life…that infection COULD have caused heart attack and other ugly stuff, his insistence that I quit smoking saved me from God knows what with my lungs and heart–he improved my “quality of life” too, when he began to suggest that I have the eye surgery…

        Maybe it is our age, honey, that lets us see how wonderful our dear husbands are…our maturity that allows us to appreciate what they bring into the relationship, and our experience that helps us realize just how unique and kind they are…(and, for me, anyway, years of therapy that helped me get through an anal craniumectomy (I pulled my head out of my arse!))

        It really bothers me when see people in toxic relationships. I hear the same passive/aggressive comments that I once made to or about my ex-husband, which gives me a pretty good idea of where that couple is in their relationship, and the depth of their unhappiness. Sometimes issues can be worked out, sometimes no amount of “work” is going to rid the couple of a basic incompatibility of values, morals, ethics and even cultural differences. (With my ex, if I had been forced to have just one more Thanksgiving Dinner of tamales, chili colorado, arroz con pollo y frijoles….SOMEbody would have ended up D.E.A.D. (And I didn’t care which one of us it was!)).

        I used to believe that couples would get caught in a downward spiral of dissatisfaction which became contagious and eventually murdered the relationship. Only with my DH, have I discovered that upward spirals exist too. I’m not sure how you find one, or how you start one…all I know, is that they exist…and each day with your partner is more wonderful than the day before. My DH is not perfect, by any means (and neither am I!) but there isn’t one thing I would change about him. I like him just the way he is. That may be the key…accepting your partner (warts and all) just the way they are.

        I love him just the same as I love all of you…just the way you are…

  4. Linda Richards says:

    Awesome, newsy post! I never heard of that Jian guy, but I hope he’s convicted.

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