It’s The End Of The World As We Know It And I’m Surprisingly OK With It

Hello my lovelies. I know it’s been a minute, I’ve been busy trying to get a bunch of stuff done around the house. I’ve decided that it needs to be moved around, painted and I have to get rid of several tonnes of stuff because apparently I keep everything. I have boxes from video games I bought when I was like 30. Why? Because I might need it. I also have not been especially well, nothing to worry about, basically just trying to do to much to fast.

Lovely to see Casa Azul coming together so nicely. It was actually mama who motivated me to make some much needed changes to this place. I am taking a huge step and moving my bedroom downstairs where I am only behind one lock and I’m pretty fucking proud of myself.

That however, has nothing whatsoever to do with todays post. Today’s post is brought to you by the letters W E I S F U C K E D.

Whatever the fuck is in the water in Orlando, don’t let the army take it and weaponize it. I am so sorry for the victims of the shooting, their families, the officers that had to respond to that carnage and us. I am sorry for us.

Now why is a Canadian sorry for you all, being as you the greatest nation on the planet? Because you are like our big brother in a good way and you have been grievously injured which injures us too. Targeting the LGBT community is just so fucked up I can’t even.

I don’t care if you fuck women, men, blow up dolls, an apple pie, or your malamute as long as he or she is into it, it is flat out none of my business and that being said I probably don’t give it any thought Until something like this happens. Then I think about it a lot. And it makes me very angry.

Then you have Adolph Trump fanning the already huge flames about Muslims who are not are radical assholes and building a wall to keep out Mexicans and just arbitrarily deciding that immigration needs to stop. Never mind that his 14 year old wife is an immigrant. I guess the pretty ones will get a pass. Adolph Trump is a worry, just not even close to my biggest one.

What is it with you all and guns? How fucking many people have to be mowed down by crazy assed crazies before you all figure out that your right to bear arms flies in the face of the right to go to school and not get shot, or go to a club and not get shot, or go buy a pack of smokes and not get shot? I’m not talking about taking away your guns, but who the fuck needs military grade weapons for anything other than war? If you are hunting with one you are a coward and or a shitty shot and if not what the fuck are you doing with it? My question is this. What is the number of dead wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, children, pets etc that will make you say “you know what, we might have a problem here?” ten thousand? twenty thousand? I’m really curious about that.

Now we have this new lovely thing called Zika virus right where all are Olympic athletes are going to be and they have finally found the elusive super bug that not even our antibiotics of last resort will kill.  Have I mentioned we are fucked.  In case you missed it, we are fucked.

Up here in Canada land the Trial for the murder of Tim Bosma just finished with a verdict of guilty and two life sentences with parole eligibility after 25 years. Which in Canada means see ya in 25 years.

We got the right to die bill put through this week but just like I said when it was first discussed it is just a big pile of shit with a bow on top. The big contention was the wording of foreseeable death. Well, I have a shocker for all the big shot muckity mucks on the hill, EVERY DEATH IS FORSEEABLE. I’m pissed off because I have never believed that the government should have any say on when you as a person have decided that you want off this ride and want to punch your ticket. You shouldn’t have to blow you head off or whatever to do it. You should be able to have access to the drugs necessary to make the transition from life to death as easy and pain free as possible.

My plan should the time come is to find a dealer of Heroin since they must be out there somewhere, and I’m gonna ride me a dragon right into the sunset.

Oh yeah, I have decided that besides Queen of all I survey I have also crowned myself Queen of Scotland. Please don’t forget to curtsy.

Note to Pesky, one of your cousins keeps teasing my extremely large puppies and you might want to send him a letter or text or something that they do not appreciate his shenanigans and he looks mighty tasty.

I will be around sporadically, I’m just crazy busy right now.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.


6 Responses to It’s The End Of The World As We Know It And I’m Surprisingly OK With It

  1. lacey leonard says:

    So great to finally hear from you!

