A Bushy Haired Stranger Just Shot My Kids…Sorry that’s Dianne Downs. The Hippies Did It Part 8



Hello my lovelies.  Your Dean of fuckery, doctor of doctoring, horse whisperer, honorary DVM, pretend judge, writer of enviable amicus briefs, dog lactation consultant, purveyor of written motions that should be allowed in court because mine are way more fun, author of the big book of words and Queen of all I survey is not amused.  I had this post more than three quarters of the way written.   I saved it, left to go check a couple of facts, came back and guess what?  I’ll wait…THE ENTIRE FUCKING BLOG WAS GONE.  Seriously, this is like the third time this has happened to different posts.  Remember back to the stabby one I lost four times?  Word Press seriously needs to deal with some shit because I discovered something else about WordPress the other day which I will talk about later.  It takes me a lot of hours to write these blogs and when I know I saved it and then it is just gone really pisses me off.

Anyway, enough bitching about that for now, on with the show.

When we last left the shit show  Brian Murtagh had been accidentally stabbed during a courtroom display in which he and Jim Blackburn were trying to show that the perfectly cylindrical holes in the pyjama top would not have been possible if the top had been wrapped around MacFuckhead’s hands and being used as a shield as he had sworn too since the beginning of the most unbelievable story ever told took shape.  Not only did the pyjama end up with ragged tears, Brian ended up stabbed, another thing that had never happened to Jeffy.  Not one single defensive wound on his fingers, hands or forearms. Not so much as a scratch, while Brian had received a fairly significant wound during a relatively controlled experiment for the jury.  It spoke volumes and the jury did not miss it.

The people were winding up their case.  Paul Stombaugh was now up on the stand and he explained the blood evidence to the jury.  It was damning evidence.  And it came as close as anybody ever would to explaining the movements inside of castle drive that evening.  The Jury paid rapt attention.  With the conclusion of Stombaughs testimony the people rested and court was adjourned for the day.

Bernard had managed to locate a woman by the name of Helena Stokely, or what was left of her after one too many dances with the magic dragon.  She was a complete burnout, but she was a hippie, she had been known to wear a blonde wig on occasion and she was in the vicinity of castle drive the evening of the murders.  Hey, one hippie was better than no hippies and this one was possibly malleable enough to be convinced to testify that she had been inside the residence.   He brought her in for a deposition and she told him she was aware of the murders (as was everyone else on the planet pretty much) and that she knew where the Macfuckoffanddie residence was.  She said a friend of hers had showed it to her one day bitching that the doctor that lived there wouldn’t give him any methadone.  Macfamilyanihilator was kind of a you got yourself in you get yourself out kind of guy when it came to drugs apparently.  Pretty hypocritical for somebody that was taking enough amphetamines that he was worried about how fast it would clear his system.  Bernie hammered her saying she didn’t have to say she did anything but hold a candle but she needed to admit she was there.  Not only was she adamant that she was not present when Siegal threw the crime scene photos in front of her face she told him there was no way somebody on acid did that.  Her next sentence as recorded by Joe McGinnis well before he ever found the notes on the speed were, “maybe somebody on speed, did they check him for drugs.”  Now she could have probably been sworn as an expert witness on drugs so that was a pretty telling thing to say.  Bernie wisely decided not to call her as a witness.

Bernie decided it was time to start prepping Jeffy for his testimony.  Jeffy was slightly agitated.  He had not been thrilled with the jury he had paid an expert to help seat, and he felt he was being challenged when Bernie told him he planned on showing the jury a family, not just a bunch of crime scene photos but he wanted them to feel a living breathing  family.  Jeffy asked Bernie if he was saying he had to convince the jury he was innocent.  Bernie tried to stem the volcano that was about to erupt by telling Jeffy that he thought they could rest now and win, but he didn’t want to take the chance of one hold-out juror making them do it all again.  At this point Jeffy amped up a little and began spiking questions about which juror Bernie thought it would be, the beady eyed one, the one that keeps looking at him like the juror is the grand dragon of the KKK and Jeff was a black guy dating his daughter.  Bernie tried another tack, telling him he understood he was angry but to take it easy on attacking the army and probably muttering under his breath that his big mouth is what had got him into this in the first place.  Jeff became sarcastic.  Bernie got made and made the error of reminding Jeffy that this is exactly how Woerheide had gotten under his skin at the grand jury.  Jeffy flipped his shit and in front of his entire legal team he started screaming at Bernie to never mention Victor Woerheide.  He’s a Nazi, He’s a goddamn Nazi he screamed at everybody before he realized this probably didn’t look good.  He got himself under control and took a deep breath before turning to face Bernie.  Okay he said calmly I will take everything you have said under advisement. (read: I’m totally gonna ignore you and do whatever I want anyway because I’m smarter than they are).    I have some advice for you.  That pony I bought the girls that one Christmas that every single person who has testified has talked about? ” Take it easy on the pony Bernie, after all the character witnesses, if the jury hears about that pony one more time they are gonna puke.”  Spoiler alert, they didn’t puke.

