Really Big Mean Dog Presents: SFS Juror #7 Guest Blog by BlueWhiteRed

November 15, 2014

Hai Kids.  Welcome to another edition of SFS.  I was in contact with Jim Blackburn this morning and he has been out of town on some sort of business.  He promises we will have his interview for next Saturday and sends his humble apologies that it is late.  I assured him that we all understand that he is very busy and we know it will be worth the wait.

I know you are all concerned with the current state of my health as am I.  I have to go for two more tests which will be immediate, no waiting and then they will see what can be done about it.  I seem to have some congenital heart problem called Ebsteins Anomoly.  He tried to explain it but truthfully it was a shellshock moment and I didn’t really understand much of what he said.  I heard replacement of the tricuspid valve and atrial repair which would be done at the same time and I kind of flaked after that.  I have started to do research, I still have to have a couple of tests like I said and we will go from there.  I do NOT have any intention of dropping dead.  Actually, I plan to live forever so don’t worry.  DO NOT WORRY!!  He said no stress and no exertion until we get these other tests and we see where we are so I am not stressing or exerting.

I am getting ready to do the run of coffee mugs.  You have two choices.  The one that I already showed you that says Really Big Mean Dog with the picture of Happy with his gavel, OR Really Big Mean Dog School Of Law – Assistant Dean of Fuckery with the same picture of Happy.  Please let me know on here or twitter so I can get an accurate count.  They are 16 oz mugs.  Thank you.

My collection of ignorant, strange and downright bizarre messages continues to grow and I am going to post them all in one big blog and we can all try and figure out who they are actually from.  It will be fun.

Our very own BlueWhiteRed did their civic duty and sat on a DP Jury in 1994.  Since I invited anyone interested to guest blog, they were kind enough to take me up on the offer and let us get a general idea of what a DP case is like from the inside.  Thank you BlueWhiteRed for taking the time out of your day to write this for all of us.  Blue was Juror #7

Juror 7

I was invited by another blogger to write about my experiences being a juror on a case that involved the death penalty. I accepted and started typing, but re-thinking this case and aftermath froze me into inaction. I’ve never written about it, or discussed it in depth. Why would I do this now? During the Jodi Arias and subsequently, the Marissa DeVault trial, I read many posters say some version of, “I think they should get the DP, but I couldn’t do it.” (Or, very fervent wishes for other than legal methods of the DP, or Life Without Parole (LWOP). I made a few comments on Twitter that I had been a DP juror and you’re right, it’s a very difficult situation that nothing in my life prepared me for. I want to speak to those of you who have never served on any jury, and give you a glimpse inside days spent in “The Box”.

Disclaimers: I am married and in my early 50’s. I grew up in the Northeast as 1 of 7 children in a blended family. My parents were strict and I was an average student. I received a BS degree through the GI Bill. I was raised in a non-DP state (we had a long-time Governor who opposed it.) Politically I am Unaffiliated and tend to vote issues. Religiously I am Protestant. I am a second generation American. I worked for a Fortune 500 company for many years, until 9/11 resulted in my layoff. I served in the Reserves and was recalled to active duty after 9/11, where I served in a remote and dangerous location. I am now disabled but am able to operate a part-time business. I suffer from PTSD, nightmares and receive all my care through the VA. I now live in the Southeast with my wife and 2 teen sons. I think the #1 mistaken stereotype people make of me is that I am liberal. I would describe myself as a firm believer of the Constitution. If you are a defendant, you are innocent until we debate all the evidence and apply the law. I believe in this concept 100%. I hope this background information helps mold the story. Because the first thing I want you to learn is: You are sitting with 11-18 people who are completely NOT who you assume they are. Voir Dire does not reveal everything, and people minimize/don’t reveal a LOT of information during it.

June 1993: My sister came over from a town 2 hours away to spend the weekend with us. The 11 o’clock news came on and I briefly heard about a “Mom & Pop” convenience store being robbed earlier that night. It was only noteworthy because it was located about 10 minutes from where I lived. I never even knew anyone was dead or caught. After the night of the robbery/murder, I never heard any updates, as I rarely listened to the news, or read the paper. This was pre-internet!

December 1993: I receive my summons from the County Sheriff about 60 days in advance. I hadn’t ever been summonsed, either in this state or my home state. I was thrilled! Not for jury duty, but because, at the time my job did not allow Mondays off and we were slammed for the 8 hours I worked. I worked in a call center and it was high-stress, fast paced and nit-picky work. But I still liked it, and had been employed for about 7 years at that time. If you are summonsed for a Monday, you can call the previous Friday to hear if your number is required to show up. In my case, ALL *200* jurors were to report.

Mid January 1994

I report to the jury assembly area along with about 200 other people. I could feel some tension by the staff. A judge came downstairs to thank us for reporting, and to swear an oath. Then he sternly turned to the Jury Clerk for the names (about 20) of those who hadn’t reported. He issued bench warrants (!), as those would be charged with contempt of court. I had no idea how serious this all was. 10 Deputies divvied up the list, and off they went to bring those 20 to the judge. I was glad I was there, after all.

