The “Bitch Rolled Double Sixes” Blog Is Being Worked On.

Hello my lovelies.  We will dispense with the normal formalities because I am tits deep in my utterly SCATHING blog about the cunt that murdered Caylee Anthony and got away with it because the  Alligator shit that has leached into the ground water obviously causes some form of weird correct verdict Alzheimer’s.  Yeah I said it. I said the C word.  Deal with it.

I have dvr’d the series and am currently going over and over them in minute detail to see where the fuck it all went wrong.

This will be a collaborative effort between myself, the in-house psychic if I can get her to stop vomiting long enough from reading the bitch, and hopefully our one and only mama cuz she lives in the fucked up verdict state formerly known as Florida.

If anyone has anything they want to contribute to this blog or if you have questions that the in-house psychic or myself or mama can answer please forward them so that we can get this party started.

I am hoping to have the thing up by like Monday because nothing says Jesus has risen like a blog about a murdering bitch that got away with killing a small child.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

RBMD peacing the fuck out


24 Responses to The “Bitch Rolled Double Sixes” Blog Is Being Worked On.

  1. renaes24 says:


  2. mags says:

    The one thing I can say about the verdict is “WTF” is wrong with the jury ? Piles of evidence and somehow Jose B , Casey’s dick some how threw the blame on George Anthony . Such a shame !

  3. twister says:

    That piece of girl shit and her slime ball attorney – barf! Baez is almost worse than Nurmi with his accuse the innocent shnick.

  4. Linda Brunetto says:

    Check out the Facebook live Vinnie Politan did on her last night. He had a post she wrote about how she will sue people that say she killed Cayle after she was cleared in a court of law. That bitch

    • TrulyUSA says:

      She’s gonna have to sue pretty much everybody then. I swear, George should sue her for what she did to him!

    • Constance says:

      Can’t you get around that by saying or staying “in my personal opinion” or “my personal feelings or beliefs are”? I don’t think someone can sue unless you are claiming it is a fact. We all know it’s a fact, but there are ways to say it so that that scum bucket Casey couldn’t ever get an attorney to sue on her behalf. Other thing — how in the world would she pay the attorney? Who’s going to represent her on wild goose chase after wild goose chase after thousands of people who believe she killed Caylee?
      She is indeed a bitch beyond imagining, but I think this is a very hollow threat.

  5. margo says:

    I’m going nuts up here in Canada b/c the series isn’t showing here yet! If one of ya’ll kind ladies could let me know the name of it so that I can keep an eye out I’d be much obliged. In the meantime, salivating over the upcoming blog and cannot wait to read it. RBMD, you are the BOMB! xoxo

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Margo I’m in Canada and there are um, “ways” to get it

    • renaes24 says:

      Yup! Same here. I looked for it..but it’s not on here (Canada). Don’t much care as the story told ONCE (court) was bad enough. The thought of having to re-“seeing” it…….uh……..?

  6. TrulyUSA says:

    Can’t wait for the review! I said a long time ago that the street name for Xanax is “Z” or “Zanny” and that bitch was drugging Caylee so she could party on. George thinks the same thing, and I truly believe that is the real story. She may have even had a bed in the trunk of her car where poor little drugged out Caylee slept while Casey partied. One night she just did not wake up. How can she live with herself? Makes me sick!!!!!

    • Constance says:

      Truly, I think you pinned it! I never could understand the ‘zanny’ thing’ some “nanny” xanax was! You are right!!!!! Sick twitch must have been laughing her cold head off inside as she lied in plain sight to everyone.

    • Mama Via says:

      Yes, Truly….my son told me that when it first was said…he said that was what party girls do…give babies small amounts of xanax…zanny the nanny….we were talking about it because when I was a young mom, my aunt said to give my son “paragoric” which was an over the counter medication that was like giving your kid a shot of whiskey…(“put him to bed with Jack”)

  7. Constance says:

    It is always infuriating and sickening when a murderer is also an unrepentant pathologically lying sociopath who couldn’t care less what they did and glories in any attention while playing the victim.
    The jury was disgusting. All you had to do was have a brain to know she was guilty. The whole family was and is massively dysfunctional.
    It’s always such a shame when someone like OJ or Jodi Arias or Casey plays the cops like a violin and manipulates them at literally every turn. What is there about these particular liars that lets them get away with this bullcrap misdirection dance for so long?
    Looking forward to what your are going to write!

