House Update #3

Hi, it’s me….MamaVia….

While we wait for Kelly to recover from her Cat Bites Hand That Feeds…I’ll update with a (VERY) few photos.  I’m guessing that last week not much happened at the house because they had ordered the appraisal…which came in at a little more that 20K over purchase price, which is GOOD!!  BUT, I think they had to do it BEFORE all of the “owner’s selections” were installed…we wouldn’t want “customer upgrades” to enter into the appraisal…that would throw off EVERYTHING!!  The next steps in construction are installation of cabinets (all upgraded), countertops (upgraded to granite) and all the tile (also all upgraded–Bathrooms, showers, floors, kitchen, backslashes) so, the construction was held while the appraisal was completed.  BUT…we did get a (VERY) little bit of work done!
The EAST side of the house.  You can see the extra concrete I had poured as an answer to “where do we want to put the garbage cans?  I DO NOT like them inside the garage…I do not like to see them at all!  This way, neither the neighbors nor the family must look at them!
The north east side of the house–(my studio, dining nook and Family room)
The north west side of the house (family room and master suite)
The WEST side of the house.  The fence on this side of the house will be built after the pool is built…no reason to rush THAT job!  After going over the list, they STILL have SO MUCH MORE to accomplish!!  From insignificant things like installing the screens on the windows to major issues like building the retaining wall..are left.  At this point, we are exactly HALF complete.  We have SIXTY line items that need to be checked off.  Hopefully, it will go quickly!     Who has started the When Is Moving Day Pool?  I’m betting it will be JULY 15th…they won’t tell us…until they are only 45 days out…the appraisal expires in 90 days…so, it’s gonna be sometime in that time frame.  45-90 days.
Also, a note to Kelly…thanks so much for letting me share the Chronicles of Casa Azul!!

3 Responses to House Update #3

  1. TrulyUSA says:

    Thanks for the update! Sooo exciting! You are going to just love spending your days in that beautiful spanking new home, Mama. I’m so happy for you! I can’t wait until the inside is finished and I can see all those upgrades you have added to make the place uniquely yours. You’ll have to share that, too! To All the Mamas at the pound – It’s a beautiful day – your blessings are many – you have friends and family who love you — HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MAMA AND KELLY and all the members of the pound!!!!

    • Mama Via says:

      Thank you, Truly!!! Happy Mother’s Day to EVERY ONE!!!

      I don’t think I posted the pics here…I think I sent them to kelly, tho…I’ve been busy buying “stuff” for the house. My poor DH…because he was working all the time…I did most of the selections…and then he and I met with FHS to finalize the design…well, my poor baby…said “I haven’t picked out ANYTHING…you did it all….” Poor thang… was time to select the exterior…paint, shingles, doors, etc…so, I convinced him to choose the color of the exterior…well he selected a DARK Blue for the paint…OMG!!! Honey!!! Everyone else in the neighborhood has beige, ecru, light grey….you get the idea…so, I talked him into at least dropping the intensity (and hue) down a few notches,,,but, I’m afraid it is going to glow in the dark!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…so…the house acquired a NAME….it is now “Casa Azul”.(Blue House)….now, mind you, we are BOTH so Caucasian that we glow in the dark…the closest we come to Hispanic is via injection…I was married to a Californio for 4 years…(and HE was constantly trying to prove HE was CAUCASIAN!! So, I don’t know if that COUNTS or not….) Even the sales folks, the project managers, and many of the subcontractors refer to our house as “Casa Azul”…and probably don’t know WHY…cuz it hasn’t been painted yet…

      Blue is my husband’s favorite color…to go with his eyes, I guess…I’ve always gone with “white” on exteriors…and often “claret” and “sage”…NEVER BLUE…so, to keep the entire house from being just one gigantic blob of blue raspberry…anytime I could select a color…it was either “white” or “grey”…but there is plenty of blue that worked its way into the tile throughout the house…

      But…that’s ok…all of the furniture and art we have “works” with blue/grey/white…so we won’t have to replace all of the furniture…my DH bought a beautiful BLUE leather sofa…the Erté has a LOT of blue, the lamps are BLUE…and, I suppose blue isn’t a bad choice,,,it always seems to be an available selection…blue & white nautical, blue and yellow spring, cobalt & white flow-wear…it is insidious…you can ALWAYS find blue accessories…(at least the cabinets aren’t blue…they are white or grey…and n the baths…I did black!! Haha!!

      I cannot tell you how long and nvolved this entire process has been…no wonder it takes 6 months to build a house…but…I’ll confess…I’m ready to be done with it all…just move in and relax…bit, I’ve got another 45-90 days to go…

      Thanks for your comment!!

      • TrulyUSA says:

        Sounds awesome to me! I like blue, my house WAS blue but now it’s gray and white with a darker roof and black shutters. I’m actually thinking of painting my living room baby blue with white trim, and I have chocolate colored leather furniture. I may even paint my old oak cabinets a light shade of gray and do some of those new glass tiles in varying shades of blue on the backsplash wall area. You are making me want to get it done! I’ve been thinking about it for months! I say you will be moving in July 30th!!

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