It’s The End Of The World As We Know It And I Don’t Have a Fuck To Give…


Hello everybody. Your resident sarcasm expert and Queen of all I survey has decided to come out of her fallout shelter long enough to see if the planet is still a planet or is now a blackened, burned out shell. Spoiler alert: as of this writing it appears to still be a planet, but it is moment to moment.
I have a question for everybody that voted for Trump. Still feeling good about that vote? Still think this is the guy to take you where you want to be? If where you want to be is dead, then YAY, good choice.
I have not had television for about two weeks.   I got it turned back on today and all that is all over the news are the usual trials and tribulations of the USA  courtesy of the orange twat waffle that rules you all.
I have to hand it to him though. Trying to start a nuclear war does manage to take away from the fact that you colluded with Russia. It also takes away from the fact that most of the people you hand picked to “DRAIN THE SWAMP” have no desire to drain anything because they are part of the glorious eco-system that IS the swamp. Rich people and war mongers that are going to send your children to fight a war that they start so they can distract you from the fact that you put a rich, misogynistic, racist, moronic, cro-magnon, draft dodging piece of human excrement into the position of highest power in your country. He has no desire to help anyone but himself and the rich. He has no desire to do anything to help women, or help the poor, or the environment, or animals (unless of course the animals are being grown for fur or leather for his daughters fashion collection.) His idea of making America great again is getting women back into dresses and high heels all the time, bringing back fossil fuels, and reversing himself on every single campaign promise he made and keeping the migrant workers that will actual deign to do the jobs that your people don’t want to do out of the country. The president of the USA charged the secret service right out of one of his buildings because he has decided that rules pertaining to conflicts of interest do not apply to him and kept all his assets. Oh the money the president is making, while slashing and burning anything that might help the less fortunate. Good for you guys.
So for those of you that think Drumpf is the greatest thing to ever happen to your country I give you this…
Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Please read that a couple of times and extrapolate what it really, really means.  For those that did not know, the title of this sonnet is The New Colossus and is  inscribed on a plaque on the fucking Statue of Liberty. That beacon of hope that anyone who can’t trace their lineage back to the mayflower’s family member saw when they IMMIGRATED to the fucking country you now reside in. So what should it really say, now that the rose colored glasses that the rest of the world viewed you with have been ripped off and crushed under the boot of your dear leader? Give us your tired (as long as they aren’t old, or sick, or non-white) your poor (but only if they aren’t so poor that they cannot support themselves at all times for ever and never have bad luck or get sick or anything) your huddled masses yearning to breathe free (but don’t get ahead of yourselves, those masses can only be like maybe masses of two or three. Okay five to seven as long as they are all from white countries. breathing however doesn’t come free, you will need a lot of money to be able to gain entry here, and don’t even think about breathing any of our air if you are Muslim…or Mexican…or gay…or transgendered…or sick…um, you get the idea right?
I have a huge shocker for all y’all. You never needed to be great again. You most assuredly do now, but before you elected the speaking orangutan, your country was the one everyone looked to on the world stage as the single greatest country on the planet. Now you are the biggest joke on the planet, except we are all so frightened nobody is laughing. Nobody is laughing, except for Trump. Of course if anybody calls him on it he will just yell fake news, taken out of context or whatever the wheel of excuses lands on when he spins it for the roughly six hundred and forty seven thousand nine hundred and eighteenth time.
Anybody want to make book on what day WWIII starts? We are dealing with two toddlers with nuclear capability so somebody will win and everybody will lose.
Really Big Mean Dog peacing the fuck out!!

19 Responses to It’s The End Of The World As We Know It And I Don’t Have a Fuck To Give…

  1. bazzethound says:

    So glad you’re back & feeling feisty! I’ve been feeling down, so I was really glad to see the new post.

    I’m seriously hoping “the adults in the room” will prevent the Cheeto-in-Chief from ending the world. Not impressed yet though.

    I’m an hour away from Charlottesville and have spent time in seminars at UVA. I’m absolutely sickened, however I’m very proud of our Governor and the Mayor for saying what the Cheeto-in-Chief wouldn’t.

    Happy to see you at the keyboard again!!

    A.K.A. Vice President, Underwater Fire Prevention

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      I have to tell you, I almost put liquid through my nose every single time I see VP, Underwater fire prevention. the whole world is sickened by what happened in Charlottesville although at the same time, the only way to kill mold is to expose it to light and maybe bleach so there is that. Yeah your governor did you all proud, your supreme leader not so fucking much.
      Glad I’m back but I have a rage in me right now, that has my fingers flying across the keyboard so please excuse any weird spelling errors.

