The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Re-Trial The Fucktards Of The World Unite Edition

February 5, 2015

Dr. DeMarte is quite possibly the best expert witness in the history of ever -Arizona

Hai Everybody.  Your Law Professor/Dean of Fuckery/Doctor of Doctoring/PhD of Sarcasm/ Stabby hater extraordinaire/and purveyor of facts is back to regale you with yet more tales from the courtroom.  Before we get to that, I have a question.  The coffee mugs.  I cancelled the order because of the bullshit that was being bandied about regarding my character, but have since reconsidered because fuck them.  If I don’t complete the order I am on the hook for a 200 set up charge (I have documentation for that) which they are willing to let me pay a little at a time, or I can go ahead with my original plan and order them.  As I have said a hundred million times, I do not want payment up front, I want to wait till I have them, but does anybody still want them?  If you do then I will go ahead and get them.  If not that is cool too.  Just please let me know.

CarlT came up with the perfect video for today and POINTS for Carl cuz this shit is funny.  I dedicate it to those of you that know who you are. Nobody on this blog.  I sincerely hope you enjoy it because I sincerely mean it. Sincerely.

Now, on to todays fuckery. Alfred E. was up to bat and started the day with good morning to Dr. DeMarte. She declined to reply. Alfred E let his douche flag fly immediately when he said I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. You could tell right away that it was going to be a spectacularly antagonistic day just by that one interaction. Alfred. E. Isadick demanded Dr. DeMarte’s CV since going over it infinitum yesterday apparently wasn’t good enough and also if there is one thing that good old Nurmi can do, it is waste time.

He asked about a couple of other Death Penalty cases that she worked on and when pressed she said with a lot of snark that it was 3 cases. Alfred E. actually called her a defacto Dr. Death. Juan immediately lost his mind and was darted without incident. Nurmi asked her how many hours she had put into this case and DeMarte who was definitely NOT THE ONE today answered “several”. It was becoming very apparent that Dr. DeMarte and Alfred E Numnuts may actually hate each other. Not just strongly dislike, but hate. He asked her how much she makes an hour and she answered $300 and worked more than 50 but less than a hundred hours on this case.

Nurmi Suggested that violent relationships follow a pattern to which the good doctor vehemently disagreed. He then had her define physical and emotional abuse because someone in another courtroom or on the street or in another state might not by now know the definitions of those fucking terms. He actually asked her to explain the law of attraction and I laughed so hard I hurt my side (I don’t have documentation for that) when she said that it is not a psychological practicum.

Dr. DeMarte said that personality disorders are enduring and begin early in life. Nurmi is intent on riding the mental illness train and when Dr. DeMarte says she prefers the term psychological disorder the Anal Wart of the defense team says “you understand that I don’t care about your preferences”. I fully expected the pitbull to stand up, march over to Nurmi and punch him directly in the face, but Detective Flores, dog handler extraordinaire managed to get the catch pole on him before that could happen. Nurmi then said that Dr. DeMarte did not diagnose Stabby as having adjustment disorder. He told her to look at the last page of her notes. She began her answer with I think and Alfred E. was all up in her face again with I don’t care what you think and Juan roared an objection that was probably heard in New Mexico. Alfred E. was being so aggressive that it was definitely turning the Jury off in a big way. Because he is a fucking tool he failed to notice. He asked if borderline personality disorder is a serious mental illness and she agrees that it is. Dr. DeMarte is holding up well under what I can only describe as an outright attack.
Dr. Demarte says that Nurmi is only reading part of the report and not where she diagnosed adjustment disorder. Alfred E. asked if she needed to read it again. She said no, but maybe he needed to read it again. I think the court reporter wanted to high five her right there but it would have been bad form.

Alfred E. was positively dripping sarcasm, or maybe salsa from last nights Taco Bell as he tried to get in that Geffner said that the PTSD test was a diagnostic impression and not a diagnosis. Wait what? They have been saying since the first trial that the bitch had PTSD, now she doesn’t? The Jurors certainly didn’t miss it because everybody took notes on that one.

Alfred E. Asshat asked if BPD makes a person childlike? Dr. DeMarte stated emphatically that she never testified to that. Are BPD’s emotional? DeMarte said yes. 10 minute break.

Back from the break Nurmi is riding this Borderline Personality Disorder right into the ground. He asked if some people are born vulnerable to the disorder (now it’s a disorder again, guess he forgot that his special little snowflake is mentally ill) Dr. DeMarte says yes it could develop in those who are genetically predisposed if the persons feelings are continuously invalidated. Asked for examples in Stabby’s background DeMarte said that Stabby and her parents did not agree. When parents don’t understand why the child is upset and sais stop it it perpetuates the environment. BPD is hard on parents and they do not know how to react.

Dr. DeMarte explains the fear of abandonment and the fact that Stabby felt a need to constantly check Travis’ myspace account and emails. She also suggests that Stabby got her boob job and new car while with Daryl in an attempt to hang on to him. With Matt McCartney when he told her the relationship was over she reacted by extremely idealizing him. Stabby told Dr. DeMarte she could change depending on who she dated.

