While I Am Writing Part 8 Million Of The Colette Kimmie and Kristen All Got Murdered Saga Here Is Part Of A Horror Fiction I Am Working On.

So your queen would like to know what you think.




Mac sat with Wrath at a metal table bolted into a metal floor with artificial light being pumped in overhead. Mac perused the clinical surroundings that had housed his children for more than 2 decades and had one of his momentarily flashes of sadness that this was the way it had to be. It was a prison, a nice one but a prison non the less. I should have caught you after the Watkins case he started, stutter stepped and stopped. The Watkins case. For a moment all he saw was the blood. So much blood it was like an ocean had been let loose in the house Wrath had stormed. And that was before they started to find the limbs, and…then the things that had been instruments of torture to the children.   Wrath had been quite artistic in her placing of one ripped out penis into the mouth of its owner. A disgustingly obese man who smelled now of blood and bacon grease.

The Watkins had been part of a large ring of  pedophiles, something all of Delta but especially Wrath abhorred. Actually, it was the one thing guaranteed to send her completely into the abyss and it had. The government had counted on it. She went in alone and weaponless and she had saved nine terrified children. She sent Tobias to bring them out, she was covered in so much gore she was afraid she would scar them more than they were already scarred. Chunks of meat hung from her normally white hair, now bright red with gore, bits of skin clung to her claw like nails. There was still uneaten  flesh in her teeth. And she was still completely incensed and looking for something, anything to turn it on. Next he recalled the agents hustling towards her, double quick, shackles in hand and her waiting patiently, almost too patiently, completely motionless as they were attached to her. Shackles, manacles, belly chains. It was the same for them all.

The others had fought the first few times, and caused a serious amount of very grievous injuries until Wrath had calmly spoken one word. Enough. As one they had stopped. Wrath had never fought. She alone understood the rules of this particular game and she was happy to go along. The chains were to make the handlers feel like they were safe. Delta belonged to the government and they were the most dangerous things on the planet. They had been part of a…selective breeding program for lack of a better term, and they could, would and did kill anything that they were pointed at. They had tracking chips, and poison capsules encased in light metal implanted in their bodies just in case and the only time they were free of their chains was when they were at home or when they were working. She had disabled the poisons 20 years ago not that she figured it would have done much anyway, and the machine still said they were in fine functioning order. She could have mentally unlocked all of the chains any time she wanted to. The fact was she just didn’t want to. She did not see the point. It was not time to go to ground, she would know when that time came and it wasn’t yet.


7 Responses to While I Am Writing Part 8 Million Of The Colette Kimmie and Kristen All Got Murdered Saga Here Is Part Of A Horror Fiction I Am Working On.

  1. TrulyUSA says:

    This is very intriguing! You definitely got the hook in and now I want to read more.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Well, today is The gun accidentally went off when I was cleaning it, I mean the hippies did it, but I will post more at a later time if you want. It’s almost done. I’ve been writing it for about three years.

  2. reallybigmeandog says:

    I’m hoping truly. I’m really hoping. I will post more on the days when I have to do research for this and then the next blog which is another oldie but goodie, back before gangster rap and all that bullshit. Robert Oakley Marshall is going to be the next one. He is another one I can recite in my head but have an accordion file on. Piece of shit. Do you know who Richard Kuklinski is? He was a hitman, an extremely talented one. I would happily sit down and have dinner with him because while he obviously never advertised what he did, he admitted it immediately when he was caught and made no bones about it. It is these misogynistic duplicitous bastards that I have a hard time with. An honest murderer, talk to me about it. Lie like a mother fucker, you are a piece of shit.

    • TrulyUSA says:

      I haven’t heard of him but honestly, you were the catalyst that got me started liking and following trials, so my experience is only with fairly recent trials. But yeah, I’m into it!

  3. reallybigmeandog says:

    Oh and just in case anyone was wondering. wonder no longer. Your queen is back.

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