Everybody Needs To Calm The Fuck Down

Your Dean of Fuckery/sarcasm expert/Law Professor/pretend judge/Dr. of doctoring/DVM/puppy resuscitation expert/ and Queen of all I survey needs to talk to her loyal subjects.

I know that many of you are unhappy about the outcome of the election…except for Eunice who is thrilled. Unfortunately this is how democracy works and everyone’s job now is to accept it with grace and start to figure out what the fuck went wrong and get ready to fix it in 4 years.

I hate the very idea of Donald Trump in case any of you missed it. I hate what he is, I hate what he represents as a human being and I hate the fact that nobody seemed to be able to see that he is as entitled a fucker as anyone else that has run for office. I don’t blame the people though. I blame the DNC. I blame them because truly, Bernie Sanders was a much better choice for candidate and had he been nominated he would have won. Unfortunately as we have come to find out, the DNC decided that Hillary was a better bet and put their money on the wrong horse.

Neither candidate was a good choice. I would have preferred to see you elect someone who isn’t so blatant about his racism/xenophobia/hatred for women, but it is what it is.

Protesting, rioting in the streets, etc. is going to accomplish nothing and quite frankly it brings everyone down to the level that I would have expected from his camp had the win been reversed.

I still think you are pretty much fucked. However, I think it is only fair that since he has won the election that he is given a chance to prove what kind of President he will be.

I have concerns that the “outsider” has already surrounded himself with so many insiders and so very many right wing nutters. There is right wing and then there are people like Mike Pence and the ex goblin king of New York. Still, we all have to wait and see. Freaking the fuck out is going to do nothing but drive you all to Xanax and hug therapy.

I am still very scared, as are most Canadians because what happens to you effects us.

So let the Trump supporters gloat. Let the Trump supporters that are actual normal people be. I know some and they are perfectly nice people. Not everyone who voted for him is a cross burning asshole.

To all the women in the States, I am really sorry about all the shit that is about to happen to you. To all the Latino’s that are not rapist murdering drug dealing bad hombres (which is like probably 99%) I’m sorry for the harassment you are about to face. To the Muslims that just want to live in peace I don’t even know what to say because sorry just doesn’t cut it and to everyone else, just live your life to the best of your ability until we see what is going to happen. Remember, Trump has a court case to attend to before he is ever sworn in, there is always impeachment if it comes down to it and truly, I think you are better off with him running the shit then Pence running it. Unless you want to go back to the stone age. Then Pence is just the guy.

It is okay to be scared, it isn’t okay to let it take over.

As always from Canada, much love to you all
RBMD peacing the fuck out.


12 Responses to Everybody Needs To Calm The Fuck Down

  1. TrulyUSA says:

    Can I get a Hell Yeah from the redneck girls like me? HELL YEAH! Have horse will travel no cross burning will grow food for ya insults not allowed whiskey for me beer for my horse thank you, thank you very much.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      LMAO truly. I can probably find a liquor store for some beer and whiskey so grab your horse and ride to my house. Please.

    • renaes24 says:

      Truly, I have good old Kentucky Bourbon for you here and some nice Guinness for your horse!
      As for Pres Trump (that is sooo hard to even utter), He will be my 12th president…and I’ve lived thru some doozies. The nation is stronger than 1 jackass.
      It’s scary that he has a majority in the House and Senate. Still, there is only so much he can do because a lot of those legislatures aren’t crazy about him AND some of what he wants (or SAYS he wants) to do….need to go thru the courts. That takes time. Probably enough time for the next mid-term elections to take place. Perhaps, if he is doing ‘crazy’ enough, people will toss out a whole lot of those Republicans and replace them with Democrats…..or at least less crazy Republicans. So all is not lost.
      Yes, he wants to deal with Canada on the Keystone pipeline….BUT he wants a ‘cut’ of all the dollars that will flow thru it. Do you think Canada would be ok with that?……..
      Trump was a Democrat for many years. He changes positions on things more than a stripper changes her pasties. Some of the things he (currently) says he wants to change may not be such a bad thing.
      Lets just take a breath (and maybe a valium) and see what happens.

      • TrulyUSA says:

        YEE HAW!!! By Golly some Kentucky bourbon would sure ’nuff hit the spot! Kelly my horse knows the way home so I can saddle up, grab the bourbon, and if I don’t make it to Canada he’ll get me back. Now where the hell did I leave my tooter, I mean my shooter, nope I needs my tooter fur sure. I know the world’s all up in arms about this recent duel in Washington, but shucks, like Mama always said, tough titty said the kitty but the milk still flows. That’s right gals, when they get all riled up and say WHAT”D YA DO THAT FUR? Why you just smile real sweet and said “cat fur to make kitten britches out of”. Saddle up Cowgirls!

  2. renaes24 says:

    Truly…….now you are skeering me to death! Ha-Ha!
    Meanwhile, Good old Mitch (make Obama a one-term president) McConnell has just stated that 1) term limits are going NOWHERE
    2) He Re-affirmed the importance of NATO and 3) he said he will not commit to a border wall. Unfortunately, they are on board to do away with a lot of Dodd-Frank stuff….so be careful with banks. (I suggest using a Sealy mattress instead) and keep your powder dry. This time around, we KNOW what might be coming in housing/banking crisis.

  3. Twister says:

    Ok, my Queen, I’ll calm the fuck down if you say so (although I was just getting started). The protest march on my apartment complex is cancelled. Soo, how about some brownies? k?

  4. renaes24 says:

    I’ve got the wine………..

  5. Mama Via says:

    Ok, I just OD’d on Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffles…cuz I am losing it! My basic political philosophy: the Founding Fathers did not intend that a seat in the Senate or the House should be a CAREER…every single one of them met to do the country’s business, then went BACK HOME to farm, invent, publish, author, etc, etc…they never intended that these be life-long positions…

    As you know, I LOVE HISTORY…other people see it as “boring”…I see it as being more interesting than ANY reality TV…Here is your “Useless information” story for the day…

    Once upon a time, long long ago…like 2003…we had a senator by the name of Strom Thurmond. Now, our Founding Fathers never intended for Thurmond to be born and die on the Senate floor..but, he did. For the first 20 years as a Democrat and the next 30 as a Republican. His first term in office began as a South Carolina State Senator in 1933, and ended five months before his death in 2003 at age 100, as U S Senator from South Carolina…. now HONESTLY, how EFFECTIVE could a 100 year old man REALLY be? Thurmond, a true racist, opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and defended segregation…meanwhile, at age 22, he had a relationship with his family’s 16 year old BLACK maid (Carrie Butler) and fathered a mixed race child with Butler. (Essie May Washington-Williams, 1925-2013). He is best known for having the longest (individual) filibuster in the history of the Senate, fathering children well into his 70’s, fondling women in Senate elevators (lady Senators), being “hard of hearing” yet refusing to wear a hearing aid, and as a result having difficulty following debates, and required the assistance of an Aide to tell him how to vote!

    At age 44, Thurmond proposed to his 20-year-old secretary, Jean Crouch, in an interview-office memo that he dictated to her…and she accepted…by memo! (The marriage lasted to her death in 1960)

    At age 66, he married 22 year old former Miss South Carolina, Nancy Moore. They had 4 children, and the marriage “effectively ended” 23 years later when the former beauty queen said that she needed “some measure of independence.” They never divorced or reconciled.

    His youngest child, Paul Thurmond, born in 1976, has been the US Senator from South Carolina since 2012…

    And they lived happily ever after…in ThurmondsLand

    • renaes24 says:

      And on the Democrat side: we had Byrd from WV………who had his own faults…..number 1 being that he lasted way too long……..

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