Nurmi next demanded proof from Dr. DeMarte that Stabby had suicidal ideations. Zenya(the chick from yesterday)mentioned that Stabby wrote a suicidal letter in High School, she wrote about wanting to die in her own journals and mom of Stabby said she had called her and said she wanted to die. There was no evidence that Stabby got any help for that. Lunch was mercifully called and both Juan and Dr. DeMarte were led away without incident.

Once court reconvened Nurmi wanted to know about Stabby’s relationships with earlier boyfriends. He asked if it was true that Stabby broke it off with Brewer. Dr. DeMarte said she couldn’t recall. From yesterday I remember her saying that Daryl wanted distance from Stabby. Asshole, I mean Nurmi hs now picked a fight about the amount of cordial stabby remained with many of her ex boyfriends. He actually said to Dr. DeMarte “I understand you are not aware of much but, and he was cut off by a thunderous objection which was sustained in record time.

Dr.DeMarte said Stabby breaking up with Daryl and going right to Travis was part of the pattern of Borderline Personality Disorder. Nurmi stated that she turned herself into a worker for PPL, converted to Mormonism and became his sexual plaything in order to please him and totally not because she was a conniving slut with one or more STD’s.

Next he questioned her about the supposed PTSD. Can someone with BPD also have PTSD. DeMarte said that yes it can happen. But Stabby doesn’t suffer from PTSD according to our interpretation of the testing. DeMarte says that is correct. Nurmi wants to know when is the best time to Diagnose PTSD? DeMarte says there is no set time. She is getting a little hostile herself because Numbnuts keeps trying to put words in her mouth.

ChaCha is holding poor little Stabbykins as the mean old state witness shreds her totally made up mitigating factors. Dr. DeMarte says that the way Stabby described the Bobby Juarez incident wasn’t PTSD. Nurmi slides in there that Travis kicked, choked, slapped and grabbed Stabby’s shoulders, which has zero to do with what they are talking about right now.

Since none of the questions he has asked thus far seem to be going his way, Alfred E. Eatadick decided to attack the length of time Dr. DeMarte has been practicing. He iasked if she had been licensed for about a year when giving Stabby the initial tests. DeMarte said NO it WAS a year. Nurmi tried again. Well, about a year. NO, IT WAS A YEAR was the answer, again.

He wanted to know if DeMarte was aware that their expert was licensed in 1980? Are you aware they are published in and the pitbull roared objection and the vet deployed another dart.

Nurmi isn’t giving up on this line of questioning because maybe he can make the jury think she doesn’t know what she is talking about. He asked if she did lectures or peer reviews when you were testing Stabby. She said no and we had a sidebar. Back from sidebar Nurmi continued the character assassination (this seems to be a running theme) So you didn’t publish, do research or give lectures on PTSD. DeMarte answered that was correct. Nurmi then tried to have her disqualified as an expert witness to which Sometimes Judge Stephens told him to eat a dick and ask a fucking question. Nurmi told her that both of the doctors that diagnosed Stabby with PTSD had over 30 years of experience (and wheelbarrows full of money). Juan calls for a sidebar since Nurmi seems to be the one testifying.

Back from the sidebar Alfred E. Asshat seems to have toned it down maybe a little. He asked if you can’t just look at someone and say whether they have PTSD? You have to be trained right? DeMarte agreed to that statement. Nurmi pointed out again that the doctor had only one year of training when she interviewed Stabby. You were only licensed for a year when you gave Stabby her tests? Dr. DeMarte may need a dart from the vet soon because she is getting a little fed up with this questioning. She said that experience doesn’t come the minute you become licensed. She fended off all accusations that she was not inexperienced and she kept her cool while doing so.

Changing gears again Nurmi asked why Dr. DeMarte did not read Travis’ journals. She retorts that she was not hired to evaluate Mr. Alexander. He then asked if Travis was abused wouldn’t that be important. Juan at this point objected that this is not mitigating factors. There is yet another sidebar and the guiness world record book just tore out their last page and started a new one. After the sidebar, DeMarte reiterates that she was hired to evaluate Stabby not Travis. Nurmi then says, and I’m not kidding, “so your case review is incomplete?” DeMarte comes back immediately with No, I was evaluating Stabby.

Moving on to victims of domestic violence Alfred E asks if victims don’t always report. DeMarte agrees that this is true. Nurmi said that Travis was telling people he didn’t want Stabby around but he continued to contact her (take that however you want, me I will be visiting the puke bucket). DeMarte stated that Travis did not like her intrusive behavior. Do you think Travis loved Stabby? DeMarte said that in her opinion that he did early in the relationship. The jury is no longer taking notes. Nurmi seems to think that Travis not only knew that Stabby had BPD but took advantage of it to have sex with her. Dr. DeMarte shook her head and emphatically said NO! Nurmi asked the Dr. about Travis portraying himself as a virgin. She agreed that he wasn’t telling people he was having sex. She does however disagree that he was selling himself as a virgin, he just wasn’t advertising he was having sex.

