The Screwdriver Wielding Skateboard Gang…Fuck, Sorry Wrong Trial Again. The Hippies Did It Part Two

December 31, 2017

Hai my lovelies.  Let us get back to the philandering, misogynistic, reprehensible human type hominid, piece of shit known as Jeffrey MacDonald

   What can I say, it seemed appropriate, although on a side note, I own a shirt that says surely not EVERYBODY was kung fu fighting.  I believe that is probably correct.

So, where were we?  Oh yeah boxing trip to Russia that never existed.  Anyway I’m gonna guess that is the proverbial straw although it could have been anything.  Maybe mama got tired of having two baby kids and one grown kid to fetch and carry for every single day, maybe she knew he was fucking anything that would stand still long enough for him to get his penis into, maybe she was pissed at his spending habits, maybe she was sick of being over ridden on every single nit picky thing.  Maybe all of them, but the experts all agree on one thing.  Colette likely landed the first blow in this battle royale.  He was brought into the ER with an abrasion on his temple which was surmised during the recreation of the crime scene to have probably come from a hair brush.  Bad choice of weapon.  So, now that superman I can do what I want when I want make us some drinks, i’m inviting the neighbours over, I have to go to Russia fuckface has been challenged and that my friends did not go over well in his psychotic and likely high on a wack of speed little brain.  (he was not tested for speed but joe McGuiness found some notes about it when going through macdonalds stuff, about how long it would take to metabolize and clear the bloodstream.  Anyway Jeffy Macfuckface came back with a piece of lumber which happened to be handy and rang Colette’s bell with it.  She bled profusely onto macdonalds pajama top before she grabbed the pocket and ripped it off.  remember that it will be on the test.

Kimmie, hearing the commotion came into mommy and daddys room and caught one in the head as MacDonald hauled up for another whack at Colette.  Kimmies skull was severely fractured and her cast off was found on the wall and in large quantities on the floor in the master bedroom.  About this time MacFuckface figured out he was well and truly fucked.  Pretty hard to explain you were just mad so you tried to beat your wife to death with a piece of timber.  He picked up Kimmie, put her back in her room and tucked her in, along with about of a dozen of the threads from his pyjama top that he supposedly did not have on according to the story he told later.  That was when he remembered good old burning in hell right now Charlie Manson and decided he better make some shit up.  the hippies did it seemed plausible so he went with that.  Now he was going to need an epic struggle with multiple assailants so he was going to need multiple weapons.  an old hickory knife and an icepick along with the club.  Colette had come to by this point and on instinct she tried to protect her cubs.  Machurryupanddiealready beat his soon to be dead wife furiously with the club as she lay across her child trying to protect her.  She likely died in that room.  Her blood spatter, brain matter and cast off were all found in the childs room.  He wrapped her up in some bedding and carried her very pregnant body back to the master, threw his pyjama top over her and then proceeded to icepick her 14 times.  Kimmie who was already dead from the crushed skull was attacked with the knife as well, and then the monster, this…thing went into his living baby child’s room, lay her across his lap and stabbed her to death.  She knew who killed her.  The daddy she loved so very much was the one inflicting all the pain she suffered before she died.  Had he been even slightly human he would have hit her femoral artery first, let her bleed out and then stabbed her after.  Much more humane.  At least in my opinion.  I mean he was a doctor, there are ways to do things and it still could look like the hippies did it.  Anyway, now he needed to stage a crime scene in the living room where he was supposedly attacked.  Jeffrey Macdonald is an idiot.  If you are staging a crime scene where a life and death struggle is supposedly taking place you fucking throw yourself around the room, you don’t just flip over a coffee table and prop it up with a copy of esquire prominently displayed with the articles about Mansons hippies in it.  Of course the neighbours might have become alarmed and we couldn’t have that.

Next Dr. Not a Doctor anymore fucker went into the bathroom, grabbed a scalpel which it has been surmised he hid under a floorboard and poked a hole between a couple of ribs.   Sadly he went to deep and nicked his lung and ended up with a pneumothorax for his trouble although it didn’t really go sideways till he was all tucked in at the hospital where in the immortal words of Freddy Kasaab, Colette’s step father “what wounds, he didn’t even have mecurachrome on him when we saw him”  True story.

