The Dreams In Which I’m Dying Are The Best I’ve Ever Had…

Welcome to Hell, Hardhats and safety shoes must be worn at all times. Entry is at own risk

My loyal subjects, your queen of all I survey, dean of all fuckery, pretend Judge, honorary DVM and dog lactation specialist made a promise I would do this, and do it I shall.  I am going to ask that you do not go looking for pictures of this battered child.  I know that there is probably not a single person here that would, but they are pictures that you cannot ever unsee, and I just don’t want that for you.

Opening statements in the Gabriel Fernandez was murdered trial began with the Lead prosecutor John Hatami explaining that not only are Pearl Sinthia Fernandez and Isauro Aguirre guilty as fuck of the torture and murder of Gabriel Fernandez he had the unfortunate task of going into intimate detail of what the fuck these monsters did to him. The couple was “conspiring together to deceive everyone in order to torture Gabriel to death,” he alleged.  the alleged reason (there is that fucking word again) that Gabriel had to die is that Aguirre believed the boy was gay.
Hatami said Gabriel moved in with his mother and Aguirre in 2012 after living with his grandparents. Hatami showed jurors a photo of Gabriel at 7 years old, while  he lived with his grandparents, describing him as a “happy and healthy” child.  gabriel happy
Then he showed jurors a photo of Gabriel lying in a hospital bed and said, “After eight months of living with the defendants …   Garbriel injuries this is what Gabriel looked like.  I implore you my loyal subjects, do not go looking for additional photo’s. Nobody needs to see them.  I wish I could unsee them.

The evidence will show he was beaten, burned, battered and bruised, the prosecutor continued. By all accounts pained to the point of having to stop for a moment here and there to collect himself, the experienced prosecutor lead the jury through the litany of things that happened to Gabriel. They beat him, bit him, burned him, BB gunned him (which I guess covers the B’s,) starved him, fed him cat litter, kept him bound and gagged and in a cubby hole called the box, made him eat his own feces, fed him rotten food and when he would vomit they made him eat the vomit,  made him go to school in girls clothes, and ultimately killed him. And because all of that wasn’t enough, they called 911 not in an attempt to help Gabriel, but in an attempt to exculpate themselves by telling them that Gabriel was a self mutilator and had done all of this stuff to himself.
John Hatami, who we shall just refer to as the Gabriel’s angel from now on was clearly outraged as he outlined his prima fascia case. As he should have been.  To his credit and the credit of the whole damn DA’s office he did manage to not simply leap across the table and throttle the fuck out of Isauro Aguirre. I do not believe even the judge himself would have intervened had that been a thing that happened.

He did his best to get his point across without sending the entire gallery running for the nearest therapist. It didn’t help much so horrific were the details of this child’s sad, short, painful existence. From the clips that I have been able to find, he spoke eloquently although he could not hide the absolute disgust and sadness that seemed to ooze from his pores.

The illustrious defense attorney for Aguirre, John Allen did not even dispute the beating and torture of Gabriel, his  only dispute that he never meant to kill the child. His only argument is that Aguirre did not intend to kill the child. Apparently he just intended to continue to beat and torture the boy for the rest of his life.  My fucking god how do these defense attorneys sleep at night.  I get that everyone is entitled to a defense, but are they, really?  How do you defend this?  HOW?

The thing that gave birth to him managed to get her trial severed and is also being charged with capital murder with special circumstances. Both have pled not guilty (because why not waste a whole lot of taxpayer money). Both have the death penalty on the table. As an aside, I am a proponent of the death penalty. I truly believe in an eye for an eye or a life for a life and the better science gets, the more of a proponent I become. There is a dead 8 year old boy here. They did it. They tortured this child for 8 months and then have the unmitigated gall to say oops, we only meant to torture, beat, starve, burn and humiliate him, not kill him. Fuck you, you sick cunts. Fuck you both in the ass with a pineapple. The 6 ft 2 270lb piece of human garbage admits he hit Gabriel in the head a minimum of 10 times, probably closer to 20 and hit him harder than he hit anyone else.

gabriel fernandez saddest eyesIn this picture you can see fading bruises around his eyes and his face, but it is the complete despair in those eyes that kills me a little each time I see this picture.  Hopelessness.  Utter hopelessness.

