House Update #4

May 22, 2016

Hi, everyone!  Gee!  How time flies!  It seems that not much has happened in the past two weeks…I decided last week to give you a break from the boring “how my house is going”…did you enjoy the “Dog Houses”??  I bet the one that Paris Hilton’s dog lives in is more expensive than all of our houses together…..I had “high hopes” for a lot to be accomplished two weeks ago…but, I was busy watching my seedlings…here is my spaghetti sauce growing….basil and tomatoes….how are your gardens growing?

Actually, although it doesn’t LOOK like much has been accomplished, quite a bit of work has been accomplished!  I REALLY wanted to get photos taken of the pool as it was built…but….my son and I drove down to the house several days ago, he hadn’t seen progress since the trusses were set.  We were about a mile and a half from the house when I noticed my “tire” light came on.  Just as I mentioned it to my son, my rear passenger tire started making a HORRIBLE noise, so I pulled over….forty two years ago, I confess, I was a bit disappointed when the doctor said “It’s a BOY!”  BUT…when that tire went wonky, it was my SON who was the first one out of the car to see what the problem was…so, “It’s a BOY!” is often  the very best thing that ever happened in my life!  So, my dear son said “No, we aren’t waiting an hour for AAA, Mom…I will put the spare on!”  And, faster than you can say H.R.Puffinstuff, the tire was swapped out, and we were in our way…the first thing we noticed was that they have the stucco on the front about half done….
This week, I guess they’ve been waiting for it to cure…they’ve added the keystones…
In the Billiards room, they worked on the bathroom tile…
That looks nice…we selected the white subway tile and the blue glass accent tile as the “default” throughout the house.  Because of the “wet location” we used a very simple generic “grey tile for the flooring in all of the bathrooms–you will see that in the master bath photo.  Next, is the guest-room bath:  they’ve finished the bath tile surround and the floor done….
And, in the Master Bath…they did not get the shower done…but, the floors are installed:
Very nice!  I’m happy!!!  Here is the closeup of the glass tile:
The REALLY big change was in the back yard:


The pool still needs that special coating…and the cobalt blue tiles done along the inside edge…but, you get the picture of what it is supposed to look like!   We had rain several days this week…and although you probably cannot tell by looking at it…we don’t have “soil” per se…we have SAND!  It’s a wonder that anything other than kudzu grows in the sand/silt left by the Millenium as the water ebbed and flowed in and out of the swamp! In spite of the rain, they were able to start the retaining wall …(after all, if rain stopped construction, Seattle wouldn’t have the Space Needle!!  Here is the yard before the retaining wall was started:
Before adding the retaining wall, our “level” yard ended about 10 feet closer to the house.  You can see the stick marking the line in the second photo.

Below, you can see…that by installing the retaining wall, the useable area of our yard is increased….
The angle is a little different, but you can still see the stick marking the old line indicating “level to here”.   If you look along the block wall, you can see about half way down (by the green trees) the drainage pipe.  There is another drainage pipe just out of camera view.  This allows the yard to drain down into the creek without washing away my soil and blocks &  pavers.  After the blocks are completed, brick pavers will be installed to cover those ugly blocks!
Well, ladies, I haven’t heard from Kelly…but I will send her an email to find out what is happening…and I will let you know.  Thank you for letting me share the building process with you…I’m afraid that it consumes my life right now…if I ever up and find something else to do that is exciting…or at least doesn’t have anything to do with building my house….I’ll let you know….until then…love to you all!!

Here is something Truly Different…

May 20, 2016

Just in case you have an extra $10,000 to $200,000 available…I have found a great way to please the Fur-Baby in your life…

What a lucky puppy!!  Glamping anyone??
For the pooch who wants some luxury while living a “simple life”….
I think that my step-daughters Cavelier King Charles Spaniel would have liked this one….
This one is for the Jupiter Beach Puppy…a true beach cottage….


This is the home of Paris Hilton’s little baby….


Just like real life…where the old southern mansions are broken up into individual “apartments”….bring all your pals over to visit!
I want a house that looks just like Mom’s!!
Complete with “window” air conditioner unit!  
This one is cute, with window boxes giving the illusion of walls!
Which one is your favorite???
I think Kelly will need the “extra large”….with accommodations for puppies, kittens, hamsters and other assorted 4-legged people!
Have a good week!!

House Update #3

May 5, 2016

Hi, it’s me….MamaVia….

While we wait for Kelly to recover from her Cat Bites Hand That Feeds…I’ll update with a (VERY) few photos.  I’m guessing that last week not much happened at the house because they had ordered the appraisal…which came in at a little more that 20K over purchase price, which is GOOD!!  BUT, I think they had to do it BEFORE all of the “owner’s selections” were installed…we wouldn’t want “customer upgrades” to enter into the appraisal…that would throw off EVERYTHING!!  The next steps in construction are installation of cabinets (all upgraded), countertops (upgraded to granite) and all the tile (also all upgraded–Bathrooms, showers, floors, kitchen, backslashes) so, the construction was held while the appraisal was completed.  BUT…we did get a (VERY) little bit of work done!
The EAST side of the house.  You can see the extra concrete I had poured as an answer to “where do we want to put the garbage cans?  I DO NOT like them inside the garage…I do not like to see them at all!  This way, neither the neighbors nor the family must look at them!
The north east side of the house–(my studio, dining nook and Family room)
The north west side of the house (family room and master suite)
The WEST side of the house.  The fence on this side of the house will be built after the pool is built…no reason to rush THAT job!  After going over the list, they STILL have SO MUCH MORE to accomplish!!  From insignificant things like installing the screens on the windows to major issues like building the retaining wall..are left.  At this point, we are exactly HALF complete.  We have SIXTY line items that need to be checked off.  Hopefully, it will go quickly!     Who has started the When Is Moving Day Pool?  I’m betting it will be JULY 15th…they won’t tell us…until they are only 45 days out…the appraisal expires in 90 days…so, it’s gonna be sometime in that time frame.  45-90 days.
Also, a note to Kelly…thanks so much for letting me share the Chronicles of Casa Azul!!

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