  2. Truly says:

    Kelly — slow clap! Yes it’s turbulent times but they have been building for years, lots of unrest among many factions and it’s all coming to a very scary head. I’m not too worried, guess I should be, but I refuse to buy into the hype. I’m a child of the 60s, change is gonna come and it’s going to get messy and be a bitch for awhile, but this too shall pass and if it doesn’t we’re all dead anyway. It’s the shadow government that is hidden that I’m more worried about, they are the puppet masters. I always look sideways at anyone “popular”, if they are popular then they are standing for nothing and just giving lip service and tickling the ears of the people with empty promises and blue sky predictions. If we hate you, then you are probably the most honest one in the room. Just my opinion, let the public flaying begin, lol!

  3. MCD TX says:

    I’m so glad to see you writing again and on this subject. This is a such a crazy time. My mouth is on the floor on a daily basis with each stupid thing he does. Just like a horrible reality show that’s not.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai MCD TX. Glad to be back at it. It is so a crazy time and I’m not kidding about being scared. We are.

  4. Twister says:

    Glad to see you back at it! My long-time friend voted for trump and still loves him and his “good heart”, is sure God will make him into a great president. Me, yeah, not so much. Looks to me like he’s headed into a civil war AND a world war. Good to see congress begin to stand up to him. After this is over I bet there will be big changes to presidential qualifications, and traditions written into laws. If we make it that far…..

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Twister. I’m really glad to see they are at least trying to reel, not real him in.

  5. Mama Via says:

    I may have mentioned it before–that I’m the ONLY Democrat in our development…I take my life into my hands when I talk Politics…it started out with a couple of funny stories, that later turned “not so funny!”

    Well, the first adventure/teaching moment was during my son’s engagement party in 2007…when I told his fiancé’s parents that two of my GreatGrandfathers were Union soldiers during the Civil War (known HERE as The War of Northern Aggression) and, not being a very smart woman, I also mentioned that my GreatGrandmother’s family was part of “The Underground Railroad”, hiding slaves in basements and barns (because Iowa was the first Free State on the route “North”)…so, not only was I a “Damned Yankee” but a “G.D.N****r Lover” too…in the New Millennium!! REALLY?? People REALLY STILL BELIEVE THAT CRAP??? The Civil War was 150 years ago!! Get the hell over it!!

    The second “teaching moment” happened a year later…I was driving up to a village near Birmingham, Alabama a week before my son’s wedding…I was within a few miles of the exit I needed to take…and was listening to news radio…(you KNOW I love HISTORY!) and a “Historic Moment” was happening…a young Senator from Illinois was giving his Acceptance Speech to the Democratic Convention…the VERY FIRST BLACK PERSON to be nominated for the Presidency of the United States. (Admittedly, he is “multiracial”, but some folks still believe that old “one drop” theory, where if you have ANY ancestors who are BLACK, you are BLACK TOO…ESPECIALLY in Georgia, Alabama and North Florida!) So, I admit, I was going over the speed limit…there is one area where the speed limit drops from 75 down to 65…it was late, and I was tired…and yet, I was excited about the speech Obama was giving…and suddenly, there were blue and red lights in my rear view…I was driving 14 miles over the speed limit….

    This big ole country boy, dressed in an Alabama Troopers uniform approached my door, I lowered the window and handed him my license, registration & insurance card…he said “Well, what’s your hurry, Ma’am? Is there a fire some wheres?” (It was “faar sum wharz?) So, damn me, and that stupid ass promise I gave to God in 1966…”If You see me thru this mess, God, I PROMISE to NEVER EVER tell another LIE!! I SWEAR!!” So, I told that big old Alabama Trooper the TRUTH…”No, Sir, no fire…I was just a little excited about Barack Obama being nominated to run for President, and I wasn’t really watching my speed…I apologize…I didn’t mean to….”

    He turned from me abruptly, not even listening to my apology…he had my driver’s license, nsurance card and registration…and after what felt like a year or two, he came back to the car, made me sign the ticket, explained my duties/obligations, and then went off to find some other trouble maker…that SOB put me down as being 24, yes, TWENTY FOUR miles per hour over the speed limit…which not only DOUBLED my fine, but also DOUBLED the points on my driver’s license…I “could” have gone to Court and argued it…but the drive up there was ugly and not really anywhere to stay overnight, except a hotel…what would I gain? So, I just paid the ticket…

    The second lesson was NEVER tell a WHITE Alabama State Trooper that you are “excited” that Barack Obama had won an election!! It dawned on me that I would have to re-negotiate that vow I made with God, and get an exemption for things I could say to white Alabama State Troopers!!