He then staggered (barf) to a phone and begged for help(double barf). The MPS and ems showed up and totally fucked up the crime scene which is what made this trial drag on until the second coming of Christ.

Tomorrow, what happened at the hospital and how many fucking trials can one person possibly have.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

The Ninja’s…Sorry Wrong Trial, The Hippies Did It

December 30, 2017





Hai!  I’m baaack.  So today I’m blowing the dust off of the green beret killer AKA Jeffrey MacFuckface AKA Jeffrey MacDonald AKA Murdering bastard, AKA…okay I have to stop there are a lot of AKA’s

Jeffrey MacDonald was a doctor and a green beret and a misogynist and a serial philanderer. Seriously dude wore more hats than I do and I’m everybody.

His particular psychopathy fascinates me because he is a family annihilator by definition, except he didn’t run which is what they usually do.  Unfortunately for him and fortunately for the rest of the female population of earth, he thought he was smarter than the army, the cid, the police, the lawyers, including his, as well as everyone else he ever came across.  I’ve never met him so I have no idea if he thinks he is smarter than me.  I’m guessing he does.

He married his wife Colette because of course they were playing Russian roulette with a gun full of bullets so to speak, or you can take the other theory because I actually support both, Colette, fearful of losing him to he extremely spectacularly gorgeous ex got herself knocked up.  That doesn’t give him a free pass to kill her.  Over achiever Jeffrey would hear no talk of abortions or adoption.  Nope they were getting married and that was that.  Except that the night before his wedding he left a parcel in the exes car.  Lingerie in their university colors.  Awwww, sqweeee.

So, they got married, he went to med school, joined the green berets because that is what everyone that wants to strangle you with piano wire does (no there was no piano wire involved but only because the fucker didn’t have a piano I promise) Then he volunteered for jump training which I thought meant parachute training.  It does but it also means jump training as in, I’ll jump this girl, you jump that one, so he fucked around on Colette again.  

Just so we are all clear, this fucker makes me look positively normal.  There are lists of psychoses and I have a bunch.  He has almost all of them.  Except schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder.  He was also a speed freak which probably didn’t help matters much.

Colette spit out two kids during two very high risk pregnancies and then she got knocked up with baby number three and that is when the scenery that had been so carefully colored in began to crumble.

Jeffrey expected his heavily pregnant wife to wait on him hand and foot and then he announced he would be going to Russia (read going to ex girlfriends house) for at least a month right before her due date.  That would probably be the moment Colette flipped her shit although to her credit she held it in for a while.

This is going to be voluminous so be prepared.  This was the one that got me hooked and it is my point of reference for family annihilators.

And tomorrow, because I have a hand cramp like a mother fucker right now we will find out exactly what happened.

RBMD peacing the fuck out




I Am Dusting Off An Oldie But Such A Goody. Let’s Get The Crime Juices Flowing Again.

December 29, 2017

Hai my lovelies, tis me, your dean of fuckery, doctor of Doctoring, pretend Judge, honorary DVM, Dog Lactation Consultant, Horse Therapist, Author of the big book of words, owner of one in house psychic and of course Queen of all I survey.

Today’s blog is brought to you by Paul Bunyan the reason for which will become abundantly clear in a bit.

This family had some issues.  They had an uncle mixed up with the Gambino’s, a kid in the navy and a son in university.  On the outside, they looked like the perfect all American family, the family other families wanted to be.

On November 15 2004, Peter Porco was found dead of massive head injuries.  He had been attacked with an axe.  Axe murders are fun.  Messy, but fun.  Know what else is fun. Zombies.  Peter Porco had been hit 16 times in the head with the sharp edge of an axe.  Even so, that fucker decided that dead was not something he wanted to be and in the morning he got up, seemingly completely unaware that most of his head was missing, brushed his teeth, went and made a sack lunch, went out to get the morning paper, locked himself out and remembered where the key was hidden under the flower pot and let himself back in.  He eventually dropped from massive blood loss and expired on his kitchen floor.  Let’s do science, science is fun.  The top part of Peters brain which controls speech, thought etc was the part that was severely damaged.  the paleocortex, located underneath the neocortex was intact.  This is what controls primal instincts and second nature habits.  He performed the same tasks he performed every morning.

