A Letter to My Fellow Iowans

A word about the anti-Obama-Rants–or how “the Hope-y Change-y Thing-y ain’t working…”

An Iowan speaks…

Eight years ago, we all listened to stories and hype about “hope” and “change”…I don’t care WHO says it,,,things ARENT going to change…of ALL the candidates campaigning, the ONLY one who has a clue about what happens AFTER the election, after the swearing in is Clinton (who, btw-I don’t like)…she was there, thru every day and year of Clinton’s presidency, so she knows that all the promises a candidate makes ends up being bullshit…mostly because (unless an “Executive Order” is issued) (which, if you listen to the GOP candidates is “against the law”) all the president can REALLY do is suggest the Legislators actually legislate! Truly, his hands are tied by Congress & Senate…only THEY can take legislative action and enact laws, which the president then signs.  Obama “pushed the Health Care Act thru” but…it was by his “Leadership” of the congress & Senate, (and a LOT of pushing by Senator Ted Kennedy!)….admittedly, the bill got thru the process by the very SLIMMEST of margins.  So few, in fact that the Republicans have complained ever since that “one fewer vote in the Senate or a change of four votes in the House would have been enough to defeat ObamaCare!”   Obama signed the legislation into law on March 23, 2009 only two days after the House vote.  As a result, the majority of GOP candidates continue to stand on the “I’m going to repeal Obama Care on my first day in office!”  Personally, I don’t have an opinion about the Health Care Act–I have Medicare, and both my son and husband have healthcare through their employers, I have no need for the ACA!   My point here is not whether the Affordable Care Act (ACA) aka-Obama Care, is good or bad…but to discuss that Obama did not legislate that law unilaterally.  A President is supposed to show “Leadership” and the Congressmen & Senators of his party are supposed to go do their jobs and “Legislate”….if it is a “bad law” then, it is an issue with the Legislative Branch of Government, not the Executive Branch exclusively.  Well, enough about the ACA.

The point I’m trying to make is that none of the three branches (Executive, Legislative and Judicial) are able to enact Legislation unilaterally. I feel that it is unfair and unjust to place all if the blame for ACA, or any OTHER law solely on the Obama’s shoulders.

I’ve decided that I am going to vote for “None of the Above”.  Apparently, Hillary will be the democratic nominee.  I’m not thrilled with that.  I believe she is just another “slimy politician”.  From the very beginning of the Clinton’s entrance into national politics, they’ve had some sort of “shenanigans” going on in their lives.  She is a classic “enabler” for her husband’s “naughty behavior”, the biggest being Lewinski.  Not one of us here would hesitate to question “what else is he hiding”????  After all,.we ALL know “how men are” (or at least the majority of them) (current husbands and significant others excluded) If you catch someone hiding “one thing”, guaranteed that there are other peccadilloes hiding in the sand box too!!  

While we are talking about Ms. Clinton… let’s not forget White Water, Vince Foster, Dick Morris, the EMail scandal, Benghasi, Juanita Broaddrick, the Clinton Foundation, etc, etc…and, I know I’m speaking heresy here, but, her balls are just a little to big for my liking…I’m old and I’m old fashioned!  I don’t like the “feminist” movement, from what I’ve seen, none of them seem very “feminine” to me…and as for Clinton…she’s loud, brash and her laugh sounds like a jackass braying!  They way I see it… I don’t want to be “equal” to men; I’m perfectly happy being superior!

Bernie Sanders…I remember Nikita Kruschev, I still remember the Berlin Wall…and during the Bay of Pigs Affair, I remember being taught to  “Duck & Cover” (hiding under my school desk and covering my head with my arms) as if that was going to save my ass from the nuclear bomb dropped on San Diego…then, after the “all clear” we would all line up outside and wait for our parents to come pick us up….yeah…right…I also remember that the Russians said that they would “conquer from within, not without”…so, someone like Bernie Sanders, who says he is a “Democratic Socialist” scares the hell out of me!

I’m not sure, actually, who frightens me more…Clinton, Sanders or Trump.  Someone needs to tell The Donald that this isn’t a marriage or a reality show.  If he decides he doesn’t like being President (assuming he is elected)..he can’t just “not show up” or “go pout in his plane”!  The Presidency isn’t what’s behind door #1 if you win.  This is serious stuff.  And when you screw up (WHEN not IF) millions of people are going to be “mean” to you!  Megyn Kelly isn’t even a percentage point as “mean” as some people are going to be.  Donnie, baby…you ain’t SEEN MEAN or UNFAIR yet!!!  