Jeffy showed nothing but contempt when he was crossed by Jim Blackburn and his contempt was very noticeable to everyone, especially the jury.  His pure, unadulterated hatred of Brian Murtagh was also pretty clear.

Fun fact, Jeff MacDonald could not work up a tear during the entire trial even while looking at the beat and stabbed to death pictures of his children.

It took the jurors only a little over 7 hours to come back with a verdict.  Guilty of second degree murder for Colette and Kimmie, and first degree for Kristen because the theory put forth by the prosecution that it was possible Colette had been an accident and Kimmie had been collateral damage, but Kristen had been killed on purpose to support his alibi was believed by the jury.

Here is what I believe.  Colette and he got into an argument about something, likely the parade of women that Colette was aware of and not being stupid she probably put it together  that there was no boxing trip to Russia.  At some point I believe she whacked him one with the hairbrush.  Overtired from the speed, being on speed, being sick of the wife and kids and fury that she would deign to actually hit him, Jeffy lost his shit and likely punched her square in the face.  Her nose and mouth were busted opened and while that could have come from the club later, I think he punched her.  The bent Geneva forge knife was in the bedroom being used as a paint scraper and I think Colette probably grabbed it to try and protect herself and that is when things went sideways.  He grabbed the piece of timber, hit her with it and that is when kimmie came in to see what al the screaming was from.  I think he caught her with a backswing because he didn’t know she was standing there and he killed her.  And that is when he knew he was either going to jail forever and ever or he was going to have to make up a story and hope that the army bought it.  Unfortunately for those that may have still been saved, he went with option two.  He put Kimmie back where she was supposed to be, he went and killed Kristen, he made sure Colette was good and dead and then he stabbed himself and called for help. Had he not felt the need to start a media tour on how stupid the army was he probably would have gotten away with it.  It was his own hubris that got the case reopened.  Freddy was the one who sealed the deal, but it was his own statements that started the ball rolling.

So that’s it, other than the leftovers.  He has appealed a staggering number of times.  They are all available to view online.  He has married a bridge troll named Kathryn.  They managed to steal most of the money Perry left to Jay “because Jay couldn’t handle money.”  He sued Joe McGinnis and they settled.  He ended up making way less money than he would have if he had let McGinnis alone.  I find that tidbit absolutely delicious.

That’s it kids.  The horrible tale of a green beret who should have never ever been married.  God help his wife if he ever gets out of prison.

Next up, until I find  something current to amuse us all with is going to be Robert Oakley Marshall, who had his wife killed.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.



12 Responses to A Bushy Haired Stranger Just Shot My Kids…Sorry that’s Dianne Downs. The Hippies Did It Part 8

  1. renaes24 says:

    Am I missing something? Who is Perry and who is Jay?

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Perry was MacDonalds Mom and Jay was his brother. About three back I think.
      Hai Renae. Whatcha doin? Come play scrabble or something.

