Dalia Dippolito Hearing To Dismiss-Bitch Please

Hello my lovelies.   Tis me, your law professor/dean of fuckery/Dr. of Doctoring, resident sarcasm expert, and Queen of all I survey.

Dalia Dippolito is in the middle of a hearing to dismiss murder for hire charges.   As a quick refresher, here is the rundown on Dalia Dipshit. She was originally convicted in 2011 and sentenced to 20 years but a new trial was ordered when a judge decided that the jury pool had been tainted. So since the retrial isn’t until May the defense decided they might as well pull a Nurmi and start with the motion filing. They are asking for dismissal of charges due to police misconduct and, AND entrapment.

The love story of Dalia and Mike is beautiful. She was a hooker that was apparently really good at what she did, and Mike decided it was probably cheaper in the long run to just marry her and stop paying for call girl sex. Fiscally responsible, always good in a husband.   Dalia fell hard…for Mikes money and property. Him, apparently not so much. Mike was on probation for scamming a bunch of money and would remain that way until he paid restitution. Mike was also not the brightest bulb in the lamp and Dalia convinced him to sign over his house to her name and give her 100000 towards the restitution he owed. She said she would put in the other 91000 and once his financial obligations were taken care of she would sign the house back over. Poor dopey Mike believed her. After trying to get his probation revoked by planting drugs a couple of times and trying to poison him with anti-freeze she decided that she required a professional.  She asked one of her ex side pieces if he knew anybody and when he realized that bitch be crazy, he went to the police and told them that Mike Dippolito was going to be air-holed if somebody didn’t rein in this woman, much like you would rein in an insane horse.


The police got Mike out of the house and staged it like he had actually been killed.  And that is when Dalia put on an Oscar worthy performance of being shocked and mad with grief about her husbands sudden violent demise.

Please note how adamant she is that she would like to see her recently murdered husband. When they kept telling her no, Dipshit decided that maybe asking to get the dog would gain her entry. No dice and as you can see they hustled her ass down to the station.

Dalia was questioned and the hit-officer was brought in. She was asked if she had ever seen him before and she said nope, nuh uh. She was then informed that her hired hitman was a police officer. She started saying she didn’t do anything once she was told Mike was still alive. It was then that she was cuffed and Zombie Mike strolled on by.

She begged Mike to talk to her but he was understandably somewhat hesitant. Dipshit later had the unmitigated gall to actual call him and ask him to help her get a lawyer.

Sorry about the sound quality. My favorite part is when Mike says sign my house back over so I don’t have to go through the legal bullshit and Dalia says she isn’t signing anything.

I don’t think the motion to dismiss is going to pan out, but it is Florida so you be the judge.

She is prepared for a new trial and is now going with the Kardashian defense. It was all an act to get a reality tv show. oeahfovghreg Sorry, hit my head off of the keyboard.
That is it for tonight

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

16 Responses to Dalia Dippolito Hearing To Dismiss-Bitch Please

  1. Donna says:

    Hey Kelly…it’s been a while since I’ve checked in. A lot has been going on in my life but I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice it to say that I lost my beautiful momma last March due to a massive stroke last March and…well, I’ve had to come to terms with it. I still struggle with it everyday, but now I’ve reached out for some much needed therapy and I’m coping a little better these days.

    Anyhoooo…I’m down here n the not-so-great Sunshine State of Florida and I watched this batshit crazy loony bitch’s story from the get-go. She’s a piece of work alright! Lol. I’ll never forget 1) her Oscar Award winning performance outside the scene of Mike’s house after the “set-up hit” of her husband supposedly sent down; or 2) the priceless look on her stupid mug when Mike walked by the interrogation room they had her in while being questioned by the police. I nearly spit my drink out seeing her face at that moment!

