The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

Hello my lovelies.  It is I, your dean of fuckery, doctor of doctoring, honorary DVM, Pretend Judge, Writer of briefs that should make any jurist green with envy, Horse Therapist, Horse Whisperer, Dog Lactation Consultant, Midwife, Resident sarcasm expert and of course Queen of all I survey.


All that has dominated my feed on facebook for two days now is that kid that got bullied, Keaton.  Now, your queen is not a heartless beast (spoiler alert, I’m not heartless, there is a rock of some sort in there I am pretty positive) but I take extreme umbrage with the amount of news space this kid has taken up.  Buy why your majesty you may be asking yourselves right now.  I’m going to tell ya, keep your knickers on, jeez.  Before we get to that part, I’d like you to raise your hand if A) you have ever been bullied and/or B)you’ve ever been a bully.  I fall into both categories and I am not ashamed to admit that.  People make mistakes, jump to conclusions and do stupid shit because at the time it seemed funny.  Case in point my treatment of Sandra Weber, who I came to find out once I was done ripping her to shreds is a decent, caring, warm and very, very funny person.  She just got caught up in the whole stabby mess and she became what I became, a bully.  My good friend now Joe would be another prime example.  But we are grown ups and we have thick skins and eventually we came to our senses and realized we were acting like a bunch of middle schoolers.  Now middle school and high school are a terrible time for a lot of kids.  Any little difference that sets you apart from the herd and you are a target.  And I was a target.  My high school days turned into one never ending nightmare of torture that I thought would never, ever end.  I was smarter than anyone else and I was also poorer than everyone else.  Probably the poorest kid in high school since mommy and daddy were busy drinking and smashing their way through every cent that came into the house.

I wore the Sally Anne specials and the dirty Dan the discount man shoes.  It was a place where you got those hightop black runners with the big white rubber circle on the side for like a dollar fifty or something.  I was the only kid in a very large high school that I ever saw with a pair.  Unfortunately I had a class, French actually where one of the articles of clothing that had been purchased from the salvation army had belonged to one of the richest girls in the class and she took great pleasure in announcing to the entire class that I was wearing her clothes.  It kind of went downhill from there.  She and her rich little fanbase tormented me daily.  Of course word got around the school and I was known as hand me down Kelly,  second hand Kelly and my favorite, broke assed Kelly.  The fact that scholastically I was running laps around these people did not help me even a little bit.   Her name was Rena and I will never forget her.  She started to do more things to me to get more attention from the mean girl battalion.  She hit me with a blackboard eraser and I walked around with chalk dust on my second hand clothes for the day once, and then the day came that she poked me with one of those blackboard sticks with the metal  point on the end and I put her out a second story window.  Don’t worry it was opened.  I broke her arm which was unfortunate because I was aiming for her head.   There was a big huge thing and my father for once in his life acted like a father and came down to defend me as they were drawing up my expulsion papers and waiting for the police.  He was drunk off his ass which made his very thick Scots accent almost impossible to understand, but he got the point across when he mentioned the months of torment I had suffered at the hands of these girls, that Rena was the ring leader and that he was going to the school board and once he was done there he was going to the newspaper and with any luck it would get picked up by AP.  His tactics worked because I did not get arrested or expelled, I got an apology from the school and Rena got warned to stay away from me.  It was good advice because I had had quite enough thank you very much.

I finished high school and with it put all that bullshit behind me.  It’s not forever.  I know personally how awful it is at the time, but it is not forever.

Now to Keaton.  I believe that Keaton’s pain is absolutely real.  I felt like that way too many days to not believe it to be completely genuine.  My problems with the whole thing  are many and glaring if you can get past the visceral reaction to that boy sobbing his heart out.  Why, if mom was just picking him up because he didn’t want to eat lunch in the cafeteria did she  have a video camera?  Why was she so obviously asking him leading questions during the recording of the video?  Why did she sound so rehearsed and not completely outraged as any parent would have been?  Why did Keaton sound like he’d been coached on a couple of points, specifically why do they do it and it gets better, while he is sobbing his heart out which tells me he obviously does not believe it gets better.  Why is he looking at his mother like that?  pay attention to the video.  Turn off the sound and just watch the body language of this kid.

So suddenly Keaton is the cause celeb of the day which I believe is EXACTLY what mama wanted.  Mama is southern, very southern in a rebel flag, I don’t like black people southern kind of way.  She has now scrubbed her social media accounts but it was all there.  No offense to southerners who are human.  The wave of support for this child was immediate and exactly what is wrong with social media and why I think it will be the death of humanity as we know it.