  2. Jane says:

    I am really enjoying your stories. Thank you

  3. Mama Via says:

    Good Morning…

    I’ve got something to rant about this morning about…I’ve just “almost” calmed down after trump
    referred to Haitians and African countries being “Shithole” countries…then…Hawaii had an “alert” — “this is NOT A DRILL” alert, that lasted 38 minutes…Hawaiians and supposedly tourists, scrambled for safety, while trump happily waddled his fat body back and forth to his over stressed golf-cart as he chased his tiny balls from hole to hole. Here we are, Monday morning, and every African Nation and Haiti have demanded an apology from our “so-called president”….Hawaii has YET to hear a word from trump about their nuclear “drill”, or where it came from…AND…while we are on the topic of “States Filled With Minorities Who Didn’t Vote For trump”…are we all aware that Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017….and more than 50% of Puerto Rico’s population STILL DOESNT HAVE ELECTRICITY AND POTABLE WATER??? (It’s ok, it’s just a SHITHOLE COUNTRY, RIGHT?). They do know that the death toll has been more than 1000…but they may NEVER know the true numbers! Much of the water that CAN be found is TOXIC or CONTAMINATED with human waste!

    What do Hawaii & Puerto Rico, Haiti & African Nations have in common?
    1) Brown people
    2) No trump Properties.
    Now, you figure THAT out for your self!!!

    Our wonderful “so-called president” when speaking to PM Ema Solberg said that he would like to see “more Norwegians immigrating to the U.S.”

    PM Solberg just smiled and nodded…as all good PMs should…but a very good friend of mine, who lives in Norway wrote this:
    “Today, Norway is one of the richest countries in the world, we will not give up on our cradle-to-grave welfare. Our parental leave is a generous year, kindergarten is cheap, and our higher education is free. Health care is also free for every Norwegian citizen. Our society strives to be tolerant. Every political party promotes liberal values, gender equality and human rights. The plumber´s son goes to school with the CEO´s daughter, and social mobility is high. Hence, our leaders have diverse backgrounds and anyone could meet the NATO secretary general skiing in the woods or our Prime Minister at the supermarket doing her own grocery shopping.”
    The United Nations named Norway the “happiest country in the world” last year. The US came in 14th place.

    The times that were so difficult in the 1800s that Scandinavians were fleeing their home countries and settling the Wild West. Mostly Swedes, Danes and Norwegians, due to similar cultures, they tended to settle near one another and then intermarry, much as the Swiss and Swedes did, in a different migration flow. Now, Norway sits on HUGE oil reserves.(Norway?? Yep!) And they are a MAJOR oil producer and have a GIANT pension fund worth over $1 TRILLION. The fund (one of the largest in the world) is used to divvy out pensions and other government expenses. (Like free health care, free schooling kindergarten thru college) Norway has a 4% unemployment rate, but, unlike the US, unemployment payments, disability payments, pension payments, etc, all have Cost Of Living Allowances.

    So, Donnie, before you start dreaming about beautiful Aryan children dancing in your dreams…you will have to get Universal Health Care, Universal Education, Insure a Better Tomorrow by Signing the Paris Climate Agreement and do a LOT MORE RESEARCH on NORWAY than you OBVIOUSLY DID NOT DO!

    Good LORD! Even I could be a better PRESIDENT than you are faking it to be…hell, I get up at 9! AND I don’t THROW MY CLOTHES ON THE FLOOR! I don’t CARE if you THINK that the WhiteHouse is a DUMP!
    WE RESPECT IT! If you want to eat burgers in bed…do that at YOUR HOUSE…NOT THE WHITEHOUSE!!! YOU are a GUEST THERE…NOT THE OWNER!!!

    Ok…I gotta go drink some milk….and calm down…

    Sent from Out in Left Field

    • TrulyUSA says:

      I am also appalled. I have some friends, brown ones, in Kenya, near Kibera. It is a very poor area. These young men I am helping when I can are educated, moral, and amazing. They live in poverty, both are orphans, but they wish to help the other younger orphans go to school and have a chance at life. They help orphans get money for school — there is no free education there. They know that education is their only ticket out of poverty. I love these young men, they give me hope for the world. I spoke to them on facebook over the weekend and they are asking why my President calls them a shit hole country and why if he does not like them, can’t he just do what he wants and not put them down? They are trying! I felt so bad, I told them they are better than he is! They have more value than he does and for them to never forget that power is not what makes a man great. Power is what corrupts a man. They understand. My heart bleeds –

      • Mama Via says:

        Truly.. .your young friends, even as uneducated as they are, are smarter than the man who attempts to put them down! That man is nothing but an empty shell…yes, he SAYS he has a lot of money…but what (money) he (says he) has is either inherited, or ill-gotten…and for a man with morals and scruples, that is no way to live. (Compare him to Bill Gates, and his contributions to Better the World) For trump, there will eventually be a price to be paid…a payment that you and I may never live to see…because not all payments are made here on earth, not all payments are meant for us to see!