  8. Mama Via says:

    We all knew OJ did it, which was exactly why the did the trial on the south side of the tracks in LA, rather than the north side up in Brentwood…sheesh, justice undone…but that’s ok, he’s where he should be now…as for the Twat Mom, she was on her knees in front of that fat blob, Fickle Finger of Fate Cheney…and I’m sure he (if not she) is getting a piece of that movie action so that he can stop supporting her used up piece of ass…and, btw, it wasn’t so much “Floridians” that let that twat run, it was the pinellas pinheads…people so fuckking stupid (or high on meth) that they can’t get out of a) central Florida in mid summer and b) jury duty. Did you notice not ONE of those fuckers talked after the trial? Not ONE wrote a book, article or even an explanation for their decision? They were “tired” and wanted to go home or go on their “planned vacation”…fuckkin Pinellas Pinheads! Choosing Pinellas was Cheney’s move I will bet! That fucker was RETIRED…didn’t have anything else to do, so decided to help Baez…it wasn’t Baez who won that trial, it was Cheney Mason…then, remember, she LIVED IN HIS MANSION for YEARS??? She was probably playing his rotten old defunct skin flute…cuz if you saw his TROPHY WIFE, you’d KNOW that SHE wasn’t getting on her knees to do it for him! Rest assured, ladies…the Twat Mom hasn’t been getting any of the nice firm young cocks that she was used to…she was tickling Cheney’s man-sac that hangs down so far that they box his knees…and she’s not getting any “fresh swimmers” either…she’s been sucking out that OLD, OLD GSB that’s been brewing in his nasty nut sac since his last blow job, in 1967!!!!

    As for our OTHER PRINCESS OF DARKNESS…she’s getting what she deserves, being ignored! Oh, sure, she’s got some minions still left…but I don’t need to tell you that the minions are the cream of society!!! Think about this…what did our little Cock-Blocked girlfriend want MOST in life…from Travis, presumably??? She wanted to be “famous” of course…and I suppose you could give her THAT one…she’s “famous” alrighty…but she’s not living “kinky”, she doesn’t get the Barbie DreamHouse, the Barbie DreamCar, a BOYfriend, or a HUSBAND, or RESPECT or ❤️ LOVE ❤️ …..
    She can’t even hear the BIRDS SING!! She (supposedly) loved NATURE and travel and fine dresses and dinner out and about….and nice, firm, young, fat, juicy (now, mama, you are starting again…remember, you are POST mental-pausal!) HOT, HARD, YUMMY COCKS….AND SHE AINT GETTIN NONE OF THAT neither!!! Her biggest excitement…is getting fuckking COMMISSARY!!! She’s managed to “work” in the “warehouse” for 147.5 hours this year for an entire 50 cents an hour! Oh…my, she’s going to CABO on THAT, MY FRIENDS!! And, she’s only working to keep from having someone watching her to make sure that she’s not committing suicide!!! I’m guessing that prison is prison…Florida, Ohio, and Arizona aren’t too much different…Florida gives their prisoners NO MEAT…only “mystery meat” made from vegetable “matter”…in Ohio, what little “meat” they get is in-definable…and not much of it…I’m guessing that Arizona is the same…they don’t want the prisoners to have much meat, because meat is what gives our bodies POWER…and gives our BRAINS cunning…(no, there WASNT A “T” in that word!) they get HIGH CARB MEALS that make them lazy and FAT…additionally, I’ve seen the commissary list that Hodi uses. The only “meat” on that menu are “slim jims”..(have you ever squeezed those things and seen the yellow FAT IN THEM? And, I THINK I saw REALLY EXPENSIVE “Jerky”…but the rest…all Cow Food…corn chips, potato chips, sticky buns, top ramen, cocoa mix, just about what you would find at those “finer” highway rest stops that have the HUGE vending machines??? Nothing that needs refrigeration, instant coffee, instant cocoa…no, no vodka, no mai-tais, no Chi-chis…no shrimp, lobster, Godiva chocolate, BBQ chicken, beef or pork…and OMG…her BIG EXPENSE…is BEANO!! Now, WHAT in the WORLD is she eating that requires fuckking BEANO EVERY COMMISSARY DAY?? What a FART-Bag!!