    She has to be either the dumbest POS whack-a-do on the planet or the most coldest, calculated, evil, self-absorbed witch in the history of like ever! New trial…yea possibly…different outcome? I highly doubt it. I know, I know…it’s Florida. But this case is so cut and dried, I just don’t see how any new jury is going to see this loon as anything but an evil self-serving wanna-be actress/porn star as “warm, caring up-standing citizen”. She just isn’t an A-list actress, by any means. However, I am interested to watch round 2 if it’s televised.

    Hope you’re doing well, Kelly.


  2. Constance says:

    Well golly gee whiz willikers, Kelly. I truly cannot understand how you don’t believe Dipyyshit.
    Clearly the evidence is not true cause she says so.

    Never mind the video and audio recording, why that’s not as good as her word, now is it?
    Shame on you for doubting this loyal honest upstanding citizen and devoted wife. Tsk, tsk, what HAS the world come to when a sweet little thing like that isn’t believed?

    Look at them big crocodile tears and melodrama, and her bossing him around, insisting he “COME HERE” as though he owes her something.

    Why we should all feel SORRY, yes SORRY for this obviously innocent gal, who surely has just been railroaded by the PO-LICE, who have nothing better to do with their time than make up false murder-for-hire stories with her heretofore unknown twin participating.

    Gags. barfs. She reminds me of Casey Anthony with the bullcrap.
    These people are scary.

    How much you bet hubby Mike ends up somehow falling for her crap instead of filing divorce papers, which he should have already done if he had a smidgen of a brain. Sigh.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Nah he divorced her and he got his house back although the 100000 is gone for good unless I missed something which is entirely possible.

  3. dgordon243 says:

    I saw dipshit’s performance! I couldn’t stop laughing!! Hopefully, Mike can demonstrate he was under duress & scammed when he signed his house over to her. Of course, I feel sorry for him for being so stupid. Was he born that way or did his mother drop him as a baby?! True love with a hooker only works when Richard Gere is the guy! Lol!! Poor Mike got scammed since the time he met her as a hooker! She saw him coming! Hopefully, she gets what she deserves!! 😉

  4. TrulyUSA says:

    Thanks Kelly, I loved it! This “lady” (of the evening) deserves to go down, and not for $50 this time but for-evah! Wow, she actually got this guy to marry her and that wasn’t enough for her. I hope she enjoys her new home!

  5. Mama Via says:

    Just shaking my damned head!!! OMG!!!

  6. Mama Via says:

    I think there’s something in the water down here that brings on “righteous crazy”…Casey Anthony (now supposedly “working” under old Cheney “Fickle Finger” Mason…) (even if I lived in a big old McMansion like Fickle Finger has, there wouldn’t be enough space there to be having the Twat Mom as a permanent guest!),..

    Then there is George “I have a problem with anger” Zimmerman…Eileen “every man is a rapist” Wuornos, Elian “I got no home” Gonzalez, John “I’m not really drunk” Goodman, Jeffrey “want some candy, little girl?” Epstein,…Nathaniel “I hate my teachers” Brazill,…Lionel “bang bang” Tate…Andrew “I love Versace” Cunanan…Howard “I love little girls” Ault…Kathy “Prozac made me a nympho” Willets…Otis “I’m really nuts” Toole…Eddie “the rape man” Mosley…Francisco “I hate hookers” Del Junco..and, last but not least…Ted “I got a date with Old Sparky” Bundy

    And the one that always tears me apart…John Couey….he is the low life SOB who raped and then buried 9 year old Jessica Lunsford ALIVE.. not more than 150 yards away from her own home…Couey proudly told police that Jessica was still alive, and hidden in his closet when they knocked on his door, looking for the little girl..will never forget her daddy pleading for her return…that poor man was heartbroken and crushed by the death of his precious little girl….