Now peter was a court clerk and when he didn’t show up for work someone  was dispatched to his home where whoever was sent got to see what they had had for breakfast the second time.

Frankie the fireman Porco was the dude hooked up with the Gambino’s and it was originally thought this was a mob retaliation hit.  This was quickly discarded and they moved on to another suspect.  The youngest son, Christopher Porco.

Christopher Porco is a piece of shit.  Let’s just get that right out there.  a stupid piece of shit, because the alarm had been disarmed by someone who knew the code which was only four people and one was on a navy ship far, far away , that pesky hidden key was found in the door (granted, Porco Sr could have left the key in the lock, I mean dude was basically running on fumes at this point.)

Chris had another itty bitty problem.  Moms was still somehow alive and her first statement, when asked if she knew who did it, she indicated her son had done it.  Once she started to recover she recanted her nod of the head but the police were positive she had admitted it the first time because she assumed she was dying.

So, let’s get back to the piece of shit.  Christopher Porco was a manipulative , lying, money grubbing swindling asshole.  He had staged a break in a couple of years earlier and stolen computers which he sold on ebay.  This would come back to bite him on he ass.  Hard.

He forged his parents signatures on bank loans and was caught.  His father threatened him with the cops if it ever happened again.  He was flunking out of college and he was pretending to be some rich fuck whose largess included pizza parties for entire dorms, things like that.

The motive was money obviously.  They had a lot of life insurance.  Like, a lot.

Christopher Porco was a good looking kid and he manipulated the ladies quite easily.  He went so far so big were his balls to ask the daughter of the investigator on the case to steal back the computer he had sold a couple of years earlier and that the cops had tracked down.

Chris at one point worked at a vet clinic and was very adept at cleaning up blood.  Let me tell you, an axe murder is gonna spray blood like everywhere.  walls, ceilings and clothing.  No clothing with blood was ever recovered and his jeep even though they took it apart right down to the last bolt gave up not one drop of blood.

I have a theory.  Chris killed his parents, showered, changed into the clean clothes he had brought with him and his bloody clothing are somewhere in a body of water.  It’s what I would do.  No blood to drip in the jeep and no bloody clothes.

Many people were behind him at first.  His house of cards came tumbling down once the women he was using started talking to each other and when that fucking computer was found.

There was so much family conflict that nobody knew about but was discovered through evil, angry emails sent back and forth between Chris and Zombie Porco.

He was arrested and arraigned and his mother was the star witness and the reason he got bail.  She swore her son had not done this and was angry that the police had decided to question her while she was so grievously injured that when they went to put he oxygen mask on they couldn’t decide exactly where her mouth was.

The lack of forensic evidence was daunting and annoying because the cops were sure he did it.

It was not until they started digging into the emails and stuff that the real dynamics of the family came out.  They were a family in deep crisis.

then the police received an interesting letter from anonymous saying he’d done it and he was gonna do it again.  The best theory is that Chris sent it.

Frankie the fireman was in jail at the time so his alibi was pretty tight.

He was finally tried and convicted, mom or no mom for the murder of his father and attempted murder of his parents.

It took forever, but they finally found enough evidence to convict the little entitled money grubbing bastard.

Dude, an axe?  really?  I really, really hate my parents and I would have never smashed them with an axe.

It was a difficult trial, but they got him and probably a good thing because the whole town had pretty much turned on him by then having seen how he was acting.  His favorite line to a bevy of girls, was you’re my girl to whichever one could help him at the time.  One girls mom worked for a newspaper and was talked into an article basically calling the police inept.  One like I said was asked to steal a computer out of the evidence locker.  One was for money.  Chris Porco is a piece of shit.

He got 50 years.  Not enough.  Not nearly enough.  A fucking axe.  What is he a Viking?  Jesus H Christ on a cracker.

So there is the story of Chris Porco, piece of shit extraordinaire.  Sadly for him that life insurance money never came through.

PS  I need to proofread more often

RBMD peacing the fuck out



The State Of The Shelter Address

December 24, 2017

Hello my lovelies, it is your most loyal queen here for the annual Christmas eve State of The Shelter Address.

