My Comment is SO Long, it Morphed to a Rant

Mama here…I need to update everyone…

The “good news” first?
Well, the foundation was poured during the second week of March.  This photo is looking from the front of the house toward the back yard.  I just LOVE that view!!  The man in blue in the back area on the right side, is working in my new “Studio”.

Then, we went to visit LAST week…and the rough framing was up, the trusses installed and the electrician putting in the wiring, the plumber was plumbing and the HVAC fellow was doing his thing…this is looking into my studio from the covered patio.  There will be a French door in the middle, flanked by two windows.
This is inside my studio…it measures 18 X 15.  The Windows all look out onto the pines in the nature preserve…the builder says that there will be no homes or buildings behind our home….just 160 feet of trees….
It wasn’t until I saw the roof go on that I realized just how HUGE our house is!  It is 4485 square feet.  This is the covered patio;  the pool will be located just past the edge of the house, out where you can see some trashed wood siding boards.  The studio is to the right and the master suite is to the left (the French doors to the master suite are here, under the covered patio…the studio French doors are up just to the right of that support beam. And not in the covered patio.  As a reference to size, this has a 12 foot ceiling!
More on the house later…….
Item 2– I am seeing a doctor tomorrow; they suspect that I have Lupus.  Five weeks ago, I started lyrica–I felt great the first two weeks, but then I started retaining water–the soles of my feet were so swollen, I could not walk!  My fingers looked like fat sausages and my hoo-hoos no longer fit in my hoo-hoo holder!!  I was a giant water bag!  My brains were also swollen…I couldn’t recall a lot of my vocabulary…I’ve been fighting depression (see my post on Kelly’s last blog post). All of my joints are swollen and won’t work in the morning…getting old is not for pussys!
Item 3-  I’m so sick of hearing Trump’s voice, I’ve been trying to get Inmate 281129 to go visit him for some midnight 3-hole wondering!! (I SWEAR officer, he BACKED into my knife 38 times!  REALLY!!!)
Item 4-  The never-ending story of the DIL who just won’t die….you remember “Jenny”…my son’s sometimes ex-wife…she was the one that wanted to get married so bad…and then, once married, she wanted an “open-marriage”…then ran off with some guy because he wore a “MAGNUM” size condom and he was “rich” because he made 40K a year and had a “double wide” trailer….then…she got pregnant with guy #3, who doesn’t pay child support to ANY of the OTHER THREE baby-mamas…and he “can’t work” because if he does, the state will take his money for back child support???  Remember her?  Guy 3 beat the hell out of her…so she called my son to “come SAVE her”…he did…against his better judgment, and two weeks later, he came home from work to discover that Jenny had moved Guy 3 into my son’s home…and Son was supporting her, Guy 3 and their baby…until guy 3 beat her one night, he ended up in jail…and I called social services because she was drinking every night, staying stoned all day…and she would let that baby cry for HOURS (he was only a month old!) because she was “too tired” to get up and change his diaper…social services gave her a drug test, which she failed…so, she took the baby, and ran home to her mama…remember all that?
Well, Jenny the dip shit has problems again…back in 2007, I bought a French bulldog…then, I had back surgery, and couldn’t take care of it…well, Jenny BEGGED me to give her that dog…so, I gave the dog to my son…but, when Jenny “ran away” she took the dog with her.  Well, she was as attentive to the dog as she is to her baby…when I quit paying the vet bills for the dog (why should I?  She was living with Guy 2 and Guy 3, not my son!!)..she quit taking the dog to the vet!  She did some “do it yourself” surgery on the dogs ear…feeds him Walmart dog food in spite of the poor thing having allergic reactions to it…and just generally ignores the poor thing and it’s health problems…she never got a dog license, never got the micro-chip changed to her phone & address…nothing…
I got a call last night that the dog “ran off”…she left him outside all night because she “forgot” he was outside…and she wanted my help to find the dog because I’m “so good” at finding lost dogs…you would all be so proud of me…I told her “sorry, it’s not my problem”
I called French Bulldog Rescue…explained the situation…and asked them to return the dog to me, or to find him a good home up there.
Please say a prayer for that poor neglected dog…that he finds a home where he is loved…and treated right.  

7 Responses to My Comment is SO Long, it Morphed to a Rant

  1. TrulyUSA says:

    The house is going to be massive!! Love the view, you’ll have all kinds of woodland critters to enjoy. I can already visualize you in your studio, happily enjoying the plentiful light and view. Mama, so sorry you are having so many health issues, who wouldn’t be depressed? Just remember, you have a beautiful new home going up, you have your DH, you have your loving son and you have the dog pound! I hope you get your little Frenchie back soon, and I hope the big black dogs you and Kelly are dealing with go to their corners and don’t come back — EVAH.

    • Mama Via says:

      It was that view, Truly, that talked me right into that lot!! It’s so odd…that in walking around in that house, it seems so “cozy”…and I had the distinct “feeling” that the house “loves us”…the oddest feeling I’ve ever had! Perhaps it’s because since Thanksgiving, we have been looking at that floor plan, and moving walls, deleting walls, moving, adding and changing everything from light switches and electrical outlets to adding a “chin-up bar” for my DH…not one inch has not been scrutinized, planned and massaged….every tile, was selected…some SEVERAL times because the tile wasn’t available…and I’ve visualized everything…this has been the most rewarding project I’ve ever done!

