The Really Big Mean Dog School Of Law: Terms You Will Need To Know

October 26, 2015

Good evening class.  Please settle in and take your seats as there are several terms we need to cover this session.  They WILL be on the exam.

We will start off with an easy one.

Kidnapping.  Now, when most of you think of kidnapping I am sure LIam Neesom and his particular set of skills pops into your head.  Kidnapping from a law perspective can be said grabbing and removing someone to another place right down to holding someone in a room that they do not wish to be in.  In Canada we call that forcible confinement but hey whatever, kidnapping sounds way cooler.

Charged:  Police, if they feel they have enough evidence will charge you with an offense.  This is not the end of the line.

Indicted:  Once you are charged, a grand jury is convened where the facts of the charges are put forth.  From the grand Jury you are either no billed which means you get to go back to killing cats in your backyard, or yes billed in which case you just became every so much more fucked than you were before you were indicted. Indictments include all the horrors of whatever crimes one has been indicted for.

Not Guilty Plea:  You feel like you might be able to convince a jury that you didn’t do it.

Guilty Plea  You know exactly how fucked you are and are hoping for leniency in return for not having a trial.

Aggravated Rape  An aggravated rape is an offense of rape that is committed under circumstances which render the offense more heinous. The severity of the crime may be increased because of factors such as age of the victim, blood relationship between the accused and the victim, the victim is aged, the offender is armed with a weapon,  The exact definition of the term varies from state to state and from nation to nation. An aggravated rape is different from a forcible rape. Rape which occurs during commission of specified crimes, such as assault and battery by means of dangerous weapon, constitutes aggravated rape, punishment will be harsher.

Insanity Defense: A defense asserted by an accused in a criminal prosecution to avoid liability for the commission of a crime because, at the time of the crime, the person did not appreciate the nature or quality or wrongfulness of the acts. Cuz totally preplanning the whole fucking thing totally shows that.  Just sayin’

Being Tried As An Adult: Since the early 1990s many states have adopted a “get tough” approach to juvenile justice as a response to the increasingly violent crimes committed by children. As of 2003 most states had adopted legislation that permits children as young as 14 to be tried as adults under circumstances of rape, torture, murder (oh look, Jism hit the trifecta). In some states, such as Indiana, South Dakota, and Vermont, children as young as 10 can be tried as adults.

Coercion:  What you start screaming the second you realize that all those cop shows that said you have the right to remain silent might have been saying it for a reason and giving a recorded and videotaped admission may have been a really bad idea.

Parental Unit  The one in the corner wringing their hands  and trying to explain that their precious little snowflakes loves soccer and soccer players don’t hurt people.  When that fails to garner attention they will often start yelling coercion.

There you have it class.  Please commit these to memory we will need them for the upcoming trial.

RBMD peacing the fuck out!

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And Robert Durst Takes The Crazy To A Whole New Level

April 9, 2015

Good God is there even anything in the DVM 5 to cover this guy? Every psychiatrist on earth.

I guess there isn’t much to do while sitting in a cell in Louisiana so “nobody is crazier than I am” Durst decided to pen a letter to the Los Angeles Times. It said absolutely nothing about his current legal conundrums but did include his interests in Opera, the NFL, Politics and his health problems. He pled not guilty in Louisiana to weapons charges when he was caught dead nuts with the gun and just for shits and giggles the Fed is not exploring the option of Federal weapons charges. Meanwhile back in LA he is currently facing murder charges for killing his best friend Susan Berman in 2000. His Attorney Dick DeGuerin concurs that the handwriting in the letter to the times appears to be Durst’s.

As for the gun charges in Louisiana, DeGuerin and company are trying to have the charges thrown out as an illegal search. DeGuerin has also filed a subpoena with the court regarding Jeannine Pirro, the hair that has been up Durst’s ass for just about ever. In the documentary it was stated that Pirro and her then team had scheduled an interview with Susan just before she was killed, the defense contends that this request never happened and if it never happened there would be no reason for Durst to kill Susan.