Nurmi brings up a text where he talks to Michelle about an invasion of privacy but that he was still having sex with Stabby at that time. DeMarte replied that he liked having sex with her because she was willing to literally do anything in the bedroom but he did not like her behavior of invading his personal space, his privacy, his emails and his social media sites.

And with that court was mercifully called for the day. We are in recess until Monday at 9:30am

RBMD peacing the fuck out

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While I Ditch The Flu – A Guest Blog By My Friend Paul Sanders- The 13th Juror.

January 16, 2015

regularly scheduled programming should return this evening.

The Jodi Arias Death Penalty Retrial: A Juror’s Perspective

by The 13th Juror MD


DAY 23





“Justice is whatever is left over after the filtration of truth in a Court of Law.”


This quote appears in my first book, “Brain Damage: A Juror’s Tale” (available on It captures my sentiments after being a Juror for almost six months in the matter of the first degree premeditated murder of Dale Harrell by Marissa DeVault. I have noted many times that there are amazing similarities to the Arias death penalty retrial and the cruel and heinous killing of Travis Alexander. The biggest similarity in both Juries is that both Juries know that there is an incredible amount of information that they are not being told. They can feel it in every sidebar and know it with every argument that exposes statements that are stricken from the record.


The Jury does not know why the media and public was not present the day and a half that Arias testified last October. They do not know that her transcripts were finally released to the public this week. They are unaware that at the completion of the testimony of John Smith, the data scientist, that Judge Stevens would render a decision that the death penalty may or may not be taken off the table.


This Jury can feel the tension between the attorneys handling both sides of the case. The Jury does not know that the purpose of these arguments are more for the Judge than for them.

Kirk Nurmi began with John Smith on the stand concluding the incomplete testimony of a couple of days prior. Kirk Nurmi wore a black suit with white shirt accented by a blue tie. He had a bar graph posted on the projection screens for the Jury and court to see. He was pursuing a block of time on this graph that signified when the defense team had been looking at this laptop. The date was June 19, 2009.


The web activity that could be seen was for a period of two hours in the afternoon. This was the same day that Juan Martinez and Esteban Flores were present. John Smith said that a USB port was used and twelve files were accessed in the afternoon. These were noted on the graphs as hours number fifteen and sixteen.


“I want to discover a little more on what happened with this computer on June 19, 2009,” he said to John Smith who was on the stand. Mr. Nurmi pointed toward another set of blocked colors on the graph. “In this regard, then, with this file, can you tell the Court what happened at 11:00 PM?”


John Smith was wearing a light purple shirt complimented with a purple tie and a black suit. His trademark beard, like that of a Red Sox ball player, stood out. He was calm on the stand throughout all of his testimony. However, the same issues stood with him as they did before. He was a self-proclaimed data scientist with no formal education. This is a big problem with the Jury and would be the one issue that prohibits them from taking him seriously. Just the same, he held his ground speaking calmly and knowledgeably on his subject.


“We ran a scan on this computer, a Compaq Presario and we could see the activity in the afternoon around three o’clock. If you were to look after that, there is no activity on the computer for about six hours and then we see activity at eleven o-clock at night,” John Smith stated.


Kirk Nurmi paced in front of his witness, his head leaning forward. “What does this activity mean to you as a data scientist?”


“I can see that images were Googled. There is an image we found called, Siamese Twins. It’s doubtful that the computer generated this search on its own,” he said.

“Can you tell the, or let me back up, if I can ask it this way,” Kirk Nurmi began. One could go have lunch and come back before he finished half of a question. “Can you tell us specifically what the path was of this activity at eleven o’clock at night?”


“It is apparent from this report that through a default page, someone accessed ‘my computer’ and then accessed a file called Siamese Twins. It shows over twenty results. They are mostly images from folders that contain pictures and documents. These files are about a minute apart,” John Smith explained.


“I see,” Kirk Nurmi said as if he was contemplating the answer. “These files were accessed, loaded into the browser and someone searched within the computer?”


“It appears so,” John Smith admitted.


“I’m finished with this witness,” Kirk Nurmi said as he gathered his papers from the podium that he did not use.


“Very good,” Judge Stevens said. She looked toward the witness and then toward the Jury. “Does the Jury have any questions for this witness before we dismiss him?” she asked.


I was proud of the Jury when they jumped to life submitting a basket full of questions. Arizona is one of few states that allow questions to be asked by the Jury. The questions can only be submitted at the conclusion of testimony of a witness. These questions are asked anonymously and done via an official Jury Question form featuring the seal of the State of Arizona. They are a great tool for Justice and, as a former Juror, I can say that critical information was pulled from witnesses that we not otherwise would have been a party to. We used many of those answers during our three phases of deliberation.

