I Am On Day Three Of My Never Sleep Again Tour So You Will Have Part…What Fucking Part Are We On Of The Macfuckhead Trial Later Tonight Or Tomorrow.

January 10, 2018


My loyal subjects.  Your queen is very tired, and is unable to sleep.  I am being harangued by ghosts of days gone by and they won’t let me alone.  I’m working on the Macasshole thing still don’t worry I won’t leave you hanging, I am just trying to clarify something I just thought of 44 years later and if I thought of it, I bet MacDouchebag did too and I am trying to get an answer.  Won’t say till I find out because I do have confirmation that annihilator wife is reading the blog and it is making her very unhappy which is making me really happy.  So, from Colette, Kimmie, Kristen, Freddy,  me, Victor Worheide, everyone at the no kill shelter and Mildred, eat a dick you fucking embezzling your mentally ill brother in laws money crazy fuckwit cunt.  It’s the only one you’ll be seeing in this lifetime anyway, unless you have some sort of arrangement.

Anyway, I have something for show and tell.  Remember when my invisible dog warf died?  Well I got me a new invisible one named Ted. E. Bear. Esq.

ted e bear

He was born at the beginning of November and as of his vet check  he weighs 37lbs.  Ain’t he a cutie pie?  I know you can’t see him because he doesn’t exist, but there he is.

Please ignore the castle flooring.  It is being re-done if the guy I want to do it still wants to trade for a truck which is the plan.  The floors are 31yrs old so yeah they need to be done.  I know.

Also in my I’m so tired I want to fall down state I re-attached the door to the pantry, fixed a couple of lights, did laundry I think.  I have to check that because I may have hallucinated that.  Who knew 17 year old boys were prone to rages.  He is getting a crash plastering course tonight because he has a lot of holes to fix.  Dumbass broke his hand punching the wall and then picked the cast off so he could take his driving test.  So now he needs a new cast, but he did pass his driving test.  I even let him take the car to school today.  He is getting tired of driving already because now my invisible agoraphobia doesn’t have to make itself go outside.

Anyway, don’t worry, there is plenty more of Jeffrey Macfuckmeintheass to come.  Likely tonight so watch for it.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.


I Was Cleaning The Gun And It Accidentally Went Off…Twice. Fuck, Sorry My Bad…The Jeffrey MacDonald Killed His Whole Entire Family Part 6

January 5, 2018

My lovelies your dean of fuckery, doctor of doctoring, writer of amicus briefs that Macdonald should probably utilize, pretend judge, horse whisperer, author of the big book of words and all around sarcasm expert is baaaaack.

Sorry, I had to go through a literal fuckton of paperwork to find some stuff yesterday.

So quick recap.  Everybody dies except the green beret.  The hippies did it except they didn’t.  The cid really, really fucks up the investigation. An Article 32 is convened.  Bernie Segal is hired.  He was Jeffy’s idiot lawyer.  Article 32 concludes there is not enough evidence to proceed to court martial but refuses to state he is innocent either which really, burns his ass.

He decided California is the place to be now and starts working in a hospital there.  He purchases a masaratti and a yacht.  While purchasing said yacht he meets (get the puke buckets) the most sensual woman he has ever seen in his life and fucking their brains out takes up a large portion of their time.

While Jeffy is getting his shit together in California, Freddy has finally gotten hold of the article 32 transcripts, gone through them, gone to Fort Bragg, reviewed the evidence and is now fully convinced that his son in law, whom he had truly loved had slaughtered his family.  He told the CID he would not rest until good ole the hippies did it Jeffy paid for what he did.

Jeffrey had gotten wind that his most fervent supporter had suddenly done a 180 and he was a little concerned.  He called Freddy, who unbeknownst to Macdon’tyoueverfeeleveralittlebitbad was recording their conversations and said, one down three to go alluding that he and some of his strangle them with piano wire ilk had killed one of the intruders.  It was of course just more bullshit in an attempt to get Freddy to back off.  He may as well have waved a cape in Freddy’s face.