    About the only places I go anymore are Doctors offices and, occasionally, T.G.I.Fridays or Carrabba’s Italian Grill…and, inevitably, every TV in every waiting room and bar are turned to FOX NEWS (unless it’s football season)…NO MSNBC, NO CNN!!

    I think the YOUNGER folks are a little more mellow…but, the older folks seem to read the Republican “Talking Points” every morning…and they parrot whatever the Party Line’s excuse is…

    You ALL KNOW how much I love and admire my Dear Husband…and that he is pretty damn perfect…but…we ALL HAVE FLAWS…DH’s only “flaw” is that he was born & raised here…(He even gently asked me once to NOT talk about “the Battle of Mark Mills” (where both my GGFs were taken as POWs after the Confederates had one of their biggest victories during the Civil War…I’m not sure if he is embarrassed for me, or protective of me…and I learned pretty quickly NOT to talk about my ideas about Trump with MOST of my physicians, dentists, eye surgeons, etc…and ESPECIALLY not my Dear Husband…

    My issue with tRumpleThinSkin is that he is 1) unpredictable, in a bad way, he says things without thinking of the consequences 2) he doesn’t uphold the Constitution; his “ban” that went all the way to the Supreme Court and STILL judged UNConstitutional and he still is trying to push it thru… 3) He lies…mostly about shit that can be proven otherwise (stupid stuff, like the size of his Inauguration Crowds …he says things, then says he didn’t say it. 4) He is either a racist or a bigot; keeps calling that Judge a “Mexican” when the Judge was BORN in the US, THE JUDGE HAS HISPANIC HERITAGE, he ISNT MEXICAN! Many examples of this. He and his father were judged guilty and fined for refusing to rent to “people of color” 5) He is slimy- Trump University. 6) He has little to no respect for women-watch how he treats his own WIFE in PUBLIC! 7) Things he has said about his own DAUGHTER: Trump has called his eldest daughter “voluptuous”. He’s said it’s OK to describe her as “a piece of ass”, though she is a senior executive in his business empire. And he’s said that, if she wasn’t his daughter, “perhaps [he’d] be dating her”. Mr Trump replied that he kisses Ivanka “with every chance [he] gets”.

    Personally, I get a creepy feeling when I watch him hug her, he comes very close to “groping” her, in my view…but, maybe I’m more sensitive about it because of my own experiences? I believe that tRump is a molester…and undoubtedly he has paid off or settled lawsuits (complete with non-disclosure agreements as an integral part of the settlement, much like he did with his divorces!)

    The issues that bother me most NOW, are the current problems…at only 200 days in office, there are strong suspicions that he (or his surrogates) “colluded” with Russia. Motive is easy to figure out…it all has to do with money, the “Trump Brand” and obviously, tapping into a corrupt economy ripe for the picking.

    His inability or lack of desire to negotiate peace with Korea…and what the hell is going on in South America? The LAST thing a right-thinking president would do is to threaten a small country with an unknown nuclear program to a game of “Chicken”. He is FOOLISH, and he doesn’t engage brain before engaging mouth!

    He seems to think the job of president doesn’t include any work…he “plays” far too much and doesn’t take his JOB seriously!

    He just MAY have some sort of mental issue…perhaps dementia?

    For the past 208 +/- days in office, I do not remember even ONE day when there wasn’t some sort of Donald Trump headline crisis…he is alienating allies that have been behind us for HUNDREDS of YEARS! He makes us look LOONEY in the eyes of the world…we look unpredictable!!

    He ISNT bringing our country TOGETHER–he is pushing us apart…now, I consider myself “more or less” “normal”…so, if I am feeling the stress of him being president, then others are too…my DH and I had NO ARGUMENTS or FIGHTS prior to tRump taking office…and the fights and arguments we have now are due to our differing views about tRump!!

