The Cheeto Is A Tool – An Inspired By Dr. Seuss Bedtime Story

Hello my lovelies.  It’s me your dean of fuckery, doctor of doctoring, honorary DVM, fake Judge, all around bad assed bitch and queen of all I survey.  Today I bring you something different.  A story in the style of doctor Seuss.  I hope you enjoy.

On January 20th 2017 by the water of a slave built pool
In the pouring rain which was alternatively a beautiful sunny day
The band banged on while the brainwashed acted like it was may
And the orange cheeto they swore in was a tool

The Cheeto was smiling enjoying the masses, must have forgotten his glasses
because the huge masses just were not there
While he swore on a book that might as well have taught him to cook
And Mike Pence almost peed and Steve Bannon agreed
That they could easily control the fool.

The cheeto was happy and into his nappy he left an illustrious stool
When he finally realized that a country this size might actually need to be ruled
A dictatorship formed while the democrats stormed and Putin approved with great zeal
Leading is hard work especially if your a jerk so he thought I’ll begin to repeal

I’ll repeal healthcare first but he wasn’t well versed in much other then “brokering illegal deals. So of course when that failed and all rails had been railed he blamed something that isn’t real.

I’ll build us a wall he said to them all and I will make Mexico pay. The people were pacified at first until the Mexican president cursed on national TV. El Presidente laughed and bounced like a ball and what he said to the tool was We won’t pay for no fucking wall.

Then the scandals all started and people departed with a speed that would make your head turn. They ran really fast, scandalized Politicians don’t last and they didn’t want to be the ones to burn. One after another “fake news stories” surfaced much to the glee of the dems. They polished each one like a gem. Each time that this happened, the cheeto’s rep got more blackened and his approval started to slip. When it hit 35 most still standing at his side began to abandon ship.

A travel ban he cried, that will keep me alive, but it got shot down in the courts. Stupid constitution he muttered and wondered if it was something that he could thwart.
Of course he could not he was told by his men as he was passed a hanging rope knot.

I’ll drain the swamp he stammered like that even mattered since once it was drained he didn’t know what to do. It was Bannon who said, what the fuck your career’s dead, lets fill it back up with ooze, puss and muck.

The cheeto had platformed on being a regular American, everyone soon found out that isn’t true. Won’t release taxes, wants to screw the masses, and control women’s rights too.

No ties to Russia he said quite straight faced while all the evidence piled on. Alternative facts became a thing that isn’t a thing, to try and explain this big con.

Lets starve the poor and the old and the sick and take away their meds. We will call it something else they people will agree because I’m the ruler and they will believe what I said.

Everyone is wrong only I tell the truth and I tell the best truth of anyone ever. All the promises I’ve made I swear they will all be kept on the twenty fifth day of never.

Dr Seuss should be proud
RBMD peacing the fuck out


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