I hope that my fellow Iowans consider the actions that The Donald pulled on the debate last night!  THAT, my friends, was a temper tantrum!  I do not like the Donald…I don’t like the way he talks to women (very disrespectful), I don’t like the way he talks to and about Hispanics and other people of color, and I don’t like his views about Muslims.  Our country was built on the basis of religious freedom…Donald is divisive, and with the peril our country faces, we need to pull together, not become more xenophobic!!  I’ve never liked bullies…and The Donald is a BULLY!! (You’re FIRED!)  The thought of Donald dealing diplomatically (like Regan or Nixon did) frightens me!  We need someone to have a line in the sand when we need a line in the sand….but we don’t need someone who is flattered by some empty words muttered by Putin…or to go off on a willy-nilly tantrum if someone doesn’t respect that he is a multi-zillionaire!!  Trump is a loose cannon!

And, as a note…just to be honest…the debate last night was the very first that wasn’t another episode of “The Donald Trump Show”…that was the VERY FIRST that we heard from TRULY VIABLE candidates for the GOP nomination…but that’s just my opinion…

I’d like to hear more from Rubio, Cruz, Christie and Bush.  I don’t agree with every plank in the GOP platform…but the Democrats have just gotten too weird for my taste.

To my friends, family and fellow Iowans…as you caucus, please consider the future of your town, county, state and Nation…consider your future, the future of your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren….

be careful, be wise, be thoughtful….

The eyes of our Nation are upon you.  Please go to your local Precinct, and Caucus wisely…yours is the first Voice that our Nation will hear.

Thanks for letting me rant, Kelly!

Well, that’s it…all my own words…nothing cut and pasted…

14 Responses to A Letter to My Fellow Iowans

  1. spellbound4 says:

    VERY well said, and I thank you!

  2. renaes24 says:

    First, let me say Thank you to Kelly for putting this post up. I find it wonderfully refreshing to find a Canadian who, while finding US politics ‘interesting’, also is aware that she/he has little to no impact on those politics and not try to be a ‘pseudo-American’ and impart their ‘words of wisdom’ on foreign citizens. Thank you Kelly!
    Now, dear Iowan, there is much in your post I agree with…….and some I do not. I am NOT afraid of a (self-titled) Democratic-Socialist.
    I understand the fear as I, too, was brought up to be ready to fight against those ‘commie-bastards’. (Back then, Socialist was just a more polite term for COMMUNIST). Over the years I have found we were all fed quite a bit of FALSE propaganda…… Socialist=Communist or like the fact that hiding under a desk would protect you if a nuke was launched or that if you ate meat on a Friday you would reside in hell for all eternity. The socialist/communist stuff needs to go the way of the tooth-fairy and the Easter rabbit.
    Living out of the country, I only get 1 vote and that is for president. I get to cast no ballot for any Senator or Congressman; no Mayor or Governor. I refuse to waste that ONE vote on Hillary. Besides the endless list of the past problems you listed (with the Clintons), I find the fact that she is touting herself as the candidate with the best judgement to be her biggest lie. Her judgement? Having her own email server at her home? Sending out emails on personal rather than State Dept sites? Making her own decision on what emails to turn over before having this server ‘cleaned’? Where is her wonderful judgement on that? Who thought that was a good idea? No, her judgement sucks.
    Champion of womens’ causes? Sure because calling rape/sexual abuse victims liars (because the accused is your husband) is ALL about empowering women!
    And even simply Oh the memories! I remember Bill Clinton’s presidency. I personally LIKED a lot of what he did. Times were good. I think he actually might have done a lot more……except for:
    Countless and never ending SPECIAL prosecutors and Investigations and on and on and on…..until the business of the country took a back seat to the daily dish on what which investigator found each day.
    I hardly think that Hillary’s ascent to the White House would be different. Just think of the field day on the email stuff alone. We would not have a presidency (again), instead we would have a Drudge Report headline almost daily. NO THANK YOU.

    Senator Cruz scares the hell out of me. The man seems truly frightening. Marco can’t seem to manage his own budget and seems a bit ‘wet behind the ears’. Christie is all brash and yell-ie and Bush? The thought of yet another Bush brings me to tears. I have to shake my head when I look at them and think Rand Paul sounds like the most normal (in comparison)……until you realize what he wants to do with Social Security etc………
    Therefore, unless Bernie Sanders is the Democratic Nominee……I am afraid I will have to just do a protest vote……….and (god help us) that protest vote will be Trump. The country will make it through. It made it through presidents who were crooks (Nixon), serial cheaters (Clinton), certified morons (GW Bush), and even a presidency where the country was run by a spouse (Wilson). I think we can survive a Clown. (For once, having a Congress who refuses to do Anything might come in handy!).
    Bring on the Calliope……..