    “Where there is smoke, there is fire!” It’s impossible to know just how deep his immorality and possible crimes have been hidden…undoubtedly under TONS of dollars and the accompanying non-disclosure agreements…we will never be told, at least until after his death…even with a Republican House and Senate who TRULY WANT to pass some legislation, he has been unable to get any new laws into effect, or to fulfill any campaign promises (thank God)…I have heard him “threaten” Senators and Representatives with them losing their jobs…he doesn’t seem to realize that ONLY VOTERS have that power…he cannot FIRE either one! He doesn’t read, he only watches TV, he knows little to nothing about history, little to nothing about “rule of law”, what he can and cannot do…he is the most ill prepared man to ever hold that office and his personality doesn’t help him!

    I know that people disagree with me…and that’s ok…it’s that 1st Amendment thing…freedom of speech, freedom of the press…I have every right to be as wrong as I want to be…and I have every right to speak and let my opinion be known…

    I don’t want to upset anyone…it’s ok that you disagree with me…we don’t have to think alike…we can still be friends even tho we might not agree.

    All I really want is for my country to be seen as I see it myself…a place where anyone, of whatever religion, whatever skin color (even orange) has the opportunity to live and seek happiness…I want our allies, large or small to be able to depend on us to always do what is morally right…to assist the small and weak in the face of catastrophic events. I may not agree with every act the president or Congress does…but, I want to be proud of my America again. The America that my ancestors dreamed about as they fought Revolutionary War battles, as they fought to keep all the States United during the civil War, as they fought in Korea and Vietnam, as my son struggled during the Gulf War…I am proud of My America…but, I’m not really happy with the current leadership and the actions of the human filling the 45th position in our history books.

    Many Americans, just like me, would like to apologize to our allies; especially Germany, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain….
    I’m deeply hurt that we have somehow elected someone so unprepared politically that he makes it difficult for a good percentage of us to actually discover his unique talents which could make our world more safe. I hope that during the next three years, that our allies will not give up on us…that they trust us to find a new leader, one more qualified, who will lead us and the world to a lasting peace….

    • bazzethound says:

      Amen, Mama! Preach it, Sister Kelly!

      I had to “come out” to my family as a democrat/liberal/special snowflake 2 years ago when we were all on vacation together for my parents 50th anniversary. I had arranged for President Obama & Governor McAuliffe to sent cards congratulating them. They were happy to get them, but sad that republicans weren’t in power in 2015. My brother in law feigned shock that anyone there didn’t get all their news from Fox.

      There’s a legend in our community about the end of the Civil War: the south didn’t lose- Grant asked for Lee’s sword, and General Lee was too much of a gentleman to demand it back.

      My high school is in the Richmond news. Lee-Davis High School, home of the Confederates. We used to have a uniformed Rebel soldier on horseback who rode down the sidelines at football games plus a cannon that was fired for each touchdown. There’s a debate brewing (again) about changing the name and mascot.

      I’m also married to a Cheeto-in-Chief voter. For some unknown reason, we watched the Trump vs Clinton debate together. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to wanting to smack my spouse of 22 years. We’ve agreed never to do that again. Our votes typically cancel each other’s out, so I cheer a bit when he has to work late and doesn’t get to vote!

      After working for years with impoverished people and immigrants, I just can’t stand Trumps agenda. He has no idea what will happen when he rips away the safety nets that actually save the government money in the end.

      I used to hope that Dear Supreme Leader had a good heart. I’m sadly over that. I just wish now that we can get him out of office before he can cause any more damage. We can only hope.

      Holding on in Virginia,

      Your Vice President of Underwater Fire Prevention

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Told ya mama, Canada has your back always.

  6. Mama Via says:

    PS–glad you are back to writing, kiddo!! I’ve been missing the chats we all have together!

  7. TrulyUSA says:

    I just gotta say, you don’t have to be a white supremacist, a racist or an asshole to be a Conservative. You also don’t have to be a child molester, criminal or lack work ethic to be a Liberal. I’m sorry both sides have had some pretty poor representatives, but let’s all agree that there ARE good people in both political parties. I have a foot in both worlds and I intend to keep it there and demand the best from both because #1 – I’m an American and I love my country. I hate everything that is happening! Everything! I’ve been hating it for a long time now, not just in the past year. This has been building for a long time and now everything is just a reaction and there’s damn little thought being put into anything which is what the ones who stir it up want. Just react! Hit them throw a rock scream in their faces! Burn that building and take whatever the fuck you want! I’m SICK of it all.
    Why can’t we return to a more civilized dialogue among each other and why can’t the media help in that regard and not fan the flames? This ugliness started before Trump, and yes it’s getting worse, but if you can’t see the deterioration of our country that directly led to the election of Trump, then we have nothing to talk about. The whole damned world is on fire and someone shut off the water.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Truly swore! Just sayin…

