The James Vancallis Trial-Day 1 Was Boring So We Are Going To Day 2 Edition

Hello my lovelies.  Thank you so much for your patience.  Your Dean of fuckery/law professor/doctor of doctoring/honorary DVM/resident sarcasm expert/Queen of all I survey has a new hero and I have had to do all kinds of looking around so I could tell you about her.

Her name is Mary Chrzanowski and she happens to be the Judge in the Vancallis trial.  Now, if I am the Dean of Fuckery, Scary Mary as she is affectionately known by everyone that has ever been in her courtroom for reasons that will become blatantly obvious, she is the owner of the patent on fuckery.  She doesn’t play favorites.  Much like me she hates pretty much everyone so the prosecution gets to feel her wrath as often as the defense.

The greatest Jurist in the history of ever received her B.S. degree in criminal justice from Wayne State University in 1982 and JD  degree from the University of Detroit School of Law in 1985.  She worked in a private practice until she became a judge. She has been a Judge since 1993 and holds her bench until the next election in 2017 which I am sure she will win by a landslide because the State is afraid to take it away from her.  I would not want to be the bitch that had to say, “sorry Mary, you lost your bench.” I can seriously see her shanking somebody.  I LOVE her.

James VanKiller could not have drawn a more perfect judge for his douche-y, smarmy, smirky rape-y pedophile looking self.

Because I am way far behind I am sure you already know the charges but what kind of law professor would I be if I didn’t list them off.  VanKiller is charged with Felony Murder, Kidnapping, Assault with intent to rape and premeditated murder, which to me is redundant but I checked twice so unless that has changed those are the charges.  He allegedly kidnapped, attempted to rape and killed 14 year old April Millsap, whose egregious transgression was walking her do

The prosecutor in this case is Eric Smith. Fun Fact, there is also a murderer/rapist by the name of Eric Smith.  He is still in jail for sodomizing and killing a child when he was 13.  the child he murdered was 4.  He blamed his little whoopsie on being bullied.  The prosecutor Eric Smith so far is nothing to write home about.  He is quiet, but he is thoroug.  It is too early for an opinion on his chops.

The defense is headed by Azhar Sheikh and he is already on the radar of Scary Mary.

Day one was short and the only witness was Aprils mother.  Aprils mother showed about as much emotion as my vacuum cleaner does when I’m vacuuming up dog hair which I found…odd.  She was very matter of fact, but there was just zero emotion except she laughed once which I also found odd.  I actually went back and rewatched it 5 times to make sure I was seeing a laugh.  I was.  Now, she does have a condition called cerebral attoxia which affects walking and speech but nothing else.  She sort of speaks like she has had a stroke, but none of her other faculties are affected ie: memory, thought patterns etc.   I personally found her strange.

Day two began with Scary Mary freaking the fuck out as soon as everyone was in the courtroom.  Apparently somebody took a picture or pictures of some of the jurors which we all know is a big, big no-no.  Mary roared about how everyone should be aware that no pictures of the jurors are allowed and if any of them happen to show up on social media whoever did it will be thrown in the slammer as fast as she can pick them up and toss them in.

The next witness was Mathew Zentz, expert witness in forensic digital examination of computers and cell phones.  He was qualified as a witness and put through his very boring paces which I think probably confused the jury more then helping the prosecutions case.  It looked to me like the phone was somehow attached to the dog. The path the GPS followed made no sense.  Like zero. We did learn that April had created a text which said OMFG think I almost got kidnapped.

We got to watch a video of the GPS route that the phone said she took.  The animation was produced from only from the GPS, no measurements or any field work were done and they relied solely on the phone. The defense made some headway as far as the animation went when he brought up that according to the phone at one point April Millsap was moving at 34 miles per hour which is the speed a border collie can run, which was the dog that April was walking.  The defense also stated that the animation was only as good as the information on the phone.  The more the defense talked, the more annoyed the expert seemed to get.  In my opinion this witness was a wash.

After a 20 minute break we got to see a picture of a dirt-bike parked next to a yellow mustang.  The police were acting on a tip about a bike noticed at the crime scene. The officer went back to the house and spoke to a James Muse.  They went back to the station and coroberated  the information that had been given.  They contacted the owner of the motorcycle at around 11:30pm.  They went to an address on Marquette street.  An older gentleman opened the door and was asked if they could speak with Vankiller.

Vankiller was asked if he was in Armeda the day before and he said yes.  He said he left his house around 5pm and was heading to his brothers, stopped to visit James Muse but he wasn’t home, continued on his way, then stopped at a gas station because his butt hurt from the seat on his bike.  At that point he was a couple of blocks away from the walking trail.

