Oh Good. We Have Another Crazy Who Cleans Up After The Crime

July 26, 2019

Hello my lovelies.  It is your fearless queen back from the trenches of internet hell where signals keep dropping and I get every other word sometimes.

This may turn out to be the most boring murder trial in the history of ever.  She is clearly quilty, the defense hasn’t thrown up one objection except for one calls for speculation.  The judge I am pretty positive is a kids party clown or a cowboy on his days off.  He is the happiest Judge I have ever seen.  Also just for your edification the microphone is adjustable.  I heard that about eleventy billion times today.

First up was Liuetenant Carr was first up today.  He described the scene and then we discovered he has a bloodhound nose since he could smell decomp through a locked door.  He picked said lock with a screw driver and found dead dad covered with a comforter. He had a gunshot wound to the head.  The found his golf hat in the washer.  Apparently he got a hole in one.  Deputy Dawg got bonus points for using lividity correctly in a sentence as in he could tell by the lividity that buddy was dead.

Defense was up and asked a couple of routine questions about an open window and a bag of chips in a chair as well as a purse and keys and that was all.

It was all foundation stuff today, nothing exciting.  Where the blood was, that she cleaned up, where the bodies were in relationship to the house.  Please let part 2 be better.

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