    • Mama Via says:

      Truly, I’m not 100% bleeding heart liberal, no more than you are 100% Conservative. That in itself seems to keep my marriage on granite-hard ground. For example: I believe that young folks should be required to give 2-4 years after high school to either the military or other Community organization..much like is required in Israel. (Of course, exemptions such as obtaining a 4-year degree might be included)..but I differ with “conservatives” on “forcing” a woman to bear a child she doesn’t want or cannot afford to raise (although I have never been in that situation, thank God)…it doesn’t make sense to me…why force a woman to have a child who will only end up with a parent or parents who resent or despise that child…or cannot afford to feed that child…aren’t you punishing the child? Aren’t there enough unloved children? Children living in poverty? Why develop the next generation of welfare recipients? I don’t believe in abortion as a birth control device…make the pill and other contraceptives low cost/no cost alternatives…but, no one but the woman herself can know what is right for her specific life…government stay out of it!! (No, no “late-term” abortions allowed,what little I know of them, ugh! No way!)

      Agreed, Truly…why can we not return to being common sense, CIVILIZED humans to one another??? I am a pacifist…I don’t believe in violence…but, after having exchanged many letters with Death Row inmates..I realize that some people see one’s desire to negotiate peacefully as a “weakness”…and because THEIR personality requires physical violence to solve problems…or their mental state is such that they can’t understand anything else…my pacifism can be a handicap at times.

      One thing is certain…for as much as I desire it to be so…the 50’s & 60’s aren’t coming back…maybe that’s good…we’ve come a long way in some respects…

      I don’t know the answer to our problems…other than to teach tolerance to our children, become more involved in our Communities helping the poor and truly underpriveledged, encourage education….

      If I’ve said it once, I’ve said a million times…the breakdown of our families and the lack of our connections to Houses of Worship have been major contributors to what our society has become. We USED to believe in “the wrath of God”…now, no one fears the Afterlife…they don’t fear “living in Hell for Eternity”…they no longer have “shameful feelings”…and “enough” is never “enough”, they want “more”….(I admire Bill & Malinda Gates who ARE involved, and they KNOW they have “enough” and actively give their money away to positive causes!) But you can’t FORCE people to “be good”….

      The past 100 years have been the first in the history of mankind where our days were not filled with eking out a living…we don’t grow our own food, till our land using (thankfully) the family horse or even bring our own water up from the well…we have plenty of time to play “Mortal Combat” on a 75″ television…have plenty of time to do nothing except allow our fantasys to go wild…I see the problems…you see the problems…it’s going to take one hell of a wo/man to find the answers. The key truly is to communicate…find the things we agree on…there is one thing that all of us DO agree on…that we love our country…if we ourselves didn’t serve in the military, like I did, then we have sons/daughters, aunts/uncles, mother/fathers or some other ancestor who fought, and possibly gave their lives because of their love for their country…(including the Canadians reading this)…I KNOW we can start from there…we ALL want our America and our Canada to continue being the calm safe country we have always known.

      At first, I was afraid to write these posts…knowing that some are Conservatives…but, like me, I’m guessing that mixed in with that Conservatism are some Liberal leanings…do we NEED to have a label, like a jar of pickles?

      Instead of fighting about what we disagree on, let’s work on what we agree on…our infrastructure needs WORK…we need safer, cleaner means of power, we need to address the health crisis, we need to be competitive in Trade, and we need to stop seeing others as black, white or orange…we need to see people be the qualities of their hearts, not the color if their skin or their stand on abortion.

      We need to if not love, then at least RESPECT others opinions (and/or life styles)…for, if we don’t…the “Fall of Rome” will look like a day at the beach in comparison…

      We are becoming exactly what Russia wanted us to become…Kruschev told us in the early 60s that they would not conquer the US from without, but from within…and it looks like they are doing a damn good job right now…I, for one, don’t WANT to learn Russian…I’m an old dog, and I HATE new tricks!

      • TrulyUSA says:

        I agree Mama, I think if everyone would step back and be totally honest there are no definite labels anyway, everyone has a little something or a lot of something of both sides. Whatever happened to agreeing to disagree? I respect everyone’s right to an opinion, to protest, to be heard — but not with rocks and destruction and death! There are people in the backgrounds of both parties organizing hate against each other — until the people refuse to hate it will continue. Right now they are loving hating and that will not end well!

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