A Sea Of Blue

April 13, 2015

Travis Alexander you were loved by an entire nation.

The courtroom in Maricopa County Arizona was a sea of blue today.  The family, the jurors who came back and sat in the jury dock to see the final chapter of this travesty of a trial, everywhere you looked there was blue.  Blue in memory of a man that almost none save the family knew, but a man who an entire nation had come to love.  Ten of the jurors plus an alternate from the retrial and several from the first trial all wearing blue and blue ribbons and blue wristbands because this is how much this mans life and death has affected them.  Conspicuously absent was Juror 17.

The family of Travis Victor Alexander walked up to the podium one last time this morning, one by one sobbing as they begged “Today I am a Judge” Stephens to give them at least some modicum of peace and throw the evil entity known as Stabby Einstein in jail for the rest of her hopefully exceedingly long natural life.  Stephen did not speak, my guess being that he is at the very end of his frayed emotional rope.  The strain on his face the last time he spoke was a live thing.

Travis’ sisters went up one at a time and spoke poignantly of the brother they loved so very much, now long dead.   They spoke through tears that threatened to spill over into gut wrenching wails of torment at any moment and it was only by sheer force of will that they held them back.  They brought us back to the memory of Travis, dead and decaying in his shower for five days and relayed that they felt his spirit was screaming for someone to find him.  They went through once happy and now gut wrenching memories of their big brother, so good, so kind, so giving and what a large part of their lives they were.  There was anger at Stabby, anger at a judicial system that they felt had let them down and rage at the rights afforded the murderer as opposed to those of a dead man.

Hillary spoke of how she has had to completely block Travis from her mind in order to continue to function.  It was perhaps the most heartbreaking thing I have ever heard.

Tanisha spoke eloquently but the heavy sadness she carried with her conjured images of Sisyphus having to push that huge boulder up the mountain only to watch it roll down and have to start all over again.  The futility of it was not lost on anyone I don’t think.  She said she and the family had tried to get Stabby to take a deal of natural life and no appeals and Stabby refused.  It would have saved them the second trial and millions of taxpayers money but no, Stabby would not have it.  The Judge began to nod in agreement as Tanisha continued to speak.  I watched with rapt attention as a seasoned Jurist worked very hard to keep her face neutral and not react to the pain laid out before her.

They went through the lies that Stabby had told and how she had killed Travis not once, but three times with the lies she had told and how she had dragged the name of a good and decent man through the mud.  They told the judge that they understood all of the delays she allowed the defense and actually apologized to her that she too had had to go through this again.

Samantha went last and spoke of how she had seen Travis only a couple of weeks before his death.  How he had been excited about his book. She expressed her disgust at Stabby using that book as part of her completely ridiculous defense.  She told the Judge of Stabby being at the memorial, having the same smirk on her face as she did in her booking photo.  She expressed her appreciation to Judge Stephens for seeing this through to the end.

The Judge paid rapt attention to what these poor broken women had to say and I saw her quickly dab at her eyes twice.  The pain they all share and the pain they shared with all of us this one last time was almost to much even for the judge.

Juan Martinez this one last time spoke for Travis.  He was subdued but his words, so passionate reverberated throughout the hushed courtroom.  Gone was the pitbull and in his place was a man who felt the pain of this entire family and chose to bear some of that weight on his own shoulders.  The fire was out and in its place was an earnestness that the Judge needed to do what was the right and decent thing to do.    He spoke of hope and how that hope had been dashed by a lone holdout, but that now there was hope that Stabby would never see the light of day again.   Gone were the wild hand gestures and the pacing.  He spoke of the butchery of Travis because that is what it was.  He spoke of how his screams and his cries of pain ring in their ears.  How they hope he was unconscious when the knife was used to slash his throat, how it was something they held on to.  He told the judge how they could not get the brutality out of their minds and the extreme distress their brother must have felt.  How that two minutes must have been an eternity.  He said he hoped that the judge would remember that out of one side of her mouth she praised him and out of the other side she called him a pedophile. How she fabricated evidence, how she tormented the family.

There was a 10 minute recess so that the Judge could read whatever Stabby had to say since she didn’t appear to want to say it in public.