It has certainly been one for the books, and will be.  What with the cheeto in chief trying to start a war, earth falling apart, new animals on the extinction list, more working poor than ever before, and the spin on fucking EVERYTHING trump related would make Linda Blairs head come clean off.

I myself have had a very up and down year as have many of you.  It is weird, in a good way how often our tribulations are similar.  It’s good that way because the sister and brotherhood of the lets save all the unwanted animals from evil doers, can always help each other.

The best thing about 2017 is that 2018 has GOT to be better.  I think we may have hit rock bottom as a species, as a planet, as our little particle of dust in the universe.  Rock. Fucking. Bottom.  Unless of course they really do release a zombie virus to weed out all the old, sick and poor, which at this point I don’t even remotely believe doesn’t exist.  Either that or an actual real purge will become an annual event.  That also would not shock me.

Bunker is real and ready by the way.  The rich can suck it if they think I’m going down without a very serious fight.

The thing I find more amusing than any other thing is math.  They are called the 1 percenters for a reason.  So, either no one can do math or we are all just too chicken shit to say fuck this noise enough already.  I’m not buying your shit, I don’t need that shiny thing whatever it may be.  You’d be amazed at how fast the one percent became a no percent if we started to do shit like that.

My son broke his hand this week.  And due to our evil socialist medical system it cost 20 dollars to get him x-rayed and casted.  God, our medical system sucks.  One of my American friends told me you are all one serious accident away from bankruptcy and that is sad.  except for the one percent who really don’t have a fuck to give.

I hope you are all as well as you can be in your respective situations.  I am okay all things being relative.

I wish peace and happiness to all of you this holiday season and a new year that is better than the old one.

RBMD peacing the fuck out

It’s Actually Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

December 19, 2017

Hello my lovelies.  It’s me, back already.  Please don’t pass out from shock.  Your dean of fuckery, doctor of doctoring, honorary DVM, pretend Judge, Fixer of all briefs that need to be re-written, dog lactation consultant, horse therapist, resident sarcasm expert and Queen of all I survey.  The pageant for “Queen of the universe is coming up so please cast your votes early.  Even if you have to ride a horse that really isn’t feeling it to do so.

Spoiler alert this video has nothing to do with anything I just thought it was funny so I used it.

I have heard from Mama who is well, just dealing with some of her own stuff.  Nothing bad I promise, she’s just busy.

So since it is already the 19th of what is usually my most despised month of the year coming up to what is usually my most despised day of the year, I decided I would just nip that shit in the bud and let you all know that I am actually looking forward to Christmas.  If anyone has smelling salts please pass them to renae, mama and basset because I know they have all just collectively fainted.

I have been doing this blog for a long time.  We have covered a lot of things, survived a lot of things and thrived from a lot of things.  We have had each others backs, we have gone to war for anyone of us that needed a war party on the quick and we love each other.  To me, that means more than anything.  I want each of you to know that while my road is still so, so fucking long, you have helped me travel a distance and you’ve walked beside me just in case I stumbled so you’d be there to grab me and I am aware and I am so grateful to you all.

I am in a good headspace this year.  Not great but not he horrific depressions I have been falling into as of late. Depression is really the gift that keeps on giving.  It gives heartache to the people that love you and have no idea how to help you, it gives actual physical pain, it gives to the point where you just want to say fuck it what is the point.  I’ve been there, I’ve done that and what keeps me going just in case you didn’t know is the fact that I am not alone, that you all understand and that eventually I know, even if it just way down the  pit of the blackness that it will get better.  I know things are getting better because I have discovered a few things that set off the depression and have figured out how to shut them right the fuck down before they even get started.  Sometimes, I’m not so lucky.  I am sorry to you all I have been so absent this year, it has been one for the books.

This year my son turns 17.  Two days before Christmas my baby turns 17.  He has his license test scheduled for the 2nd of January and nobody on earth is looking more forward to that day than me.  See, I hate driving.  It is part of the agoraphobia, but it is also to do with an accident my drunk mother had with me in the car.  I have never been a huge fan, and the older I get the more I hate it.  the day I get to say, can you please go to the store and pick up some bread will be an awesome day.  First because I don’t have to go and second because I can afford bread.  Remember when I didn’t know where the fuck our next meal was coming from?  Seems like yesterday.  you guys saved me then too, and I will not ever forget what you did for a mother in the throws of the worst portion of her life and her son to make sure that we did not freeze to death or starve.  I am still humbled by it.

