So we are finally getting to Robert Durst but before that we need to talk about how the internet can spread panic and how to avoid it.

March 2, 2020



So crazy assed crazy’s trials is finally set to start.  Oh it is going to be a good one I promise.  I am back in fine writing form.

Before we get to that however, let’s talk about internet craziness.  The internet is a weird and wonderful thing, but it can be used ever so easily to spread dogma, misinformation, bullshit, etc you get the point.

Case in point.  Coronavirus.  Now Coronavirus is dominating my feed on facebook and we are all going to die and we better have our come to jesus moment etc.  So, I went to John Hopkins Website and found this.  Please read at your leisure and stop freaking out about a stupid virus.  You want to freak out about a virus, worry about the flu.

See you for Durst, gotta go spelunking.

RBMD peacing the fuck out

Robert Durst is Crazy Assed Crazy

January 20, 2019

Finally my Christmas  is here and Robert of the live mike “killed them all of course” fame is finally on trial.  Christ on a cracker your justice system is broken and coming from Canada that my friends is saying something.  Hell he’d have been found guilty and put to death if we still did that sort of thing by now if it was us.  On a side note, I believe we should bring back executions, televise them on a pay per view basis and knock the national debt down to nothing by the third execution.

Some things to know about Robert Durst.

A) he is a NUTBAG

B) He totally did it or everyone he knows are the unluckiest people that used to be on the planet.

C) rich fucks like to steal stuff.  That one has always baffled me.  From celebrities getting all kinds of free stuff right on down to idiot Durst stealing a sandwich and then admitting they had the money to pay for it.

d) Even that grizzled old prune has groupies.  Ladies, just saying the guy is not batting a thousand with paramours or friends coming back alive or ever.

E)Robbie likes to dress in drag and pretend to be deaf which actually worked for a while.  He hid in plain sight in a dress and hose and high heels and a wig.

F)Roberts own statements on that live mike are gonna come back to haunt him.

H) he has a team of lawyers who seem to be saying it without saying it but Robbie is fucked.

We will be getting into the meat and potatoes as only I can, but I have been busy hog farming so I will do what I can when I can.


RBMD piecing the fuck out


Her Majesty Queen Kelly Of The New Town She Lives In And The Case Of The Haunted Pig Barn.

October 30, 2018

Hello my lovelies, your queen has finally calmed herself enough to tell you about the apparently haunted barn that I work in.

Now, your Queen is not prone to hysterics of any kind and I have a cold hard rock for a heart so things just do not frighten me.  It irks people that I am so unflappable.  I have walked down to the barn in the pitch black to check to make sure I did something, I pay zero attention to the weird noises that just randomly sound from  out of no where.  When the mice come calling, I catch them and let them go.  I certainly don’t jump up on a desk and scream.  I’m talking to you Carey.

So yesterday I went into the barn as per usual and walked into a laundry room underneath two feet of water.  So I sloshed through it to get my barn boots and discovered that there was also a puddle of water directly in the middle of my office.  This was decidedly strange because it was just there.  There was no leak line from under the wall, no water trail, just a puddle in the middle of the office.

So, not being a hysterical person I took a picture and cleaned it up which took the better part of two hours, that is how much water there was.  I assumed the washing machine had come unlocked somehow and that is how the water got there.  I had a load in when I left the barn the night before.  I cursed myself resoundingly for leaving a load of laundry going when I left and left it at that.  My stupidity.  I finished my days work, checked to make sure there was no laundry going and went inside for the night.  I had had a long day and didn’t go out and check the barn that night and hind sight being 20/20 I should have.

I walked in this morning to a worse mess than I had on Monday and I was furious.  It is so much wasted time to have to clean it up.  It was exactly the same.  And I was PISSED.  I’m like “seriously, what the actual fuck.” We are talking about enough water for two hours at least worth of work, never mind all the shit that got we or ruined or both.  I texted the boss of all bosses to apprise him of the situation and carried on about my day the whole time turning over an over in my head how this was happening.  The answer was obvious.  Ghosts.  Ghosts were fucking with me.  I figured I was setting a bad example as a queen if I didn’t at least try and catch the fucking thing. So I did all my regular work for the day and proceeded to wait for senor Ghost to make an appearance.  So I double checked that the machine was empty and I closed the door and made sure it was closed.  I waited, I did paperwork and watched some law and order off of my thumb drive while waiting.  In hindsight once I caught it I would have probably have been truly fucked.  Ghosts are mostly not friendly from what I hear.