The clerk told us there were 3 cases on the docket: a criminal trial and 2 civil ones. I’m glad she minimized the criminal trial, as I think it would have provoked a lot of discussion in the jury assembly room. We sat and sat, and finally, she came back down and started calling off random numbers. Mine was called in the first 30 and up we went to the courtrooms. We entered from the side (where Jodi enters/exits; I’ll try to give you “visuals” from her trial to help you “see”.) and all the parties turned around and stared us down. Having never been in a courtroom, I had no idea how to dress, so relied on my parents’ guide of “dress for an interview.” I think I was the best dressed one there, besides the corporate types, who hoped to be dismissed in time for work! The judge introduced us to the case….a double murder death penalty case, with two defendants being tried jointly. Uh-oh. I could hear the reaction all around me and mumbles of, “So much for the civil cases.” I wasn’t sure how I felt yet, since I hadn’t given the Death Penalty much thought (have I mentioned I was 29?). Nicole Brown Simpson hadn’t been murdered yet (3 months after my trial ended) but the Menendez Brothers 1st trial was something I had watched on Court TV. In those days, I worked 2nd or 3rd shift, so had time to watch testimony. As a side note, I did believe their stories of incest during the first trial only. I think Leslie Abramson dressing them in crew sweaters and their tearful testimonies made me think of my own childhood, in that my step-mother’s punishments never fit my crimes. Unlike Jodi Arias, I was whipped on my bare legs, had to pick my own switch from our lilac bush and was slapped, punched in the mouth and constantly “tip toeing” around her. I was a middle child, and not noteworthy for being the smartest, attractive, athletic, etc. Unlike my siblings, I never took advanced courses. I was just the kid that took 8th grade stuff…in 8th grade! In 12th grade, instead of AP English, I took Suspense Fiction and fell in love with Perry Mason. I found I was good at figuring out “whodunit”.

When it came time for college, there was no money left for child #5, so I pursued majors or programs with maximum job potential and scholarships. I wanted to be a Physician’s Assistant (to avoid years and years of Med School!) and even was accepted into Syracuse University on a scholarship. My step-mom told me I would never make it academically, and to major in something “more realistic”. So I know a little something about abuse. And Self-Esteem, Jodi. I went to a State University and got a more useful degree. Sigh.

Back to jury duty, I was a little curious about the criminal case, because it apparently was high profile (the news vans were outside when I entered, yet I knew nothing.) I figured if I were a defendant, I’d want someone like me as a juror. I don’t judge people by looks or accusations. I learned a lot in the military, which should award a Master’s Degree in Diversity. BTW, book deals weren’t in vogue then.

The way voir dire is done here hasn’t changed in 20 years. No questionnaires. The Court Clerk calls 12 names at random, and a Bailiff assigns you a seat in the Jury Box. I was called in the first round, and sat in Juror 7’s seat. This was a great seat, as I sat in the first row, left corner. I sat right next to the Deputy District Attorney (DDA) who (I discovered) was our version of Juan Martinez…in a Southern, folksy way. I could actually see what he was doing (not the words) and he had a piece of paper with 12 boxes, corresponding to us. The judge then gave the details of the crime and went through general questioning of all of us. Let me stop and give you the overview of the crime:

9 months earlier, in June 1993, 2 18 year old (male) friends from a neighboring county, each with teen pregnant wives, were driving around a summer Saturday afternoon. They stopped to shoot pool, have a few beers (I think the drinking age was still 18) and drive around. They stopped at a pawn shop to pawn something, bought a fish fillet knife and then went to a yard sale, as one of them needed a crib soon. While they were there in the car, a witness overheard a discussion about needing money, and “We’ll just have to find someone to rob.” They then took off, went to a “Mom and Pop” convenience store in a rural part of my county. They walked around, and when the owner went outside to sweep the porch, came back in to find 1 of the men with his hand in her purse. He quickly withdrew with nothing, and they hastily left. They then drove to a nearby other such store, walked around and engaged the 2 workers in conversation. They were a husband and wife in their mid-late 60’s. The wife (Mrs. Blake*) actually was an employee (not owner) and, because Mr. Blake* was hard of hearing, the owners let him come with her to do menial tasks, so she could keep an eye on him. After a brief walk-around (casing), the 2 men left.

About 30 minutes later, Frank Carter*, a college student who was newly home for the summer, walked 3 houses down to that store to buy a drink and snack. As he approached the door, these 2 men ran from the store, stared him down, and took off in their car. Frank went into the store, found Mr. Blake near a chip display, with his throat cut.

(* Names changed to protect privacy)

He heard other noises, including a beeping cash register, and found Mrs. Blake behind the counter, gurgling but not showing an obvious wound. Frank called 911.

The robbers quickly raced to a frontage road leading to the Interstate, attracting attention by jumping the railroad tracks separating the parallel access road to the artery. Enroute, one tossed the sheath by a corner lot and, entering the Interstate, tossed the knife on the on-ramp. They raced home to their county, about 10 minutes away.

The Blakes died at the scene. Mr. Blake bled out from his neck wound, and, we found out later, Mrs. Blake had been stabbed straight down from her collarbone, nicking a major artery.