    • Mama Via says:

      Oh, no! Mama turned RMBD into a damned Political Buzz column! And, what frightens me most, is that you think that the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are Significant Others and, obviously, “living in sin”…next thing you know, you’ll try to tell me is that they are either living in Canada, presumably under “assumed names”…or, that like Big Foot and aliens, “don’t really exist”….and if you start workin on Santa Claus, you and I are gonna have to “step outside”, if ya know what I mean!

      Now, to be serious for a moment….yes, I’m guilty of tying “socialist” with “pinko Commie”…and no, I realize NOW that hiding under my desk only made it easier to “kiss my ass good-bye” and really wouldn’t “save me” from the inevitable nuke sent from Moscow. (Hiding under desks didn’t save anyone in Hiroshima, either, BTW!)

      Thank you for filling in all the additional information on Hill-Bill, I was afraid that if I started on all of their joint sins, that my rant would have been long enough to self-publish as a Kindle Single (although at a STEAL price of only 99 cents!). Bottom line on Hillary, is that she THINKS she has paid her dues, and is ENTITLED to the office of President…I have no doubt that she aspires to be “the first woman president”…my answer to that is sung by Mick Jagger “you can’t always get what you want…”

      Way back before Disco, I took a little trip down to Monterrey, Mexico. The border towns are bad enough, but getting down deeper into the country, I was exposed to the awful widespread poverty, a place that seemed to exist on just a “daily basis” rather than a country with a plan for the future. I am sure that things have changed…”things” have a tendency to do that…but there was one overwhelming and enduring feeling left in “what little I remember” from my trip…that was the OVERWHELMING feeling of gratitude to “be back home again”. I understand more completely the feelings of POWs returning home, to America, after surviving captivity…I understand the overwhelming need to kiss the earth and somehow express love and gratitude to every soldier, sailor, marine and airman for their service to our Country. Undoubtedly, there is a lot wrong with where we find ourselves.,,but there is a lot RIGHT, too.

      Thank you for your excellent comment in response to my post…no matter what the topic, you always have a LOT to say on “touchy topics”…and I agree with the majority of what you say. Thanks, Renae!

      I want to hear a LOT more from ALL the candidates before I make a decision…

      Thanks again, Kelly!

  3. TrulyUSA says:

    I don’t discuss politics, I learned that from my “salt of the earth” parents, one of whom was a Republican and one a Democrat. As a result I vote both parties at times, using my own life experiences and considering all candidates. Vote with your heart, mind and soul as to what moves you. Educate yourselves and most of all, VOTE! It’s all we’ve got!

    • Mama Via says:

      We rarely discuss politics here, either! Papa is a 2nd Amendment Republican and I’m a…hell, I don’t know what the hell I am! But, I voted for Nixon once…and I voted for Jimmy Carter once…and I’m not talking about the rest of who I voted for!!

      But SOMEONE isn’t voting a “straight down the column” ballot…cuz, inevitably, we get a mish mash…a Republican President and a Democratic Congress or vice versa….and we end up with “do nothing” for 4 years….of course, the LAST time we had a Democrat/Democrat….we got Obama care….’nuff said!

  4. Lacey says:

    Donald Trump & Cruz scare the hell out of me..If either one is elected president I am moving back to Canada!

    • Mama Via says:

      I would come with you, Lacey….but…my “Barbie Dream House” will hopefully complete by July this year…and since it doesn’t have wheels…I think I’ll have to stay here…and just send memos up to Canada that read like this ” January 31, 2016–Today’s temperatures: High 71 F. Low 42 F Patchy clouds in the morning, Sunny and bright in the afternoon.

      Five day forecast is: M: 75/50 T:80/63 W:78/58 TH: 70/41
      Sunny and mild expected through Wednesday with clouds and possible rain on Thursday and through the weekend…..

      FUTURE NEWS: Dateline, Washington, D.C. February 1, 2017:
      In Political news: President Trump, VicePresident Cruz, Attorney General Christie, Surgeon General Carson, Secretary of State JEB, Secretary of the Treasury Rubio and Secretary of War Ron Paul meet tomorrow for a calliope concert in the Rose Garden…

      • renaes24 says:

        Sounds like a pretty good cabinet! (Rand Paul as Sec of War means we are at PEACE)

      • Mama Via says:

        You entirely ignored my fukkin weather report, Renae!!