Mom of Satan’s most beloved child got up to address the court.  She stated that she was the only one from Jodi’s family there today because of financial hardships. Gotta get the puke bucket, hang on.  Mom of Stabby said that her daughter tried to be a good and wonderful fucking human being until she met the worst mistake of her life and had to fight for her life because Travis was abusive.  Oh you fucking cunt.  As a mother she felt like she should have been able to protect her.  The can cage her, and strip her of her rights but they cannot take away her beautiful soul.  You know that beautiful soul that slaughtered a man.  Mom does not condone what stabby has done but she totally gets stabbing a man 27 times and shooting him and slitting his throat.  Stabby has touched so many lives with her story. BARF.  Although stabby is still alive they have lost their daughter although she has dreams of seeing Stabby walk free.  Stabby has always helped people less fortunate than her, she has written letters for people and sang for people and done many things to help inmates.  Oh she is now praying for judge Stephens.  Awwwww. BARF.


She wants to respond to a few things that have been said.  Travis’ family refused to settle not her (I WOULD JUST LIKE TO POINT OUT  FOR THOSE THAT MISSED IT THAT STABBY WANTED TO SETTLE FOR SECOND DEGREE AND 10 YEARS, THAT WAS HERE IDEA OF SETTLE) The Alexanders wanted natural life with no appeals.

She said that it would hurt her wittle family if she got the death penalty.  She is actually standing there talking and not only is she not remorseful she is fucking mad.  OMFG she is SATANS DAUGHTER.  The cunt just said she does remember the moment the knife went into Travis’ throat and he was conscious. He was still trying to attack her. Wait what?  he had all those stab wounds and he was still trying to attack her so she slit his throat?  Way to take that little bit of solace away from the family you fucking whore.  She then said the gunshot wound did come first and Juan and Detective Flores got together and changed the story.  Welcome to the beginnings of story number 4 for the state funded appeal.

Willmott went on for about a hundred hours but nobody cared.

Well, what do you know.  Judge Stephens picked today to be a Judge.  Judge Stephens just looks pissed off.  I’d be pissed off too after that little tirade by Stabby.

“The aggravating and mitigating factors have been considered. As aggravation the court finds the crime was especially cruel, the crime involved at least two deadly weapons, the crime took substantial planning and preparation, the defendant did not render aid to the victim, the defendant went to great lengths to cover up her crime, the defendant destroyed evidence at the crime scene and has also found as an aggravating factor the emotional and financial harm on the family of the victim.   The court finds any mitigation presented is not sufficiently substantial to call for leniency and a NATURAL LIFE SENTENCE IS APPROPRIATE. IT IS ORDERED THAT THE DEFENDENT BE INCARCERATED FOR THE REMAINDER OF HER NATURAL LIFE. Just let that sink in for a moment.  I hope the cunt lives to be 753

Nurmi took a moment to beg for the millionth time to be released from this whore and with that court was adjourned.

That is it everybody.  The Stabby Arias trial is at an end.  May the Alexander family finally find some peace.

RBMD peacing the fuck out!!

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Today We Are Going to Talk About The Three Things I Hate the Most -Casey Anthony, Child Abuse and Animal Cruelty

April 5, 2015

My heart is heavy today- Planet Earth

This is not one of my normal blogs. It is heavy and kind of sad and if you choose not to read it that’s cool.

Hai everyone. Your Queen is troubled today for a myriad of reasons. Three of the multitude of reasons are mentioned above. Casey Anthony, child murderer has been on my mind a lot lately because it was her that made me lose faith in the judicial system at large. She flat out got away with murder, and not just murder but the murder of her own child. I understand that a jury of her peers found her not guilty and that disturbs me because if Caylee’s daddy had been up on those charges he would be sitting on death row right now. People do not want to believe that something as sacred as a child could be killed by the person who carried her for nine months, who felt her kick and move within her, who when you looked into her eyes you were looking into your own soul. The evidence against her was overwhelming, it was a slam dunk and she walked away found not guilty of murder. I followed that case from inception, fully intending to write a book about it, but halfway through the trial I was so disgusted with the entire sideshow I shelved my plans because I had a horrible premonition of how it was all going to end. No justice for that beautiful baby girl despite the mountains of evidence against that evil, spoiled, unfeeling cow. I remember watching as she gave the police the run around and dug herself deeper and deeper in to the hole she had begun. I watched in disbelief as her mother continued to not only believe the shit that was piled so high it threatened to cover the entirely of Florida but in the end decided to lie for the person who had murdered her Grand daughter. The science was irrefutable, the prosecution particularly Jeff Ashton were brilliant and she still escaped the justice she so richly deserved. So what has the baby murderer been up to in the ensuing years? She stiffed Jose Baez for over $300000 when she went bankrupt, she attempted to sell the rights to a book but what nobody knew is that no publishing house on earth would touch it with a barge pole. Not penned by her, you see they all fully believed what the majority of us believe, she killed her baby because Caylee was getting in the way of her partying. She lives with Cheney Mason, her other lawyer and performs “secretarial duties” in exchange for a place to stay. She has reported her income as zero for the past several years.