        As an example, one of the most “proud-filled” men I’ve ever known, always set himself up as being so very wise and all knowing. He “talked down” to his three daughters, called them “stupid” “worthless” and “idiots”. He never supported them in anything they attempted. Yet, somehow, they all became Registered Nurses. This man developed Parkinson’s Disease. He slowly lost all control over all his neurological function. He couldn’t brush his teeth, couldn’t feed himself…and eventually…he had to rely on diapers for hos bodily functions. His wife moved him into a long term care facility…and the nurses on duty were his very own daughters. This man had “Locked In Syndrome”, he was to the point where his muscles wouldn’t respond when he wanted to speak. His muscles wouldn’t respond even if he wanted to protest one of his daughters changing his diapers! But, I knew this man…and I knew his daughters…I knew that they did their jobs, not only as professionals…but also with love and concern and caring…..
        In my heart…I know that the man was DEEPLY HUMILIATED by being brought down. I know that for a while he was angry with God! But…I also know…at the end…he had learned his life lesson….he went from a man so full of pride that he could only see the world thru his own eyes…and, at the end, he saw the world thru his daughters eyes…he saw how lucky he was to have such loving daughters who would put their lives on hold to care for him.

        You must tell those young men to keep doing their good work…that education is the only key to everything, it is the essential key to freedom. You must tell them that trump doesn’t hate them as much as much as he hates himself. He is self destructive, looking for a way out of the mess he has made for himself. He never intended to WIN the election…his intent was to LOSE…and to be the THORN in the side of the DEMOCRATIC party for the next four years, like he was for the Obama Administration. Only worse, because he & Putin had a “plan”…every single one of trump’s screw ups he has thought would get him OUT…but, the Republicans keep taking up for him…that’s why each one has gotten even more outlandish than the one before! (As he is calling some countries s***hole, he’s openly trying to get Norwegians to come in? (SHADES OF HITLER!). “No, I’m not a RAIST! I’m the LEAST racist of ALL the Presidents EVER!”

        That trump is president is the South’s (or the Racist’s) answer to Obama being president for 8 years. The reason trumps “base” likes him is beause he is undoing everything Obama did.

        When Obama was elected, I was so happy…I thought “At LAST! All that BS from the 30s 40s & 50s is gone! The1964 Civil Rights Act is more than just a piece of paper, it’s a way of life! We CAN be judged by “the content of our hearts, not the color of our skin”! Making trump president pushed America back 50 years!

        Which is what Jeff Sessions wanted…

    • renaes24 says:

      There is a “Trump Waikiki” in Honolulu. (Now, to be fair, I think it is just one of his ‘name’ branded things…….but still.) Other than that: SPOT ON

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      I keep telling you mama. Just come to Canada. We have cookies. And all that other stuff too, except free post secondary education and we ARE working on it. Thank God because Bug would not be going to college otherwise. And we are a pretty tolerant people. And polite, Did I mention polite? Except me, I’m not polite, but I’m an immigrant so maybe that’s why. Scots are not known for their even tempers after all! Also I think I mentioned you could be president and then the dead donkey came up and stuff. Just sayin.

      • Mama Via says:

        If I could get papa to leave….and…if I could pick up my house in situ….and bring it with…would the cookies bother my diabetes up there in Canada? Just wondering….

        First off, apologies to all of those reading who are southerners…I’m not referring to any of you…sadly, too many of the “elderly crew” down here…perhaps it’s just florida and Alabama, I don’t know…maybe it’s just 70 year old men from Florida, I don’t know…but I am so flipping sick of this racist bullship coming from them I could just spit bullets!

