Blind Faith part 2 or Goddamn someone sue Bell because telephones got him arrested

July 20, 2019

So where were we?  Oh yeah tire felt weird gunshot wound to the head tire iron. The wife the kids the car it’s all coming back to me.  They found 31 calls to a hardware store in shrievport home of one ferland Leroux.  Funny how some random guy got 31 phone calls at a hardware store.  Now Ferlands friend who doesn’t want to give murder for hire a bad name ricky Dunlap decided to do the deed himself.  Ricky Dunlap was exactly what he appeared to be.  Now rob the insurance salesman had hella denero on the life of his wife.

Enter Feliz Richmond.  The only person surprised was Rob and he was shocked everyone knew and everybody knew.  the mailman, the bank tellers, his boys, his uncle sal.  The whole fucking place knew. Kids in the next county knew.  So he throws that into the face of the grieving boys, there hasn’t even been a funeral yet and the youngest boy is 10 years old.  Then his friend Sal who is a decent man and is trying very hard to help the boys goes to yell er I mean talk to Robert O Marshall who is crying.  Sal thinks this might be a turning point.  The shock has finally set in that his wife is dead and he could have been but nope he’s bawling because he can’t see felize.  Sal leaves disgusted telling the boys if they need him they know where he is.

Part three will be titled cops are not dumb, not even in Louisiana

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Blind Faith Alt Title Robert was a stupid fuck who liked to use the phone a lot

July 19, 2019

once upon a time in the land of all debauchery there lived a fellow by the name of Robert Oakley Marshall.  The Oakley should have given it away on the douche meter but alas it did not.   He had a stunning wife named Maria and three sons who’s names I am not going hunting for because it isn’t really important…okay maybe it is hang on.  Christopher, Robert and john.  Happy now?  Anyway Marshall was a marmy swarmy insurance salesman who preached like desmond tutu about the importance of family and spending time together and all that other family related stuff.  A lot of said stuff happened at the Marshall residence.

Maria was in tears when he threw her a surprise anniversary party, actually she started to sob and had to excuse herself.  Now Maria was not simply so moved that her feelings got the best of her, she was sobbing because she knew her preachy, family first husband was having an affair with the town bicycle.  She and Robs friend and a few other people had planned to confront him about it to try and get him to see the error of his ways.  Thing about dogs is they generally don’t suddenly turn into cats.  The intervention was set for two days after the anniversary party.

The next night Robert decided he wanted to go to Atlantic city to go gambling.  Again not weird unless you took into account their dire financial position.  On the outside everything was fine.  On the inside they were totally fucked.  Now there are things like bankruptcy court but then the whole town would know.  What would they say at the county club.  In Atlantic City Robert raven into someone named Ferland Laroux who he supposedly owed money to.  800 to be exact.  Now word had got out down at he bayou that Ferland was not being an honorary crook and was just going to keep bleeding poor old Rob dry without ever doing anything about Robs problem.  That problem being said wife who he was trying to have murdered.  So someone that Ferland knew took over the job.

Rob and Maria left the casino and as luck would have it just as a rest stop was coming up Rob said his tire felt funny.  This was the ruse.  So Maria took one to the head with a bullet and Rob got bonked over the head with a tire iron.  My goodness poor Rob.  He went home after the police (who did not believe a single thing out of his lying mouth) cut him loose and he went home and called his son at university to tell him his mother was dead.  The other two children were already aware.

In the morning a friend of Rob and Maria dropped by and Rob just could not contain his secret love any longer.  His friend said he already knew because dun  dun dun dun Maria told him and she’d also hired a private investigator and that is when things got very very interesting.


I’ll finish tomorrow my back is bothering me

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So they have completely re arranged wordpress so it is gonna take me a minute to figure it out.

July 15, 2019

Why they keep doing this I do not know but I’ll figure it out no worries.


Scott Peterson

July 15, 2019

So I watched a special the other night where they tried (badly) to refute some of the evidence against scott Peterson for murdering his wife and unborn baby.  This was a knarly trial with some horrific shit.  So, show of hands who thinks the cocksucker is right where he deserves to be and who doesn’t.  If we have doesn’t we are going to re-examine this case

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Jeffrey Epstein

July 15, 2019

It has money, sex, sex trafficking of underage girls and please god let it be televised.


January 22, 2019

My loyal and long suffering subjects.  Finally my pleas to the universe have been answered and we have a tentative trial date for Crazy Assed Crazy Robert Durst.  It was supposed to be june but they filed for and got a three month extension.

While we wait, I will be supplying you with whatever pre-trial crap that I can find.  There  is a lot, but most of it is bullshit and I have a feeling there is going to be more bullshit once the trial starts and so I have to vet everything before I post it since I’m not Fox News.

So YAY we have at least one trial and if I get super lucky we get two if we get the bag of nuts that kept their kids chained up in their rooms.  There has been a lot of movement on that one lately too so we may get a twofer.  Woohoo for us.

I’m going to bed now.  Pig farming is hard and I’m tired

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Robert Durst is Crazy Assed Crazy

January 20, 2019

Finally my Christmas  is here and Robert of the live mike “killed them all of course” fame is finally on trial.  Christ on a cracker your justice system is broken and coming from Canada that my friends is saying something.  Hell he’d have been found guilty and put to death if we still did that sort of thing by now if it was us.  On a side note, I believe we should bring back executions, televise them on a pay per view basis and knock the national debt down to nothing by the third execution.

Some things to know about Robert Durst.

A) he is a NUTBAG

B) He totally did it or everyone he knows are the unluckiest people that used to be on the planet.

C) rich fucks like to steal stuff.  That one has always baffled me.  From celebrities getting all kinds of free stuff right on down to idiot Durst stealing a sandwich and then admitting they had the money to pay for it.

d) Even that grizzled old prune has groupies.  Ladies, just saying the guy is not batting a thousand with paramours or friends coming back alive or ever.

E)Robbie likes to dress in drag and pretend to be deaf which actually worked for a while.  He hid in plain sight in a dress and hose and high heels and a wig.

F)Roberts own statements on that live mike are gonna come back to haunt him.

H) he has a team of lawyers who seem to be saying it without saying it but Robbie is fucked.

We will be getting into the meat and potatoes as only I can, but I have been busy hog farming so I will do what I can when I can.


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