The Ninja’s…Sorry Wrong Trial, The Hippies Did It





Hai!  I’m baaack.  So today I’m blowing the dust off of the green beret killer AKA Jeffrey MacFuckface AKA Jeffrey MacDonald AKA Murdering bastard, AKA…okay I have to stop there are a lot of AKA’s

Jeffrey MacDonald was a doctor and a green beret and a misogynist and a serial philanderer. Seriously dude wore more hats than I do and I’m everybody.

His particular psychopathy fascinates me because he is a family annihilator by definition, except he didn’t run which is what they usually do.  Unfortunately for him and fortunately for the rest of the female population of earth, he thought he was smarter than the army, the cid, the police, the lawyers, including his, as well as everyone else he ever came across.  I’ve never met him so I have no idea if he thinks he is smarter than me.  I’m guessing he does.

He married his wife Colette because of course they were playing Russian roulette with a gun full of bullets so to speak, or you can take the other theory because I actually support both, Colette, fearful of losing him to he extremely spectacularly gorgeous ex got herself knocked up.  That doesn’t give him a free pass to kill her.  Over achiever Jeffrey would hear no talk of abortions or adoption.  Nope they were getting married and that was that.  Except that the night before his wedding he left a parcel in the exes car.  Lingerie in their university colors.  Awwww, sqweeee.

So, they got married, he went to med school, joined the green berets because that is what everyone that wants to strangle you with piano wire does (no there was no piano wire involved but only because the fucker didn’t have a piano I promise) Then he volunteered for jump training which I thought meant parachute training.  It does but it also means jump training as in, I’ll jump this girl, you jump that one, so he fucked around on Colette again.  

Just so we are all clear, this fucker makes me look positively normal.  There are lists of psychoses and I have a bunch.  He has almost all of them.  Except schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder.  He was also a speed freak which probably didn’t help matters much.

Colette spit out two kids during two very high risk pregnancies and then she got knocked up with baby number three and that is when the scenery that had been so carefully colored in began to crumble.

Jeffrey expected his heavily pregnant wife to wait on him hand and foot and then he announced he would be going to Russia (read going to ex girlfriends house) for at least a month right before her due date.  That would probably be the moment Colette flipped her shit although to her credit she held it in for a while.

This is going to be voluminous so be prepared.  This was the one that got me hooked and it is my point of reference for family annihilators.

And tomorrow, because I have a hand cramp like a mother fucker right now we will find out exactly what happened.

RBMD peacing the fuck out





5 Responses to The Ninja’s…Sorry Wrong Trial, The Hippies Did It

  1. I lost touch with my “friend” after she got married, but she was finishing a book abt three murders, speaking from the angle of the victims. Its EXCELLENT, but I haven’t a clue if she ever published. <:( (She's one of the ones that withdrew on the story of Casey Anthony)

  2. reallybigmeandog says:

    I read a book from the victims perspective so probably she did.

  3. renaes24 says:

    Having met/worked with him (abet only a few shifts), I find it all hard to reconcile.

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