Once my pension came through and I figured out how to budget the pittance they gave me we were able to make a terrible situation tolerable.  Tolerable is much better than can you please donate money so we don’t freeze to death.

The no kill shelter has come a long way.  Members that were at least as messed up as me have blossomed which makes me so damn happy, and even myself who was, I thought, completely and irreparably broken have made some progress.  I can now stand to be downstairs instead of locked behind the front door lock, the lock to the upstairs room and the lock on my office door.  So I have eliminated 2 locks.  Of course it helped immensely when my imaginary psychiatrist informed me that having several imaginary large and very vicious dogs would probably help in the event that someone was to break in .  They are by the way only vicious if they feel that I am being threatened.  Oher than that they are watchful but harmless.  My imaginary dog Hutchinson especially takes his job as a sacred duty and he would without hesitation take a bullet for me, which is good cuz I worry about bullets. A lot. Still.

Imaginary starsky is as loyal as Hutchy bear but her loyalty is to the boy first and I would not have it any other way.  Out of all the imaginary dogs, it is surprisingly Panzer that one needs to be the most concerned with because that bitch don’t play.  You fuck with her family and you are going to be as dead as she can possibly make you.

The day my imaginary Psychiatrist hooked me up with horse therapy was probably one of the most fortuitous days I have had in a very, very long time.  It took me days to finally get up the courage to go to the farm, even though my doc assured me that the farmer had been fully briefed that I could not be in large crowds, could not feel like I was in anyway trapped and that I was very experienced with horses and if he told me what he wanted and left me alone he’d probably be a very happy guy.  He is one of he kindest and most understanding imaginary people I have ever met.  I know he wasn’t sure of me at first because I was terrified to be around him.  Seems however, the second he saw I was not terrified of the animals I was handling he was fine.  I have become the keeper of his prize stallion who is according to the barn staff only really happy when I am there, I have brought some animals I thought were beyond help back from whatever hell they were reliving over and over in their minds, I have birthed a foal, and I have had the sheer joy of being back around horses.  Something I truly love and that gives me tremendous amounts of pleasure.    sometimes the farm owner finds me quite vexing and he yells at me.  Mostly because he is old and very set in his ways and I am much younger and up on he latest techniques in equine care.  Like when I name them.  they come in with numbers.  Nobody should be horse 2425 or whatever.  So they all have names.  Unfortunately, I refer to them by their names and nobody has a fucking clue of what I speak.   First he got mad and told me to stop doing it, and then Charlie happened.  He has softened on the whole name thing since then and he has even taken the time out of a crazy schedule to learn a lot of them.  That is huge.  Instead of saying bring in 1497 he says bring in Molly.  The first time he did it I almost wept. Everyone deserves a name.

I still cannot go out in public, even with my son I am as apt to have a panic attack as not although I will say that my son has learned to deal with them with surgical precision.  Get me out of the area that is causing me distress, find somewhere quiet and talk me down which he manages to do about 80 percent of the time.  I still cannot do things like attempt public transportation or take a taxi because I do not know the driver or go to the bank or anything like that, but look how far I have come.  There are still so many things I cannot do, but I am so proud at the huge amounts of progress I have made.  thanks in huge part to you guys with all of your encouragement.

Bug found a bunch of imaginary kittens that someone dumped out on the road as is the circle of life around here and I of course would not have them starved or run over or eaten by the explosion of  imaginary coyotes we’ve had so they sort of live with us.  They come in at night and get something to eat and then go out during the day although when I look through the window they never go far.

He came home from school a week ago to discover that I had strung lights, put out the decorations that we have, put a jiggly collar on our imaginary dog Rocket and had eggnog waiting for him and he lost his shit.  The smile is one I will not forget ever.  I got the biggest hug and a thank you mom and I know how hard you are trying which is quite simply everything.