    What a sorry sack of excrement Dippolito is!! That type isn’t seen as often in Florida as they are in a certain Left Coast state…you can’t move more than a foot without tripping over one of those plastic & silicone enhanced types who are more shallow than a lake in the middle of the Sahara! They look down their surgically altered noses at anyone not carrying a Birkin and driving either a Jaguar or an Aston (i was actually banned from parking my Vette in the parking lot at the “exclusive” private college I attended!) (because of my back pain issues, I parked near the door…and the Dean said that my (older model) car “reflected poorly” on the student body…..I actually made a great statement: “I can’t AFFORD a new car, because tuition here is KILLING my SAVINGS account!) (sorry, that was a “bunny trail”)

    Just like inmate 281129 (who, if you haven’t heard…has lost visitation privileges for 200 days because she called one of the COs a “”Cock-blocker”) Dippo-shitto THINKS she’s a great actress…and, just like the inmate, doesn’t REALLY produce real tears when she “cries”….

    Mike Dippolito did some prison time (do I remember correctly that it was only 4 months?) for running an investment scam…he was (and still is) on probation…but, I think that the probation time was extended due to some action on her part…so, Mike isn’t as pure as the driven snow, either…but, that’s besides the point…he has been paying restitution (something I have to give him credit for…that hussy who stole all my jewelry was ordered to pay me restitution…and I’ve never seen a dime! She was also subject to random drug testing, and when she showed for the first probation meeting, she was ordered to do a piss-test…said that she “couldn’t go” yet…and went to the waiting room to drink water…. and,…then…left the state of Florida….Florida won’t track down a drug-abusing burglar with charges totaling less than $10,000…so, she got if Scott-free….she will only get into trouble if she returns to Florida….but…she was a crack-head…I’m pretty sure she went to live with “Mom”…but one thing I’ve learned (from Nanner) is that addicts don’t “get well”…they just get more sneaky…but…there’s one person they cannot fool…themselves…the truth will come out eventually…and with drug addicts, the truth is usually revealed at AUTOPSY…in reading Nanner’s autopsy I discovered that she was hiding God-knows-what from her parents, my son and me…but, her kidneys, liver and lungs are like DNA…they don’t LIE…just like a smoker’s lungs scream about the abuse they received while the body was alive…the filtering organs actually work pretty hard to keep a person healthy…and the damage to the internal organs screams to the pathologist about what they have endured! Other body parts start to show the effects of drug abuse…first the teeth…then, the skin, especially the face, begins to age…I’ve seen people in their early twenties LOOK more like 50 or 60…tweeking and twerking 24/7/365…if they happen to be Florida Sun Worshippers…they end up looking more like an old Sampsonite that was found at the thrift shop…

    I’m not sure that our world has changed…or…maybe we just gave instant access to every shocking “news’ story…..and Florida has more than its “fair share”…

    I hope you all had a great weekend…

  7. Mama Via says:

    Speaking of George Zimmerman….

    In mid-July, George Zimmerman was acquitted of charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter for the shooting of teenager Trayvon Martin.

    Since then, he’s had five encounters with the police: in July and in September for speeding; in September for domestic violence (the charges from his estranged wife were dropped); in September again because his vehicle’s tag cover and windows were too darkly tinted; and in November after a disturbance at a home in Apopka, Florida.

    Not only is Zimmerman walking free, he’s also become an art dealer. On Tuesday, it was reported that bids for an original painting by Zimmerman had reached $100,000. PolicyMic’s Tom McKay wrote, “Did George Zimmerman really just make more than I do in three years with some house paint and a canvas? Yes.”

    The most ridiculous part of it all might be the fact that Zimmerman’s canvas painting of an American flag reads, “with liberty and justice for all.”

    The painting sold on eBay for $100.099.99…guess the inmate could have done better…

  8. Mama Via says:

    Anyone heard from our Goddess Queen?

  9. Mama Via says:

    I think our queen has either a bad cold or some sort of winter virus. I’ll touch base with her in the next few days…and let y’all know

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4 out of 5 Friends recommend this WordPress.com site

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sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

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