Hi, it’s Mama!!

Ok, for those that haven’t heard…we moved in…we are still “settling in”…slowly…

My studio….


The “Great Room”
The Formal Dining Room
The Entry
The pool area
I’ve also spent a very small amount of time in my studio…I’m very “rusty”…I really need to get some practice painting done…
Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

14 Responses to Hi, it’s Mama!!

  1. Laurie Atkisson says:

    OMG!! It is absolutely breathtaking!! Thank you for sharing with us!! Congratulations!! Enjoy!!

  2. lauriea2015 says:

    OMG!! It is absolutely breathtaking.. Thank you soo much for sharing with us. Congratulations.. Enjoy!!

  3. lacey leonard says:

    Just gorgeous! Congrats I’m so jealous..

  4. renaes24 says:

    I will take a Pineapple juice on the rocks if you are doing poolside service 🙂

    • Mama Via says:

      Oh, you KNOW we have poolside service!! Pineapple on the rocks for you, mimosa & croissant for Twister, a bowl of milk for Twister’s Kitty, a pizzle for Boo and a “Lava Flow” for mama…(a (Virgin) piña colada with raspberry (or strawberry) swirls!!). Remember, check-in is Tuesday afternoon….and the only pool rule is that you cannot straddle the jets and scream “Oh, baby, baby!!!”

  5. Twister says:

    I’ll take a mimosa and croissant. Oh, and I’m bringing my cat. Boo’s ok with that, right?

    • Mama Via says:

      See my note to Renae…Boo is curious…if Kitty is good with Curious George puppies, all will be well…after all, Boo hasn’t eaten our cockatiel, Poopsie (aka “Spike”) yet!!!

  6. Twister says:

    Kitty flirts with everyone! Does that mean she lacks discretion, a slut? A cockatiel, interesting bird that lives forever.

    • Mama Via says:

      No, Kitty is just a being normal…just being a pussy!!

      Poopsie (aka “Spike”) is papa’s punishment for being so “impossible” to find the “right” gift for….20 years ago, his “girlfriend” decided that his interest in shooting quail & pheasant equaled having an interest in owning a cockatiel….the girlfriend is gone…but the bird lives on…and, he is damned healthy too…in addition to being “cranky”…about 8 years ago, papa was complaining “how much trouble Poopsie is”….and that he “needed someone who really liked birds”…so, I found a new owner for the bird…someone with other birds…and papa did some fast backpedaling…and I realized that papa really cares about that silly bird…Poopsie has a doc that “specializes”–only doctors birds and has standing appointments every six months…just like Boo (and me), papa ensures that we all have the best medical care, the best of anything we need…we are all well cared for…I’m thinking that Poopsie just may survive us all…I’m NOT a bird person…what little friendship I’d developed for him was completely ruined when one day when Poopsie landed on my head, tangled his feet in my hair…and then peed on me…eeeeuuuwwww!!! I’ll feed him, water him, clean his nasty crate…but he isn’t allowed to land on me anymore!!

  7. TrulyUSA says:

    Oh WOW Mama! Simply spectacular, I love the flooring and everything is so nice. Congratulations – this makes me happy to see your new home and to know you are well cared for. I like your painting, too – I could never do that, I only draw stick people giving the finger…..and can I come over too? I’ll need a Moscow Mule please! I’ll be happy to bring some good ol’ Midwestern Angus steaks for all of us to throw on the grill. Happy Happy Happy Home! You did good!

  8. Mama Via says:

    Yes, the hurricane (Matthew) is going to hit us…but, we aren’t in an evacuation zone, so we are sitting it out. We have plenty of food and water, and very prepared. I will update later…assuming we have an Internet connection…

    Love to all…mama

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Good luck Riding the Storm Out mama! I sure hope it won’t hit you too hard. By all means keep us updated.

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