House Update!! (And other stuff!)

Other stuff first, I guess–

Ok–Lyrica hates me…it tried to kill me…but we called a truce…..
GABAPENTIN hates me–tried to kill me and almost made me do an impression of a water balloon–we called a truce….
My mammographer loves me–gave me a clean bill of health–with the exception of my genetic “fibro-cystic breasts”
My mammo/sonographer also loves me–ditto on “clean bill of health”/”fibro-cystic breasts” and, yes, lymph glands are “okey-dokey”! (Yea!)
Will see if my blood loves me tomorrow–or not….I’m betting that Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus tests will be negative–no family history
On the OTHER hand—-all three of my father’s sisters have Fibromyalgia….my mother’s sister has had fibromyalgia since before it became a thing that was clinically diagnosed. (And, no, I did NOT ask the egg-donor–she would tell me the sky is pink and raining orange bubbles, if, in the warped world she lives in, the answer would get her some attention–times a thousand if the question came from a human with testosterone and a penis! So, anything SHE.has to say has no intrinsic value!  (I have YET to discover exactly WHY so MANY old, horse-faced women feel that they must LIE to get attention….or WHY what they see in the mirror doesn’t match reality…but, sadly, it is the truth.  The disease starts kicking in when they get close to 40, and by the time they turn 80, the only thing they are good for is being ground up for fish food….it is that intervening 40 years, when they clop-clop-CLOP around on all fours, neighing and whinnying and generally making horse patooties of themselves that make them so difficult to tolerate.  My poor horse-faced egg-donor…Queen of the Horse-Face Girls!)
Last note–I’m thinking of starting a group of ladies interested in the 2016 elections!  I haven’t really thought out all of the rules for membership…but, I HAVE thought of a name!  Politically Interested Girls (PIGs)   If you know of anyone who is active in the 2016 Election, and is a PIG…just let me know….and I might decide that this is a viable group!  And, like any POLITICAL group, Waffle-era, Flip-Flop-ers and Big, Fat Fibbers are given a complimentary membership!!
Ok…to the good part!!!  HOUSE UPDATE!!!!
As you can see from the following photos….Windows and doors are installed…after these photos, the insulation was put in, sliding glass door installed and some interior doors were hung.  This week, they are putting the siding on the house and hanging the drywall!!  The pool permit was issued, so next group of photos just may have a SWIMMIN HOLE!!
Love to all of you!!  
Front of house–
Rear of house
Interior of house
My studio
That’s all!!  More next week!!

6 Responses to House Update!! (And other stuff!)

  1. TrulyUSA says:

    Wow – house is looking good and coming along fast! What a nice place, Mama, I’m so happy for you. I hope it gets you through all the medical stuff you’ve been going through. Sounds like your body just doesn’t tolerate medications very well, but I’ve said for a long time the cure can be worse than the curse! I just love reading those side effect print outs — we are trying to cure you of THIS, but in the process, don’t be surprised if it causes 10 other things to go wrong — but that’s NORMAL, they say! I have a whole round of things scheduled, too, no real problems thank goodness, just because they want to poke, prod, remove blood and search all kinds of areas JUST BECAUSE YOU SHOULD — sigh — I’d rather not know I do believe. I told my hubby the other day, as I gazed lovingly upon my two fur babies gently snoozing at my feet, that I wished I had been a dog! They do seem to have the life! He said “yeah, but it’s a short one” to which I replied “that’s the good part!” Hang in there Mama! Kelly, miss you and love you girl!

    • Mama Via says:

      I heard something last week that said that in our nnext life…we come back as pampered puppies……of course, if you have led a VERY naughty life…you might come back as a pound puppy…or, if you’ve acted “like a bitch in heat”, that you come back as a TRUE “bitc….well, you know….

      Well, you know, we take medication FOR their “side effects”…the side effects of anti-biotics is to poison the “biotics”, I suppose…the side effects are only effects that they didn’t WANT to happen…(oh, I’m on a roll this morning with convoluted theories!!!

      The medical history of both sides of my families is to have VERY LONG lives…filled with the aches and pains of stuff that doesn’t kill you…just makes you miserable. We tend to die either “young & tragically”–auto accidents, electrocution or having heavy farm equipment roll over on you and squish you to death….or die at 90 after fighting Parkinson’s for 20 years, or at 85 of “angina” that everyone thought you were faking “to get attention”, or at 87, quietly, during the night…after slowly losing sight in both eyes (Fuchs’ Dystrophy & cataracts) and suffering “imaginary” pain for decades (fibromyalgia)….personally, I plan on dying of happiness!!!

      Oh, Truly…I just LOVE our new house!!! Every time I go there…I feel like the house is “hugging” me! It is a happy, warm, loving home. My DH and I have not had even ONE argument about ANYTHING with it. The closest we came was when my DH chose a “bright blue” to paint the house….and I managed to explain that the color he chose would make it glow in the dark, lighting the entire neighborhood….so, he selected a different blue…but, even that one, I am not so sure won’t glow in the dark…hey…we can always repaint it!

      Ok…how many volunteers do I have to come to Florida to help us pack, move and unpack?? Bring your swimsuits! I will go buy towels….moving involves a long swim in the pool!!!

      • renaes24 says:

        I’d help……..but I can’t leave here…….:(

      • Mama Via says:

        Renae–we will have to see where our Queen is hiding the invisible plane so we can get you off the farm up there…if not Florida….maybe a trip to Maui??

        Gramma used to say that it was only the rain that made the sunshine so sweet….so, I know that better days are ahead for you. {{{{hugs}}}}

  2. nakedtrewth says:

    You’re getting a new house?

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