June 30, 2018

Sorry to disappoint but I haven’t died or been arrested or been hit by a truck or any of the things that those special little snowflakes were hoping for.  Life quite simply has gotten in my way much to my chagrin.

My puppy Ted E Bear, being a puppy peed the floor one evening.  I have linoleum and I refuse footwear.  It makes my feet feel icky.  So if you can imagine that old cartoon where one slips on a banana peel it was kind of like that.  Problem being old bones have a tendency to break.  And boy did they.  I figured I’d just muscle through like always but by day four my pain level was worse than childbirth so I knew I’d broke something.  Turns out it was somethings.  Broke two ribs and cracked one.  Because of puppy pee, and if you don’t see the humor than you just don’t have a funny bone.  I was taken out by puppy pee.  So I went to the hospital where I should by now have my own wing and they checked my bladder since they apparently get injured during flatback falls sometimes and then did x-rays and showed me the results.  I broke them real good.

We also had a tornado which was SO FREAKING AWESOME.  Of course I didn’t lose anything so lots less awesome for some of my closer neighbors.  I got me some chickens and a crazy rooster named bud the stud because he thinks he is all that and a bag of chips.  I wanted to show him (yes you can show poultry) but bud is nuts as a bag of cashews.  He will try and kill you and he fucking means it.  I also got a couple of rabbits and I’m gonna get some goats because I need them to conjure Satan.  Just kidding…or am I?

Panzer, my sons dog took a torsion and died Tuesday night and it crushed him.  There was nothing the vet could do but put her down.

things are still pretty much the same for me.  I just missed you all and thought I’d give you a quick this is what’s going on.  Your president is still an asshole who is now a kidnapper. you must be proud.

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