        A person I am related to is bi-racial…1/2 white & 1/2 Asian; he calls himself “white”. He is a Trump Supporter (kinda like athletic supporter! Ha!) any way, he is so dumb that he doesn’t seem to understand that TRUMP (if he ever took a moment to actually LOOK at him) would not SEE a white guy; trump would see black hair, black eyes, dark skin, slanted eyes = NOT WHITE! Now, I don’t really want to go out of my way to bring reality to his door…why should I burst his bubble? He married a nice German lady many years ago…and all his children have his eyes and skin and hair and are “ethnic”…and, I might add, VERY, VERY, VERY SMART! How do I tell him that if he keeps this “trump will be elected to a 3rd and 4th term”…and, let’s just, for the sake of discussion say it did happen…with all that trump has dismantled, albeit, quietly, in the past year…if he were allowed to “rule” 16 years…I don’t see too much difference between trump now and how Hitler was during his first years as Chancellor! I want this man to see that not only is trump is RACIST, but this man’s own children’s futures would be in danger under such a man.

        A few of you are old enough to remember “whites only” water fountains, that buses has “Whites Only” & Colored Only sections, and so did Soda Fountains and restaurants. (When they came up with “Smoking Sections” in restaurants, I thought it ironic that we were relegated to the former “Colored Only” sections!
        A few can remember (especially if you lived in California) that Sammy Davis, Jr and a LOT of FINE black entertainers & performers played Las Vegas in the 50s & early 60s. Davis was at the Frontier Casino, as THE Headliner, but, he couldn’t STAY at the Frontier, he couldn’t gamble, eat or drink at the Frontier…he stayed at a rooming house on the west side of town. He didn’t have a dressing room there, either; (like the white entertainers did) he, and other black entertainers hung out at the pool during breaks, because “coloreds” weren’t allowed in…the same went for the Sands, Flamino, Sahara, & Dunes! He began refusing gigs at any casinos that enforced that policy but the 1964 Civil Rights Act changed all that. (It prohibited unequal application of voter registration requirements, racial segregation in schools, employment, and public accommodations. Signed into law by LBJ)

        I don’t want to return to that.

        And I despise that trump’s “so-called brain” seems to think that anyone not blonde haired and blue-eyed is somehow inferior to “white people”.

        Now, for trump’s lie of the day…when he married Melania…the tabloids stated that “the Donald” was 6’ .5” tall…that was about 10-12 years ago…his New York driver’s license says he’s 6’2” tall, and his political bio and his health bio state that he is now at the amazing height of 6’3” tall…folks this is the most flecking amazing thing I have ever heard of! He must be eating TWEETIEES, OR SOMETHING! Old people, especially the ELDERLY, USUALLY SHRINK…Renae, our resident RN can confirm my theory…but, amazing as this sounds…between marring Melania and running for President, trump grew an amazing two and one half inches! AMAZING!!

        And, it’s a good thing…because, at 240 pounds, his BMI went from “morbidly obese” to just “obese”….but, what do you expect, when dinner consists of two Big Macs, 2 Filet o Fish, Biggie Fries AND a Diet Coke…(12 Diet Cokes a day!)

        He rises promptly at 11 am…followed by a two hour lunch…followed by 5 full hours of “Executive Time” in the Oval, and he is in bed with the aforementioned 2 Big Macs, 2 Filet o Fish, Fries and Diet Coke promptly at 6:30 pm. Being president is SUCH a HARD JOB! (Some of us are VERY HAPPY that he REALLY DOESNT WORK ANY HARDER, HONEST! There are just so many allies he can piss off and NOT START WORLD WAR III!!!!)

        Ok, so while we wait for Renae to tell us exactly HOW a 70 year old man can grow 2 1/2 inches in just a few years…
        I also want to know if I can expect my own “growth spurt” VERTICAL not HORIZONTAL) to kick in soon…I’ve got the tic toc going here…I don’t have long till I get to that magic number of 70 and my brains ooze out my ears while I’m sleeping…

        Promise me, Ladies…that when I really LOSE IT…you’ll tell me…gently, please…it could hurt my feelings if you tell me I’m becoming a trumpet…

      • renaes24 says:

        In THEORY, it could happen if he hung upside down (like a bat) for about 12-16 hours a day (might also explain his brain being flooded too). The theory goes that in hangin that way (those funny boots over a horizontal pole), the spaces between vertebra enlarge therefore adding height. IT has NEVER been proven to work as no one has been able to hang, bat-like, for all those hours. It would be too difficult for cardiac and pulmonary function…….and I don’t even want to think about the urinary tract or the colon.
        Other than that: somebody got some ‘splaining to do because nothing our first C**T could do would cause a growth like that. The only thing she could do is cause him to need penicillin.

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