      • renaes24 says:

        Eh! to your weather report (sticking tongue out)….it’s about 52 degrees here which is just fine. Besides we went out for a nice lunch and then to the mall for some shopping. (No, I did not buy any vegetables….I saved money by buying jewelry….diamonds are cheaper right now) ……………..and you neglected to name the ‘new’ Sec. of Agriculture so I don’t know if I want to buy into any “pork-belly futures” (also known as BACON)……………..Do your job woman!

      • Mama Via says:

        Renae…pork belly futures are handled by Chris Christie…a last minute substitution because Charlie Christ couldn’t figure out if he was a republican, a democrat or an independant…

        PS. Diamonds aren’t going to keep you from getting cataracts…so go buy some carrots!!

  5. bigmeannurse says:

    everyone needs health care. And people need to be responsible for themselves. When they aren’t responsible, we the tax payers ultimately pay the price. The health department charges people on a sliding fee schedule. Because my calling is to take care of people, I’ve seen hundreds of people over the years without insurance, and made nothing from their visits. I’m glad we have The Affordable Care Act. I’d rather give away free health care to the truly indigent (or get paid), and not feel like we’ve all been taken advantage of by people who have the means to pay for a policy, but not buying one and getting a free ride on taxpayers nickels.

    • Mama Via says:

      There you go, BigMeanNurse!

      Here is another thing that confuses the bejesus out of me. Republicans make a big deal out of funding Planned Parenthood. Back in the dark ages, when I still had a menses, and before I had health care (I think Disco was King back then) I THINK I was getting my “feminine health care” from Planned Parenhood. PAP, breast exams, low cost refills of my “Pill” prescription…and I know other girls went there for treatment for STDs, D& Cs and other “Lady Parts” health care. So, I’m not so sure what the republicans are so damned happy about!

      At one point…after my family was killed in the auto accident, all I had in the world were the clothes on my back, a 15 year old Datsun and the $50 Gramma gave to me. I didn’t have even ONE relative within 1000 miles. I got a job serving beer and wine…and I slept in my car behind the dive I worked at. A month later, I moved into one of those converted motels that rented a furnished room “by the week”…and started crawling my way over to the ladder, because I was determined to climb that sucker. The next 2-3 years were tough…the best thing in my life at that point was my monthly prescription that prevented pregnancy. (And no, the answer is NOT “just keep your knees together!)

      Thank the Supreme Being, I’ve never HAD to make a choice about ending a pregnancy…but, if I had been in that position…the final answer is between me and my God.

      Example 2…(Flash back 4 years ago) My son’s fiancé was a severe diabetic with a TON of health problems, she was told NOT to get pregnant. She was SO sick when my son met her that she was no longer having periods. She was so sick one day that was taken by ambulance to the non-denominational hospital. Routine blood/urine tests revealed that she was pregnant. (This was the first week of January) She had been released from the hospital just DAYS before Christmas, so there was only a one week time period that she COULD have gotten pregnant, so, we KNEW how many weeks the pregnancy was. The hospital recommended that the pregnancy be terminated because her health was so precarious. She refused. She refused again when she was 4 weeks, and at 6 weeks, and at 8 weeks. She transferred herself to the Catholic hospital, where they did not advise terminating the pregnancy. I cannot and will not advise anyone to terminate a pregnancy…

      That little girl, because she was too sick to work, had social security (a measly $700) and Medicaid. She was in the hospital from the first week of January to June 30.

      My son found her on the floor, dead at 6:30 pm on July 1.

      I cannot tell you how much I wanted to hold and love my only grandson. He was 28.5 weeks…his autopsy stated that his lungs, liver heart, kidneys and brain were not developed enough that even if he had somehow been born alive, that he would not have survived.

      This part of the note is to you, Big Mean Nurse and to Renae…I know that you both (even if it was during training or internships) have had to deal with difficult situations. You’ve dealt with things that I just don’t have the ability to deal with. When I walked into that emergency room…where they had taken “extraordinary measures” to save the life of that young woman, the mother of my grandson…and to save the life of my grandson…I sat…waiting to talk to the doctor…

      When the doctor finally came out to talk with me, his nurse was with him…as he talked, the nurse took my hand and tried to comfort me as they both answered my questions, and explained what “was next”…I will remember that nurse forever. Her caring compassion is indescribable…I was overwhelmed. Perhaps to her, it was just one more life and death day in the ER…but for me…it was the day that changed my life, my son’s life…and she made that day, that experience bearable….

      On behalf of all the patients you’ve treated, the ones whose lives you’ve touched…I give to you our greatest appreciation. I never got a moment to tank the nurse at the ER…I hope she finds this and reads it…and knows how deep my gratitude is…thank you, to all the nurses and caregivers…l

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