According the Mason, the baby killers life is hell. She is fearful to venture outside for fear some person seeking actual justice might just shoot her in the face. We know this is a lie as she has been seen in clubs in Florida recently as well as very soon after her acquittal. Cheney of course wrote a book as did Baez to try and recoup some of the money they got hosed for during her bankruptcy hearing.

Her family has completely cut ties with her which would be the first thing one would think they would do knowing she is a murdering bitch. Of course the family also held a yard sale of Caylee’s things because there is nothing sad about that. George Anthony twice on Dr. Phil said he totally blames his sick bitch of a daughter for Caylee’s death.

Latest Casey Anthony sightings put her in Siesta Key Florida sitting on a beach reading a book without a care in the world. So much for fearing for her life I guess. As a matter of record, PI Bill Warner says that the murderous bitch frequents bars in Siesta Keys within walking distance to her rented house. Amazing the things you can do with zero income.

I believe there is a special place deep in the bowels of hell for Ms. Casey Anthony. In it I believe that Caylee gets to torture her daily with cholorform and being locked in the trunk of a car till she dies, only to be resurrected so it can be done to her again.

The second thing on my list is child abuse. Has anyone besides me noticed the absolutely horrifying amount of child deaths due to abuse and neglect in the news lately. This makes me absolutely sick and filled with despair. Our most vulnerable and precious things being mercilessly injured and killed by the people that are supposed to love and protect them. Those people should be convicted and taken out back of the courthouse and shot. Just like that.

Animal abuse is one of the three markers of a psychopath (cue Stabby). There has also been a serious rise in the amount of animal abuse cases in the news. That however is going to continue to be a thing until actual laws with some teeth in them are enacted. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I cannot imagine purposely hurting an animal. I mean unless it is attacking you or is rabid I cannot understand it and I have tried. I get hunting for meat but not sport, not just for a set of antlers. More animals hit the endangered species list every day. It has gotten so bad that rhino’s have now been granted personal bodyguards. Think about that. We have to protect rhino’s because some fucking idiot thinks his ground up horn with give him a stiffy. What the fuck is that even about. It’s 2015 and people still believe this shit. I’ve given up hope for the human race. We kill and hurt and maim because we can and because there is a buck to be made and that makes us barbarians and nothing more.

That’s it for tonight kids. Please ponder what I have said
A sad RBMD peacing the fuck out.

Knox Decision Delayed And Apparently The Arraignment Judge Concurs With My Assessment of Robert Durst

March 25, 2015

Wow the wheels of Justice grind very slowly

So the decision on whether or not Amanda Knox’s conviction is being upheld has been put off so that her former partner in crime can try and throw her under the bus and save his own ass on Friday. His defense team wants to be heard before the court makes a decision on whether Amanda better start trying to make her way to a non-extradition country or not.

Robert Durst was denied bail of even 1 billion dollars in court the other day. Apparently the court agrees that Crazy Assed Crazy is indeed just that as well as maybe a tiny bit of a flight risk. Tons is coming in on Durst so there will be updates on this one soon. There are rumors of more bodies on this guy everyday and I also read that a judge thinks he mailed her a cats head. Talks are ongoing with his wife to secure a deal for her testimony so they probably have something on her too besides accessory after the fact. Can’t wait. Charming fellow this guy.

See you all tomorrow or Friday

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

From The Really Big Mean Dog Family

March 12, 2015

Mama, wishing you good surgery, a fast recovery and hoping your feisty self is back here before we know it.  We all have come to love you and we are all thinking about you today.  DH best be emailing me when you are out of surgery ya hear?  Love you mama.