Randy strutted over to the front of the Jury box and removed the handful of papers. He handed them to Judge Stevens and the attorneys were called forward to approve the questions. There are times that questions are submitted but not approved by the Court to be answered. All three parties confer on each question. Finally, the attorneys went back to their seats while Judge Stevens turned toward the Jury and looked at John Smith while she read each question word for word. Being that these questions were handwritten, some questions were harder for her to decipher making her struggle to read the words at times.


“In 2009, you said the computer files showed modifications and a search. What was searched and who did it?” she asked John Smith.


He looked toward the Judge. “I do not think they were done via the internet, I know that. There were local file searches within the computer. I do not know who searched the computer,” he answered.


Judge Stevens separated that question sheet and moved to the next question. “Were all computer modified files modified by cleaners or were they done physically by someone?”

John Smith appeared to think before he spoke. “There is a “Spy Block” cleaning program which can modify files. For the most part, it looks like files were cleaned directly.”


“Can files be specifically cleaned?” Judge Stevens asked, holding a new question in front of her.




“Can cleaning programs work or change files when computer is off?”


“Absolutely not,” John Smith answered confidently.

“In reference to start up lists, are they automatically modified?” she asked him.


“It is really operating system dependent,” he answered.


Judge Stevens shuffled her papers to the next question. She peered over her glasses at John Smith occasionally as she read the question to him. “Please explain over written files and how to get them back.”


“It is harder to get files back when they have been cleaned by a program. If the files are deleted, it is a lot easier to get them back because they are not really deleted. The file just moves to unallocated space on a computer,” he explained.


“On a search bar, how do you know if someone searched an actual topic?” the Judge asked as she read the Juror question.


“There is a registry history. In that registry, terms are searched by a human and they are not automated searches.”


“Do things attach to other files from spam and viruses?” the question asked.


“Yes,” he answered. “We call it ‘hooking’ and they can modify files. It is usually for advertising reasons.”


“Is there evidence of a virus that had to be removed?”

“Yes, there were a variety of them including “Z-Lob” and a handful of others.”


“Can malware hijack a system to get pornography?”


“Yes,” he answered without explanation.


The Judge stacked the questions and put them somewhere on her desk and looked toward the defense table. Arias was chatting quietly with Jennifer Willmott in her ear. She was wearing a tan sweater top with loose fitting black pants. Kirk Nurmi gathered his things and walked up to question his witness who was waiting patiently on the stand.


Kirk Nurmi’s questions were directed at the computer. He was wanted attention toward June 1, 2008, the day he alleged Travis Alexander was searching for pornography. “So, if we look at the browser history, we can assume that a virus did not use the browser?” he asked.

“The browser is separate from a virus,” John Smith answered.


Kirk Nurmi stood in his Sherlock Holmes pose acting as if he was framing a question very carefully. “So,” he said with a pause, “we can see a list of sites in the browser. Let’s take “Babies Pornography Magazine”. It’s in the browser. Did a virus look for that?”


“No, definitely not,” John Smith said. “These were searched for by a human and could not have come from a virus even if the virus had hijacked pornography.”


“What about these cleaner programs?” Nurmi asked. “Could they put this in the browser?”


“Spy Block or any program like that cannot put things or items in a browser. These search terms were undoubtedly from human interaction,” John Smith stated.


Kirk Nurmi nodded that he was finished and went back to the defense table.


Juan Martinez stood up and walked toward John Smith while the court and Jury waited silently. One never knew what was going to come out of his mouth and that elevated the tension. Juan stopped about five feet from the witness.


He looked toward his feet and then at John Smith. “One of the things you referred to,” Juan started, “is that you are a ‘Data Scientist’. You used a tool in your research called “Autopsy”, did you not?”


“Objection!” Kirk Nurmi jumped up yelling.


“Please approach,” Judge Stevens said.


The attorneys had their thousandth sidebar while the Court and Jury waited with white noise over our heads. Moments later, the attorneys returned to their seats while Juan Martinez stopped at the center of the room in front of John Smith and began a tirade of rapid fire questions. He would ask a question and then begin pacing like a cage lion.


“You did use a program called “Autopsy”, didn’t you?”


“Yes,” John Smith answered calmly. One got the feeling that he did not know what the hustle and bustle was about.


“It’s a free program for everyone?”




“It’s never been verified, has it?” Juan accused.


“Not really,” he answered. “I have not had any issues with it.”


“Don’t police departments normally use a program called “EM Case”?


“I think so,” John Smith answered.


“Let’s talk about the term UTC,” Juan said quickly changing subjects. “What is UTC on a computer? “


“It stands for Universal Time Code,” the witness answered.


“Yes, it does,” Juan agreed. “What is seven minus twenty two?”


“Uh,” John Smith said, stalling. “It’s, um, fifteen.”


“Correct. It is fifteen hundred or three o’clock. Right?”




“The two intrusions in green on your “Autopsy” Graph are really the same times, aren’t they?”


John Smith looked a little confused as he thought about the two separate times that the computer showed searches the day the defense team looked at the computer with the prosecution in the room in June of 2009. “I don’t think so,” he said, finally.