Suddenly Keaton is invited to LA for an avengers screening, invited to hang out with NFL players, being tweeted by a list of celebrities that is longer than my arm, money, gifts, offers of dates and everyone wanted to be his friend.  And then there was the go fund me.  This was started by someone not related to the family and was for Keaton’s college or University except Keaton’s mom would have control of it because he is too young.  Now, this guy says he doesn’t know the family and just felt bad for the kid.  And this could be true.  My gut tells me it isn’t but I suppose in some bizzaro land it could be.

This whole thing once she found out Keaton was being bullied was orchestrated by Keaton’s good old card carrying racist mama.  I would bet she knows well the person who set up the go fund me (it has been put on hold and depending on what news source you rely on, either by go fund me or by the guy that set it up) and many of the offers have been withdrawn which kind of makes he people making the offers to begin with look like dicks.

Keaton is definitely a bullied kid.  And a celebrity tweeting hang in there, it gets better, something like that is totally appropriate.  Offers of movie premieres and things like that is totally not.  Why not?  Because hundreds, hell thousands of kids get bullied every single day at school or home or the playground or wherever. Where are their invites to premieres and parties and shit?  Two little girls committed suicide due to bullying just prior to this video coming out and nobody gave a rats ass about it because their parents were too worried about their children to pull out a video camera and get their terrible sadness on film.

And of course the mob moved in.  Keaton is a racist, Keaton got bullied because he called a kid the N word (that has been totally debunked, it never happened but it sure makes good copy doesn’t it)  This kid did not ask to be born into a racist household and just being in one doesn’t make you one.  If that were the case I’d be an alcoholic heroin addict.

The problem here is that the mother, in my opinion cared very little about how much emotional pain her child was in and way more about the amount of money to be made off of an emotionally at the end of his rope little boy.

The internet needs to stop and think.  Stop, actually pay attention to what you are seeing and then think.  Think hard because I called this literally a full day before the shit storm started.  And again, what about the two children who are dead because of being bullied.  No movie premiers or college funds for them.  Can anybody even name them?

The people that donated to this go fund me were not stupid, they were kind, caring people who wanted to try and ease this kids pain.  They just didn’t think about what they were really seeing.  And that is what will make it so much harder for the next bullied kid that has the balls to talk about it.

RBMD peacing he fuck out.


9 Responses to The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

  1. Laurie Atkisson says:

    Love ❤️ this!! I totally agree with you! Thank you for sharing you thoughts AND your own story. I have mine too.. I survived just like you.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Laurie. Thank you, and you are welcome. Yup middle and highschool were good times weren’t they? For way too many of us.

  2. TrulyUSA says:

    **curtsy** Glad to see you writing my Queen! Yes this story had a lot of layers, and I agree with you about the internet always jumping to conclusions. Oh how I miss the days of journalists like Walter Cronkite, who would have quit his job rather than report news that had not been verified. Yes this definitely happened, look at the kid you know he was bullied, but his mother? Yes, part of the problem. I guess she thinks her redneck ways will strike fear into someone’s heart, but it only strikes anger and a need for revenge, and who suffers? Her child. Does she care? Sure doesn’t appear to be her number 1 priority. Worse than that, the perpetual hating on Southerners reaches a fever pitch and all Southerners have to pay to some extent. I wish I had been in your school, Kelly. I was considered popular in high school, but never went on a date. I did not belong to a particular group, I moved through all of them because I loved people and I really loved truth and justice. I was an avenger. Don’t let me see you bully someone! Oh I’m going to turn you every way but loose, I’m going to loudly proclaim all your faults and family secrets and ask you who you think you are? Some hated me, some loved me, but most respected me and some were courageous enough to join me in my disdain for bullies, jocks with ego trips, cheerleaders who put others down, etc. Oh yes, they tried to make my life miserable, they kept me off the cheerleading team, they controlled what they could, but I was tough and I knew I was right so they couldn’t touch my heart. The poor kids were protected the most ferociously, because I knew I was poor too, but my mother cared more about her image than anything else, so we were always dressed and pressed. But I knew, there was no money in the bank, I had two toys, my brothers got everything because we were country and that’s the way it was. My toys were cows, horses, chickens, dogs, cats, ducks and occasionally a pig destined for the table. It was enough. The downside? My mother, the image protector, got very furious that I would associated with “those” kids, protect them because “they don’t come from good families”. I took it and continued on because I knew I was right! I had truth and justice on my side! Image be damned! Now — it’s hard to find truth and justice, and when you do, there’s a whole gaggle of people telling you that you are wrong, and the lines have blurred. I still have friends that raise the eyebrows of other friends, I could never have a party that encompassed all my friends because they would not like one another, but I found something magical and special in each one of them. My menagerie – and I would not have it any other way.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Truly. Yes it certainly does. Layers like in a slowly rotting onion. God I miss walter Cronkite. Yup Mama has her very own agenda and it involves lots of dollar signs. The really sad part is that the kid is probably mostly oblivious to it. Another thing that bothers me about stuff like this is that they always, always pull out the I’m a single mother card. Well, so am I and so are many of the people on here. How does that give you a pass on anything? If anything I think it means you have to set an even better example then you would in a two parent household and what does that have to do with the price of oats in Idaho anyway?