So where was I.  Oh yeah, Victor Worheide.  You are going to be hearing a lot of new names in this segment but these two, Victor Worheide and Brian Murtagh are going to be the most important other than Freddy.  I am trying to get hold of Brian Murtagh who works for the department of justice, I will let you know if I succeed.  I have been transferred to a hundred different people in the department of justice and you can seriously hear the eye roll as soon as you say MacDonald.  I’ve left a message for Brian who is indeed still alive and was very kind to a kid about 30 years ago when I called with a question, and I’m also after a special guest I won’t mention on here because as we all know he is invisible anyway.

Okay, so Brian Murtagh who was the lead on the Lockerbie bombing case by the way (which is a huge big deal) decided to make it his mission much like Freddy to bring whoever did this to justice.  He meticulously gathered evidence, went over transcripts, viewed crime scene photo’s, re-interviewed everybody and came to the exact same conclusion as Freddy.  Macdiefuckerdiediedie was a lying, conniving piece of shit and he killed his wife and three cuz she was pregnant children.   It became his life’s work to put him away and keep him away for ever and ever and ever.

While Brian and Freddy were busy Hardy boying that shit, Macdoucheface was shopping his story around to true crime writers and landed on Joe I love you so fucking much MacGuinness.   Bad choice.  Bad, bad choice.

Before I go any farther, Joe took a lot and I mean a lot of flack over pretending to be MacDonald’s friend in order to get him to talk.  I have a question.  If you straight up said to a guy, I’ve been around you for six months now and I think you are guilty as fuck would MacDonald have kept talking? Nope.   MacGuinness did what writers do, he was empathetic and according to him he really did feel bad, but non committal.  He was exceptionally good at deflecting whenever the question of do you think I did it came up.  It did come up, but not often because Jeffy was smarter than everyone remember.

Okay I know you are all chomping at the bit to know who Victor Worheide was.  I say was because he is quite unfortunately dead now.  I light a candle for him sometimes no lie because were it not for him Jeffrey would be walking around right now.  Gotta back up a bit first.

Freddy went to the library of congress and found out he could swear out a citizens complaint against Jeffy, so he, Peter Kearns (one of the CID dudes that walked the crime scene with Freddy), and Attorney Richard Cahns did exactly that requesting the convening of a grand jury.  In the summer of 1974 Attorney Victor Worheide after going over all the evidence accepts the case for the grand jury.  Brian Murtagh requests to be assigned as does Judge Franklin Dupree a subordinate Judge.

Let’s talk about Victor Worheide for a minute.  Just a minute because I have such mad respect for the man.  He was a bulldog.  He was hesitant to take the case because all of the evidence was circumstantial.  It was actually a question he asked Murtagh that was answered by Freddy that changed his mind.  He asked Murtagh what was in it for him. Freddy answered.  There are some of us sir, Mr. Murtagh being one of them thank god, who are guided by one thought and that is the butchered bodies of a pregnant woman and two little girls.  That did it.  Victor was sold.

On August 12th 1974 a grand jury was convened and I’m smarter than all of you Macfuckmeintheasstillidie waived his right to shut the fuck up and testified for five days.  He was eviscerated by Victor Worheide.   January 21st 1975 MacCuntface again waived his right to shut the fuck up and Worheide took his eviscerated parts and paraded them around the room.   January 24th 1975 Macwhydidn’tIjustshutthefuckup was indicted on three counts of murder.

Tomorrow statutes of limitations, limitations of statutes of limitations and holy fuck they are seriously gonna make me go to trial.

Reallybigmeandog Peacing the fuck out.

While I Am Writing Part 8 Million Of The Colette Kimmie and Kristen All Got Murdered Saga Here Is Part Of A Horror Fiction I Am Working On.

January 4, 2018

So your queen would like to know what you think.