    Now…do I feel better??

    Yes…as a matter of fact, I do!! Spring means fresh shrimp in the Saint Johns…and Son brought us about 3-4 pounds, which I boiled up in Old Bay..oh, man…that’s all we had for dinner…big, fat, yummy fresh caught shrimp!! die for (but not go to prison for!)

    The antibiotics are working with the steroids and my oxygen is 93 So, I’m GOOD!! As little no as I can stay off the oxygen bottle, I’m good!! Very LITTLE wheezing…I’m a GO!!

    I went to Lowe’s yesterday…I have alstroemerias ready to plant, lillies, in yellow and pink, fuchsia, and pink and white geranium….oh, also forgot…I have a wisteria to plant and two Confederate Jasmine…we will have started a pretty flower garden out there!! And…Hodi is looking thru the bars of a prison cell….

    For me…now, think about this….I MUST live on a COAST…west COAST, east COAST or gulf COAST…I just CANNOT live where it is HOT AND DRY AND DESERT-y…if I HAD to go to prison…maybe Alcatraz…I LOVE THE OCEAN!! NOT no fuckin where GOODYEAR! Same old cactus, not even moving in the breeze!! How fuckking SMALL is THAT world? For the next 10 minutes, think about what you are doing, that she CANT….go potty, sure, but YOU are by YOURSELF, no one watching! Go to the fridge for a soda, milk or iced coffee? No, no, no and nope…she can’t do ANY of that…take the stinking dog outside to go pee? Nope and nope…no stinking dog (or cat) to love, or be loved by…no outside when ever you choose…want a Starbucks Strawberry Frap? Haha…nope, she’s had her very last one…those only exist for those of us who only FANTASIZE about killing our husbands…not those who actually DO it!!!

    Life like she gas would be intolerable to me…the condo was 1750 sq feet…and “too small”…now, we have close to 5000 sq feet…and it’s just about “right”…I just could not survive living in a closet! I MUST have my air conditioner…and sunshine…and my TV….and Netflix and access to the fridge when I want to eat, not on someone else’s schedule…even worse…now, don’t take this wrong, but…surrounded by women…let alone crazy killer-kind of women…is just not my “thing”…I like my “alone time” with my art stuff, my paints and pencils…my crochet hooks and yarns…my sewing machine and fabrics…and to open the door in the evening and feel and smell the breezes off either the ocean or the river….watch the slash pines sway in the breezes…and dip my toesies in the pool…just to see how close we are to POOL TIME!

    Try thinking about living with your families…seeing them twice a year…every person that gets close to you, wants something…you must always be “on guard”…and worse….the absolute worse…

    She deserves it….

    And she deserves the obscurity….leave her to it….

    All three of them are getting what they deserve….

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Awesome bitch session Mama! Give her hell! She so richly deserves it (both of them). And….you’re making me miss fresh shrimp and seafood!!! There once was a nice place between Jacksonville and the Beach that was called Crustaceans –oh my god if it were still there I think I would have to find a way to go again. That was the 80s though, and I’m sure it’s been replaced by things equally as good. I miss the seafood!!! (But NOT the 80s!)

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Mama perhaps you could artistically render a picture of some of the dirt your flowers are going to be planted in and send it to her so she can trace it and call it her own.

  9. Lori says:

    Yay Kelly. You’re back. Can’t wait to read this. I turned the show on for about 15 minutes and turned it off.

  10. Still Shaking My Head says:

    Dear kelly: i’m wondering if your IHP can contact her British cousin and…maybe via skype they can compare notes between these 2 identical instances of Bitch(es) Got Away With Killing Their Tot, CA and Gerry/Kate McCann.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      That kid ain’t dead they sold her into sex slavery I’m pretty sure of it.

      • Still Shaking My Head says:

        i’ve just seen so many parallels, such as:

        1. children left unsupervised – caylee somehow ‘drowned’ which also means unsupervised
        2. suspected drugging of children as a form of babysitter
        3. immediate response is kidnapping
        4. forensic evidence of a death (cadaver dogs)
        5. evidence of 2 cars with esp foul odors
        6. excessive publicity – probably bec both children were white, cute, female
        7. major inconsistencies/lies
        8. friends (MM) and family (CA) completely devoted to the official story

  11. SkyC says:

    Can’t wait to read this!

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