Well, Since It’s The End Of The World, I Thought I Should Probably Say Something.

My loyal subjects, your Dean of Fuckery, Law Professor, Dr. of Doctoring, Pretend Judge and Queen of all I survey is here in hopes that maybe we can find some comfort in each other in these tumultuous times.

I know you are afraid. I know for some of you, the shock that a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, hatemongering, sexual assaulting, wife buying, closet incest supporting walking fucking cheeto is actually your new president is great. I am not going to add to your pain by pointing out that contrary to popular opinion, Hillary Clinton has been one of the most truthful politicians that has EVER run for office. That really, really says a lot about the calibre of people you all vote for.

For those of you here that think the monster you have just unleashed is going to save the United States, I have but two questions? What fucking drugs are you taking and where the fuck can we all get some. The guy that has gone bankrupt 11 times with other peoples money, the guy that has used Chinese steel in his buildings, the guy that during a debate admitted to using undocumented workers, the guy that didn’t pay all the small businesses that outfitted his bankrupt fucking buildings is now the holder of the nuclear codes. I feel safer already.

It is going to be a very hard road for you United States. And for all of you, my State side no kill shelter mates; Courage. Have courage because we are here for you. Have courage because there are checks and balances across the globe to keep him in check. Have courage because even though the ugliness under the rocks in your yard have seen the light, we know that is not you as a people. Canada and the US are like best friends. We disagree passionately sometimes(like right now)but we go home and call each other later and say “we’re cool right?” and the answer is always and forever “dude, of course.”

I believe in democracy. Always. I don’t believe it always works. When the report card comes in and women can’t get abortions, planned parenthood is defunded, the Supreme court is stacked with rightwing nuts, and LGBT rights are torn away from them let me know what you think.

For those of you that voted for Trump, what did you say to your mother/wife/gay friend/ Muslim friend/ Latino or black friend this morning?

I am heartily saddened by the me, me, me that pervades not only your society but most societies that brought you to this. Do you really think the bajillionaire is going to do anything to fuck with his stacks? Nope, the rich will continue to be rich, the poor will continue to be poor and the middle class will probably slip a little. I am saddened by the millennials who believe that the world owes them everything.

I have nothing amusing to say today, because my heart hurts for you and I am afraid for you because I love you, Canada loves you and you are better than this.

Courage my friends. Courage and my deepest wishes that this somehow all works out.

As a Scot first, I leave you with this because it is just how I feel for you today.

RBMD Peacing the fuck out


27 Responses to Well, Since It’s The End Of The World, I Thought I Should Probably Say Something.

  1. lauriea2015 says:

    Thank you for sharing this my Canadian friend!! I agree with you 100% and I am scared SHITLESS for “we the people” of the United States..

    God Bless you!!

    Laurie A. Atkisson

    McClain, Crouse & Co., P.S.

    227 West Eighth Street

    Port Angeles, WA 98362

    Ph: (360) 457-3303

    Fx: (360) 457-7415

  2. renaes24 says:

    Well…….ok then! How do I put this?
    It is NOT the end of the world…….no matter what anyone says.
    We can fix this……and we will. This “Make America Great Again” crap……well, over 60% of those spouting (when pressed) said they wanted it to be like the 1950’s. Ladies…..WE GOT THIS! If they want the 50’s….let’s give ’em the 50’s.
    1) Unless you are single…..immediately after Donald’s swearing-in…Quit Your Job. Make your husbands provide ALL the money and let them know why.
    2) Do all the cooking and cleaning (you do it anyway) and when ‘he’ asks why you are so tired…..explain that you need NEW appliances….oh and a new car else HE can drive you to shop for groceries etc.
    3) Though for some it may be a sacrifice, you MUST claim a lot of headaches each night at bedtime. Sex? minimal at best. This will not only frustrate them but probably get us good Rx’s for Milltown or Valium or Xanax. Toss out any Viagara you find in your home.
    4) Tell him birth control is HIS problem. (He has to support all this since YOU ARE NOT WORKING)
    5) all hemlines are MID-CALF.
    These are just a sampling of suggestions. Your input is appreciated.

    • Mama Via says:

      I LOVE that answer! As I used to say “I don’t want ANY thing to do with being EQUAL to men…I’m perfectly happy being SUPERIOR!” Beulah! Peel me a grape!

  3. bigmeannurse says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I can’t understand what the fuck was wrong with 53% of the country.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Well, from what I am seeing on TV right now what with all the protests and everything, looks like a lot of people had to look up what is an election on google this morning.