Connie- A very happy birthday my friend.  I hope it brings all you desire.


Mama Via Presents A Visit to Death Row Part Two

March 9, 2015

Here it is everyone, the much awaited part two of Mama’s visit to death row.

Visit to Death Row, Part 2
After corresponding with Toney for almost a year, and reading his desire to have a visitor for so long, I filed the paperwork, passed the background check, and decided to go visit.
I looked Toney up on the Internet, just to see if there was a photo. As I suspected, there was. I already knew to expect a black man, so the photo was no big surprise. He would be considered nice looking, medium tone skin, short black hair dark brown eyes. He wasn’t smiling, and the photo was just head and shoulders, so I had no idea how tall or large he was. I had my first panic attack then. Writing a letter is one thing, but going to visit a murderer? Mama, what the hell are you thinking?
I wrote to Toney, and said I would come to visit on Saturday. And, as the day got nearer, I began having panic attacks…then, I would talk myself down…after all, I was meeting him within a PRISON…NOT in a dark alley! I said I would do this and I was adamant that I would keep my word!
You may remember that my dad was in the Navy. Because of that, and the issue with my biological egg-donor, my sister and I moved frequently. We also changed schools several times due to “bussing” laws. The experience of constantly changing school districts, attending new schools, meeting new friends and adapting to new environments has actually served me well over my lifetime. In reality, I am a very shy person, but I learned how to outwardly APPEAR calm, cool and collected, but my natural shyness is something I have always had to work at to overcome! I learned pretty quickly that IF I ALLOWED my insecurities and fright to rule me, that I would NEVER have friends. I just APPEAR to be much more confident than I really am!
So, when Saturday rolled around, I showered slowly (procrastinating), ate a little breakfast, kissed my dear husband and got into my car and started my adventure.
Te first 00-150 miles of the area along I-10 between Jacksonville and Tallahassee is just flat, barely inhabited farm land. Raiford is located in Butler County and its economy is dependent on agriculture, timber and the prison complex. The total population of Butler County (2000) was approximately 15,000 people; Raiford had approximately 190 residents living in fewer than 80 homes. The prison at Raiford is just 60 miles from my home, about 90 minutes.
Raiford is the home of Union Correctional Institution (UCI), and Florida State Prison (FSP). The two separate institutions were originally one. UCI was the state’s first prison, and was originally called Florida State Prison, the name going with the newer institution when the two were split. Both institutions house inmates in Death Row facilities. FSP conducts all executions, while most death row inmates are housed at UCI. UCI has the most diverse population of any correctional institution in the state, with close management inmates and psych inmates as well as open population inmates. Most of the latter are age fifty and over. FSP houses the violent and criminally insane, all in solitary confinement. The penitentiary compound encompasses over fifty acres and includes a farm where much food is grown that feeds inmates. The prison is the subject of the Lynyrd Skynyrd song “Four Wall of Raiford” This prison was shown in an episode of the 1960s TV program “The Fugitive”. With my luck, being what it was that day, I started at the WRONG prison, unaware that TWO prisons were on that road, so back into the car and down the road for another 3/10ths mile! (FSP accommodates 1400 inmates, UCI accommodates 2172, and as if 2/25/15, 393 are on Death Row which includes 5 women) (In)Famous inmates (E) executed or (D) died prior to execution were: Ted Bundy (E), Eileen Wournos (E), John Couey (D) and Otis Toole (D) were all inmates at UCI/FSP complex.
The drive from the house up to I-10 was a little hectic; Jacksonville suffers the same infrastructure issues as most large cities, widening the freeway, adding egress ramps, and merging freeways even on a Saturday morning slows progress. But once I was on I-10, the miles just zipped by. I had way too long to think, though, and I had a good case of nerves by the time I got to the Raiford exit. My GPS took me the LONG way, of course…out an old farm-to-market road, where the speed limit was 35-40, instead of 65.
Finally, I arrived at UCI, where Toney was housed. And then, went thru the lengthy protocol to actually get INTO the visiting room…we pick up there…

I opened the door when I heard the entry buzzer, and stepped into a room approximately 50 feet wide by 70 feet long. To the immediate right were two COs, male and female. I stepped over to the desk, and showed my credentials, and the officer told me that he would have the inmate brought out. During that first visit, it was almost a shock to hear “inmate” so often. You become accustomed in real life to “Mr, Jones” or “Toney”, but it seemed that at every opportunity, the COs and staff make a point of using “inmate” as a proper pronoun! There were several boxes of playing cards on the COs desk, and I asked if I could “borrow” them until my “inmate” arrived, and of course, I was granted that. So, I took the cards in hand and glanced around the room.