After the judge weeded out jurors who could not consider the death penalty, the Bailiff filled the remaining jury box seats. Individual voir dire began. Interestingly, it became obvious that I was considered a little unordinary, as I was a young Veteran who had been a Medic. While they couldn’t ask our religions directly, it came out that 11 of the panel were Baptist and I was Protestant. We had 1 African American woman. They could ask our political parties, and again, it was 10 Republican, 2 Democrat (I was at the time.) I worked for a major employer so the attorney asked me if I knew, “Jurors 2, 3, 9, 11, 12?” and was shocked that I didn’t! When it came time to ask another round of questions, I was singled out because I think neither side knew where I stood. I was honest but it bears saying I’ve lived a very unconventional (for the time) life. The defense attorney specifically asked me about my medic training and “had I ever witnessed autopsies?” Yes, I had. In hindsight I think he was looking to see if this little kid could handle seeing the pictures, especially Mr. Blake’s gaping neck wound. Jurors 1 and 7 were accepted by 2pm on Monday, the first day. Every one else, including the remaining pool were excused. I looked back at Juror 1 (a guy my age behind me) and we exchanged, “Who, us?!” looks.

Voir Dire continued Tuesday and Wednesday morning, while I sat and grew numb from the same questions, over and over. Finally the Judge told me and #1 to go home/work but to call in at the end of the day and lunchtime to see if the panel had been filled. It finally was on Friday, after the Judge told both sides they would stay all weekend to select the jury and 2 alternates. So I was told trial would start Monday. We were strictly admonished not to discuss the case with anyone, wear our badge as soon as we exited our cars, avoid news and reports, etc. Everyone at my work quickly figured out the case because it was notorious, they knew I was not excused from jury duty. My supervisor was really cool about it because he knew more gore than I did, and he put me on non-public contract busy work until the case actually began. In those days, it was easy to avoid the media/talk of the case. I didn’t own a computer in 1994. Those who did had dial-up and the internet was charged per minute! The one oddity was that the local newspaper had a box right outside the juror’s entrance to the courthouse! My wife saved all the papers and recorded all the news reports so I could see them afterwards. I’ve never watched/read them to this day.

The following Monday, the case began. Our judge was a firm, kindly older (60’s) man, who clearly ran that courtroom. I had drill sergeants who were less precise on time than he! Each defendant had his own set of attorneys, so cross examination tended to go twice as long. We did have to leave the courtroom often but did not suffer through sidebars or white noise. Judge No BS suffered no fools, and I don’t think a single sidebar was allowed. The bailiffs were huge and very serious about watching us, the public and the defendants. We were not allowed to take notes, and in my state, aren’t allowed to ask questions, either. I like both concepts and wish we could.

On breaks or lunch, the attorneys politely stepped out of the elevators if they saw we were going in or already in. There was so much decorum. But it wasn’t boring by any means.

Again, this was 1994, so we did not have DNA, but Serology. Thankfully, I had started college as a Nursing major, so the science wasn’t lost on me. When it got to the autopsies, I steadied myself like I had 100 times before in the Army. We didn’t have Jumbotrons or video. We passed blown up pictures to each other. I could feel the attorneys staring at me, and I did my best not to react to the carnage I was analyzing. When I looked up, I made a point to look at the Judge.

It might be a good time to explain the charges. Both were charged with 2 counts of 1st Degree Murder, or in the alternative, Felony Murder. (This is what Jodi Arias was indicted for, but in my case, there were 2 victims, thus 2 counts). The facts of the case, as determined by us were: Nick* went in, slashed Mr. Blake’s throat to disable him, then went around the counter, stabbed Mrs. Blake, who fell to the ground. Chris* stood on the public side of the counter, pressing the enter key on the register. Little did these criminal masterminds know that they needed a PIN code to open it. So he banged and banged. Mrs. Blake started to get up to stumble out from behind the counter while Nick turned the cash register towards him, to pry it open. Chris then rushed Mrs. Blake, who collapsed inside the counter area. (He never touched her or had a weapon). Realizing their plan had failed, they took off. However, Frank Carter*, the neighborhood college student, walked up as they bolted out the door, stared at him, and burned rubber in their Monte Carlo.

Later that same night, Chris got a case of the guilts, found a family friend who was a wildlife officer, confessed, and was turned over to the police. He testified as I’ve described above. Nick was arrested the next day, did not testify but my life and his intersected about 5 years later:

In 1999, I couldn’t concentrate, had trouble remembering common words, etc. I had some psych testing done, and it was reviewed and diagnosed as ADD (it wasn’t called ADHD then) by none other than Nick’s Shrink for Hire, Dr. Snores*. He tried to convince us that, because Nick had ADD and had been drinking, any shock to his system would make him vulnerable to Fight (as in Fight or Flight). So, even though Nick used the weapons, when Chris screamed in horror, Nick went into some auto-robot mode to wipe out all danger in this store. Our DDA, Southern Juan, ate him alive. He was arrogant and insulted anyone would question him.

Let’s remember, Mr. and Mrs. Blake were 65-70 years old and one was mostly deaf. They would have surely died of a heart attack during a robbery.

So 5 years later, I recognize Dr. Snores, who thankfully doesn’t recognize me. I take his file, my prescription and never visit him again.

Ok, closing and reading the law aren’t much different than anywhere else. But keep in mind; if we find Chris was actively a part of attempted armed robbery, he’s just as guilty of Murder as Nick-who-killed-them. For a lot of people, that’s a harder concept to morally accept than the death penalty. I think voir dire should cover this concept, too.

It took us less time to pour coffee than convict Nick of Murder 1 x 2 victims. He did it, he planned it.

It took us 5 DAYS to convict Chris. We convicted him of Felony Murder for Mr. Blake (Murder resulting from attempted armed robbery) but Murder 1 for Mrs. Blake (he boxed her in, which shows premeditation).

