I have to take personal inventory of some things, I will be gone for a while.

I have fucked something up quite badly.  Maybe irreparably I don’t know.  And I will be back at least one last time to tell you why and what I did about it, but as of right now the blog is gone.  I can’t get into it right now it is too raw and much too humiliating and horrifying and what it says about me as a person I don’t know.

Please don’t comment.   I will be back with an explanation.


2 Responses to I have to take personal inventory of some things, I will be gone for a while.

  1. Mama Via says:

    Hey girlfriend…let us know what is going on please. Many of us are worried…please take a minute…and say hello…tell us you are ok..

  2. bazzethound says:

    Thinking about you, sorry for disobeying your wishes but damn it here goes:

    – you’re forgiven. Don’t care/doesn’t matter for what.
    – we ALL care about you. All of the Sisterhood of the Wandering No Kill Shelter Pound.
    – as your VP of Underwater Fire Prevention, I order you to forgive yourself. Nothing is unforgivable. Nothing.

    I’ve never met you, but I love you like a sister. You connected me with Mama too- and there’s nobody out there that can’t use a spare Mom.

    Come back to us,

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