Mac sat with Wrath at a metal table bolted into a metal floor with artificial light being pumped in overhead. Mac perused the clinical surroundings that had housed his children for more than 2 decades and had one of his momentarily flashes of sadness that this was the way it had to be. It was a prison, a nice one but a prison non the less. I should have caught you after the Watkins case he started, stutter stepped and stopped. The Watkins case. For a moment all he saw was the blood. So much blood it was like an ocean had been let loose in the house Wrath had stormed. And that was before they started to find the limbs, and…then the things that had been instruments of torture to the children.   Wrath had been quite artistic in her placing of one ripped out penis into the mouth of its owner. A disgustingly obese man who smelled now of blood and bacon grease.

The Watkins had been part of a large ring of  pedophiles, something all of Delta but especially Wrath abhorred. Actually, it was the one thing guaranteed to send her completely into the abyss and it had. The government had counted on it. She went in alone and weaponless and she had saved nine terrified children. She sent Tobias to bring them out, she was covered in so much gore she was afraid she would scar them more than they were already scarred. Chunks of meat hung from her normally white hair, now bright red with gore, bits of skin clung to her claw like nails. There was still uneaten  flesh in her teeth. And she was still completely incensed and looking for something, anything to turn it on. Next he recalled the agents hustling towards her, double quick, shackles in hand and her waiting patiently, almost too patiently, completely motionless as they were attached to her. Shackles, manacles, belly chains. It was the same for them all.

The others had fought the first few times, and caused a serious amount of very grievous injuries until Wrath had calmly spoken one word. Enough. As one they had stopped. Wrath had never fought. She alone understood the rules of this particular game and she was happy to go along. The chains were to make the handlers feel like they were safe. Delta belonged to the government and they were the most dangerous things on the planet. They had been part of a…selective breeding program for lack of a better term, and they could, would and did kill anything that they were pointed at. They had tracking chips, and poison capsules encased in light metal implanted in their bodies just in case and the only time they were free of their chains was when they were at home or when they were working. She had disabled the poisons 20 years ago not that she figured it would have done much anyway, and the machine still said they were in fine functioning order. She could have mentally unlocked all of the chains any time she wanted to. The fact was she just didn’t want to. She did not see the point. It was not time to go to ground, she would know when that time came and it wasn’t yet.

We Were Taking Pictures And She Just Fell Off The Cliff…Goddammit Wrong Trial Again…The Hippies Did It Part 5 Of Quite Possibly Infinity

January 3, 2018

Hello my lovelies.  Firstly, thanks for hanging in, I know this is long but, you have to be aware of everything or it’s just boring.  Second, could you let me know you are reading this cuz while I am happy to write for myself, questions and stuff always get my juices flowing and truthfully this is a tremendously huge trial, like Manson huge and I already know it.  I know a lot of things you may not. Much like Colette’s brother bill, I have followed every court filing since this became a thing and I was pretty young when this became a thing.  I have an accordion file stretched way past it’s limitations.  I have a couple of letters from people who worked with him who assure me he seemed like a completely normal human type person.  Oh, they totally believe he did it now, but they would not have bet on it back then.   I’ve got court transcripts, which cost a fucking fortune by the way even way back then. I cut a LOT of lawns to get those transcripts.

Renae, I know this is semi personal for you so if you would share what you know about him  outside of the I killed my whole family person it might be helpful but only if you are comfortable with that and we still love you no matter what. Also, if this is hard for you because you knew him I am really sorry.  Like sincerely because I would not hurt you on purpose for anything.   I get it.  It would be like mama going out and climbing a clock tower.  None of us would believe it cuz we know her.

Also I am running out of things to call Macfuckface which is a thing that has never happened before and scares me a little.