The victims only had 2 grown sons. Guess where they had the misfortune to live in January 1994? Northridge, California. Where a major earthquake ruined their lives in yet another way. My point is, the defendants had parents, coaches, teen wives, pastors tell us all about their 20 great years on earth. NO ONE told us about the Blakes. It was so painful.

In my state, the death penalty has to be unanimous and it is binding. Unlike Arizona, if we are hung, it’s automatically life. Back then, life meant 25-to-life. Now, life is LWOP.

We spent 1 week on the sentences. 1 lady refused to deliberate. 1 guy said, “You come to an agreement and let me know.” There were the usual, “I am for xx and you can NOT change my mind.” So I tell people we were split 3 ways: life, death and chickenshit.

The judge was FURIOUS as were the press and editorials. So he did the only thing he could do, which was sentence them each CONSECUTIVELY. 25 to life, back to back. Buh-bye.

I would have voted death for Nick and Life for Chris back then. Today, it’d be Death-Death.

Hope this helps knowing what it’s like. I always recommend the Black and White version of “12 Angry Men”. Except for the smoking and the all-male jury, it’s pretty accurate.

Finally, what I really learned on jury duty: Ever get 12 people to agree on a pizza?!

Thank you so much Blue for taking the time to do this for us.  We all appreciate it very much.

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The Magical Thinking of Stabby Einstein. An Auntie Really Big Mean Dog Bedtime Story

September 7, 2014

Well, hello chirruns, pull up a chair and let Auntie really big mean dog tell you all a story about the Magical thinking of Stabby Einstein.

Once upon a time in the second circle of hell there lived a violent sociopath named Stabby Einstein. Now Stabby Einstein was what we like to call a special kind of fucked, both literally and figuratively. Ohhh look at me using big words. Sorry, I digress. Stabby Einstein was the smartest, prettiest, most talented person in her own head. She decided one day that with her powers of superior intellect and a hell of a good show she could pretty much get whatever it was that she wanted. Envisioning what she wanted she first came up with a dude old enough to be her Grand Da but hey she wanted a house and with her powers of magical thinking and some really good anal, poof a house magically appeared. She hadn’t quite figured out how to disappear Grand Da once the house appeared but hey she thought, maybe magical thinking and a really good show only works in forward.

With that firmly in mind she went forward. From one magical low paying job to another. Sometimes two at a time. How magical. Then she discovered pre-paid legal and she decided that with her Einstein like mind and her magical powers she should be rich in no time. Well, one cannot be rich if they don’t look the part, so she took her magical mortgage payment money and once again using her powers turned it into a pair of fake tits. My gosh Stabby girl she thought to herself, this magical thinking shit really works. I can have whatever I want. I just have to believe I can have it and it will be mine.

Stabby Einstein was invited to the ball at pre-paid legal but her evil Grand Da/ fuck buddy didn’t want her to go. Stabby was sad. She decided to go anyway. There she met her prince charming Travis. She was transfixed. I must have him she said with a wicked cackle and started magically thinking it so that it would happen. She turned her magical wonder holes into a relationship with Travis. Holy shit it worked again, and this time she had the extra added bonus of figuring out how to get rid of stuff she no longer wanted. Once Grand Da Brewer discovered that the magical holes he thought were his were being plugged up by someone else, he peaced the fuck out and good thing too because he might be buried with Jimmy Hoffa otherwise.

Stabby now having figured out most of the kinks (ha, I said kinks and it stays) in her magical thinking proceeded to lure Travis with promises of even more perverse sexual acts than previously promised. Bondage? Sure. Anal? Oh yes please. Insertions of various forms of candy in various holes? Absolutely. Blindfolds? Check. Farm animals? Not off the table. Because she knew even with her superior intellect she was never going to have Travis unless she magically put a spell on him via her magical fake tits and all of her orifices she decided it was pretty much anything goes.

Stabby’s magical thinking worked for a while. She was getting boned by a really hot dude on a regular basis and of course she was willing him to marry her. The problem was the magic wasn’t working this time. Stabby Einstein thought and thought. Ah ha she said one night (she was prone to having entire conversations with herself so this was actually not a big deal) it’s the religion thing. He actually seriously believes in his Mormon god, therefor I must magically become a Mormon and than surely he will marry me. She was very excited to tell Travis that she wanted to become a Mormon and she silently thought that magical underclothes could not hurt along with all the rest of her magic. She became Mormon and was magically transformed. Surely now her prince would marry her. It was however not to be. Travis had seen through the facade of Stabby Einstein and he wanted nothing to do with her. He realized he had only ever been interested in her because she had absolutely no qualms about doing ANYTHING in the bedroom and she was dumb enough to not realize that sex does not equal love. Price Travis wanted someone he could love and respect and Stabby Einstein was not that woman. He broke it off and Stabby was stunned. And mad. Don’t forget mad, it’s important later.

Travis felt so much lighter when he broke it off with her, but his dick had a mind of it’s own and it missed being stuffed into something on a regular basis. Sadly one night Travis decided that friends with benefits might not be a bad idea. It was. He realized it quickly and told Stabby Einstein that she had to go.

Stabby moved back to Yreka but she never ever ever stopped thinking about Prince Travis and the fact that even with her strongest magic she could not make this one thing so. It slowly began to eat at any semblance of sanity that was at this point resideing in her earthly body. Stabby started thinking that she had been done wrong by prince Travis and she slowly put her magical thinking into action one last time and hit upon a foolproof plan to get even with Prince Travis.