Then when I was just about to give up, I heard it.  The washing machine which is a front loader by the way clicked and the door opened and about 5 gallons of water spilled out with no end in sight.  I immediately turned all the water to the machine off, and cursing resoundingly yet again I got the fucking mop.  I told that washer where exactly I was going to stick that broom if it didn’t knock it off and I told the laundry demon to depart right now or he was getting the other end of the mop.

So it would seem that the check valve that lets water in when you are doing laundry has gone tits up and it just lets water in whether the machine is doing a load of laundry or not.  So, I asked the machine politely if it would like to be crushed and turned into a waffle iron and told the demon I had no problem turning him into one as well.  After that I turned off all the water and waited some more.  After an hour I decided that the washing machine demon had departed.  It is probably living in my toaster now.  I will find out next time I make toast.  If I get devil faces I guess I know where it went.

In some actual real news, Robert Durst is going to have to stand trial for the murder of his friend and hopefully for his wife as well although she was not mentioned  in the news that I watched.  That trial I am going to cover for two reasons.  Firstly, this woman deserves some justice and Secondly because Robert Durst is completely off of his nut and I love crazy people trials.

That’s it for tonight

RBMD peacing the fuck out

Cat Bites Really Big Mean Dog.

April 28, 2016

Hello my lovelies. It is me, your Dean of Fuckery/Law Professor/resident sarcasm expert/honorary DVM/and Queen of all I survey. I have a bunch of stuff to talk about and then we shall get to the title of today’s post.

Firstly, has America collectively lost its mind? I think so. Exhibit everything: Donald Trump. I listened to him go on and on about his plans to blow the middle east back to the stone age last night and how he planned on making China the greatest financial power in the world and how he was putting a metaphorical wall around America and my prevailing thought was “good luck with that.” Unfortunately it was quickly followed by “Holy fuck, we are an attached land mass and when he starts world war III, and he will, we may be somewhat fucked.” Why do more people not realize that Donald Trump is a Whackadoo? My only comfort is that when some country he is bombing releases some weird biological weapon I might finally get my zombie apocalypse. I am prepared. And looking forward to putting something metal into the brains of several undead people. I think my invisible psychiatrist would agree it would be good therapy. As a bonus you can’t murder something that is already dead, not that there will be anyone to worry about it. I plan on taking over the local jail as my first safe house.

Here in Canada Senator Mike Duffy was acquitted of using tax dollars improperly, the parents of a child that died of meningitis were convicted for not seeking medical attention and they are pretty pissed off about it the poor muffins. I am pretty pissed off another child died because there aren’t mandatory licensing requirements to have a child. The trial for the Murder of Tim Bosma continues and this week we learned that General sick fuck Millard asked his ex to tamper with a witness. Private sick fucks ex has also given testimony against him regarding the livestock incinerator that Tim was burned in among other charming things. I’m guessing since at least private sick fucks ex girlfriend is an accessory after the fact she made herself a deal although I haven’t heard one way or the other. Jian Ghomeshi part two, the next complainant is coming to a courtroom near some of us right shortly and in Edmonton 22 schools were put on lockdown because someone reported a man with a gun in his townhouse. IN HIS OWN TOWNHOUSE. Police located the man about 2 and a half hours later but never did locate any guns. 22 schools worth of freaked out kids and parents because  a man might have been seen in his own house with a gun. Thanks America.

Now to the title. So I came across a very pregnant feral cat. Since I cannot stand the suffering of animals I went and got her some food and was going to try and catch her so she could have her babies inside the garage and I could find them homes. I never got the chance however cuz bitch went all psycho kitty on me and bit me before I ever realized what had happened. she then ate the food and promptly fucked off for parts unknown. Since she had sunk her fangs in right down to the bone in at least one spot I figured I better go get some antibiotics at the hospital. I got triaged and the nurse asked on a scale of one to ten what was my pain level and I said negative 62 because it didn’t hurt at all, I figured no big deal.  She laughed like a hyena and said nobody had ever given her negative pain number before.  I laughed back and told her to look up my file and she’d understand.   I knew because it was a cat I needed antibiotics and probably rabies shots. The nurse that took me back said I would need them but the doctor who either thinks he is really funny, or just didn’t know how to tell me I had to have rabies shots said he had to go look it up. He called the health unit and that is when a stupid cat bite turned into a thing. He came back and said I did indeed need rabies shots which I find absolutely hilarious; I mean how many times have I been accused of having rabies? It is completely hysterical. Anyway the health unit called me this morning but then passed me off to the health unit where my doctors office is because my doctor has to give me the shots. Which sucks but is still seriously funny. They made me an appointment for Monday but then I got a panicked phone call 20 minutes later saying I couldn’t wait till Monday and I have to go tomorrow. Tomorrow is day zero, or day fuck my life depending on how you look at it. Five vials of immunoglobulin at the site of the bite which is directly at the base of my first finger and the meat of the pad underneath.  For those of you that don’t know I am seriously needle phobic and needles in the hand suck serious amounts of ass.  Monday I go back for my first dose of rabies vaccine, then Friday for my second dose, then the following Friday for dose three and then the 28th for my last shot. And then I can get bit by whatever I want because I am rabies immune for life. YAY. So the Really Big Mean Dog is finally getting her rabies shots. OMGLOLROFLMAO.