  2. TrulyUSA says:

    *Curtsy* Good to see you Queen. Sad times, yes. Very beautiful song and video, loved that a bunch, very appropriate for these times. You know the US had a ban on assault weapons under President Reagan, and then Bush and the whole bunch of them let it expire. I don’t know why. We need to put assault weapons back on the banned list – NOW. I’m not going into the politics of it all, which suck whatever direction you lean in my humble opinion, it’s all fucked up. That killer was such a coward, he targeted the most peaceful nonviolent group he could find, knowing that most likely they would not or could not fight back. All these killers target people they know are not armed and easy to kill. Cowards, all of them. Makes me sick. You may not agree with this, but as an American it comes naturally to me, it’s a part of the fabric of this country and one of my rights and — I bought a gun last week. A small, concealable 9mm for which I am going to license and receive a permit to conceal and carry. Why? Because if I go down I’m taking that bastard with me or die trying, that’s why. This old lady will show them she can shoot more than skeet and accurately. Is it wrong to respond in this fashion? Perhaps. But they are not going to stop. And I for one, plan to be ready. Scary? You bet it is. But the alternative of helplessness is even more frightening. There are some people who should never own a gun because it scares them or they are incompetent with it or don’t take it seriously, but that’s not me. I hope I never have to use it.

  3. renaes24 says:

    Please don’t go naming yourself Queen of Scotland…..isn’t there a history there of them losing their heads? (and i don’t mean just figuratively )
    Trump? Meh…… worries mate! He is just summer entertainment.
    Millard and Smitch? well they got their FIRST 1st degree M conviction…….Crown still has 2 more Murder trials to go. (Translation: Millard, at least, ain’t never gonna be free whether he is eligible for parole in 25 years or 50 years. Eligible does NOT mean it actually happens!)
    Guns? (yet again ) Well, if NOTHING changed after Sandy Hook……when 20 little 5 & 6 year olds were gunned down……..How can you expect anything will change when it was 49 people in a gay bar? You just know the NRA don’t give shit 1 about it (and that is pitiful).
    I’m saving my scorn for this ‘right to die’ legislation. What a bunch of wimps The House of Commons is……….Even the case that kicked this all off……..the person who petitioned for the right to an assisted death…….that took it to the Supreme Court…….who finally went to Europe to end her life……..would NOT be eligible under this mess they created. “Death be imminent”? Really? By how much? How soon is imminent enough? There are a hell of a lot of things that aren’t going to kill you soon enough but put you in such HELL for months/years that you SHOULD be allowed to ‘opt out’ of the pain. But hey! Never mind the fact that should you have ALS or something and by the time ‘death is imminent’ (again whatever that is) you are unable to speak or to make your wishes even known (yeah you have to also request it at least twice 15 days apart) well, hell. Might as well wait out that last bit of imminent because……well, good luck…..
    Never mind that you put IN WRITING (when you COULD) that when things got to x,y,or z……that you wanted that ‘good death’…well, that don’t qualify. “Tough titty……and suck it up princess”. So yeah…… sucks.
    On a personal level…….I am still in Canada…….the ministers’ office issued me a 5th TRP (which puts me into a different class) and now that office is working to get it amended as this was was somehow written where I cannot go across to the US……(they say they don’t know just how that happened……..sure) Hubby spend 2 days in their offices in Markum (however you spell it) letting them know that I really had to see my physicians…….so they are working on it (sigh)
    Good thing because yesterday, I tried to eat/breath and laugh at the same time which resulted in my passing out and having a seizure
    while having lunch with his parents in a cafe. I clenched so hard I even sheared off the front of a tooth. (oops). So now, yeah, I guess I really do have to go see the physicians……IN THE US as I think most of them up here are either witch-doctors or stuck with so many “protocols” that it takes them an eternity to actually, really DO something (as opposed to ‘watchful waiting’/ ‘more studies’ / additional lab tests/ and using ultrasound instead of actual CT scans to try and diagnose anything).
    Oh………but “SUNNY WAYS” folks…………F**K!

  4. Twister says:

    Hey now, there’s my girl! Glad you checked in!

  5. Gwen Bazzrea/Bazzethound says:

    Hi y’all! (and yes, y’all is in my tablet’s dictionary!) Things are up and down in Casa de Bazz. Little man-made Adam, 9, is out of school now and day camp starts next week. Big man, Daniel, 18, is at the Outer Banks, NC enjoying his second graduation beach week. Lots of his friends were a year behind him in school. Handsome husband and I are doing well. I’m just trying to keep myself from crawling under my rock and not leaving home. It helps that my son is keeping me busy.
    Glad to hear from you, Kelly & friends!

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