Okay, I’m going to go out of order for a minute because there are a few things I left out that you need to know.  First, the only blood found in the living room was one speck of blood that belonged to Kristen the youngest on his glasses and MacDoesn’tsatanwantthisfuckerbackyet swore on three separate occasions he was not wearing his glasses when he checked the children they had been lost during the EPIC struggle in the living room.  Blood drops, almost non existent but enough to type were found on the bathroom sink in front of the mirror where one might stand to insert say a scalpel in between a couple of ribs.  Blood type B.  I’ll let you figure out who had the B type blood.  It will make it more fun.  There were zero, none, nada, zip, keine, bila, blue fibres from the FEROCIOUS struggle found in the living room.  Oh that last one is Swahili just in case you were wondering. Same goes for club splinters.  Not a single one.  80 million in the master bedroom but none in the living room.  The lighting in the living room was such that it would have been impossible to see anything but silhouettes.  PERIOD.  stripes, colors, wigs, boots, BULLSHIT.  Didn’t happen.

Now, it is a very rare thing for a family of four to all have different blood types.  The CID said one in ten Thousand.   That sounded high so I checked. That statement is accurate.  And guess what.  Jeffy’s family happened to be that one in ten thousand.  All four people had different blood types and boy did the blood have a story to tell.  Even if Jeff wasn’t going to give it up, and he wasn’t. Not then, not now, not ever the blood did the talking and it had a most horrible story to tell.   We will get to that soon.  And yes I am avoiding it.

Here is a little factoid that not many people know.  Jeffy fucked around on Colette fourteen times that she knew about and I’m thinking number 15 was probably what made her whack him with that hairbrush and start the beginning of the end of her life.  Those 14 are not conjecture they are fact.

So instead of writing out a very complicated explanation of the blood analysis here is paul Stombaugh, the leader in the field  of blood analysis to do it for me because quite frankly I just don’t want to write it.

Let me know when you are done, I’ll wait.  I’m bawling right now, not gonna lie, can you imagine being this father and having to sit through this because he has no other purpose but to put his child’s murderer behind bars. If you believe in such things,  Freddy Kassab is in heaven now with his daughter and his grandchildren and his wife.  It was because of the single mindedness of this one man that they got him.

I’ll be back with more later, I’ll just let you digest what this man went through to get his daughters killer for a minute and I have to collect myself a bit.

RBMD hoping Jeffy dies of some incurable anal venereal disease that really fucking hurts and Peacing the fuck out



I Got Carjacked By A Black Man And My Kids Are In The Car…Goddammit way wrong trial. The Hippies Did It Part 3

January 1, 2018

Hai my lovelies.  We are at that titular moment where your queen must ask that you go get out your Pretoria puke buckets because shit is about to get mad real.  I have barf bags for anyone who has misplaced their Pretoria puke bucket.

So when we left Dr Fuckface he was dyyyyyyying and the MP’s and EMS had arrived.  Now they had multiple dead and the aforementioned dyyyyyying not a doctor MacDonald to deal with.  So they basically trampled the crime scene into oblivion.  Some fuckhead stood a flowerpot up,  someone lifted MacDouchebags wallet, and eleventy billion footprints went in and out of the house.  It was not what one would call a pristinely kept crime scene.

Shit I forgot a weapon.  Bad queen, bad, bad queen.  There was also a Geneva forge steak knife that was impaled in Colette’s chest.  It is important because one of the first spontaneous utterances from MacDiemotherfuckerdie was tell the MP’s I pulled the knife out of her chest cuz guess what finger prints were about to appear on the Geneva Forge steak knife…I’ll wait.  Machowisthisfuckerstillalive’s finger prints that’s whose.  Five points for Griphendore.  Anyway, stupid actually did give himself a omg I’m going to have to spell that again fuck it he collapsed his lung.  That was pretty much the extent of his injuries.  a collapsed lung which was self inflicted and a hair brush booboo.