I got the by drivers ed, which took a huge amount of  scrimping to save up for it.  Fuck me sideways  that shit is expensive, but I will apparently save it in insurance since he will be on as an occasional driver.  It will make it so my insurance does not go so high I can’t afford it.  It was worth the sacrifice.

I have decided that because of his age it is time to start getting him ready for when he flies the nest, so his Christmas and birthday have been about things he will use for the next several years.  A futon, a new bed, a really good set of headphones, a coffee maker, a down duvet, bedding, a few clothes and of course a few fun things, a PlayStation pass card for the year, Assasins creed origins, some cd’s, a bunch of movies he’s been wanting and something I think is special, the outsiders and rumble fish, both the books and the movies.  There are lessons there and he is nothing if not a deep thinker.

I have been making cookies, and my plan is cheesecake and some butter tarts as well as Grandma’s shortbread to put out for Christmas day.

It has been an amazing yeas of ups and downs, but mostly ups.   Except for Trump.  Big, big down.

My offer stands of a safe nuclear free zone.  Bring your imaginary horses, imaginary dogs, imaginary alpaca’s if that is your thing.  Like I said, make spouses will have to take a test to gain entry.

So there you have it.  My year in a nutshell.  I am trying to find things that actually interest me to write about so I will be back more frequently.

Thank you all again for sticking with this really big mean dog and for helping me through some amazingly tough times.  I am doing my best to pay it forward as I am able.

Each and every one of you are part of my life and my heart and I love you all as much as you love me.

Peace and love to each and every one of you

RBMD peacing the fuck out.



The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

December 14, 2017

Hello my lovelies.  It is I, your dean of fuckery, doctor of doctoring, honorary DVM, Pretend Judge, Writer of briefs that should make any jurist green with envy, Horse Therapist, Horse Whisperer, Dog Lactation Consultant, Midwife, Resident sarcasm expert and of course Queen of all I survey.


All that has dominated my feed on facebook for two days now is that kid that got bullied, Keaton.  Now, your queen is not a heartless beast (spoiler alert, I’m not heartless, there is a rock of some sort in there I am pretty positive) but I take extreme umbrage with the amount of news space this kid has taken up.  Buy why your majesty you may be asking yourselves right now.  I’m going to tell ya, keep your knickers on, jeez.  Before we get to that part, I’d like you to raise your hand if A) you have ever been bullied and/or B)you’ve ever been a bully.  I fall into both categories and I am not ashamed to admit that.  People make mistakes, jump to conclusions and do stupid shit because at the time it seemed funny.  Case in point my treatment of Sandra Weber, who I came to find out once I was done ripping her to shreds is a decent, caring, warm and very, very funny person.  She just got caught up in the whole stabby mess and she became what I became, a bully.  My good friend now Joe would be another prime example.  But we are grown ups and we have thick skins and eventually we came to our senses and realized we were acting like a bunch of middle schoolers.  Now middle school and high school are a terrible time for a lot of kids.  Any little difference that sets you apart from the herd and you are a target.  And I was a target.  My high school days turned into one never ending nightmare of torture that I thought would never, ever end.  I was smarter than anyone else and I was also poorer than everyone else.  Probably the poorest kid in high school since mommy and daddy were busy drinking and smashing their way through every cent that came into the house.

I wore the Sally Anne specials and the dirty Dan the discount man shoes.  It was a place where you got those hightop black runners with the big white rubber circle on the side for like a dollar fifty or something.  I was the only kid in a very large high school that I ever saw with a pair.  Unfortunately I had a class, French actually where one of the articles of clothing that had been purchased from the salvation army had belonged to one of the richest girls in the class and she took great pleasure in announcing to the entire class that I was wearing her clothes.  It kind of went downhill from there.  She and her rich little fanbase tormented me daily.  Of course word got around the school and I was known as hand me down Kelly,  second hand Kelly and my favorite, broke assed Kelly.  The fact that scholastically I was running laps around these people did not help me even a little bit.   Her name was Rena and I will never forget her.  She started to do more things to me to get more attention from the mean girl battalion.  She hit me with a blackboard eraser and I walked around with chalk dust on my second hand clothes for the day once, and then the day came that she poked me with one of those blackboard sticks with the metal  point on the end and I put her out a second story window.  Don’t worry it was opened.  I broke her arm which was unfortunate because I was aiming for her head.   There was a big huge thing and my father for once in his life acted like a father and came down to defend me as they were drawing up my expulsion papers and waiting for the police.  He was drunk off his ass which made his very thick Scots accent almost impossible to understand, but he got the point across when he mentioned the months of torment I had suffered at the hands of these girls, that Rena was the ring leader and that he was going to the school board and once he was done there he was going to the newspaper and with any luck it would get picked up by AP.  His tactics worked because I did not get arrested or expelled, I got an apology from the school and Rena got warned to stay away from me.  It was good advice because I had had quite enough thank you very much.