Along the right wall was a “Concessions” window, next to that, a table with a microwave, some weird little sporks, and condiments, and on either side of the concessions window, a uni-sex water-closet! (Which I VOWED not to use!). On the far side of the room were two soda machines and a machine that dispensed bottled water. On the left side of the room were big windows, but the “view” was only the backside of another building, but sunshine was nice! The middle of the room was filled with stainless steel tables bolted to the floor, and 4 stainless steel stools about 12 inches in diameter. Boy! Those things were COLD on my bootie! Each table was numbered, so I went to the table I had been assigned to, and tried to look around without looking like Mrs. Farmer Brown Just Come to Town! There were probably 20 tables in the room, and only 5 were occupied. One table was occupied by a Jewish couple. There was one table with a black inmate and a younger white lady, and the rest were white couples and one couple with a young child. Toney later told me that culturally, white families tend to come and visit, black families generally do not.

As I sat at my table, trying not to watch others in the room…occasionally a man dressed in his prison uniform would step thru a door I hadn’t noticed, next to the men’s room. I would look up, expectantly, and check if the person coming into the room was Toney. Even tho I had tried to memorize the face in the picture on the web page, I hadn’t done a very good job. Everyone and no one looked like him! Some were obvious, white inmates, Jewish inmates, corrections officers…I was starting to feel like I was sitting at the bar of Denim & Diamonds circa 1985, hoping some cowboy would ask me to do a little “boot-scooting”…

FINALLY…he came thru the door…(and I was already ready to go home)…I stood up and gave him a quick, light hug…then we both sat down. He told me that he didn’t remember the last time he had been hugged. I kinda felt sorry for him actually…

It was probably 12:30 or 12:45 by the time he entered the room. I asked if he had lunch yet, and he said he had, but he was still hungry. So, I bought us some sodas out of the machine as he stood in the canteen line. When I joined him in line I noticed that the two best sellers at the window were “honey buns” and “hot dogs”…either way, they were nuked in the microwave…it was one of those box contraptions that has a dial timer on it, not digital, so you aren’t sure if the 2 minutes was really 2 minutes or 10! Everything came out of the micro the same: over-cooked! Hot dogs were either exploded or more wrinkled than Grampa’s….never mind…pretty cooked, anyway! The “honey buns” seemed to be swimming in yellow stuff, which I assumed to be margarine. Toney chose a honey bun and peanut butter cookies, I selected a container of carrots and celery. (No wonder all these guys have diabetes and colon issues! None if them EAT right!)

My ability to talk to almost anyone came in handy that day. (only my dear MIL, may she RIP, has hated my guts before even learning my name, but as gramma told grampa when his jack-ass kicked him “consider the source!”) We talked about the Arias trial for a good while. I found it interesting that men on death row thought JODI should get the Death Penalty!! The opportunities for recreation on DR are limited, to say the least. Toney must attend 8-10 “counts” every day, but other than that, and his 3 per week shower and 3 per week “rec”– from 4:30 am to 9:30 pm, his time is unstructured. He works on his appeal, writes letters, (he has several pen pals, but I’m his “favorite”! (Want to buy land in Florida?)) read books (1 per week), clean his cell, exercise and “chat” with the fellows in the next cell or with the “good” COs and watch TV! The channels they receive are limited. But do you remember when Court TV went off the air, the slack was picked up by HLN? They didn’t get Court TV, but DID get HLN! So most of them, like us, the trial was the topic for every one!

We talked about his family, we talked about Jacksonville, we talked about 10 or 15 different topics. Mostly, he wanted to know about the world outside. He was amazed that 60″ TVs exist, he’s never been on “the Internet”, never wasted the afternoon with a PlayStation or Wii….it was almost like revealing the world to a newly discovered tribe that had no idea that the rest of the world existed!

At 2:30, I told him that I wanted to beat the rush out…so I gathered my trash, gave him a brief hug and we said goodbye.