First, she magically made her Grand Da’s (her real one, not the one she was boning earlier in the story) .25 caliber handgun disappear. Next, Stabby Einstein planned a trip to see some dude. She then went to a rental car company and rented a car. She had it magically changed from red to white. She went to the Grand da she’d previously been boning and traded him a DVD player for a couple of gas cans. She was pleased with the way things were working out so far. Still, she needed a magical disguise. She turned her platinum hair magically brown and was on her way. She filled up the gas cans in California and just to be sure she had enough she stopped at Walmart and bought another can. She was now ready to enact her magical plan of revenge.

She drove to Travis’ house. Her cell phone magically stopped working so nobody could tell where she was until it magically turned back on later. She went to see Prince Travis one last time. Poor Prince Travis never saw what was coming. She was offering up free cooch and he was just a mortal man after all. They banged a couple of times and then she tricked him into the shower with talk of a photo shoot. As Prince Travis was in the shower two Ninja’s magically appeared and holy shit one of them had made Grand da Einsteins gun re-appear. The other Ninja had made a knife materialize. Who the fuck even knew that ninjas could do David Copperfield shit. Not this story teller.

Anyway, Stabby Einstein wasn’t mad at poor Prince Travis anymore, she did everything she could to save him but then the Ninjas got her. With a mighty burst of magical strength she bull dogged the female ninja and crawled over to Travis. Travis was only concerned for his true love Stabby Einstein and he told her to get out and get help because he couldn’t move and he wanted her to live. She was trying to escape when the Ninjas caught her. They argued about whether to kill Stabby or not and they decided to do it. Stabby started thinking magical thoughts like she had never thought before and her magic worked one last time and the gun refused to fire, so instead of using the knife or some other weapon, the ninja’s decided to let her go.

Stabby drove and drove and drove until she was in the desert. She had no recollection of how she got there or what had happened. She looked down and saw some blood on her hands and immediately wondered who she had murdered. She had no memory of Prince Travis, or the Ninja’s or anything. So badly was her memory damaged she called Prince Travis to see if he wanted to come visit her later in the year. She decided she might as well just carry on to her next hook up so she did. They got all touchy feely, they went out for dinner and then Stabby Einstein went back home to Yreka where she returned the rental car which had some weird Kool-Aid stain in it, but she magically thought again and the dude at the rent a car place cleaned it for her. What a nice man, maybe she’d thank you fuck him later.

After that she was magically arrested. The police who had absolutely no idea how magical thinking worked, refused to believe her about the Ninja’s and she rotted in jail till the day her trial started.

The Phone call that Rocked the World (not really but I couldn’t think of another title)

September 6, 2014

Crazy just asked for itself to be redefined-Arizona

Well kiddies, looks like Stabby Einstein really is the gift that keeps on giving. After serious and intense contract negotiations with my in house Psychic she is back (thank you jesus) and we all get to find out what stabby really meant during that totally not orchestrated or released on purpose phone recording.

First, a few interesting points. Three way calls are the big no no in Jail. BIG no no. And not the big no no that resides south of Stabby’s belt line. Also, Satan Skyped me earlier and he now wants a per diem every time his input is needed for something related to this trial. I think he’s trying to save up so he can peace the fuck out if Stabby actually gets the death penalty because apparently even the prince of darkness doesn’t want anything to do with that kind of crazy. He said something about Judas Iscariot and PolPot running the show in his absence so no worries, hell will still be looked after. Oh and apparently Caligula will be performing once a week. There are still seats up front just in case you are interested.

Anyway, here is a copy of what the phone call said, and then we are going to have our lovely, talented and totally appreciated in house psychic tell us what the conversation was really about. Did I thank Jesus yet for my in house psychic. God forbid I have to do these things myself. Also, I had to go to the first circle of hell which is the “stabby Arias is innocent” Bwhahahahaha, sorry I can never type that without laughing, website to get this, so….you’re welcome.