Colette suffered two broken in several places arms, She was stabbed `16 times with a knife,  21 not 14 like I erroneously said yesterday icepick puncture wounds, and a whole bunch of blue fibres underneath the body that was already dead when MacAsshole got there.  Hmmm. Odd. Colette was pregnant with a 5 month old fetus of male gender.  And in the words of Forrest Gump that is all I have to say about that.    Then there was the word PIG (cue helter skelter) written on the headboard of the bed with a whole bunch of blue fibres scattered at the bottom of where the word was written.  Strange that.  These blue fibres just seem to be in all kinds of places that they should not be.  Maybe the hippies did it.  Except that they didn’t. These pesky fibres seemed to be showing up in the oddest places.  Both children’s rooms, under the blankets in the children’s rooms, on Colette, under Colette.  And wood splinters.  Lots of wood splinters in very strange places.  Now poor little Jeffy was at the hospital and Mr. and Mrs. Kasaab, who happened to really love Jeff went to see him at the hospital and my only thinking here is that they were so grief stricken that they were willing to believe anything at this point.  Anything that would explain the slaughter of their entire family.

MacGofuckyourselfwithapineapple fell asleep in the living room and it was there that he was awakened by someone thumping him with a club.  Then he heard his entire family screaming simultaneously which puts at least three more people in an army issue housing unit so that’s seven and him being a green beret and all had to save his family.  somehow and this is important it will be on the test, somehow got his pyjama top pulled up over his head and wrapped around his arms.  He used it to ward off blows from some kind of blade and the next thing he knew he woke up in the hallway.  The pyjama top was still wrapped around his wrists at this point, torn, shredded and he took it off as he went into the bedroom.

Wanna know where they didn’t find any blue fibres or wood splinters?….I’ll wait…THE LIVING ROOM where Jeffrey MacDiebitchdie was in the middle of a life and death struggle with not one, not two, not three but four hippies high on acid.  Acid is groovy kill the pigs.  Oh PUHLEASE.  It was that statement right there that convinced me he did it.  that one single statement.

So now Jeffy has regained consciousness  and he ran a marathon with his mortal (puke buckets would now be appropriate) wounds. He called for help,  He ran to check Colette, he gave her artificial respiration which just came out in bloody bubbles on her chest, he ran to check his own wounds, he checked both children, he looked out back (oddly enough that is where all the murder weapons were found) and he called for help again.  Under two minutes he performed all those acts in.  Look out Hussein Bolt.

The CID figured out pretty fast that Macyougointojailbitch did it.  It was pretty simple math.  It was proving it and they made a huge, gigantic mess out of that.  So much so that Macyouaresogoingtobechangingthatbabiesdiapersinhellforever almost got away with it.

They brought him in for questioning and pointed out he obvious, that they had seen all night poker parties that had caused more damage than the damage in the living room where a struggle between four acid fueled hippies and one green beret took place.

Freddy Kasaab was at first MacDidImentionIwouldlikeyoutodie his staunchest supporter.  Funny thing that.  It would be Freddy Kasaab who truly loved Jeffrey at that point in time that would be MacMygodyouareapieceofshit’s biggest supporter.  Want to know what is even funnier.  It would be Freddy’s single mindedness in finding the killers that brought him to a realization that probably cut him at least as deeply as the death of his precious Colette and her babies.  Jeffrey MacDonald did it.  Freddy Kasaab spent the next several years making sure he paid for it.

Let’s tune in tomorrow and find out what Freddy did.

RBMD peacing the fuck out

I Am Dusting Off An Oldie But Such A Goody. Let’s Get The Crime Juices Flowing Again.

December 29, 2017

Hai my lovelies, tis me, your dean of fuckery, doctor of Doctoring, pretend Judge, honorary DVM, Dog Lactation Consultant, Horse Therapist, Author of the big book of words, owner of one in house psychic and of course Queen of all I survey.

Today’s blog is brought to you by Paul Bunyan the reason for which will become abundantly clear in a bit.