His siblings are now on the stand and I will be reporting that tomorrow I just cannot do it tonight.  I do not have it in me.

Here is the rendering of the injuries on Gabriel as recorded by the coroner.  The image belongs to eyewitness news and was used with permission.gabriel forensic copy of injuries

That is it for tonight my lovelies. Say a prayer that this poor child finally has peace if that is your thing, say another that both of these child murdering bastards get the death penalty they so richly deserve. Actually what they richly deserve is 8 months of exactly what they gave out, but we are supposed to be a civilized society. And don’t for a second forget that this child would still be alive were it not for DCFS. I don’t. Not for a second.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.


8 Responses to The Dreams In Which I’m Dying Are The Best I’ve Ever Had…

  1. twister says:

    Guess I shouldn’t have read this right before bed. Now my stomach is in a knot. Where were the grandparents? Oh that sweet face, and those eyes. I think of my three young grandsons and wipe away a tear. This is tough.

  2. Lori says:

    There isn’t a word in the English dictionary to describe those sick as fuck parents. Plenty of people would’ve loved to adopt him. I just think of my 3 1/2 granddaughters. I say half cause she’s due in January. I would be in jail for murder if someone did that to my girls

  3. lacey leonard says:

    Death for both of them.

  4. Mama Via says:

    Death for both…long, lingering, painful death.

    As an abuse survivor myself…at least I can say that my tormentors 1) my bio-fem-Egg-donor just wanted me to die, she didn’t want to actually KILL me…so she left…expecting, I suppose, that at 23 :months of age, I would learn to cook (very quickly) or starve trying…at least she didn’t beat me, literally, to death. (or, like Travis Alexander’s Mother, show me a can of food, but not teach me to open it!) (would you believe I remembered Stabby’s name, but “went blank” on Alexander’s & had to look it up? Jeez, I hate old age, but, in the context of this post, it’s better than other options)

    2) my dad’s “live-in-nanny & sex-partner” aka 2nd Wife, was physically and terminally ill with some sort of end-stage renal failure and in great pain that not even darvon taken with vodka PRN could ease, and, I suspect, was also mentally ill, which contributed to the actions of Her Vileness…and, at that, she tended to more psychological and emotional torment than actual physical torture. She either didn’t want to expend her limited physical energies to beating the crap out of me, or, possibly didn’t want to dirty those legendary sanitized (for your protection!) floors which everyone noted were “so clean you could eat off them”! (Which confused me, because isn’t that why we had those expensive Noritaki China dinner Plates? Why would we want to eat off the floor?)

    Admittedly, there were a few times where stitches were required, but generally her terrorization tactics were just PAINFUL, not deadly…emotional torment leaves no pesky bruising. And back “in the old days” it WAS socially acceptable to beat one’s child…and every parent knew exactly WHERE in “the Good Book” to find God’s admonitions to “beat the devil” out of children with the application of a “rod”…as if one was to become rotten fruit and become “spoiled” if the rod was “spared”.

    But, these two cretins should be subjected to the same tortuous methods of “correction” as they have meted out! In every photo I have seen of this poor little angel, all I see in his eyes is a hope that someone will care for him, someone will LOVE HIM. I STILL see “hope” in his eyes…and, perhaps extinguishing the little bit of hope that little boy had, probably every morning…that, somehow, some way, TODAY would be different than all the other days. I see within his eyes, that spark of hop, and of faith, too…that “today” will be “different.”. Gabriel, I’m so sorry that our “Great Society” didn’t “save” your life. That we didn’t protect you.

    Gabriel, help the attorneys say the right words,,to convince Jury and Judge make the Just and Correct Decision And Sentence.