Jodi Lisa
Lisa Yes – hey Jodi
Jodi I thought you were at work. Hey, um—
Lisa Well, I’m at lunch right now
Jodi Oh, okay. Who was it that told me? Oh, Maria [Del La Rosa], she said that, um, someone had told her that you had said online last night that I was supportive of the site and I don’t want to give people that impression because I can’t support the site right now as long as you guys are collecting money. Because it should be—
Lisa No we didn’t—
Jodi Huh?
Lisa No, we didn’t say you supported it. We said that you weren’t – not – you didn’t tell us to take it down which is what everyone else is saying.
Jodi Oh. Well, I don’t mind the site being there. But what I do mind is like that Jason is collecting money and that this corporation thing and that he’s promoting it as if something that I want – because I really don’t. I want the collection of money to stay within my family. And I think that if he really did support me he would just use all that traffic and energy and momentum that he’s building and just direct it toward the Appellate Fund, which is where it should be going to begin with. And remember when you and I were like first getting together with these ideas, it was more about how we can promote the Appellate Fund. But it seems like now it’s gone in a different direction. But, I just, that’s the only —
Lisa So if we collect money, are you saying that you don’t want it?
Jodi Yaah. No-no-no — I’m not saying that. I’m saying that I don’t want other people outside of my family to be accepting money on my behalf. Because it takes away from the fundraising that my family is trying to do for me,for one, and for two, with the Corporation, we don’t really know where that money is ultimately going to go, because it can go wherever the board members want it to go. And, as I told Jason, for example, if you guys vote to have an ice cream party with it, then you can. And he said that’s right. But with the Appellate Fund, it’s in the trust fund and irrevocable trust so you can’t have it go anywhere else. [unintelligible] trust it
Lisa Well, well — we’re not going to do that though.
Jodi Well, I know. But the point is that if you wanted to you could. If you want to reward your hard work with like a trip to Vegas you know, or something. If you [unintelligible] wanna or something—
Lisa No. I mean, but we’re not gonna do that though. And that’s why we have a board because, so, for that oversight.
Jodi Well, I know that’s true but I was just thinking if someone were on that for example and they everyone wants to vote to like going to cruise, for example. And then one persons like, “Hey that’s not right. This money is for Jodi’s appeals. And that’s not right.” And then people are mad and then people just have to vote that person off the board and then they can do what they want with money. That’s how it works. I’m not saying that’s going to happen but the problem that when people donate to a cause they believe in then, they wanna know where the moneys gonna go. But at this point they don’t know where it’s gonna go unless they donate to the trust. It can only go to there — to [unintelligle]
Lisa No but we have to [unintelligible] we, but we have to report our financials and where it’s going. So—
Jodi Yah.
Lisa Then I must be—
Jodi I haven’t [unintelligible] your bylaws but they’re, you know. I dunno — I just, I don’t feel, I don’t feel right with it. I don’t feel comfortable with it. I know you guys have worked really hard on it and I’m sorry it’s gotten this far, but—
Lisa So you don’t even want to look at the bylaws or — ?
Jodi Well, I don’t — really haven’t seen the bylaws. I, I honestly, I don’t want to be involved with it. Because I just feel it takes away from the efforts that my other friends and family have been trying to get the fund going to try to get me an attorney. Um, you know, I just—I feel like it’s taken away from that and that’s the problem. The other thing I’m uncomfortable with is that Jason has just done this without my consent. [unintelligible] “Hey you guys, Jodi’s not quite comfortable with this yet, but we’re trying to explain [unintelligible] to understand what’s going on and we’re doing [unintelligible]. [unintelligible] on there an lies. “Jodi supports us 100%.” And I haven’t. I’ve never said that. So the fact that he just lies about that makes me not trust him, you know? It’s like if you’re going to lie about that what else are you doing, you know? And then he registered the site in my name and I never said to register my name. And he puts Perryville’s physical address on there? That, that’s just, that
could get me into some, I dunno, that could potentially cause problems for me. So I know he took that off, but still, you know, it’s just, I think it’s just the fact that—I really wanted to support Jason. He has a lot of talent and everything, but I can’t. He [unintelligible] slams Pandora, he slams Maria, he slams SJ, he slams Ben, he slams Maria De La Rosa. I’m like, what?
Lisa No, but they all slammed us first though!
Jodi I know, but, I never said [unintelligible]—
Lisa They called us thieves and liars and stealing before [unintelligible]
Jodi [unintelligible] Well I dunno so much about what happened between him and Pandora and Maria and everything but he, he straight up just said a whole bunch of like, he dragged out records on people and humiliated them and I just, I dunno, it’s just. And then my art, like he—he doesn’t care about me. He slammed my art because he doesn’t like SJ. Like he still, like he so blinded by his dislike for SJ that he will throw my art under the bus just to get to SJ. He doesn’t care if it affects me. And he doesn’t care if affects my family and you know, their ability to travel to my trial. So, I dunno know, it’s just. I don’t — Everything says don’t trust Jason. Like, why was he so intent about having control over the money when my aunt started to — he, he coerced my aunt into giving her the password to the Paypal, giving him the password to my Paypal, which is weird, like, no one else needed that just to put it on the web site. You just need the code. But he wanted to be, he wanted more than that. Like every time he’s asking for more and more and more. And now he’s—
Lisa No. Well, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. I’m— Yer just getting all the wrong information. He wanted the password because he [unintelligible] to put, like a banner in there so it would look professional and—
Jodi I know, well—
Lisa I mean, everybody’s just twistin’ everything up.
Jodi Well, the problem though is that I told him, I told him this directly on the phone, the problem with you having that email is that now you get the email notifications and you’re not supposed to be getting them. And
Lisa Why though.
Jodi [unintelligible]
Lisa I know, but we fixed all that. We complied with everything you guys wanted. And then you still took it away.
So, I mean, we got everything straight before you took the domain away. — — — Are you still there?

Take it away if you please, oh beloved and much revered in house psychic.
Really, this is the first thing you make me do. You know I hate you right? Sigh. Fine, pass the Gravol and the Tylenol and lets get this shit show started.

Lisa, you fucking peon why do I even have to have this conversations with you right now? If you were working like you should be, I would not have to be doing this and could be thinking about new ways to stall the trial… leaking a three way phone conversation. Carry on. God you are stupid.

Anyway, I can’t let anybody think that I totally support a site that I totally support because it’s all about me,me,me because you guys are collecting money that might somehow end up in the Alexander’s hands due to that whole wrongful death thing. Assholes. I can’t believe you can even sue for that. That is why my Mormon god created irrevocable trusts. All money collections need to stay within my family because the tighter that particular box stays closed the less likely people are to figure out that the state has to pay for my appeals and shit. Appellate fund. I cannot believe they even went for that. Plus, I know you guys are making money off of me and I just will NOT have that. That money is mine. I murdered for it fair and square and I get to keep it. Fuck Son of Sam and fuck Juan Martinez. It’s mine.