This family had some issues.  They had an uncle mixed up with the Gambino’s, a kid in the navy and a son in university.  On the outside, they looked like the perfect all American family, the family other families wanted to be.

On November 15 2004, Peter Porco was found dead of massive head injuries.  He had been attacked with an axe.  Axe murders are fun.  Messy, but fun.  Know what else is fun. Zombies.  Peter Porco had been hit 16 times in the head with the sharp edge of an axe.  Even so, that fucker decided that dead was not something he wanted to be and in the morning he got up, seemingly completely unaware that most of his head was missing, brushed his teeth, went and made a sack lunch, went out to get the morning paper, locked himself out and remembered where the key was hidden under the flower pot and let himself back in.  He eventually dropped from massive blood loss and expired on his kitchen floor.  Let’s do science, science is fun.  The top part of Peters brain which controls speech, thought etc was the part that was severely damaged.  the paleocortex, located underneath the neocortex was intact.  This is what controls primal instincts and second nature habits.  He performed the same tasks he performed every morning.

Now peter was a court clerk and when he didn’t show up for work someone  was dispatched to his home where whoever was sent got to see what they had had for breakfast the second time.

Frankie the fireman Porco was the dude hooked up with the Gambino’s and it was originally thought this was a mob retaliation hit.  This was quickly discarded and they moved on to another suspect.  The youngest son, Christopher Porco.

Christopher Porco is a piece of shit.  Let’s just get that right out there.  a stupid piece of shit, because the alarm had been disarmed by someone who knew the code which was only four people and one was on a navy ship far, far away , that pesky hidden key was found in the door (granted, Porco Sr could have left the key in the lock, I mean dude was basically running on fumes at this point.)

Chris had another itty bitty problem.  Moms was still somehow alive and her first statement, when asked if she knew who did it, she indicated her son had done it.  Once she started to recover she recanted her nod of the head but the police were positive she had admitted it the first time because she assumed she was dying.

So, let’s get back to the piece of shit.  Christopher Porco was a manipulative , lying, money grubbing swindling asshole.  He had staged a break in a couple of years earlier and stolen computers which he sold on ebay.  This would come back to bite him on he ass.  Hard.

He forged his parents signatures on bank loans and was caught.  His father threatened him with the cops if it ever happened again.  He was flunking out of college and he was pretending to be some rich fuck whose largess included pizza parties for entire dorms, things like that.

The motive was money obviously.  They had a lot of life insurance.  Like, a lot.

Christopher Porco was a good looking kid and he manipulated the ladies quite easily.  He went so far so big were his balls to ask the daughter of the investigator on the case to steal back the computer he had sold a couple of years earlier and that the cops had tracked down.

Chris at one point worked at a vet clinic and was very adept at cleaning up blood.  Let me tell you, an axe murder is gonna spray blood like everywhere.  walls, ceilings and clothing.  No clothing with blood was ever recovered and his jeep even though they took it apart right down to the last bolt gave up not one drop of blood.

I have a theory.  Chris killed his parents, showered, changed into the clean clothes he had brought with him and his bloody clothing are somewhere in a body of water.  It’s what I would do.  No blood to drip in the jeep and no bloody clothes.

Many people were behind him at first.  His house of cards came tumbling down once the women he was using started talking to each other and when that fucking computer was found.

There was so much family conflict that nobody knew about but was discovered through evil, angry emails sent back and forth between Chris and Zombie Porco.

He was arrested and arraigned and his mother was the star witness and the reason he got bail.  She swore her son had not done this and was angry that the police had decided to question her while she was so grievously injured that when they went to put he oxygen mask on they couldn’t decide exactly where her mouth was.

The lack of forensic evidence was daunting and annoying because the cops were sure he did it.

It was not until they started digging into the emails and stuff that the real dynamics of the family came out.  They were a family in deep crisis.

then the police received an interesting letter from anonymous saying he’d done it and he was gonna do it again.  The best theory is that Chris sent it.