  4. State Eunice says:

    Canadians need to keep their stupid, ignorant, ill-informed comments to themselves. They have NO business commenting on the voice of the people of the United States. They KNOW what’s best. You DON”T… Stick to commenting on trials, that’s entertainment commensurate with your ability.

    • renaes24 says:

      Gee! Who pissed in your Cornflakes? Are you one of the Drumpf’s kids…you know, the sort that only THEY think they know what is BEST for a country or something? Or….perhaps the “state” in your handle is short for “State Hospital” (as in, patient of such). Really, get a grip. If you don’t like what’s here….just leave. We really won’t miss you.

    • Twister says:

      Oh honey, calm it down. People all over the world are commenting on this election, and with good reason, we’re all impacted. And that concerns me. How is this orange baffoon who mocks political correctness going to become political aware enough to not piss off the world. He thinks we’re angry now, wait until his broad sweeping promises fall through. Believe me! It will be great, huge! … ok. I’ll stop now.

    • Mama Via says:

      SteteEunice: Time for yer meds, honey! Bless yer little ole pea-pickin heart…did you NOT know, honey that the 1st amendment hasn’t been repealed yet? In fact, President Cheeto, and V-P I-don’t-believe-in-dinosaurs haven’t been sworn in YET, and their staff of Half-Term-Governor-and-Pagent-Walking-Palin, There’s-not-a-bridge-I-can’t-close-Christie, I-see-little-green-men-Alt-reality-beitbart-bannon haven’t even started to clean all the “black” outta the WhiteHouse yet!! Do you HONESTLY think that little Dead-Eyed-elitist-bed-wetter-Barron is NOT going to throw a Trumper-tantrum when forced to go live in the “SLUM” called the WhiteHouse, when he could keep the ENTIRE FLOOR at tRump tower?

      As a Gen-u-ine, RED-blooded, AMERICAN VETERAN, with the medals to prove my service to ensure the FIRST AMENDMENT, yes, EVEN FOR CANADIANS!!!! I, personally, gave EVERY CANADIAN here her VERY OWN COPY of the CONSTITUTION…and, due to an industrial accident, I am the CORRECT CHEETO ORANGE COLOR (but, be careful, if you touch me wrong, all your fingertips will turn orange too…) and therefore, CANADIANS can OPINE on any stupid, ignorant, Ill-informed nominee that the stupid, ignorant, ill-informed voters select to lead the 51% of the populace who are basically stupid, ignorant and I’ll-informed trolls.

      Now, please return to your stupid, ignorant and ill-informed corner of Abalama, and don’t come back out until you manage to graduate the 8th grade and/or get a job and give up living in Gramma’s basement, okay?

      Oh, PS and by the way…you KNOW of course, that the new president-erect does NOT know your name, or CARE…and you WONT BE IN THE WILL, RIGHT? And, that he did NOT run to make YOU rich…he rant to make HIMSELF rich? You know that, right? Oh…and that unless you are 6 ft tall, weigh 110 pounds (39# are just “titz”) that you do NOT exist to Pres-erect Cheeto?

      Oh…and last thing…usually, in the English AMERICANS usually use…”misinformed” not “ill-informed” when based on “bad information”…unless, of course, you meant that the information had influenza or a cold…

      • renaes24 says:

        Beautiful Mama! Unfortunately (or fortunately for us) , the last anyone heard of Eunice, she was yelling and screaming about not having any ‘fuckin sleeves on this fuckin jacket’ ….the same one she says she was planning to wear to the swearing-in ceremony.
        (Cause you know she’s IMPORTANT, don’t you!)
        Her therapy now consists of playing with her poop like she used to play with her candies…….so she’s pretty proficient (that’s her occupational therapy). Now, if only the prosthetic dept would issue her one of those hoods that come with a ball for the mouth, I think her treatment might be more effective………….(sigh)

      • Mama Via says:

        She’s either in one of those lovely “sleeveless” jackets, or somebody else thought she was too mouthy and broke all her fingers…so now she can’t talk at all!! Haha…those ball-gags are highly over-rated…and I’m not sure they are allowed under the auspices of the Geneva Convention…something about being “water-boarded” by one’s own spit…which, probably is what makes it so E-vile….

        Which reminds me…ever notice EVIL spelled backward is LIVE?