Just because the amount of insane has not yet hit its ceiling (and with this dude it may never) Crazy Asses wife has come into play. Reports indicate that the wedding was rushed, that Robert seemed less than a jubilant new groom and that they married because Debra Charatran maybe knew one or a thousand too many secrets for Dursts liking. As for Charatran she is up for the gold digging hall of fame award and she gets bonus points because she has managed to somehow stay alive. You go girl.

According to the New York Post. Durst might have married Charatan as a means of protecting his own secrets, as Charatan could not be compelled to testify against him under the law of spousal privilege. In fact Durst told his sister Wendy that his relationship with Charatan was simply “a marriage of convenience.” Now, Charatan can not be compelled to testify, but she can if she wants too, although odds are likely that the court would not allow it as too prejudicial.

durst motion Here is the latest motion filing with backup law and the subpoena for Pirro. It is sideways, I apologize I cannot get it to turn for some reason and thank you Renae for digging this out for me.

Because I just cannot adequately explain the crazy here is Durst living as a mute woman. durstaswoman

And Susan Berman, currently dead susanberman

So there you have the fairly up to date insanity

RBMD peacing the fuck out

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Fred Durst Would Like You All To Know He Is NOT Robert Durst

April 1, 2015

Poor Fred Durst. He has no luck. First he becomes the front man for the entirely sucky Limp Bizkit and then he gets confused twice in the news for supposed serial killer Robert Durst.


The dude wearing the NOT ROBERT hoody is Fred Durst. He is guilty of doing it all for the nookie and fronting a shitty band. On the right we have crazy assed crazy Robert Durst who is guilty of hunking someone up with a bow saw, a couple of kitchen knives and assorted other pointy things. He is currently under arrest for allegedly killing his best friend Susan Berman. She had recently called him to let him know the police wanted to talk to her about the disappearance of Roberts wife Kathleen. He probably figured he’d told Susan way, way to much so he whacked her and made it look like a mob hit.

The judge that gave him five years for jumping bail and evidence tampering believes he mailed her a decapitated cat’s head. They are also looking into him for a girl that went missing in 1971 who used to shop at the health food store that he and his wife Cathy owned at that time. The 1971 disappearance of college student Lynne Schulze has been the bane of authorities in Middlebury Vermont for more than 40 years. On December 10, 1971, Lynn, then 18, just vanished from the face of the earth hours after buy dried prunes at Durst’s health food shop. She was last seen across the street from the shop.

Kristen Modafferi disappeared on June 23, 1997 in San Francisco. She was 18 and had completed her freshman year of college in North Carolina. She had only recently moved to San Francisco to go to summer school at the University of California at Berkeley. Durst was a person of interest in her disappearance.

Karen Mitchell disappeared while walking alone in Eureka California. She was only 16. She vanished on November 25, 1997. Robert Durst owned a house a very short distance away and frequented a business owned by the Mitchell family. On the day she disappeared, she was seen getting into a car with a man who looked like Durst.

Other stunning (spoiler, no they aren’t) revelations that have come to light are that he liked hookers although nobody knows if he killed any of them, it would appear that handwriting experts have confirmed that the cadaver note was penned by Durst, and his wife who has up till now kept her gold digging mouth shut is currently shacked up with one of Durst’s stable of lawyers. Debbie Charatan is supposedly working out a deal for her testimony, but I have looked more into that being that it is marital communications and odds are about 9 to 1 that it won’t be allowed so I don’t know what the great debate is about. Obviously she knows a shit ton of stuff and is definitely guilty of aiding and abetting but it’s probably never going to see the light of the courtroom.

Just to add to the already good time being enjoyed by Robert Durst, former DA Jeanine Pirro who has been up Robert Durst’s ass for just about ever. She currently works for Fox News and got booted from the courtroom during arraignment when the defense stated they planned on calling her as a witness. Pirro contested hotly that she was there as a member of the press but she got the boot anyway. Her lawyer argued and she was eventually allowed re-entry where she sat in the front row and shot daggers from her eyes at Durst for the remainder of the proceedings. She has since received a subpoena.

Robert Durst basically blames Pirro for all the bad things that have happened to him, you know like being accused of capital crimes and shit.

More on Durst to come because he is suddenly everywhere.

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