Frankie the fireman was in jail at the time so his alibi was pretty tight.

He was finally tried and convicted, mom or no mom for the murder of his father and attempted murder of his parents.

It took forever, but they finally found enough evidence to convict the little entitled money grubbing bastard.

Dude, an axe?  really?  I really, really hate my parents and I would have never smashed them with an axe.

It was a difficult trial, but they got him and probably a good thing because the whole town had pretty much turned on him by then having seen how he was acting.  His favorite line to a bevy of girls, was you’re my girl to whichever one could help him at the time.  One girls mom worked for a newspaper and was talked into an article basically calling the police inept.  One like I said was asked to steal a computer out of the evidence locker.  One was for money.  Chris Porco is a piece of shit.

He got 50 years.  Not enough.  Not nearly enough.  A fucking axe.  What is he a Viking?  Jesus H Christ on a cracker.

So there is the story of Chris Porco, piece of shit extraordinaire.  Sadly for him that life insurance money never came through.

PS  I need to proofread more often

RBMD peacing the fuck out




November 14, 2017

Hello my poor darling lovelies.  It is I, your very sad and tired Queen of all I survey, resident sarcasm expert, law professor, doctor of doctoring, honorary DVM, pretend Judge, hater of DCFS and CAS (that one is the Canadian version) anti-animal cruelty proponent, horse whisperer, and dog lactation consultant and purveyor of the run on sentence,  here today, sadly to talk to you about your gun problem.  Yes, I said your gun problem, because even if you want to stick your head in the sand and drag out your right bear arms and whatever other fuckery you have, you all have a gun problem.  Or maybe it’s a violence problem.


The news that there has been another mass shooting in the good old gun toting US of A is getting so profoundly regular that it is to the point where people in Canada are now saying “and?”  The conspiracy theorists are saying it is an attempt by Trump to get the heat off of what is going on in the Government right now to which I say, and you can quote me “fuck you, you sick motherfuckers.” Even Donald Trump, whom I despise as both the president and as a human being (term human being used very loosely here) would not orchestrate the killing of children doing nothing more sinister than going to school.  That is just asshole bullshit and it needs to be shutdown before people start to believe it.  I have a suggestion.  Get out of gramma’s basement for an hour, take a walk, buy some more tinfoil, maybe see a therapist, get a puppy, whatever, but saying things like that on a platform that is capable of reaching the entire world is irresponsible, incendiary and cruel.  Say whatever you want about the President, I do, but do not accuse him of having children killed to get the heat off of himself.

461 people have been killed just in mass shootings in your country so far this year.  That is just the dead ones.  Wounded, scared for life etc have not been counted because yay for them, they get to live with the memory of that for the rest of their lives.  They get to play woulda, coulda, shoulda, for the remainder of their days however many they individually get to have.  It’s a real fun game.  Why did I beg my parent to take me to a concert that they didn’t even want to go to, why did I send my baby to school today, I had a day off we could have just hung out for the day, why did I choose today to take my child to the mall when they didn’t even want to go.  What was I thinking?  What was I thinking?  What in the fuck was I thinking?

So, we have five confirmed dead, one of them the shooter, at least two confirmed injured children, injured adults and the cherry on top of this shit Sundae is the now deceased piece of shit had had several calls placed to the police about his increasingly erratic behaviour and the amount of bullets that he had been firing off for target practice.  According to one source who wished to remain anonymous, “there should have been some sort of vetting process by law enforcement once one complaint was filed never mind several, as to whether or not this individual should have weapons.”  Geez, ya think?

Several people outside of the school said they heard at least a hundred rounds go off.  That was not just one person saying that, that was multiple people saying at least a hundred rounds, and well over a hundred rounds, and if I had to guess I’d say way over a hundred rounds.  So I’m going to go out on a limb and say that there were probably over a hundred rounds discharged.  A woman outside of the school said she saw a boy shot first in the foot and then the chest.