Juan took a couple steps toward the prosecution table away from the witness. He turned toward the witness and crossed his arms over his chest. “Where did you go to school?”


“San Jose State, Sir,” John answered.


“Did you graduate from San Jose State?” Juan Martinez asked.


“No,” he answered.


“Did you graduate from anywhere?”


“Uh, no,” he answered.


“Do you have any degree, Sir?” Juan asked raising his voice.


“No,” he answered quietly.


“All your information was collected from “Autopsy”?


“Pretty much,” he answered.


“Okay,” Juan said. “Did you use “EM Case”, what professional computer forensics normally use?”




“How about “PTK” which another computer forensics tool recognized by police departments? Did you obtain results from that as data scientist?”


“No,” he answered.


“All the results you obtained came from one tool called “Autopsy”, right?” Juan Martinez reiterated.


“Yes, Sir.”


“You used that program and then gave us the results. Am I right?”


“Yes, Sir,” he answered.


Kirk Nurmi got up and slowed everything down by questioning his now defunct witness. It was like bringing someone back from the dead a week after they were gone. He was not going to be resurrected despite Kirk Nurmi trying to show that big businesses hired the services of John Smith. It was mentioned that the Department of Homeland Security trusted John Smith to do work for them.


Kirk Nurmi emphasized in questioning that these corporations had no concern that he did not graduate from college proven by their continuation of using John’s services. He further tried to show that no one had ever complained about using this unrecognized tool, “Autopsy”.


I know as speaking from experience as a Juror that Juan Martinez caused significant damage. His questioning was pointed, direct and clear and concise in its intent. I further see that the plethora of questions, more questions than this Jury has asked any witness, are an indication that not only is this Jury engaged, they are also searching for truth in a muddled array of inconsequential details. They are struggling to see the importance of anything having to do with the computer especially with the array of viruses found on it.


We were dismissed for lunch and I went to Crazy Jims to have a salad. It’s across the street and a block down from the Court house. Although I like their pizza by the slice, I thought a salad a little more healthy and I didn’t want to risk getting sleepy in Court. Our Jury used to go to Crazy Jims a lot because few Court personnel could be found there.


I was making my way back to the Court house and I ran into Judge Steinle and Donna, my old Judge and his assistant. There is nothing like an ex-Juror being able to talk to the seated Judge on a trial they shared. The respect endowed each other is mutual and lifelong. It is completely refreshing to be able to talk to a person that you had been prohibited to speak with for six months.

There were a hundred questions I probably wanted to ask him but only thought of a few. At one point, when he asked me of the Arias Trial and how it was proceeding, I responded that I felt it was painstakingly slow in comparison to the speed of his death penalty trial. He laughed in understanding and then quipped, “I don’t do sidebars.”


I can still picture him when attorneys were presenting arguments. I cannot tell you how many times Judge Steinle III would unabashedly tell the attorneys, no matter which side, “Save it for appeal, gentlemen! Let’s move along. We have a jury empaneled.”


I think Dale Harrell, the victim in our crime, got a good shake when he got Judge Steinle III in charge of the Court.


We returned from lunch and welcomed Detective Flores back to the stand as presented by the defense. Jennifer Willmott handled the questioning wearing a blue business skirt suit with black high heeled shoes and black stockings. Her hair, as always, in perfect order resting on her shoulders.


The discussion went toward June 1, 2008 and who had who had access to the computer of Travis Alexander. She was able to establish that Travis Alexander’s roommates, Enrique Cortez and Zack Billings owned their own computers and would not have been on the computer in the office of Travis Alexander.


Jennifer Willmott presented a tape of Zack Billings and tried to get Detective Flores to say he recognized the voice of Zack Billings recorded a significant time earlier. She was playing the tape and it was heard that Zack Billings had never heard Travis Alexander say he was a virgin nor did he ever hear Travis Alexander say that he had lost his “Temple Recommend”.


I do not think she wanted the Jury to hear those things as she was quick to shut the interview off before the Jury heard more. I know the Jury saw this as inconsistent to what the defense team had presented far earlier in the retrial. Juries love details because that is where the truth often hides. This truth was itching to be exposed.

The next hour was a bickering squabble over details that Detective Flores would not give in to. It sounded like supposition and speculation which police investigations are typically not supposed to be about. There was definitely tension between Willmott and Flores. Much to the relief of everyone in the room, she completed her work with the detective.


I glanced at the Jury as Juan Martinez made his way to the center of his playing field, that zone between the Jury and in front of detective Flores. He paused before he began and I could see the Jury readying themselves for taking notes, some leaning forward. They knew by now that he moved fast when he was in his comfort zone. They would also be used to the fact that he pulled no punches and played no pleasantries with any witness even if was his own.


“Do you recognize this?” he asked Flores as he walked toward him with a piece of paper in his hand. Along the way, he said “May I approach?”


“You may,” Judge Stevens responded. She watched Juan and Flores intently as she did with all testimony.


“Will you look at Exhibit number 810. Do you recognize this?” he asked as he handed Flores the paper.


