Robert Oakly Marshall…fuck I just can’t with that name thinks he is more intelligent than the Louisiana police.

July 20, 2019

So everybody figured out right quick that the driver doesn’t get smacked with a tire iron and the wife gets shot. Twice.  Unless of course it was on purpose.  So the police started doing what police do and sooner rather than later they discovered about a hundred billion phone calls to a hardware store in Louisiana.  Maybe he was going fishing lets give him the benefit of the doubt for now.  Oddly enough that just happens to be where good ole Ferlin spent an awful lot of time.  There were another hundred million phone calls to felize of slut fame.  He wuved her.  He couldn’t live without her.  Even Ferlin who had absolutely decided he could milk this cow for a long time but he wasn’t killing that angelic woman.  Why not divorce her asked Ferlin.  Robert explained his dire financial problems and told him about the millions in insurance money he carried on his wife.  Selling tool he said.  Well Ferlin continued to milk the cow but word got back to someone that took umbrage with the fact that hitmen of Louisiana local 197 was not being represented so he told Ferlin he was taking over.  Ferlin was in a pickle.  He absolutely did not want Maria to die, he said even just from a picture he could tell she was a wonderful person, but money had been paid and the contract was due.  Enter ricky dunlap.  Ricky checked out the turnoff that Rob was supposed to take and approved the site and the plan was put into action. She got dead, Rob got Robbed of his 12000 which paid the contract in full Ferlin got PTSD.

Rob broke the news to his sons like he was ordering a burger with extra ketchup.  And of course his boys believed the story for a while.  Even after they found out about felize.  Hell they were to busy dealing with burying their mother and all the vultures that descend wanting clothes and knickknacks and whatever else they could escape with.  The second robbery.  Maria had nice things and the community wanted those things and Robby and Chris spent most of their time at the wake yelling at people to put stuff back.  Uncle Sal was there doing his best to help the boys.  Tessie MacBride had showed up and appeared to not be leaving.  She said she was staying to help with the boys, she was a family friend (and I use the term loosely).  She hated Sal and did everything in her considerable power to keep the boys away from him.

That is when the police started to show up pretty much everywhere.  Jobs, homes, stripmalls, you name it they showed up and they had warrants for everybody.


Tomorrow follow the lady there she is

RBMD peacing the fuck out


Blind Faith part 2 or Goddamn someone sue Bell because telephones got him arrested

July 20, 2019

So where were we?  Oh yeah tire felt weird gunshot wound to the head tire iron. The wife the kids the car it’s all coming back to me.  They found 31 calls to a hardware store in shrievport home of one ferland Leroux.  Funny how some random guy got 31 phone calls at a hardware store.  Now Ferlands friend who doesn’t want to give murder for hire a bad name ricky Dunlap decided to do the deed himself.  Ricky Dunlap was exactly what he appeared to be.  Now rob the insurance salesman had hella denero on the life of his wife.

Enter Feliz Richmond.  The only person surprised was Rob and he was shocked everyone knew and everybody knew.  the mailman, the bank tellers, his boys, his uncle sal.  The whole fucking place knew. Kids in the next county knew.  So he throws that into the face of the grieving boys, there hasn’t even been a funeral yet and the youngest boy is 10 years old.  Then his friend Sal who is a decent man and is trying very hard to help the boys goes to yell er I mean talk to Robert O Marshall who is crying.  Sal thinks this might be a turning point.  The shock has finally set in that his wife is dead and he could have been but nope he’s bawling because he can’t see felize.  Sal leaves disgusted telling the boys if they need him they know where he is.

Part three will be titled cops are not dumb, not even in Louisiana

RBMD peacing the fuck out

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