January 11, 2017

Until I can look into it further, the post from today is retracted.  My good friend Ronda has pointed out that several agencies have called bullshit on the story, so until I can do some further digging consider it non-news and just an amusing anecdote.


Oh I Think Urine Trouble Now You Cheeto Dusted Whore Monger.

January 11, 2017


Hello my loyal subjects.  It is me; your Dean of Fuckery, Law Professor, Dr. of Doctoring, puppy resuscitation expert, lactation consultant, resident sarcasm expert and as always Your Royal Highness, Queen of all I survey.

This from Renae, a fascinating read.


And with that, I leave you this.

your new President elect Ladies and Gentlemen


RBMD peacing the fuck out.


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