Still Working On It, This One Is Special So We Must All Respect The Process

April 19, 2017

While the in house psychic throws things at me and I duck, I am still working on the bitch killed her very own kid and threw her dad under the bus for it blog. It is long, it is vicious, it is accurate.  Very exceptionally accurate.  Yet amusing. like all awesome things it will be ready when I am done. sorry for the delay


love you much


The “Bitch Rolled Double Sixes” Blog Is Being Worked On.

April 13, 2017

Hello my lovelies.  We will dispense with the normal formalities because I am tits deep in my utterly SCATHING blog about the cunt that murdered Caylee Anthony and got away with it because the  Alligator shit that has leached into the ground water obviously causes some form of weird correct verdict Alzheimer’s.  Yeah I said it. I said the C word.  Deal with it.

I have dvr’d the series and am currently going over and over them in minute detail to see where the fuck it all went wrong.

This will be a collaborative effort between myself, the in-house psychic if I can get her to stop vomiting long enough from reading the bitch, and hopefully our one and only mama cuz she lives in the fucked up verdict state formerly known as Florida.

If anyone has anything they want to contribute to this blog or if you have questions that the in-house psychic or myself or mama can answer please forward them so that we can get this party started.

I am hoping to have the thing up by like Monday because nothing says Jesus has risen like a blog about a murdering bitch that got away with killing a small child.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

RBMD peacing the fuck out

Your Dean Of Fuckery Can Now Add Songwriter To My CV. ( a blog thanks to Truly)

April 6, 2017

Hello My lovelies.  Your Dean of Fuckery, Law Professor, Doctor of Doctoring,  Animal lactation consultant, Certified Rabies Free RBMD, Resident sarcasm expert, Pretend Judge, owner of one in house Psychic, Queen of all I survey and now Song Writer extraordinaire has come up with a new song thanks to Truly.

I realize it is not a real blog post, but it is better than nothing (at least sort of).

Without further carryings on, I give you  “The Shelter Got High” Original lyrics by RBMD.

Thanks Truly for the idea.  Totally needed to get out of the political mind space I’ve been in.
I was thinking bout politics until I got high, I decided that they are all dicks because I got high, can’t think what I should write about and I know why, ya ha because I got high, because I got high, because I got high
I was gonna find us a trial but then I got high.  It was gonna beat stabs by a mile until I got high, Now I don’t have a blog and I know why ya man, because I got high, because I got high, Because I got high la-da-da-da-da-de-da,
The in-house Psychic spoke up because she was high, no more posts about Trump she said cuz she’s sly.  She threw in the Clintons too and I know why yeah haaa because she was high, because she was high, because she was high.
 The no kill shelter joined in, Because you were high, Lots of good thoughts were coined because you were high, Truly had an idea and I know why, do so, because she was high, because she was high, because she was high, la da da da da de da
I figured this would be hard before I got high,  there were thoughts I had to discard because I was high, Finally decided to just write this, we all know why,  yahaaaa, Because I’m High, because I’m high, because I’m high.
I know that you’re all gonna like it because you’re all high,  or you might all think it’s just shit because you’re all high, I couldn’t give a fuck and you know why, yeah, because I’m still high, because I’m still high, because I’m still high.
For anybody that’s kind of thick I’m not really high, might as well cut this off quick because I’m not high, don’t bother to report this because it won’t fly yeah haaa, I’m not really high, I’m not really high, I’m not really high.
It’s just a fucking song because we were bored, turn it into what ever you want the Big Dog roared.  We don’t give a fuck and that’s for sure yeah man because we’re not high, because we’re not high, because we’re not high.
So there we have it kids.  One non-political, somewhat amusing, song writing effort by your Dean of Fuckery.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Really Big Mean Dog Peacing the fuck out.


Your Majesty Is Bored. Let’s Find Something To Do.

April 4, 2017

The Video is just because I think everyone should take a deep cleansing breath and LAUGH

My loyal subjects, your Dean of Fuckery, Law Professor, Honorary DVM, Doctor of Doctoring, Dog Lactation Consultant, Resident sarcasm expert, and Queen of all I survey have decided that I have had quite enough Trump for right now. Give me something, some trial, something I can sink my fangs into and we will blog about that. I’m begging you. Enough politics, enough conspiracy theories, enough already. Suggest something that isn’t one of those things and if I like it I’ll write about it.

Believe me, the whole shelter will thank you.

You Know That Saying Where There Is Smoke There is Fire? Well Sometimes There Is Just Really Good BBQ Or Somebody Is Smoking.

April 3, 2017

Hello my lovelies.  Put on your tinfoil hats and cover the cameras on your laptops, your Dean of Fuckery has dug to China and I have some answers for you.

Regarding the figurative  trail of dead bodies that the Clintons have allegedly left behind them I have discovered a couple of things.  Out of over a hundred people that are dead, there is one that is maybe a little hinky and this person was like the dentists brothers cousins friend that is how close he was to the Clintons.  All others deaths that have been attributed to nefarious causes were either A) natural deaths like heart attacks and pneumonia or B)Suicides, or C) mechanical or equipment failure.  Now there was one medical examiner who cut a lot of corners with all his dead bodies not just the ones that had any kind of tenuous connections to the Clintons which is where a lot of this started I think.   Bodies had to be dug up and re-autopsied which is both sad and gross but in the end all of the dead that are actually people were A dead, and B an actual cause of death was issued.  There are several that flat out do not even exist, I think those were just thrown in to pad the numbers.  There were also  plane crashes due to pilot error, and  a cesna crash due to mechanical failure.

My question going into this was why is Monica Lewinski alive if all of these other people who quite literally could have done nothing to the Clintons are dead?  My answer remains the same.  Because this shit just never happened.  If you ever crossed paths with a Clinton at a fund raiser, a charity event or political event or he movies or at the dentist or the doctors or the grocery store and you died you are suddenly a part of some fucking cover-up?  Nope, the amount of people that you meet when you are a public figure is just exponentially bigger than if you are a private person.

So to put this to bed much like Pizza-gate(which by the way was never really a thing, just another conspiracy theory) THIS SHIT NEVER HAPPENED.  I mean people did die, but not because the Clintons have a hit squad, just because they died or they had shit luck and their plane went down.

Now I have spent way to much time and wasted way to many brain cells just to satisfy my own curiosity so while we are on the subject I am going to clear up a few other things.

  1. We really landed on the moon.
  2. It is not made of cheese
  3. the twin towers were brought down by two planes not internal implosions
  4. Elvis is dead
  5. Kurt Cobain is dead
  6. I will have to get back to you on area 51
  7. To the best of the scientific community’s  knowledge at large, aliens do not live among us, probably because of shit like this.
  8. You are more likely to die by being kicked to death by a pissed of Kangaroo than be killed because of a conspiracy. (I just made that last part up, but basically it is true.)

Hope that helps every one out and we can get back to reality…Sorry actually it might be more comforting to just keep your tinfoil hats on and keep your cameras covered reality being what it is at the moment.

Anyway, that is about 25 hours of my life I won’t ever get back but rest assured, I turned over every rock, kicked every tire and even took a couple of good stories out for a drive.  Nothing holds water, none of it.  Unless you want it to, in which case rock on with your bad self and Hide from the Clintons. They know you know.  OMGLOLROFLMAO.

RBMD Peacing the Fuck Out.

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