For when I ultimately get released which is totally going to happen. I know they think this is just a penalty phase retrial, but I plan on retrying my entire case. I don’t care what Nurmi says, I can if I want too. Wait shit missed what this stupid bitch just said. Something about a banner? WTF? Anyway, you douches think you are going to make money off of my hard work and throw my art under a bus because it’s tracings of real art and you get my email notifications which is really a bad idea because of all the naked pics I have floating around out there. I don’t want you idiots to figure out who I really am. Like that would ever happen. I could cut off someone’s head in front of 20 of you and nobody would believe I did it, I am just that good. If it wasn’t for that goddamn Juan Martinez and his “evidence” I’d be out of here already. Jenny is still my friend, she’ll help me totally kick Juan’s ass this time. I hate that little bastard. How dare these people try and steal my murder money. Do they think I’m stupid. I’m Stabby Einstein bitch.

Whatever, I don’t need to talk to this moron anymore, like she understands anything that comes forth from my brilliant mind anyway. Bitch. Probably ugly too. I’m just gonna hang up and go admire myself in my stainless steel toilet or something. I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and……..I’m out. I still don’t think you pay me enough for this shit, but we both know I’ll be back. This is the in house Psychic going to try and drill a small hole in my head and bleach my brain. Back to you oh task master.

So there you have it kids. This is what Stabby was actually thinking while she was talking.

The Only Rational Explanation is that Stabby is Satan

September 1, 2014

No she isn’t but the bitch scares me -Satan

Well kids, I bring you another installment from the second circle of hell that is Arizona. There have been developments. There have been motions for sanctions because our favorite pitbull has not been darted recently. And caught in the middle of this whole goddamn shitshow is a family who has absolutely nothing to do with any of this.

Stabby got permission to re-visit the crime scene which of course is no longer a crime scene because the house has been sold and totally remodeled. So, what the fuck is there to see, find, smell, whatever. The only purpose for this is to kill some more time (bad choice of words but it stays) and to maybe fuck with the family that dared to buy the home that she thought would someday be hers a little bit. That Judge Stephens allowed this just does things to my brain that make me want to try and cleanse it with drano.

Stabby also has a private investigator that the state has to pay for by the way, to try and find people that will corroborate her assertions of domestic violence. More about that in a minute. Maybe the P/I will find the ninja’s, grandpa’s missing gun, and the rope that never existed while he’s at it. Or maybe he will go down to home depot and just buy some. Now, to the domestic violence issues and the fucktards that will believe anything. As most of you know, I am a victim of domestic violence. I am quite literally covered in scars. I have had more broken bones than I care to list off. I have had a fractured skull and had a shotgun loaded with a sabot shoved in my face. I am a defacto domestic violence expert and Stabby was about as much a domestic violence victim as my cat kitty friend. She will however find someone, somewhere that is willing to lie and say they saw her covered in bruises or some other such bullshit; so pay attention or mighty Pitbull because you will want to know every single thing about where this witness came from and why after 6 years of extensive and exhaustive investigations that not one shred of domestic violence was ever found.

I feel so bad for the family that bought Travis’ house. They just want it to be their home, not the place where a terrible crime took place and I don’t blame them. I feel so bad for the Alexander family because they are going to have to listen to all the lies about their brother all over again. I feel bad for the state of Arizona because this should have been over with a long time ago.

The Clusterfuck to end all Clusterfucks

August 28, 2014

This is getting too weird even for me -Arizona.

So looks like Stabby is going Pro-Se unless Judge Stephens will get rid of that mean old “I don’t like Jodi 9 days out of 10” hater Nurmi. If the judge will just bend to Stabby’s superior intellect, then Jenny From the cell block can represent her and everybody will be happy. ESPECIALLY Nurmi who would love nothing more than to peace the fuck out.

Since it seems that good old ninja loving stabby needs to be interviewed by someone and some kind of report needs to be filed from said interview I’m going to go out on a limb and call an insanity defense as a mitigating factor which would in effect if believed not allow her to be sentenced to death. I’m sure I read somewhere that you cannot visit the death penalty on the legally insane.

Today, to the shock of no one anywhere ever I found out that good old Stabby, true to form wants the judge to lift the ban on having no live coverage during the penalty phase retrial. I cannot say penalty phase retrial enough because I swear Stabby and the funky bunch seem to think they are getting a do over and she is not really a convicted first degree murderess with aggravating factors. speaking of aggravating factors I am going to need to stock up on valium, Gravol and Tylenol before this shit show starts once again.

She was also granted a motion to go into Travis’ old house. Well, not her personally but for her “investigator” to do it. To what end I have no clue, maybe to burn it down and blame it on the ninjas, who the hell knows with this nutbag.

Jury selection has been pushed back to September 29th because the mean old people at the mean old jail wouldn’t let her “witness” sign in the way she wanted them to be able to sign in and it caused a delay.

Here are my predictions. First, like I said she is going for insanity which is not that far of a stretch for her acting ability. Second, Nurmi is apt to have an “accident” while Stabby was feeling threatened by him because he was talking all mean and stuff to her. Third, Judge Stephens will go back on everything that she has supposedly already set in stone and the penalty phase retrial won’t start until 2045 and fourth, a full camera crew, makeup department and stunt double will be provided for her highness stabby.