Juan looked at his feet and rocked back imperceptibly. He waited patiently for Flores to give it back and he agreed he recognized it. Juan then marched over to the projection screen and displayed the paper for the Jury to see.


“What is this, Detective Flores?” he asked as he turned to face the witness.


“It is a Chain of Custody receipt,” Flores answered.


“It’s a voucher from the Mesa Police Department dated June 19, 2009. Is that right?” Juan asked.


“It is,” Flores answered.


“Would I be correct in saying that this is a log of any movements of the Compaq Presario? It goes in and out of computer forensics evidence room, right?”


“Yes,” Detective Flores answered while his hands rested comfortably in his lap.


“Can anybody come in off the street and look at evidence?”


“No, they can’t.”

“Can anybody access computer forensic evidence without a Chain of Custody form being filled out?”




“You always give notice if you or anyone on the case needs to look at it?”



“This form says you returned it around five o’clock. Is there any reason to believe that’s not true?”


“The personnel who check it in and out of the property room fill out the form and are in charge of making sure items are logged. This has a bar scan on it which shows it was returned at 16:51,” Flores explained.


“You check it out over a counter?”




“Are they open twenty four hours?” Juan Martinez asked.


“No. I believe they stop around nine in the evening.”


“Is anyone there to check out computer evidence at eleven o’clock at night?”


“No, Sir,” Flores answered.


“Do you know of any computer that turns on and off on its own?” Juan asked.


There were nine Jurors busily taking notes.




“You are familiar with computer operating systems as an investigator?”


“Yes,” Flores answered dutifully.


Juan moved in for the attack. “Doesn’t a computer have to be on for an operating system to work?”




Juan Martinez opened his palm and looked at it as if he was holding an invisible computer. “So, if the operating system is not on, can it access files within the browser?”


“No,” Flores answered. “It would be like running a car without a key.”


Juan then brought the questioning back to June 1, 2008, days before Travis Alexander was murdered. The laptop was in his office that he allowed anyone in the household to access. He did not believe in making boundaries in his own home. He was known for leaving his doors unlocked.


“The computer was in his office, wasn’t it?” Juan asked Flores.




“The defendant would have had access to it?”


“Yes,” Flores responded.


“Travis Alexander never kept the door locked, did he?”


“Not that I know of,” Flores answered.


“His house was available to everyone because he liked it that way, didn’t he?”


“There was no indication his office was locked, was there?” Juan asked, stopping.




“The defendant had access to it as well, didn’t she?” Juan reiterated.


“Yes,” Flores said.


Juan Martinez finished with his witness. For a moment, he had managed to bring us all, including the Jury, into Travis Alexander’s life. It may only have been for a moment but he was suddenly human again. It was not about computers and pornography or whether they went on and off in the night. It was about a man who was caring and opened his door to all without fear. It was as if his empty office stood in the courtroom and an innocuous computer on a back desk brought him to life, if only for a moment.


Jennifer Willmott finished with Detective Flores but it sounded weak and without weight. She tried to imply that logs might have been changed because of his superior position within the Mesa Police Department. There was a typographical error on the form and maybe he should have made a supplement to the document to rectify this error.


Detective Flores felt it was too minor to worry about in spite of Willmott’s vehemence that something should have been done.


She grasped the edges of the podium. “There’s another issue I would like to discuss. You know that Jodi Arias was nowhere near Mesa on June 1, 2008, don’t you?” she asked accusingly.


“Yes,” Flores answered.


“She was not in Mesa, Arizona. She was in Yreka, California. Right?”


“Yes,” Detective Flores answered.


The Jury would look into this tidbit when they got in the Jury room once deliberations started. I don’t think they believed Jennifer Willmott. I don’t think they believe Jodi Arias. I think they will want to know who was really on the computer on June 1, 2008.


The Jury’s day went south when Judge Stevens informed them that they would need to advise her of any conflicts for February as this trial was going a little longer than expected. The Jury already knew that since they had told their employers, husbands, wives, children and schools they would be complete by December 18, 2014.


The Jury was dismissed until Tuesday of next week and Judge Stevens ruled on the motion to remove the death penalty from the table because of the defense claims of malfeasance by the prosecution, sometimes worded as prosecutorial misconduct.

The Jury is probably irritated but not surprised that there is another month expected trial. They are certainly confused about the computer and why it seemed so important when they have to live with the face of Travis Alexander in his final moments every moment of their lives until they reach a decision in the matter. The computer and the issues arisen because of it hardly seems the value of a single raindrop in a hurricane named Travis.

In the end, Judge Stevens said that the death penalty shall remain on the table.

I wonder if Jodi Arias shed emotionless tears that night on her cot, alone in her cell, as she realized the Grim Reaper may soon be standing at her door….


Every good relationship that develops as a result of this Trial is the

manifestation of the Spirit of Travis Alexander.”


Justice 4 Travis Alexander…


Justice for Dale…


Paul A. Sanders, Jr.

