A Change Of Fortunes

October 27, 2018

Hello my loyal subjects, tis me, your wayward queen back for some startling news updates.

So in a nutshell I don’t do people.  I am agoraphobic (and yes I know most of you know), and Have severe PTSD and Battered spouse syndrome (and again I know most of you know.

I got extremely depressed about the house maybe being taken and went way into my head for a bit.  I find interesting things there sometimes and I found me a doozy this time.  I can work with animals, actually went to school for it.  Animal Sciences for the win.

Just for shits and giggles I applied for a job at a pig farm that was not supposed to start till December as support staff.  So I got an email back asking if I was aware of that and said yes and asked how many people worked there and when I was told I was shocked at the amount of people and was about to politely nope out when she says how would you feel about running a swine farm elsewhere.  I asked if anyone else worked there and they said nope, nuh uh, it would just be me till the barn was full then I could hire someone or they would provide someone my choice according to my contract.

I know a lot about Swine.  Swine helped pay for my house actually.  There are a lot of new diseases than there were in the 80’s and 90’s but it is basically same shit different day.  So I said I would interview.  I took a Lot of anti-anxiety medication for that interview.

I was genuinely pleased to meet to of the nicest people you could just randomly meet.  I gave them the rundown of what I know about pigs, about dealing with the government, about rules and regulations and I thought it went well.  Then they asked if I wanted to see the farm and of course I did so we went.  45 minutes from my house to here.  they had weaners in the barn already so somebody was having to make two trips a day to check on them.  I thought the interview went well, I was a little concerned because everything in the barn was built for tall people and I’m 4’11.  I need a stick to reach some of the light switches.  Plus I’m sure the thought of how I was going to move a 200kg downer crossed their minds.  I’m brilliant that is how.

It was between me and another guy and I assumed they would go with the guy just because more muscle and he was way taller than me.

I have to tell you, I cried when they called and told me they would love to offer me the position.  I could not say yes fast enough.  Oh and the job comes with a house.  An enormous house.  so I just walk outside to my work every day.

Got everything moved finally, got a bin for the garbage and for the roofing shingles that are coming off next week so the roof can be done, then I am renovating the house I own and selling it to pay my back taxes and  investing the rest.

the work is very physical and I am tired and sore and you have not lived until you have been hog bitten.  That really hurts.  I have also cut myself on a piece of metal inside a feeder and gotten more rips and tears in my skin than I care to count and it is all worth it.

Farming is in my blood and even when I hate it I love it.

Love and miss you all

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