The shooting started out as a domestic violence incident and then fuckface went full Rambo and lost his shit.  He shot a woman and child in a vehicle and then made his way to the school.  He shot through the school windows and it is still unclear whether or not he actually entered the building.

It gets better.  There are at least 5 different crime scenes for the police to wade through.  A thing that would not have been necessary if they had just checked on this cocksuckers viability as a gun owner before hand.  Oh wait.  They are trying to make it EASIER for the mentally unbalanced to obtain guns now right?  Must be another of those brilliant ideas that we peons are all too stupid to understand, but which makes perfect sense to the people trying to push it through.

I have said it before, I will say it again, probably a hundred million times but I am still going to say it.  The only people in the world that require automatic weapons are military and police.  Other than that, automatic weapons should not be available to anyone at anytime for any reason and you can stuff your right to bear arms right up your ass.  Bear all the arms you want.  Handguns?  Go nuts.  Shotguns? Fill ur boots.  Rifles?  Pick your rifle and go sustenance hunt.  Automatic weapon?  WHAT THE FUCK FOR?  Unless you are fully expecting to be attacked by a herd of Bull African Elephants, then NO.  Just no.

Do you know why people in your country are basically allowed to purchase whatever weapons they want whenever they want?  Because the NRA owns congress.  Can I prove that?  Nope, but I am working on it.  You all know it’s true thought right?  They have way too much sway with congress for anyone with a functioning frontal lobe to be comfortable.  Now those that are certifiably mentally unstable should be allowed to own weapons that kill people.  Well, all weapons kill people.  You can kill someone with a tin can lid if you are dedicated enough to the cause I suppose.  A pen.  Yup you can kill someone with a pen.  Potato?  Absolutely if you have a bit of ingenuity.  There is not much that cannot be used as a weapon and most of them can kill people.  The difference is that, there is a lot lower probability of mass casualties with a tin can lid or a lead pipe or even a fucking revolver.  An automatic weapon can kill people until you either get bored, get shot, the gun jams or you straight up just run out of ammo.  You don’t even have to be a good shot.  Just hold the trigger and wave the thing back and forth.  You are going to injure and kill a lot of people.  If you happen to be dedicated to what you are about to do you can kill everything in your path.

Now, I am not an anti gun zealot.  I am a get rid of stupid laws zealot and your gun laws are straight up insane.  They left retarded and went straight to potato when the mentally ill got dragged into those that should be allowed to have guns.

Tell me, without dragging out the 2nd amendment, what would be wrong with all applicants  undergoing a screening process, which includes a safety course, criminal history and background checks, provision of personal references, and a mandatory waiting period.We are taking automatic weapons right off of the table.  What is the big deal about that.

In 2012 there were a total of 8813 homicides by gun in the United States.  In the same year there were 172 gun related homicides in Canada.  Those are real, verifiable numbers.  Your country makes up roughly 4.4 percent of the global population but you own 42 percent of the guns in the world.  THE WORLD.

From January 1 2017 to today there have been a total of 10007 murders by gun.  That number does not include accidental shootings or things of that nature.  So are you guys trying to have gun violence added as an Olympic event or something?  Or are you on a secret mission of population control at 50 or 60 at a time?  You all know about birth control right?  It is a lot less messy.

Okay, all morbid joking aside, for those of you that are sane, please start doing something, anything.  Write to your congressmen/women, go to rallies…or maybe don’t that would be a good place to get shot, but do something.  The amount of fuckery involved in the gun lobby is like nothing I have ever seen and that isn’t even taking Ted Nugent into account.  You all should have him removed to an island somewhere by the way, just sayin.

And just for you of the guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  PEOPLE WITH GUNS KILL PEOPLE.  FUCK IT ISN’T THAT HARD.


RBMD peacing the fuck out



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sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

Varmt News Network

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Asleep in Left Field-My Life

4 out of 5 Friends recommend this site

Out in left field

(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us