The 13th Juror @The13thJurorMD (Twitter)


Brain Damage: A Juror’s Tale” also available on:


Barnes and Noble Booksellers

The Stabby Einstein Penalty Phase Whatever the Fuck This Is Part Nine Thousand Four Hundred and Seventy Five

January 9, 2015

The IRS people are very nice. They seem to like it a lot when you rat people out. Especially when you have proof in writing.

Hai my loyal subjects. Your Queen, Law Professor/Dean of Fuckery/Professor of Economics/Resident Sarcasm Expert and all around pissed off bitch right at the moment has had a very busy couple of days.  First. If you have donated and I have not sent you a thank you I sincerely apologize. It has truly been pandemonium around here the last little bit. I truly appreciate that you took the time to donate to my not freezing to death.  It means a great deal to me.  Second. I report all of my earnings through donations just to nip that little thing in the bud.

Janet Cook, a friend of mine was attacked viciously by the wanna be anything other than what it is PV. Yet more scurrilous bullshit that has no basis in reality what so ever. Janet Cook is one of many, Stabby’s Pencil, myself, Jen wood, Beth Karas, Dave Erickson, Troy Hayden, Jeff Gold, Juan Martinez, Esteban Flores, Pesky Varmint and the list goes on and on and on.  Now lets get to the fuckery that is the never ending trial so that Alfred E. can purchase a small island somewhere when this is over all paid for by the nice folks in Arizona.

Alfred E. went to the supreme court. The supreme fucking court in an attempt to put some more dollars in the coffers, I mean to save poor stabbykins from having herself outted for whatever utter garbage she most recently spewed. Can’t wait to read it and I am still betting she said her Daddy diddled her when she was a kid. Anybody want to take that bet? I can’t believe that Alfred E. thought that Stabby was so important that the Supreme Court would even entertain hearing this bullshit and I was right. The supreme court has way bigger fish to fry than Stabby not wanting the world to know what she said. Poor poor muffin. According to my source, the transcripts should be ready by Tuesday at the latest. All four hundred fucking pages of them. Testimony that was used to set up for the paid witnesses that should be ashamed of themselves for even being there. And isn’t it funny that Geffner has no problem testifying in public, Dr. Sexpert also had not problem testifying in public. This leads me to believe that any remaining testimony is a bunch of bigger lies than the ones before. I am quite frankly disgusted with the whole entire thing. A man is dead. I don’t give a flying fuck if there was porn on his computer. Do you? As Dave Erickson said, can we all just agree that there is porn on the computers of all men over the age of thirty and move on? Was there child porn? NOPE. Was there animal porn? NOPE. and even if there was, does it matter? One has nothing to do with the other. And what everyone forgets is that porn or no porn, according to Stabby, who never ever lies, it was not the porn, but a dropped camera that started the fight that never fucking happened. What started that fight was the fact that he would not capitulate and take her to Cancun.

Has anyone given any thought to those receipts from Walmart other than the gas can? Two bottles of sunscreen. Now with the new rules for flying liquid can only be in a certain size and guess what, those two bottles of sunscreen were the size that one is required to have to take on an airplane. Why would Stabby not just buy one big bottle of sunscreen which would have been cheaper since she was saving all her pennies if she was just using it for around California or Arizona or whatever? That has bugged me for a really long time and now I have my answer. Same thing with the facial cleanser. Two small containers when it would have been cheaper to buy one big one. She needed the smaller sizes to meet flight requirements. The one that was supposed to take her to Cancun. Now of course this is speculation, but it is a hell of a theory. Here is the receipt. receipt stabby

Stabby went to Travis’s house to try and convince him that the sex was worth taking her to Cancun. Travis being a dude, appreciated the sex but had not intention of taking a complete fucking whore dog skank to Cancun. I think that she went prepared in case he said not and we all know the aftermath.

Stabby is running out of options rather quickly.  I guess that whole home for Christmas thing didn’t work out. Why don’t we shoot for Easter now, because you know she is going to be freed any fucking day now.

I have another shocker for all you tinfoil hat wearing fucktards. If there has been misconduct in this case, cha cha and Alfred E are leading the parade. So, from me to all of you Stabbyite idiots, eat a fucking dick in your goddesses honor.

RBMD Peacing the Fuck Out!  At least for now. I may be back later with more.

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Signs That You Might Be a Mitigation Specialist

December 13, 2014

Still laughing my ass of that cougarliscious is on the record..for EVER! Arizona

Hai Kids.

Anyway since Grammaliscious got called out ON THE RECORD it made me think about how to know if someone is a mitigation specialist. chacha cougar friend If this dude doesn’t know then we are all fucked.  So, because I am a helpful law professor/dean of fuckery/ Queen of the region of mean I made a list.

