This Has ZERO To Do With Any Trial, But I Am So Angry I Am On Vibrate; So You Get To Hear About It.

February 1, 2018

Hello my lovelies.  Your Dean of Fuckery/Doctor of Doctoring/ Dog Lactation Consultant/Honorary DVM/Horse Whisperer/ Animal Midwife/ Resident Sarcasm Expert/ Owner of One Contract of Indentured Servitude and Queen of all I survey is here and boy am I pissed.

For anyone new to the party, or anyone that just did not know, I am a huge proponent of rights for animals.  No I don’t mean that everyone should cease to eat meat simply because we have to kill something in order to do that.  Killing and eating things is unfortunately part of being a carnivore and being part of the food chain.  That being said, while an animal is alive, I do strongly believe that in exchange for the lives they are going to have to forfeit, it is our DUTY to make sure that they are as comfortable and happy as we can make them until that time comes.

In grade four we had to do speeches.  I loved speeches.  You were allowed to choose any topic and while mine generally went well left of weird, this one year a blurb at the bottom of page 2 of the paper caught my eye.  It was about a harp seal hunt.  This is something that goes on in Canada and is our greatest shame as a people as far as I am concerned.

Harp seal hunting is barbaric.  They beat baby seals (white coats they are called) to death with a club so someone can have a fashion accessory.  The industry will tell you that the meat goes to indigenous tribes, and while that is at least partly true, the entire truth is that SOME of the meat goes to indigenous people but most of them are just left in the blood soaked snow to decompose or be scavenged.  Baby harp seals are beautiful things with the softest sweetest eyes you will ever find on an animal and they don’t know to fear man so they don’t even try to get away.  When people with hearts first started to be outraged they were told it was population control, and then they went with keeping the population healthy and finally it’s part of native culture.  The native culture thing is the only thing that is not an outright lie and that is only partly true.  For the tribes where the harp seals are, yes they do eat them, but for the number killed each member of each family would have to consume three entire seals a day for that to be a completely true statement.

Now I do believe in sustenance hunting and have had to do it in order to make sure my family was fed. Every time I have ever had to do it, I have lost a little piece of myself.  Every time I have killed an animal  I cry for a very long time, even though I have never made a bad shot and I know that were it not for the meat I hade just killed we would go hungry.  I still cry.  Not like tears roll down my face, I look at that beautiful thing that was alive 20 minutes ago and I bawl like a baby.  Why?  Because I had to take that life in order to save my own.  That is not an exaggeration, for a couple of years there, we ate a lot of deer, and squirrel, and rabbit.

So, Harp seals are what made me start looking at what corporations and just general assholes do in order to make money off of creatures that would otherwise be left unmolested.  I eventually got to Cetaceans and Great Apes.  Yes one is land and one is sea, the common denominator is intelligence.

Humans seem to think we are the most intelligent creatures on the planet.  This is something I have never believed.  I have seen to much to believe for a second that is true.  We are intelligent animals, but so are whales, dolphins, parrots, all of the great apes, all monkeys, most dogs, big cats, and elephants.  These are the ones with intelligence on par with ours.  Just because we cannot understand their language does not mean that the intelligence is not there.

So I saw a thing about Orca’s on one of the groups I belong to.  The Orca had figured out how to manipulate its tongue in order to form a handful of words that were understandable to humans.  It did not say who commissioned the study, but I will bet you right now that it was Sea World, because Sea World has a vested interest in keeping Orcas in captivity.

Before we go any farther I’d like to share an experience I had.  When the Valdez went down carrying enough oil to kill about a billion animals I felt that I needed to be in Alaska doing whatever I could to help.  I had a wonderful job that I was very good at.  I went to my boss and told her what was going on and that there was no way I could just stay back and live my life and not do anything.  I asked for a leave of absence and barring that I told her I would have to quit.  She asked me to give her a night to think about it and the next day she presented me with a plane ticket, wished me good luck and told me my job would be here when I got back.  I was in no way prepared for what I walked into when I got to the staging area once I arrived.  I was first moved by the amount of people that had dropped everything to come help.  Biologists, veterinarians who represented almost every country in the world, boat captains who had turned around mid fishing season to come help tow animals in and out as needed, actual physicians, nurses, every branch of the military had representatives and the rest of us.  I had brought every medication my boss could think of that might be useful and there I was in the middle of possibly the worst marine life disaster in the history of ever.  I started with washing small sea mammals and birds.  Dawn donated thousands of gallons of soap to help get the oil off.  Every one we saved we all would give a little victory whoop but for every one we saved, there were thirty that were already dead.  While on the beach about 3 days in, approximately since a lot of us were doing 24 on and about 4 off to sleep.  So that day the sun had been up for about an hour and we could see the dorsal of an orca coming close to shore.  We had no idea she was pushing her calf, it just looked like gouts of oil being moved ahead of her.  Not till she got to where the drop off was did anyone notice the little calf.  Most of the vets were convinced it was dead.  I wasn’t so sure.  I asked two of the guys I’d made friends with if they would wade in and see and they did and that calf was still alive but in a lot of trouble.  The marine biologists ran in then and the cow orca backed off and waited basically pacing while they tried to save her calf.  It took them hours but the little bull orca lived.  He lived.  We kept him in a holding pen that night and mama paced back and forth all night and talked to her baby in this ultra low rumble like she was telling him everything was going to be OK.  They were reunited two days later.  Mama stuck her head out of the water and stared at the two marine biologists that had worked feverously to help him and she made this high pitched clicky sound before she and her baby swam away.  We all talked about it at chow that night and every scientist in the room agreed that whale had brought her baby to us on purpose.  I volunteered that she must have been watching us helping the other animals and figured out for herself we were her best chance.  There was a rumble of agreement and a lively debate about it but the consensus was that I was right.  There was no other explanation that worked.   She had the intelligence to figure out we were trying to save the animals not hurt them and she worked out we would try and do the same for her baby.  For the remainder of our stay I saw her about 30 feet off the dropoff every day.  She and her baby and the rest of her pod.  She was the only one that always stuck her face out of the water and hung there for a minute so we were sure to see her.  She did that till the day we left.

Now, back to sea world and why they, and circuses and any other sick fucks that use animals to line there pockets need to go out of business.  This whole whales can talk thing is absolutely fascinating.  Where it belongs is in a scientific paper not plastered all over social media so that they have a reason to keep keeping animals for the benefit of “research now since the backlash of captive cetaceans has placed them in a very bad spot.

I understand  the thinking behind not turning captive born animals loose because they would likely die.  Likely because they would have no pod to be returned to.  It still makes me just as ill.  I was heartened by the moratorium on breeding any more captive whales.  This little tidbit of social media sensation however is in my opinion a way to try and get the public backlash from the whole Tilikum finally went insane thing to blow over and for the average person to go but, but, but they can study whales to see if anymore can be taught to talk.  So I have come up with a solution.  Have at er sea world.  If you want to do research you fill your lying, money grubbing boots.  However, those whales are never to be shown to the public for money. You can show them speaking as part of your research but you are not allowed to charge for it. Trust me, if that is the case the talking whale program will come to a grinding halt because this as in every other thing is not about information, it is about money. Speaking of which, if you don’t like whales in captivity, speak with your fucking wallet. That is all these rich fucks understand.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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