That’s it for tonight lovelies, I will keep you apprised as to whether I get put into 10 day quarantine or not. *snort*

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

Depression Is Fucking Depressing

March 23, 2016

Hi everybody.  Since by now some of you probably think I died, I thought | better drag my ass over to the computer and write something.

I have not been writing simply because right now I’m not funny, not “up”, not amusing.  I have had a major setback mentally which I won’t get into other than to say it happened and I am trying with the help of my invisible psychiatrist to deal with it.

I truly feel totally alone right now and sometimes fervently desire to go to sleep and not wake up.  And then I think of my son and my dogs and decide that is really a shitty thing to think and then I feel guilty for having such a selfish thought.

I also feel like I have somehow let the lot of you down as well as myself even though I cannot help the way I feel.  I just do not feel anything but all encompassing blackness right now.

I am working on it, and I will be back as soon as I am able to be my affable self again.  I’m so sorry for any emails I have not returned or thank you not given.   I just don’t have the energy, I can’t concentrate and I sleep while bug is at school.

I’d say I’m not having a pity party, but I suppose I kind of am so there is that.  Hopefully the meds start to work soon and I will be back.

I miss you all, but I am no good to anyone at the moment.


So, What Is Your Pleasure?

January 21, 2016

We have some trials that have just started and some just about to start.  The carnation trial, Dahlia Dipolito’s retrial (the one who tried to whack her husband and then said they were just making it up for a reality tv idea) and the Vancallis Trial started a couple of days ago and that one has a very no nonsense and very cantankerous judge.

What is your pleasure my lovelies? One of the above or something different. Let me know so that I can get on it.

RBMD Peacing the fuck out..


The Victim’s Name Is Colleen Ritzer

October 18, 2015

Colleen Ritzer was born May 13 1989 in Massachusetts.  She was murdered by yet another entitled sick fuck piece of shit by the name of Philip Chism.  She was ripped from the world on October 23rd 2013.  She was whole years old.  Thankfully, the powers that be, due to the heinous nature of the murder have decided that jism will be tried as an adult.  Yeah I typo’d and it stays.

Naturally Jism has so far blamed Colleen for her own murder, stated that he didn’t do it, said he was coerced, confessed, had the confession tossed, was slated for opening arguments on the 20th of this month but now his wonderful flock of fucktard attorneys are going to throw the hail mary he is insane defense at the wall and see if it sticks.

Jism isn’t nuts, he’s just another garden variety psychopath basking in his 15 minutes of fame.  Bask away you piece of shit, prison is forever and the boys are going to just love you.

We now have a three week delay while the DA and defense throw some psychiatrists at each other to decide whether our precious little snowflake can aid in his own defense.

Just to recap, Jism stabbed his teacher16 times in the throat with a boxcutter, raped her at least twice, assaulted her with a stick and was found with her bloody credit cards and panties.

I already hate this piece of shit and I’m just getting started.  Can’t wait for trial.

Tomorrow we will be having a really big mean dog school of law class on insanity as a last resort.

Till then…RBMD peacing the fuck out

We Are Back In Business

October 17, 2015

I uninstalled and reinstalled and everything seems to be working peachy keen, so we are back in business for the Chism Trial.  Just for the record, Philip Chism is a piece of shit, he is being tried as an adult and I hope that the sentence if that somebody rapes him and then shoves something large up his ass just for good measure.

His confession has been tossed, his lawyer is a tool and it’s going to be a hell of a trial.  Opening statements start October 20th tentatively.

I will keep you posted daily as per usual during trials.

RBMD peacing the fuck out!

Computer Problems

October 13, 2015

Some driver is going in my computer so I am only getting extremely sporadic connection right now. Not ignoring comments, but I won’t be able to answer them all and don’t want anyone to think I was ignoring them. Hopefully will be fixed soon. Love you all.

