What Does This Say About Us As A Society?

Hello my lovelies.  Your Queen of all I survey is going to be writing large portions of this blog is a completely blind rage, so please forgive the fact that my expletive filled postings are going to be extra expletive filled.  Think of it as a double stuffed oreo.

Gabriel Fernandez was an 8 year old little boy.  I say little because he was little.  He was murdered in May of 2013.  Murdered is probably the wrong choice of word here.  More like he was finally put out of the misery that comes with constant torture and abuse.  Death was something I am sure just as I am sure I have been tasked with writing this that he prayed for daily.  To just not be. To just not feel.

How bad was it?  Well, we are going to get to that once I muster the courage, but until that moment let us meet the players in this sick and twisted thing.  First there is mommy Fernandez.pigdogmotherfernandez

Obvious just from the picture mother Theresa here should already have several mother of the year awards lining her walls.

Pearl SINthia Fernandez said not a word as she walked into a hearing in 2014 until she found out that Mr. Fuckface pigdogfuckfaceaguirrefernandezseen here,  had decided that he wanted to continue towards a trial instead of making a plea deal.  This folks is natural selection at work in case you missed it.  Turn down plea deal which would take death penalty off of table or roll those dice aaaaaaaand, snake eyes, new roller comin’ out.

Once she found that out she lost her shit, cussing out Fuckface for not taking a plea deal and then shouting that HE killed her baby.  She apparently was baking cookies or some shit every single time fuckface did something to Gabriel. For eight months.  Such a good mom.

Here is another picture of the beautiful loving couple that could never do anything to harm a child.  You can almost see the nurture when you look at them can’t you.  Fuck me, I wouldn’t let either of them look after one of my dogs just from the pictures and these people had care and control of children.  Not just poor Gabriel, CHILDREN.gabrielpigdogmother

How bad was it?  Four, yes count them Four DCFS workers have been indicted by Judge George G. Lomeli who is having none of this shit and has decided that caseworkers Stefanie Rodriguez and Patricia Clement and supervisors Kevin Bom and Gregory Merritt ignored evidence of repeated abuse and minimized Gabriel’s injuries.  These precious little snowflakes have thus far been shielded from court pictures. I found one picture that I am pretty positive is them but since I can’t get anybody to confirm that for me yet I will hold off posting it.  If there is a god they will be spending some quality time in a very bad prison somewhere hopefully sooner rather than later.  That being said, because I am nothing if not an eternal pragmatist, I think they will probably get a slap on the wrist at best and won’t be able to work with kids anymore which is great for the kids, but doesn’t really teach these cumwads any type of lesson now does it.

judge lomeli

Judge Lomeli,  from everything I have gathered is an exceptional Judge.  He is no nonsense, moves his trials along and if we can think back to not a judge Stephens for a moment Judge Lomeli is basically the complete antithesis of that particular shit show.  I wonder if she still has a job?

The timeline is going to be a little fucky because the wheels of justice grind slowly and there is stuff all over the place, from the time Gabriel first started being abused until the plea deal that wonder mother wanted so bad went sideways to when the social workers were indicted to the trial which is going on now.  I will do my best to keep it as linear as possible.

That’s all for right now folks

RBMD peacing  the fuck out.


6 Responses to What Does This Say About Us As A Society?

  1. TrulyUSA says:

    I’m hanging with you through this but its making me hyperventilate a little because this type of horror is happening way too much. Child Services is your typical government agency full of people just taking a paycheck for doing nothing. Good to be with the pound!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      I so agree with you Truly, it is happening way too much. More all the time and my god if you extrapolate from the people that get caught, what in the fuck is happening to the kids where the people don’t get caught.

  2. Sherry says:

    I don’t understand how people can do these kinds of things to anybody much less a child much much less their own child. The poor little soul alone in the world. Our world would be a much better place with these two soulless asses gone from it.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hi Sherry. I agree with you whole heartedly one hundred percent. There is a bigger problem however and it is the amount of broken that child protective services is. This child did not have to die. The blog after this one explains why this child should still be very much alive and much like the math that says a drunk driver drives drunk 87 times before they get caught, there has to be a computation for this and that is very sad and frightening.

  3. Mama Via says:

    Y’all know that I’m a survivor of child neglect/abuse at the hands of my psychopathic egg donor when I was 0 to 18 months old (and mental/emotional abuse by said egg donor from 0 to 63 years old) and later, physical/emotional/sexual abuse from my step mother and natural father (until my step-mothers head exploded when I was 12, and my dad died in an auto accident when I was 21..) So…I get especially fuckked up when I read about shit like this…

    God knows, I “failed” as a mother on specific occasions myself…but, I never intentionally hurt my children in any way…(in fact, I’ve sacrificed my own NEEDS on multiple occasions, and have been accused by multiple people (male & female) that I was, in fact, doing FAR TO MUCH…and allowing them to take advantage of my “laid-back” personality…and, with one in particular, allowing him to emotionally abuse me because I wanted So desperately for him to “love” me…he PURPOSELY goes out of his way to emotionally hurt and humiliate me. I finally “grew a pair” just recently, and stood up for myself…and his reaction was just what I thought it would be; to go even MORE out of his way to “rub salt into my wounds”…son #1 has continually told me to “stop it, mom!” “Stop putting yourself in the position that he can hurt you deeper! It hursts ME to see it happening, and as long as YOU make the effort to “try” to work out with him, the less I can do to stop it!”

    That said…it is impossible, even with my experience, to UNDERSTAND HOW people can hurt their children on purpose! These actions sicken me…the non-caring people at DCFS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND TOO…stories like this trigger my nightmares …I’m at a loss for words…I’m speechless…I don’t think that we will ever TRULY understand …. i know that I’ll NEVER understand…how a MOTHER could allow her CHILD to be harmed…I will NEVER understand a mother’s heart that would permit harm to happen to her CHILD…..UN-believable….

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Mama, this starts with DCFS, or here CAS and if not for them this beautiful boy would be alive.

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