Leaving the visiting room was very similar, going thru the maze of fences, checking out, an inventory of my glasses, keys, and jewelry. Waiting in front of gates, listening for buzzers, etc.

I had no thoughts about whether I was affected or not…until I stepped through that last gate and into “freedom”…it was the very same outside air on THIS side of the fence as the outside air on THAT side of the fence…so why did it smell “cleaner”? As I walked to my car, I noticed that there were not as many cars parked in the lot as when I arrived, yet I hadn’t noticed anyone leaving the visiting room. The “beep-beep” of the car’s security system was reassuring in an odd way…I got into the car and started the engine, put the A/C on high and backed out of the space and headed for the entrance. I didn’t understand why *I* was feeling anxious! As my dad used to say “I’m free and 21!”!

A sense of relief came over me as I pulled out on the highway, and began my drive home. Thousands of thoughts swirled through my head. I had a 100 questions I wanted to ask Toney, but, I wasn’t sure I wanted the answers, and in a way, the questions seemed almost “rude”. I am the one and only person in the world that doesn’t call him 300807, I’m the only person who sees him not as an inmate, but a man. That is almost a “gift” isn’t it? Why ruin it?

I also had a lot of thoughts about Arias. I wondered how many of her “supporters” would still be interested in her if they knew nothing of her crime? Many are just “contrarians”, what ever everyone else believes, they will take the opposite side.

Unlike Toney, who isn’t “notorious”, Arias has no anonymity. Wherever she goes, she’s known to be the murderer of Travis Alexander. She’s 90% murderer and 10% everything else, Toney, on the other hand, yes, is incarcerated…but people don’t know his crime first. I was able to see the other parts that make up the man.

Let’s say you had to opportunity to sit and talk with Arias…what would you have to ask about, other than how she murdered Travis? Her tracings would take about a minute, and everything else would take about two minutes. Overall, she’s not very interesting, and the only thing she has ever been successful at accomplishing is…yes….killing Travis Alexander…

That little girl voice she uses would Make me want to knock her block off!! I’ve noticed in her letters, everything is me, me, me, I, I. I…Toney’s letters rarely talk about himself…I have to drag information out of him…and he has tons of questions!

All of these thoughts, and more swirled through my head all the way home….finally, as I drove up to our home, a peace came over me. I parked the car in the garage, went inside…petted Boo, who is not used to Mama being gone THAT long…then went up to my dear husband’s office.

I was overwhelmed with the love I have for him. He has not once raised his voice, not even a sharp “NO!” To Boo when he is being naughty. I’ve never seen him angry. Yes, he’s kinda a “crusty old fart” on the outside, but he’s a big old marshmallow on the inside. Always “there” when I need a hug, always there for anything I need. Always level-headed, thoughtful and compassionate. Always supportive in whatever project I’m working on.

It was easy to forget Union Correctional Institution, Toney and yes, even the Arias trial when my dear husband stood up and walked over to me…and just hugged me and held me close. No words were necessary. He would ask questions later…right then, he knew I just need him to hold me, and reassure me that all was well in my world.

Statistics: longest on Death Row: Freddie Hall DOB:7/21/45. Received: 12/24/68
Oldest in DR: Nelson Serrano DOB:9/15/38 Received: 6/26/2007
Approximately 177 inmates have been on death row prior to 1996
Women on death row in Florida:
Tiffany Cole. DOB:12/3/81 R:3/7/08 Double murder/buried couple alive
Amelia Carr. DOB: 8/4/84. R:2/23/11. Murdered BFs x-wife/duct taped to chair,suffocated
Margaret Allen. DOB: 1/26/66.R5/19/11 Tortured housekeeper for hours before murdering her
Ana M. Cardona D:11/26/61.R:7/12/11 Tortured/murdered 3-year old son-Baby Lollipop
Tina Brown B:7/19/70. R:10/3/12 Beat V w/stungun, tire iron & set on fire-2 weeks to die

NOTES: Current status of State Executions:
Executions in Florida are currently STAYED to allow time for the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a case challenging Oklahoma’s lethal injection protocols. (Florida uses the same lethal injection protocol as Oklahoma)