I will keep you as updated as I can, but since just about everything is sealed right at the moment I can only get so much information.

The Stabby Penalty Retrial – Definitions of words that will be thrown around

August 23, 2014

Here we go again – Arizona

Well hello my friends. Been a while hasn’t it? Since it has been so long since Stabby was convicted of first degree pre-meditated murder with mitigating factors. Since eventually there is going to be a penalty phase retrial, I thought there were some things that we should discuss.

First, I wanted to cover some things that some of you may not know. I have seen a bunch of things thrown around the internet about what the terms ex-parte, prima fascie etc mean and so far, they have all been wrong. In the interest of everyone being on the same page I thought it might be prudent to define these things so that everyone knows what they mean. I am sure there are lots that do, but cruise any internet site that talks about this trial and you will discover there are oh so many that think they do, WILL TELL YOU IN ALL CAPS that they do, but they don’t. Because I don’t want a bazillion people saying “that’s not what it means Kelly, first yes, it does, and secondly all definitions are from the legal dictionary instead of my own words.

ex-parte – An ex parte judicial proceeding is conducted for the benefit of only one party. Ex parte may also describe contact with a person represented by an attorney, outside the presence of the attorney. The term ex parte is used in a case name to signify that the suit was brought by the person whose name follows the term.

In Limine – Latin for “at the threshold,” referring to a motion before a trial begins. A motion to suppress illegally-obtained evidence is such a motion

Amicus Curiae – Latin for “friend of the court.” A lawyer who assists the court during the course of a hearing, to represent a position or interest, usually at the court’s request

Habeas Corpus – A court order used to bring a person physically before a court in order to test the legality of the person’s detention. Usually, it is directed to the official or person detaining another, commanding him to bring the person to court for the judge to determine if that person has been denied liberty without due process of law

Peremptory Challenge – The rejection of a prospective juror by the attorneys in a case, without having to give a reason. State law defines the number of peremptory challenges available.

Pro Se – A Latin phrase meaning for “yourself”–representing yourself in any kind of case

Subpoena Duces Tecum – A legal paper requiring someone to produce documents or records for a trial

Voir Dire – “To speak the truth.” The process of questioning prospective jurors or witnesses about their qualifications

Prima Facie – Latin, On the first appearance.] A fact presumed to be true unless it is disproved

Hope everyone finds these terms helpful during the penalty phase retrial. I know that Stabby has it firmly in her mind that she is getting a new trial for some reason but please remember this is penalty phase only. She is a convicted murderess. I don’t know why she doesn’t get that and we will be discussing it in further detail over the next couple of weeks. I am putting some stuff together and will be back with you soon.

Lets Talk about Stabby and the Funky Bunch Shall We? It’s been a While and I have things to say.

April 15, 2014

Stabby, oh Stabby how I have missed crushing you into the ground as is my way. I, like many of us have been taking a wait and see. Wait and see if cameras are eventually going to be allowed back in the courtroom. My opinion is that they are, my in house Psychic says I am wrong and asked for the Tylenol. I say Stabby is slowly but inexorably painting herself into a very bad corner.
Stabby’s latest debacle is a rant at Howard Stern via her new best friend ( see: another man she can use) by the name of Ass napkin. Ass napkin seems totally enthralled that stabby has deinghed to allow him into her batshit crazy little world. She wrote him a letter, not a postcard which he immediately shared with the internet and Howard Stern. In typical passive aggressive fashion she thanked him for writing and then berated him for sharing because of course that was totally not what stabby wanted him to do. It really didn’t say much but the fact that she is still courting the press tells me that she is trying to force the cameras out because she knows how very much that is going to aggravate the general population at large. Stabby is predictable much to the relief of my poor overworked in house Psychic.

We all know the bitch is a psychopath so I’m not going to get into that much but I do have a few little tidbits that I find quite interesting. First the almost smuggled pinwheel picture. Mitigation my ass. It was to be smuggled out to be used as prints and sold for the family trust. I have a few questions about that. I know there is a Son of Sam law in effect. If the point of the trust is to pay for defense and appeals, why is it that the great state of Arizona is still on the hook to the tune of millions for Stabby’s defence. Everyone is aware of what she is doing so why have the powers that be not done something to plug that rather huge loophole?

Stabby is smart. Not Einstein smart. I more liken it to sly. I promise you that the Juanderful Mr. Martinez is smarter.

Stabby is running out of options and I do not say this lightly when I say that there is nothing on earth more dangerous than a cornered animal. Hence the threats against Mr. Martinez which I also find credible. Stabby’s lawyers hate her. The public at large hates her. She has been backed into a corner respleat with a gurnew and several deadly drugs. We will get there, of that I have no doubt.

I hate this narcissistic Bitch with a fire that burns in me like nothing has in a very long time.

Justice for Travis, but more importantly……JUSTICE. We will get there, we will!! Have Faith and always remember what this bitch did. 27 violent stab wounds, a throat slit from ear to ear almost decapitating a man and a gunshot wound just to make sure. Justice will out.

I believe Judge Stephens will reverse the cameras in the courts thing, I KNOW she has Stabby’s number and I think she is just trying to limit appeal material. Don’t be so quick to write Stephens off.

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