I Love A Good Conspiracy Theory

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Hello my lovelies.  Your Dean of Fuckery/Law Professor/Doctor of Doctoring/Honorary DVM/ Animal Lactation Expert/Certified Rabies Free RBMD/ all around bad assed bitch and Queen of all I Survey is once again back to bring you a couple of things.

First, I would like to tell you about a friend of mine on Twitter. Ann has been my friend for quite a while and while we differ on our opinion of the current President (she is and has always been a Trump supporter) she is also a wonderful human being who has a broad enough mind to change it if the evidence presents itself to her satisfaction. I respect that the same way she respects that I would do the same. We had a very interesting conversation today about something that has nothing to do with the current state of fail in the US but about a trail of bodies that seem to be following the Clintons around.

I was immediately intrigued because I had no idea and I am usually up on things of this nature. I started to dig a little and my first stop was Snopes which firmly debunked where this is going. Still, I was bothered by a few things so I disregarded Snopes for the moment and began to search deeper. A lot deeper and decided that this does indeed warrant an investigation of some kind. It may amount to nothing, as a matter of course it will probably amount to nothing, but you don’t know if you don’t look and I love a good conspiracy.
Thank you Ann for the idea and also for accepting my findings whatever they may be.

The in-house Psychic is mad at me because she is apparently bored. You can only read the dogs minds so many times apparently, and while I do have that whole indentured servitude thing it is only polite to throw the poor psychic thing a bone once in a while. She keeps waking up screaming that the small animal on Trumps head is begging for help, so even if she can’t get a lock on him we can see what the head animal has to say.

Last but definitely not least I have been working on a Donald Trump Presidential Dictionary. Please look for it soon. I believe it is almost complete.

I hope everyone is well. My love to you all my no kill shelter friends.
RBMD peacing the fuck out.


4 Responses to I Love A Good Conspiracy Theory

  1. I love you Kelly!
    Can’t wait for more

  2. renaes24 says:

    The Clinton Body Count thing has been out for years…it’s nonsense. Go with Snopes.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Saw that Renae, but I looked a bit deeper and there are a couple of unexplainables at least on the surface.

  3. TRUDY says:

    I have studied the clinton’s criminal activity past & present for the past year along side pizza gate/Illuminati she is involved in. Once you follow their political careers beginning in Arkansas including the involvement in the Mena Airport drug smuggling Hillary email scandal, no not this recent one, the one from her time as First Lady when James Comey first became employed by them, when he was initially assigned to investigate Hillary in her first email scandal.
    Oh BTW “SNOPES” is pretty much tits up after he got mixed up with a hooker & stole I don’t know like 800K from the business, his marriage ended then because he had lost credibility with his followers, he sold out to the clinton machine and was set along with google, you tube, facebook to begin censorship of specific content

    but yes, clinton criminal activity or pizza gate info I can help you with any questions

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