  5. reallybigmeandog says:

    Wow Eunice, did I hit a nerve or something. I am neither stupid, ignorant or ill informed. I actually checked facts, and numbers on Politifact, watched every debate including the vice presidents, watched the walking Cheeto denigrate women, the disabled, Muslims, Latinos, and African Americans. He has admitted to not paying taxes, to using Chinese steel, to using undocumented workers and to going bankrupt with other peoples money, as well as not paying the small businesses that he contracted to provide fixtures, furnishings etc. There is mounting proof he is in Russia’s back pocket although at this time it is still just conjecture.

    I have also just seen the country that describes itself as the best country in the world embarrass itself on a global level.

    As an aside, all those amendments you all like to trot out like show ponies in the constitution, isn’t one of them free speech? Or is that only for you? My opinion is mine, my blog is mine and if I want to share my opinion I will do so. You don’t have to agree, I encourage discussion, but you don’t have to be like that either. I’m glad that you are happy with the outcome, I’m sorry for everyone that isn’t.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Love you Kelly! Glad to see you back and I totally respect your opinion. I just wish the riots and mean things would stop, it’s not going to help. Like it or not, there’s always one party who is disappointed, but that doesn’t give the other one the right to loot, steal and set fires. It makes me sad because it seems to me that everybody is fucked up, not just the party that won. I’ve voted both sides of the ticket and there was just no good answer this time – we will all have to see what happens and remember in four years we need better candidates!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Truly how have you been. It’s been a minute hasn’t it. Thank you. I wish the same. A civil war (which I am truly afraid of) isn’t going to help anyone. Everyone needs to figure their shit out and have better candidates next time.

  6. Twister says:

    On the up side, we got recreational marijuana legalized in 4 states. … oops, did I say that out loud?

  7. renaes24 says:

    I am now going to go totally off topic because last evening’s talk with my husband still rings in my head….and I’ve GOT to get it out.
    After 7 years he noted that I do not drink WATER. (I don’t even subscribe to the bottled stuff……though I have had to drink it about once every 6 months). He said he has : never seen me drink water at home or in a restaurant. I refuse to have any drink made with water…(scotch and water is a NO), I won’t even drink Kool-Aid or Lemonade from concentrate. The most he has seen me do (back when I was having hot-flashes) is order a glass of ice water and fish out the ice to rub on my wrists or even toss into my bra (damn, he did see that). I guess it finally bugged him so he asked why. Here it goes:
    Sometime in the late 70’s or so, I watched one of those science documentaries (probably for Earth day crap) where it showed that all the water on earth is all the water that has EVER been on earth. That for all the evaporation which ascends into clouds and then later comes down as rain…….etc, etc…….anyway: that got me thinking.
    If that is so (and I believe it is), then what come out of our taps is a mixture of everything. Think about that. Fish spawn in it (fish sperm?) Hippos bathe in it. Polar Bears pee in it. Old fat men rub one off in it in their hot-tubs and the river in India is awash in every disease known to man with all those folks ‘washing’ in the ‘holy’ Ganges. (not to mention the funeral pyres that are also above the river. ).
    Therefore, a glass of water contains all of those things. Forget about modern water sanitation systems (you see how well that crap worked in Flint). I don’t drink the water……forget in Mexico……..I don’t drink the water in the good old USofA!
    As a side note: Alzheimers might be caused by a plaque that forms from the remnants of elephant poop and fish sperm.
    I am done now……………..

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      So, now that nobody is going to drink water ever again (thanks renae for the vision of whale cum that popped into my head for no apparent reason and ewwww gross by the way) Good thing I only drink acid on some kind of liquid carrier. Acid as in pepsi you crazy fucks out there, who needs hallucinogens when you live in my head.

      • renaes24 says:

        Well, that shows I am not here in Canada for you water……(.only a certain someone’s bodily fluids).

      • Mama Via says:

        I don’t think that “no water” is gonna work, Renae…vegetables are preserved th “water”…and then soak for months/years in that “water”…you get that fish spermy water all over you every time you bathe….all that “water” that is used in cooking…from boiling yer smashed taters to the ice used in your smoothie…

        As for Alzheimer’s…the good news is that you make new friends every morning! I used to be quite frightened when I thought about growing older (which, by the way, beats the alternative) To be FORCED to live my final years alone was a horrifying thought…I realize how fortunate I am to have my dear husband…even if he is a crusty old man…and yells stuff like “hey you kids, get off of my lawn!” And how lucky I am to have all of you as friends…

      • renaes24 says:

        🙂 Love ya too Mama.

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