      Well…poor Bucks…I can’t help but feel sorry for that little boy…he DOES have a chip…so, I can only hope that he will be found!! And, just as a reminder to everyone…if you’ve moved or changed phone numbers–update your dogs microchip file! We have Boo chipped, and he has an extra tag on his collar with “Please call my Daddy at: ” on it…but, even so…I worry that he will get lost if he gets out!

      You are right, Truly! I am so VERY fortunate! My DH is the light of my life…my son, has a huge part of my heart…and little Boo keeps me laughing, even when he is a pain in the drain…the house is just icing on the cake. Somehow…all the things I’ve had to endure in my younger life seem to melt in the living warmth of all the precious gifts I’ve been granted. I’ve only told two neighbor’s about the house…i don’t want to feel like I’m bragging…I share with all of you because I know you will be happy for me…and know me enough to not see it as bragging…and I’m just so happy and excited about it, I just can’t hold it inside sometimes!! So, everyone please forgive me…and celebrate with me…y’all are invited to the pool party!!

      • TrulyUSA says:

        I LOVE hearing about your house and seeing the progress! Keep it coming! Yes, I know there are petty people who will resent your good fortune and be jealous of your new home, but — and this one’s for Kelly and old times sake — they can go eat a dick Hahahahaha!

  2. spellbound4 says:

    OMG! I just love the location and view you are going to have in that house. And the studio is going to be a great lace to hang out! And a pool! You up for RBMD and MamaV’s fan club having meetings there? giggles. I am beyond happy for you, sweet lady.

    I do hope you get your health issues under control. Sometimes a diagnosis is better than wondering “what is it this time?”, but I sure get tired of “add this med” to the concoction, don’t you? Wishing better days for ya.

    Oh dear…. I hope the doggie does NOT get back to that useless piece of wasted space. He deserves a loving and attentive home.

    Thanks for sharing, MamaV. Sending up some hugs and smiles to lean on.


    • Mama Via says:

      Yes, Spellz, we are going to gave meetings around the pool…just park the invisible planes out in the field where the new houses aren’t built yet!

      I haven’t had any news about Bucks yet…but, Frenchies are SO adorable that I think if someone found him…they would just keep him…I absolutely refuse to think of any other fate for him…my heart just couldn’t handle that pain! Him being “missing” has just made me more diligent when it comes to my BooBoo…but…Boo is chipped, with our proper address, AND has a tag on his collar “Please call my Daddy at: ” on it…AND when we go for walks, he wears a harness with yet ANOTHER tag with Daddy’s phone number. (Too bad we can’t do that & “chip” our husbands and kids!) it’s easy to let those tags not be important…and 99% of the time, they are just things that make noise…but, it’s that 1% of the time that is most important! And ONLY when your fur baby is missing to you kick yourself for not taking 5 minutes to buy one! Praying that God watches over Bucks…and that he finds a home where he is loved.

      Take care, and stay well and feeling good!

  3. Twister says:

    OMG, just shut up right now! Yeah I am so jealous – in a good way! I couldn’t be happier for you and your family! I can feel the good vibes from here! More pics!

    • Mama Via says:

      Thank you, Twister…you knew what I meant…I just can’t help being excited about our house…but, then again, I know how very fortunate I am to have the life that my DH gives to me. Honestly, my life hasn’t always been this way…I once lived in a house with no indoor plumbing (had to use the out-house) and we had no heater (in IOWA, we used a wood stove, and to keep from freezing, I had to get up at 3 am to put more wood in)…and the spiders in the out hose frightened me!! At another point in my life, I felt LUCKY to be living in a 8 foot wide, 30 foot long TRAILER!! It was so small, I had to go outside just to change my mind!! Thankfully, those days are over….also…the days where I would eat sugar for dinner are over…(and I’m lots fatter because of it!)…and the days of eating a candy bar and a quart of milk for dinner are over…it’s probably only my addiction to MILK that kept me from starving to death (honest!). As are the “bad old days” when I slept in my car in a back parking lot…praying that the cops wouldn’t make me leave, or that hoodlums of one sort or another not find me, alone and unprotected…like a car door lock would keep a serial killer out!

      When I met my DH, I was living in a 600 s.f. “Condo” that had only 2 Windows and a door…and leaving a pack of cigarettes on the car seat was asking for a break-in…so, I just left the door unlocked so they wouldn’t break a window, or slash the convertible top! ANYthing left outside was stolen, from potted plants to umbrellas to the garden hose! Needless to say, I was glad to get out of that house!

      I don’t know about other areas of the country, but, down here in the South, an apartment where you might feel safe, (especially as an older woman) runs a MINIMUM of $1400 a month for a 1 bedroom, and “just social security” won’t even pay the rent! My son lives up on the “North Side”…he pays $700 a month…that’s what he can pay…he doesn’t have a TV, it’s been stolen THREE TIMES…he has fixed broken windows at least a dozen times, in spite of living across the street from a church. (He is the only white guy in the neighborhood…but, you live where you can afford to live!)

      Maybe up north is easier…I had “culture shock” when I first moved here…it is “nicer” when the tourists come in winter…but, when they go home, the riff-raff take their place…it’s much worse down near Tampa than it is in Jacksonville….because of the naval bases are here, we have a good population of year-long folks. But, even here where we live now, we have snow-birds…the folks wealthy enough to be able to afford to maintain two homes. My next door neighbor has a huge place up in Tennessee, and comes here when the weather is better…but goes back up north when hurricane season comes…

      I’ll go down to the house in a few days and take some pics of the advances…it changes each time I see it…and we love it…and it loves us back!

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