    I have some distressing news…my dad had 11 brothers & sisters…together, they produced 36 GrandChildren. Of the 36, I am the oldest granddaughter…(the oldest Grandson passed a few years ago with Lou Gehrig’s Disease)..the youngest grandchildren were born in the early 70’s, after I had graduated high school and left home. It was impossible for us ALL know one another personally, or closely, mostly because of the age differences, but also because of the distances we lived apart. Some lived in different areas of the Midwest, others in California, New York…even Florida…about 20 years ago, one of the Aunts called and said “Did you know that your cousin, Rxxxxx lives near to you?” Well, no, I didn’t, but Florida is a LONG State, and the town Rxxxxx lives in is an 8 hour drive from where I live! I didn’t even think to say “But Rxxxxx is younger than me, and I don’t know that we have much in common…but, we can’t chat, certainly..,We did chat, once or twice, chats which included us meeting up, but we never seemed to get around to doing so.

    Time passed…..again, my Aunt calls…”Did you hear on the news that Rxxxxx died?” “Rxxxxx Who?” I asked. “You know, your cousin. Rxxxxx Xxxx…..Jxxxxx Xxxx’s son.” (That’s how ALL the conversations with Aunties go!). “What happened?” I asked…(I really don’t THINK I care, because I really didn’t don’t KNOW him! And I have enough problems of my own!). But, in big families, to keep the drama low, and to not cause issues, you show the courtesy to at least feign a little interest….so, poor Rxxxxx, it turns out, was having marital issues, (oh, goody, just what I wanted to be involved with!) and his wife was going to leave him…he left a note saying that he couldn’t face life without his wife & children…he committed suicide….(difficult to believe this happened over 20 years ago!) Well, turns out that Rxxxxx used a permanent solution for a temporary problem! Turned out that his widow was a heavy drinker and died due to problems related to alcoholism…only TWO YEARS LATER!

    Sorry the story is long…but it was necessary…

    My Auntie called three weeks ago….”Did you see the news?” She asked. “I don’t watch local news, is a tsunami on its way and is going to wash Mar-a-Long-Gone from the face of the planet?”

    “No such luck!” She said…”well, sit down…this is big. Do you remember Pxxx?
    “Pxxx Who?
    ”Pxxx Xxxxx…He was Rxxxxx Xxxxx son, who is Jxxxxx Xxxxx son.
    “Oh, yea, got it….
    “Well…you didn’t see anything on TV? Or the news?
    “No, my hubby and I can’t agree on the news…and can’t agree on what to watch…so we watch a lot of NatGeoTV….What’s going on?

    “Well…” She explains…..
    It seems that Pxxx & Wife were having “issues”…(oh, boy…my favorite! Marital issues!). They had an argument, and told him she was going to leave him, and get a divorce. He had been a “stay at home parent” since their daughter, Lxxx, was born 18 months ago. Lxxx was a “miracle baby” because both of them are “over 40” and they both adored that Baby Girl!

    Well, his wife went to work that morning, and at around 9:15 he called her and told her that he had killed Lxxx, and was going to kill himself. She called the Sheriff, who went out to the house. When no one answered the door, they broke down the front door and found Lxxx floating face down in the bathtub, drowned. They couldn’t find Pxxx.

    About 40 minutes later, Pxxx walked into a sheriff’s substation and turned himself in. He said he had tried to commit suicide, but failed. There were cuts on his wrists. He admitted “I killed my daughter and failed to kill myself.” He said that he had “ruined his life” and he wanted an attorney. He also said he had “made a big mistake” in killing his daughter.

    Pxxx is being held with “no bond”…they don’t expect to go to trial until 2019.

    I’ve changed the names to protect the innocent…

    I’m sick to my stomach …..

    • TrulyUSA says:

      Mama that’s horrible. There is no family who has escaped the world, it seems. Let’s face it, the world is very broken, and so are all of us, too. Some more than others, but no one is immune.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Christ on a cracker mama. I am so sorry.

  5. TrulyUSA says:

    Been on vacation ladies, but wow, just wow. I don’t know how anyone could do this to a child. Makes me weep.

  6. TrulyUSA says:

    Fucking DCFS!!!

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