#On February 13, 2015, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf issued a memorandum announcing a moratorium on all executiions in the state. The memo stated that no executions will take place at least until he has “received and reviewed the forthcoming report of the Pennsylvania Task Force and Advisory Commission on Capital Punishment.”
^On January 30, 2015, the Ohio State Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections announced that it would postpone all of the six executions scheduled in 2015 to that point. All of these executions would be scheduled in 2016 to allow time for the state to obtain new drugs for lethal injections. The new drugs that Ohio announced it would be trying to obtain were sodium thiopental and pentobarbital.
†UPDATE: The U.S. Supreme Court issued a stay on January 28, 2015. On January 26, 2015, the Oklahoma state Attorney General Scott Pruitt asked the United States Supreme Court to stay all executions scheduled to that point. The four inmates on Oklahoma’s death row sued the state on the grounds that the lethal injection protocol violated the Eighth Amendment. On January 23, 2015, the US Supreme Court agreed to hear the case brought forth by the inmates. Pruitt requested the stays to allow the Supreme Court to hear the case and reach a decision regarding the constitutionality of Oklahoma’s lethal injection protocol.
*On September 9, 2014, the Ohio State Department of Rehabilitation Corrections revised its execution schedule for all death sentences previously scheduled from March 2014 and beyond. This was done in order to comply with the August 6, 2014 Federal Court ruling that no executions could be carried out until at least January 2015. The court imposed this moratorium in order to compel a review of Ohio’s lethal injection protocol.

While We Await Sentencing Here Is A Video Just Posted Yesterday of the Opening Arguments. Thank you Fox 10

March 6, 2015

I just found this.  It is the opening statements from the Penalty phase retrial.  Thought you might like to watch it.



This was also just uploaded. Victim impact statements. Again thank you Fox 10 Since the Stabby saga is pretty much at an end we are going to move on to a different trial.  I had a lot of interest in the Harris trial (baby in the car) so I’ve done the preliminary research on that as well Jonathan Broyhill Trial.  Harris is going to be streamed according to several sights and Broyhill as well.  If there is any other trial that will be starting soon that anyone is interested in NOW is the time to let me know.

I will set out the prelim for Harris tomorrow, charges, etc. His trial was due to actually start in Feb but has been delayed.  I cannot find a start date for him yet but unless they are negotiating a plea deal it should be soon.

Comments remain opened for Stabby commentary and of course I will continue to cover anything Stabby related.

There will be a guest blog posted tomorrow by Mama, part two of her visit to prison that we have all been clamoring for.

I know that there are a lot of questions regarding what happens next with our special little snowflake, so I will go answer now and some I have to look up because I am not familiar with that aspect of the law in the states.  I will try and answer all of them.

I will see you all tomorrow

RBMD peacing the fuck out.


Ladies and Gentlemen We Have Another Mistrial.

March 5, 2015

Well, I guess we can all now say we have seen everything.  Two goddamn mistrials.  We have survived not a Judge Stephens, we have survived 2 billion motions, we have survived Great Nana Dr. Sexpert and Dr. spills and giggles, we have survived Alfred E. Nurmi and we have survived Stabbykins herself.  We stuck together and we got ourselves through it.

Of course the verdict that was supposed to be read at 9:30 is already late because why not.



DP is removed.  The bitch gets to live.

EDIT:  The vote has been confirmed as 11 to 1, so presumably a stealth juror is a possibility.  It still makes no difference I want everybody to please hang on to that.  She will rot in Perryville for the rest of her life.  Not a Judge looked so pissed off she could have spit nails and she was ready to impose sentence right then and there.  I believe strongly that she is getting natural life.  Imagine natural life in Perryville.

Juan did a quick press conference and he was very subdued and I would almost say sad.  AZCentral is carrying the aftermath live if anyone wants to watch it.  Apparently the jurors are going to speak. Audio only.

Anyway, feel free to vent. Vent your faces off.  It’s been a long hard road.  And this is very disappointing.  I will be around although I am going to clean my bedroom because I feel a strong urge to punch things and I don’t want one of those things to be my monitor.  I will here the computer as comments come in.

Jurors are now talking and they feel the juror had an agenda from the moment they went into deliberations and they raised their concerns to the judge.  It was not 11 to 1 right from the very first vote.  And the juror was female apparently.

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Asleep in Left Field-My Life

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Out in left field

(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

Varmt News Network

It's the Internet.


Just another site

Asleep in Left Field-My Life

4 out of 5 Friends recommend this site

Out in left field

(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us