There were tread patterns found at the crime scene and a description of the motorcycle and helmet from witnesses.  Turns out that Vankiller had some extremely distinctive tread patterns on his shoes and they were the same tread patterns that were found at the crime scene. A decision was made after the next day briefing to follow up a little more with Vankiller and he wanted a written statement.  The defendant again decided to speak to the police on the front porch instead of the house.  First question that was asked was if he could come in and give a written statement.  Vankiller stated that he was kind of busy but he might be available in the afternoon.  He was very vague on his times.  The officer asked to see the bike again.  It was parked very close to the wall so they asked Vankiller to move it and they took more photo’s in the daylight.  The officer ended up having to call him again about a written statement and Vankiller had had a change of heart to the point that he flipped the fuck out and started raging about a witch hunt and they were calling all his friends and trying to take their phones.  He did not provide a written statement.

A search warrant was executed the following Wednesday on the Vankiller residence with a large number of officers present.  His shoes were seized, the helmet was seized, and a bunch of other stuff was seized by other officers.   they showed an overview of all the  points that he said he went.

That’s  it for the first two days of the Vankiller Trial.  3,4,and 5 will be up in the next couple of days.  Thanks for the patience, it is appreciated.

Check out ladyjustice on youtube if you are not watching the live feed.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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19 Responses to The James Vancallis Trial-Day 1 Was Boring So We Are Going To Day 2 Edition

  1. Mama Via says:

    Excellent! Sounds like a good trial so far!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Thank you mama. I think I’m just going to do a synopsis of the next 5 days, like just the highlights and then start a daily full blog.

      • Lacey says:

        Hey Kelly, are you lookig @ the Jiam case in toronto?

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Lacey, yes of course. He is going to walk, but it is an important trial in Canada. First day was the first victim, it was pretty horrible what she had to say how he went from nice to violent like flipping a switch, but according to people I know that know him he has been like this forever, he really hates women and really likes to hurt them and then call it consensual. The defense pretty much shredded her. Not in a horrible way, but after a sexual assault or even a regular assault you are traumatized, confused and things blur together and her statement changed slightly over time. They just kept hammering at that. She got to be victimized all over again. I’ll keep you abridged.

      • Lacey says:

        I agree he always has been a POS, I am following this on THE STAR website

  2. renaes24 says:

    I will keep following for updates as I am not following this case.
    Unfortunately, Jiam started earlier than Millard today and I started following. I barely got thru any before I was just sick listening to the descriptions out of the 1st complainant. (Needless to say, I will not follow Jiam any more as it is all just too sick).
    Perhaps I will switch to Vancallis…..but then again, right now, I am not spending a fraction of the time online as when I was working. I will count on you to keep up to date with the (only as you can) reporting of all that is relevant.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Ghomeshi is going to get off renae, mark my words. He is a sick fuck pigdog that has been doing this shit since uni but he is famous so he is going to get off.

  3. Lori says:

    Way to go Kelly. I’m watching live and scary Mary is no fucking joke. She’s totally a judge. This piece of shit is guilty but I’m afraid the states case weak

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      thanks lori. I’m going to do a greatest hits to catch us up to present and go from there.

  4. Constance says:

    Great kick-a** judge!
    Nothing crazy about her, she just doesn’t let them off the hook with their lies.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Constance!! Thank you sweetie. I can always count on you for something extra interesting to add to the conversation.

    • Mama Via says:

      Great video, Constance…she’s not so SCARY! She’s an old marshmallow on the inside…more judges should be like her!!

      • Constance says:

        She is sensible and has healthy boundaries.
        That makes her quite ‘scary” to all the defendants who think they should be able to con her like they’ve repeatedly conned the rest of the people in their lives.
        Trust the shiners to come up with a nickname like that for someone who insists they be accountable.

    • Gwen Bazzrea says:

      Thanks for sharing this video. I’m so impressed with this judge.

  5. Constance says:

    whiners, not shiners, sigh.

    I loathe auto spell correct.
    Can’t be so quick to publish before making sure what I wrote is what is actually on the page!

  6. Mama Via says:

    Scary Mary for President!!

  7. Gwen Bazzrea says:

    Hi y’all! Been away for a couple of weeks hiding under my rock. It rarely helps, so I should have someone two the damn thing away.
    Glad you’re weeding out the mean comments. Let them troll elsewhere.
    Gotta go pop some bubble wrap (seriously, it’s very relaxing).

    ~Gwen, a.k.a. Bazzethound

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Thanks constance. I’m sorry I’ve been wrapped up in the Ghomeshi trial. Much more important legally.

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