Welp,Since I have nothing courtworthy to report I’m just gonna talk about life

October 16, 2019

Hello my lovelies.  Your Queen of all I survey, pretend judge, animal lactation consultant, horse whisperer, pig murderer has had a lot on her mind.  The problem is it is swirling around like the beginnings of a tornado and it is starting to scare me a little.

I’ll start with the pig farm.  I got hired as the manager which I assumed meant I had people working for me.  Nope.  Now pigs die.  big pigs like 400lb pigs die.  I am 4’11” and weigh right around a hundred and four lbs.  So every time a big pig died I had to call someone to get it out of the barn.  The closest feeder barn (where I got the piglets) was 45 minutes away and they did not appreciate having to come move a dead rotting pig.  There was supposed to be an auto mover but it didn’t work.  Next, pigs bite and big pigs mean big bites and something in the feed they finally figured out was making them violent.  I got bit so bad I needed stitches that they couldn’t give me because I worked in shit all day.  Then a pig tried to eat my phone and smashed it.  Next was the ripping of all the waterpipes off of the walls.  I did learn to plumb so there was that.  Now please bear in mind I had to do this stuff all on my own.  I got shipments of 500 piglets per shipment.  Got them in on Tuesdays and Thursdays and had to have them all needled by Wednesday and Friday.  And then I had to cull the ones that were just to far behind to be profitable.  I love animals and I value life even if it is going to end up on a cutting room floor.  I did my best to keep them happy and healthy.  The government vet came through and told me I had to start culling more piglets.  you cull a piglet by bashing it over the head with a hammer.  And I did it and I still have nightmares about it.  You see each and everyone I thought I could save.  I don’t eat pork anymore, I won’t allow it in the house.  So I resigned my position since they refused to let me hire part time help to help me with the big hogs and more importantly what if something happened and I was the only one there.  Pigs eat meat.  I’m meat.  If they ever managed to get me off of my feet I would have been done.

So I came home.  I’d been letting my son stay here for free in exchange for fixing up the house.  My son has rages and he ended up kicking doors off the kitchen cupboards, he let his friends draw penises on my walls, he kicked holes in the drywall and then he got mad because I could not do the job that was killing me.

Then the water tank blew in the basement  and left me with 2 feet of water and a bunch of ruined stuff.

I have been working hard to try and get the house back in order.  After a two year hiatus I finally have a working oven again.  I got it off of the buy and sell for 75 dollars.  Then I had to go get a sawsall because of course it was too big.  I made it fit with some creative cutting.

My kitchen sink lines rotted out, but like I said I learned to plumb at the barn and after only two weeks of dicking around I actually fixed it.

I am not in a good headspace which is why I need to write.  Find me something.  Election if you want, crime preferably.  Maybe we could do another old one if there is nothing exciting.  Once stabby comes up we will have something but until then, throw me something.  My brain is going to hurt me soon.  I don’t sleep, I barely eat, I need something to center me.

I love you guys

RBMD peacing the fuck out

I’m Bored. Give Me Something To Write About.

October 16, 2019

Your Queen demands you find me something worth writing about.

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