Mama Asked That This Be Posted, And Reading It I See Why

September 25, 2015

For almost 22 years, they waited and wondered what had happened to their 23-year-old daughter and sister missing from her North Jacksonville home after her purse and her car were found near the airport.
But when DNA tests identified skeletal remains found in the backyard of Bonnie Lynn Haim’s former home on Dolphin Avenue as her, investigators had their first piece of new evidence in a very cold case.
That led to Monday’s arrest of husband Michael Ray Haim in Waynesboro, N.C., on a murder charge, tying up another loose end of an investigation that started with weeks of searching for her body in January 1993.
Bonnie Haim’s father, Robert Pasciuto, said the family didn’t have “anything to say at the moment” when reached about the developments. Bonnie and Michael Haim’s son, now Aaron Fraser, wouldn’t comment yet either, according to his family.
On a Facebook page set up by sister Liz Mahoney Peak to seek leads on Bonnie’s disappearance, words of thanks were printed an hour after police announced the arrest.
“Thank you for your patience, love and support as we close one chapter of Bonnie Pasciuto Haim’s story and open another,” it said.
Sheriff’s Office Director Mike Bruno announced the arrest at a Tuesday news conference, standing with State Attorney Angela Corey and Robbie Hinson, the original homicide detective in the case. Bruno said Michael Haim, 49, will be extradited back to Jacksonville to go to trial.

He’s been residing in North Carolina with family,” Bruno said. “… There are still some elements to put together, but ultimately we had the probable cause and based on the information through 20-plus years and detective Hinson’s work, we were able to build this case.”
Hinson worked the case initially as a Sheriff’s Office homicide detective and now as a State Attorney’s Office investigator.
“We used every resource we could to bring it to conclusion,” he said. “… I am really thankful and grateful that the good Lord let me see this to its completion.”
Bonnie Haim was a computer analyst who had been married to her husband about five years. Their son, Aaron, was 3 at the time of her disappearance.
Michael Haim told police that he and his wife had an argument the night of Jan. 6 and that she had left their Dolphin Avenue home just north of the Trout River the next day. Hours later, a clerk at a motel near Jacksonville International Airport found her purse in a trash bin, then her Toyota Camry was found abandoned at the airport.
At the time, Haim said he and his wife had some disagreements but nothing involving violence. He said she had been sad lately.
“I would love her to come back home and work everything out,” Haim told the Times-Union. “Everyone has a few problems, but she never did this before.”
The family gathered a year later to host a memorial for Bonnie off Airport Road, hoping the publicity would turn up leads. Michael Haim did not attend.
On the Facebook page with dozens of family photos, many show a smiling Haim with her son. A Nov. 18, 2012, entry says the disappearance remains “an open book,” fill it.
“Bonnie’s soft quiet voice continues to call me to that book. Though she has been gone for almost 20 years, the last chapters have not yet been written,” the entry said in part.
Later that same day, a post reacts to the discovery of human remains in Northwest Jacksonville, saying that every time a body or bones are found, “far too many families across our region are hopeful and scared that it could be the body of their missing loved one.”
On Jan. 6, 2013, another entry acts as Bonnie’s voice, reminding readers that she was declared a missing person 20 years ago that day.
“My friends and family and hundreds of people that I had never met searched for me but have not yet found me,” it reads. “… With every new subdivision and building that is built, I have hopes that someone will find my grave. As each year passes, I have hopes that someone will want to clear their conscience and tell the story of my last hours. Perhaps this is the year that the story of my life will be completed and my body will finally be laid to rest with a proper burial.”
That post predicted what happened.
On Dec. 15 workers digging out a backyard pool at the home on Dolphin Avenue found what appeared to be a piece of skull, police said. No one had lived there for some time. While neighbors speculated it could be Haim, her father said he didn’t think so but that “anything is possible.”
Eight months later Bruno said the DNA tests came back confirming the identity, and the investigation into her death was revived. Corey credited Hinson’s doggedness for this week’s result.
“This case involves just hundreds of individual circumstances spanning the last 20-something years that we will put together and put in front of a jury to seek justice for Bonnie Haim and her son,” said Corey, who also worked on this case in 1993 as an assistant state attorney. “… I can’t tell you what a long time it’s been in this case. And I can’t tell you the number of times after we ran out of leads, so to speak back then, that Robbie would come put a reminder in my office not to ever forget this case, and neither one of us have ever forgotten it.”
The couple’s son, Aaron, didn’t forget either. He filed and won a $26.3 million wrongful death lawsuit against his father in April 2005, the Sheriff’s Office said.
Corey said she hopes to have this case in front of a jury within a year, after it goes to a grand jury.

Well…what do you think? Should I keep up with this murder?


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4 out of 5 Friends recommend this site

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(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us