  3. Joe Santos says:

    Excellent!!! Very well written. Big hug my friend. Happy Holidays. Joe

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Thank you for the kind words Joe and it is very nice to see you back in the shelter. Welcome back and Happy holidays.

  4. You’re right about Moms demeanor. If that had been my kid (and my kids will tell ya) I guarantee you there would have been a video of me showing up to my kids tormentors house with a belt saying “You will receive punishment if it means I have to spank your Momma too”.

    I didn’t see the need for the gofundme. Too many of those going around.

    I lost a friend to online bullying, and, as you well know, KIDS are “Off limits” in my book.

    Keep your friends close, your enemies closer my friend. 😉

    Merry Christmas!!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Pesky. Nice to see you kicking around. That’s my point. Had that been my kid, I would have been standing there with a bat never mind a belt. Kids are always, always, always off limits and I think I can say for everyone that belongs here on that point.
      Amen to that sister. Merry Christmas.

  5. Mama Via says:

    I know nothing about this…lucky me!

    Here’s what I know…

    I’ve never BEEN a bully…but, I’ve had to stand up against them for over 55 years…

    We were military kids, always moving, and my sister had something then that only has a NAME now: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome FAS…or, in 1950s and 60s speak, she was a “retard”…and saying THAT my Friends would cause 6 year old Mama out on a Whoop-Ass tangent…when we were 14 and older, we lived in a house with no running water and no heat. We heated with a wood stove, when we had wood…and took a bath at Grammas house on sundays…”making do” on week days with a pail of cold water, soap & a wash rag. Hey, we were poor, I understand…

    Like many of you, my school clothes came from thrift stores…I had 3 dresses..(we didn’t wear PANTS back ten)..I was a hussy, because I couldn’t afford NYLONS…so I went to school bare legged…and, to make things even worse, my folks didn’t believe in girls removing the hair from their bodies…I’m not sure which is worse, long leg hair under nylons…or just naked hairy legs?

    So, hairy legs, hairy arm pits, (reaaly huge hairy BOOSH)…and an idiot for a sister…then, we’d go home, and be bullied by 4 younger “step-siblings” whose mother thought it all too hilarious to watch, and her way of getting “even” with my dad for every imagined slight…and THEN if he or anyone else (including school) complained about her KIDS attitudes…she’d withhold SEX…so SOMEBODY wasn’t going to be happy in that house, on TOP of stinking to high heaven!

    HER karma came back in a lovely way…

    She was asked to make lemon meringue pies when President Nixon came to dedicate an Army Engineers Dam…she was supposed to make 70 pies…she spent all her cash on the ingredients…made the crusts beautifully…started the filling…she used the biggest pot we had…and the more she stirred, the greener and snottier-looking that filling became…

    Now, I’ve never liked lemon meringue pie…but I think anyone offered that pie would have BARFED…

    It so happened that although she WASHED that big old pot, we had processed pickles in it for many years…soaking those old cucumbers in brine and vinegar and who knows what spices…and that old tin pot was useless for ANYTHING but processing pickles, let alone Lemon meringue pies…

    In a town of less than 700 people, word about the Californians who don’t know enough to not make lemon pies in pickle pots was worth all the bullying that slnt (and her brats) dished out…and in the few months that she stayed after the lemon pie fiasco, my “retarded” sister and I would counter any bullying with discussions about if our pickles next summer would taste like lemon meringue pies…

    I suppose that’s why I never got into bullying…IRL, I’m a usually laid back person…everything is temporary…everything will change in a moments notice…if someone ATTACKS, or THREATENS me, I WILL ACT…but, in just the act if bullying…it’s water off a duck’s back…

    My sons step mother STILL says that she wants to “kick my ass”…
    Fine, I told him…give her my address, tell her to call & make an appointment, I’ll meet her outside, and she can start kicking…

    But, she should know that if she touches one hair on my head…I’ll dial 911, I’ll press charges…and I sleep with my attorney at my side…

    I haven’t heard from her since. Period. The. End.


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