We Were Taking Pictures And She Just Fell Off The Cliff…Goddammit Wrong Trial Again…The Hippies Did It Part 5 Of Quite Possibly Infinity

Hello my lovelies.  Firstly, thanks for hanging in, I know this is long but, you have to be aware of everything or it’s just boring.  Second, could you let me know you are reading this cuz while I am happy to write for myself, questions and stuff always get my juices flowing and truthfully this is a tremendously huge trial, like Manson huge and I already know it.  I know a lot of things you may not. Much like Colette’s brother bill, I have followed every court filing since this became a thing and I was pretty young when this became a thing.  I have an accordion file stretched way past it’s limitations.  I have a couple of letters from people who worked with him who assure me he seemed like a completely normal human type person.  Oh, they totally believe he did it now, but they would not have bet on it back then.   I’ve got court transcripts, which cost a fucking fortune by the way even way back then. I cut a LOT of lawns to get those transcripts.

Renae, I know this is semi personal for you so if you would share what you know about him  outside of the I killed my whole family person it might be helpful but only if you are comfortable with that and we still love you no matter what. Also, if this is hard for you because you knew him I am really sorry.  Like sincerely because I would not hurt you on purpose for anything.   I get it.  It would be like mama going out and climbing a clock tower.  None of us would believe it cuz we know her.

Also I am running out of things to call Macfuckface which is a thing that has never happened before and scares me a little.

Okay, I’m going to go out of order for a minute because there are a few things I left out that you need to know.  First, the only blood found in the living room was one speck of blood that belonged to Kristen the youngest on his glasses and MacDoesn’tsatanwantthisfuckerbackyet swore on three separate occasions he was not wearing his glasses when he checked the children they had been lost during the EPIC struggle in the living room.  Blood drops, almost non existent but enough to type were found on the bathroom sink in front of the mirror where one might stand to insert say a scalpel in between a couple of ribs.  Blood type B.  I’ll let you figure out who had the B type blood.  It will make it more fun.  There were zero, none, nada, zip, keine, bila, blue fibres from the FEROCIOUS struggle found in the living room.  Oh that last one is Swahili just in case you were wondering. Same goes for club splinters.  Not a single one.  80 million in the master bedroom but none in the living room.  The lighting in the living room was such that it would have been impossible to see anything but silhouettes.  PERIOD.  stripes, colors, wigs, boots, BULLSHIT.  Didn’t happen.

Now, it is a very rare thing for a family of four to all have different blood types.  The CID said one in ten Thousand.   That sounded high so I checked. That statement is accurate.  And guess what.  Jeffy’s family happened to be that one in ten thousand.  All four people had different blood types and boy did the blood have a story to tell.  Even if Jeff wasn’t going to give it up, and he wasn’t. Not then, not now, not ever the blood did the talking and it had a most horrible story to tell.   We will get to that soon.  And yes I am avoiding it.

Here is a little factoid that not many people know.  Jeffy fucked around on Colette fourteen times that she knew about and I’m thinking number 15 was probably what made her whack him with that hairbrush and start the beginning of the end of her life.  Those 14 are not conjecture they are fact.

So instead of writing out a very complicated explanation of the blood analysis here is paul Stombaugh, the leader in the field  of blood analysis to do it for me because quite frankly I just don’t want to write it.

Let me know when you are done, I’ll wait.  I’m bawling right now, not gonna lie, can you imagine being this father and having to sit through this because he has no other purpose but to put his child’s murderer behind bars. If you believe in such things,  Freddy Kassab is in heaven now with his daughter and his grandchildren and his wife.  It was because of the single mindedness of this one man that they got him.

I’ll be back with more later, I’ll just let you digest what this man went through to get his daughters killer for a minute and I have to collect myself a bit.

RBMD hoping Jeffy dies of some incurable anal venereal disease that really fucking hurts and Peacing the fuck out




15 Responses to We Were Taking Pictures And She Just Fell Off The Cliff…Goddammit Wrong Trial Again…The Hippies Did It Part 5 Of Quite Possibly Infinity

  1. Raelene says:

    I always read your posts and look for them with much anticipation. Thank you for all your hard work and research to bring us accurate information.

  2. Linda Brunetto says:

    Wasn’t there a hair from a blond wig found?

  3. TrulyUSA says:

    Wow what a complete and total psycho. I love Freddy! Freddy for President! In heaven if need be, and if there is a heaven he is surely in it. I prefer to believe there is. No I could not have faced what he faced. It just goes to show, people are not what they appear to be many times. So always listen to that little voice inside you that says something is off here. Because something always is! I’m confused, with all this blood evidence, why didn’t the Army charge him?

    • TrulyUSA says:

      P.s., after recovering from your report and the blood splatter evidence video, I started calling him Jeff WacDaddyNo, but I just can’t right now…..

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        I got it covered truly. I am all kinds of imaginative when it comes to calling a fucktard a fucktard

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      They didn’t have it when they convened the article 32

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      They did not have the blood evidence during the article 32. One victor warheide had all of this dumped on his desk and once he heard Freddy out he got top people working on it to try and convict this fucker and that is where paul stombuagh came in.

  4. If I remember correctly, the cheating was written about in her diary…

  5. NO to the photos btw…but thats just me. Its a free world, and far be it from ME to hold it against ya. lol ❤

  6. spellbound4 says:

    Following/reading every post you write, RBMD! Just been too busy to put much extra time anywhere at the moment. Keep them coming.

  7. Mama Via says:

    I’m reading…but I updated you via an email what’s going on with me,,,just forgot to tell you I was keeping up here,,,

    Hi everyone,,,I’ll update y’all soon too!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Mama, got your email and just wow. I am so sorry for all the shit going on around your patch of earth right now but I am glad boo is at least normalizing. I love you and am thinking of you

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