I finished high school and with it put all that bullshit behind me.  It’s not forever.  I know personally how awful it is at the time, but it is not forever.

Now to Keaton.  I believe that Keaton’s pain is absolutely real.  I felt like that way too many days to not believe it to be completely genuine.  My problems with the whole thing  are many and glaring if you can get past the visceral reaction to that boy sobbing his heart out.  Why, if mom was just picking him up because he didn’t want to eat lunch in the cafeteria did she  have a video camera?  Why was she so obviously asking him leading questions during the recording of the video?  Why did she sound so rehearsed and not completely outraged as any parent would have been?  Why did Keaton sound like he’d been coached on a couple of points, specifically why do they do it and it gets better, while he is sobbing his heart out which tells me he obviously does not believe it gets better.  Why is he looking at his mother like that?  pay attention to the video.  Turn off the sound and just watch the body language of this kid.

So suddenly Keaton is the cause celeb of the day which I believe is EXACTLY what mama wanted.  Mama is southern, very southern in a rebel flag, I don’t like black people southern kind of way.  She has now scrubbed her social media accounts but it was all there.  No offense to southerners who are human.  The wave of support for this child was immediate and exactly what is wrong with social media and why I think it will be the death of humanity as we know it.

Suddenly Keaton is invited to LA for an avengers screening, invited to hang out with NFL players, being tweeted by a list of celebrities that is longer than my arm, money, gifts, offers of dates and everyone wanted to be his friend.  And then there was the go fund me.  This was started by someone not related to the family and was for Keaton’s college or University except Keaton’s mom would have control of it because he is too young.  Now, this guy says he doesn’t know the family and just felt bad for the kid.  And this could be true.  My gut tells me it isn’t but I suppose in some bizzaro land it could be.

This whole thing once she found out Keaton was being bullied was orchestrated by Keaton’s good old card carrying racist mama.  I would bet she knows well the person who set up the go fund me (it has been put on hold and depending on what news source you rely on, either by go fund me or by the guy that set it up) and many of the offers have been withdrawn which kind of makes he people making the offers to begin with look like dicks.

Keaton is definitely a bullied kid.  And a celebrity tweeting hang in there, it gets better, something like that is totally appropriate.  Offers of movie premieres and things like that is totally not.  Why not?  Because hundreds, hell thousands of kids get bullied every single day at school or home or the playground or wherever. Where are their invites to premieres and parties and shit?  Two little girls committed suicide due to bullying just prior to this video coming out and nobody gave a rats ass about it because their parents were too worried about their children to pull out a video camera and get their terrible sadness on film.

And of course the mob moved in.  Keaton is a racist, Keaton got bullied because he called a kid the N word (that has been totally debunked, it never happened but it sure makes good copy doesn’t it)  This kid did not ask to be born into a racist household and just being in one doesn’t make you one.  If that were the case I’d be an alcoholic heroin addict.

The problem here is that the mother, in my opinion cared very little about how much emotional pain her child was in and way more about the amount of money to be made off of an emotionally at the end of his rope little boy.

The internet needs to stop and think.  Stop, actually pay attention to what you are seeing and then think.  Think hard because I called this literally a full day before the shit storm started.  And again, what about the two children who are dead because of being bullied.  No movie premiers or college funds for them.  Can anybody even name them?

The people that donated to this go fund me were not stupid, they were kind, caring people who wanted to try and ease this kids pain.  They just didn’t think about what they were really seeing.  And that is what will make it so much harder for the next bullied kid that has the balls to talk about it.

RBMD peacing he fuck out.

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