Almost Done

Hello my loyal subjects.  I will dispense with the usual banter since I am typing with a hand that I cut a lot of a finger off of.

If anyone has questions for Jeff Ashton or Dr. Vas please submit them so I can finish this thing.  Please be aware that some questions may not be able to be answered for legal reasons but I’ve been assured Mr. Ashton will do his best.

RBMD Peacing the fuck out.


10 Responses to Almost Done

  1. Gwen Bazzrea says:

    So sorry you and your fingertip got a nasty Arias-style divorce. Hope you’re healing well.

    Saw something yesterday that made me giggle on The Daily Show- the Cheeto in Chief has a “vagina neck!” Check it out. It will help you laugh instead of cry the next time he appears.

    Gwen, a.k.a. Bazzethound

  2. Constance says:

    I still want to know how you cut your fingers like that! Well, thank goodness nobody else cut your fingers like that!
    It must still hurt like ouch on steroids because fingertips have so many nerve endings in them

    No questions other than, when can we have a jury system where you must pass an IQ test before you get to be a juror on a felony trial?
    Because the jurors who voted innocent on the Anthony trial were too staggeringly stupid for words.

    My other question is: is anything at all a deterrent to a sociopath?
    I think the answer is no, and how sad is that, when you think of all the other little innocent babies, toddlers and children in the world born to or raised by sociopaths who make these innocents suffer in every way, shape and form:(

    • Mama Via says:

      Hi, Constance! Yes, there IS an IQ test to be a juror…if you are called for jury duty and get out of serving…you passed….if you end up as a juror, you flunk, you are an idiot….

      As proof…consider the Pinellas Pinheads who made up the jury for not only The Twat Mom, but also the Los Angeles Losers who acquitted The Mad Slasher; The Vomitus Upticus Decimus acquittal of Ohjesus PissTorius; The Seminole A-holes who acquitted George “I kill unarmed black teens” Zimmerman; don’t forget the trial of Lorena “I have an irresistible impulse” Bobbett, who not only gave her husband a FrankenPenis, but put every married man in America on notice that “Severed Parts” is more than just a boy band, it’s something that can happen to you if you should fall asleep after raping your wife; and, lastly…the OTHER round up of a dozen more Los Angeles Losers who acquitted Robert “I don’t think I like you anymore” Blake when his gold-digging, manipulative wife “somehow” got shot while he had “conveniently” retraced his steps back to a restaurant where he had “conviently” left his gun..(yea, sure)…personally, I think Bobbie just had an “irresistible impulse” after he discovered that his wife was once again drumming up her spare cash by selling her dirty (“I only wore them two days”) panties in that weekly rag, “The City News”…(the lesson here is to keep your trouser snake in your pants when you meet a woman obsessed with the goal of “marrying any celebrity”, especially one who makes her money via grift!)

      To your last question…nothing can stop a sociopath from getting what s/he wants! By the way, there are more sociopaths/psychopaths in the world than we would ever suspect. They are CEOs, bankers, lawyers, and the guy next door. Some even realize that they have sociopathic personalities. I was married to a sociopath once…they CAN be very charming…as long as they are getting what they want…they are RUTHLESS…and can be dangerous if you get in their way, if you are the one they see as keeping them from achieving what they want!

      Sociopaths hurt EVERYONE…not just children…much like narcissists, their only concern is themselves…and they have the ability to “mirror” themselves…when you look at them, you see what they want you to see…(because they have molded themselves into what you WANT to see)…they are able to pick up small cues from you, and they “reflect” the “perfect” person, you will never really see the person behind the reflection…(although, their own parents and siblings usually know “something” is “going on”) And, sociopaths LOVE drama and they love attention….if you want more information, I know of several great websites that have tons of information, let me know if you want the web address!

      • Constance says:

        Hi Mama,
        Hope you are enjoying your big new house and pool – it was fun to watch the process through the blog posts!
        So true on the jurors…. The only one you missed was OJ Simpson. The thought of him possibly getting out on parole this year is nauseating.

        Thanks for offering the web addresses, but more reading about sociopaths make me suspicious of everyone including the mailman and the checker at the grocery store and seriously considering a hermit life talking to nobody but my cat.

        I cannot imagine how horrid it would be to be married to one – glad to you got out and got away.

  3. Still Shaking My Head says:

    I thought of a question for Dr. Vas — has the practice of smell analysis gained any ground since CA’s trial, and if so, can he tell us the cases.

  4. bazzethound says:

    Hey Kelly Mae!
    Just checking in on ya to make sure you know that the Sisterhood of the Pound is thinking about you and missing your posts. Take good care of yourself. If needed, the in-house psychic can be trained in wound care!


  5. Mama Via says:

    I’m at the SDP Convention in Daytona Beach–other than being tired from sitting too long in really bad “Convention” chairs, walking too far from parking to the convention site, I’m having a great time and painting non-stop…all is well…

    Like everyone else, I’m patiently waiting for the “big reveal”!

    Trumps reality is worse than my “imaginary fears”…oh, how I hoped that I was wrong about The Trumpster…sadly, if he fails, we all fail, and it could spell the end for our “experiment in Democracy” …

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Would love to see some of your painting! If the Thirsty Turtle still exists in Daytona Beach, you must go and hoist a cool one for me! I met some really cool dudes there a lifetime ago!

  6. reallybigmeandog says:

    sorry kids, still can’t type for any length of time although I am dictating my kids phone as my friend Ronda suggested. My hand is all kinds of fucked up. It was sheet metal and my doctor says the ER doctor made a huge mess. I should have immediately seen a microsurgeon because I cut the tendon. I had no idea, I just figured I couldn’t make it work because of the swelling plus the raw nerves are a bit of a bitch. Thinking about you all and wishing I had got the whore dog Anthony blog up before I did this. FMS. (You will figure it out, just work using my vernacular.)

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Well as a good friend of my used to say, “fuck me a runnin’!” Dang Queen, I hope you get the finger fixed. To heck with the blog, fix the finger! And OUCHIE I know that hurts!!! Speaking of whore dogs named Anthony — I would love to see the Queen’s take on Weiner, too. Looks like the pervert is going to have some fun with some prison hunks. Hang in there!

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