If you think that discussing court matters on social media is a good idea- you might be a mitigation specialist
If you like to call people who don’t agree with you names like retard-you might be a mitigation specialist
If your English is so bad that you cannot properly form a sentence-you might be a mitigation specialist
If you smuggle things for fun and profit-you might be a mitigation specialist
If you like to pretend that your grandson is your boyfriend-you might be a mitigation specialist
If 1980 called and asked for its clothes back-you might be a mitigation specialist
If for the life of you, you cannot figure out how to spell cougarluscious (which is not a word) -you might be a mitigation specialist
If you believe that you actually are all that and a bag of chips-you might be a mitigation specialist
If you get busted smuggling things out of prison to put up for sale-you might be a mitigation specialist
If you offer two for one lap dances while wearing your naked pole dancing santa suitnaked pole dancing santa chacha   -you may be a mitigation specialist
If you think that PV is a really good person to be feeding information to-you may be a mitigation specialist
If you spend a lot of times NOT trying to find mitigating factors for your guilty client-you may be a mitigation specialist
If strange men often offer you money in back alleys -you may be a mitigation specialist
If you are being investigated for how deep into the murder money pie your hand is-you may be a mitigation specialist
If it has been put on record for all time that you, a professional person leaks information under the name cougarluscious you are an idiot and you may also be a mitigation specialist
If you may be looking for a job at hot topic so you can get the employee discount once you don’t have your job anymore-you may be a mitigation specialist
If you can work a pole and smuggle a cellphone contemporaneously- you may be a mitigation specialist

I hope you have all found this list helpful in discerning if you are indeed dealing with a mitigation specialist

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The Never Ending Stabby Einstein Penalty Phase Retrial- The Psychological Vomit Edition

November 20, 2014

You’re going to need a bigger bucket – Arizona

Hai kids, welcome to yet another edition of the trials and tribulations of Stabby Einstein and the whole entire funky bunch. Todays post is brought to you by Shirley’s House of Pain and Pleasure where their motto is “If you or someone you know has a kink, we can turn it into a mitigating factor for you.”

Since this is just kinda the way we roll now I will provide you with updates before we get into the meat of todays trial.

I am going to live. Sorry PV. I do not need a heart transplant and yes that was apparently a possibility for a while, but the docs have decided that I do not, they can fix what is broken in mine. I have something called Ebsteins Anomoly. I am going to have to have two heart valves replaced which I know sounds really scary, but sounds much less scary than a removal and replacement of my heart. The also have to do some procedure while they are in there to help with the electrical impulses in my heart. Not a pacemaker but along the same idea.

Now that we have that all taken care of, onto todays big bunch of bullshit that is the retrial that will never end.

The day began with Great Nana Dr. Sexpert back on the stand to tell some more of the story that the defense paid her to tell. Dr. Sexpert begins by saying that Travis did not see Stabby as a real person outside of the bedroom. My immediate question was since I don’t see her as a real person now, does that make me a bad person? Today Great Nana Dr. Sexpert is also getting into Travis’ so called vulgarities apparently criticizing Stabby for looking cheap. I think she left the whore part off, cheap whore sounds much more appropriate to me.

Stabby and Jenny From the Cell Block were barely aware there was a trial going on around them they were so busy whispering and giggling with each other.

Dr. Sexpert, who is an expert on the subject because she was likely there when sex was invented and may or may not have gone to pre-school with Jesus is somewhat less than believable when everything that Stabby did was okay and everything that Travis did was deviant sexual behavior. They are paying her $275 per hour to say what they want her to day and after three mind numbing day on the stand where we have learned that the sex expert doesn’t know what Jizz or a fuckbuddy is, is finally getting to the day of the murder.

Juan is objecting to everything Nurmi asks. Great Nana Dr. Sexpert says it was a vicious killing, Horrible and Juan objects to the word horrible. She keeps trying to describe the scene that day and Juan keeps objecting, I’m guessing because she wasn’t there so she has no foundation to describe the scene. Nurmi tries again. Was this murder viscious? Yes. Was it horrible and Juan objects and is sustained again on horrible. Nurmi asks how you go to sex four hours earlier to that and Juan objects and there is a sidebar. Again, just my opinion, but since the she wasn’t there refereeing, there is no foundation for her to answer the question. We sidebar right up till lunchtime. Since everyone is aware that Juan is going to be up on cross at some point in the near future the vet is quietly brought in with extra tranquilizer darts and a case of goodboy treats are deposited on the prosecution table. The vet is looking decidedly nervous since Juan has been on full snarl since trial started this morning.

After lunch Alfred E. says he has just a few more questions. Dr. Sexpert says something happened in that bathroom but she doesn’t know what because she wasn’t there to which the entire planet replied “No. Really?” Nurms tried to wrap everything into a nice tidy this all happened because of abuse bow while a snarling and snapping Juan objected to everything through the muzzle that was about to be removed.

She says that what happened in that bathroom was Psychological vomit. Now there is a catch phrase for an office pamphlet. We specialize in psychological vomit. I know I’d want her for my paid expert. I got some vomit for ya, you crazy old bat. This by the way is Great Nana Dr. Sexpert. great nana Dr. Sexpert 2 She looks a lot more like an expert in mahjong than in deviant sexual behavior.  My lawyer emailed me about 3 hours ago and all it said was HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sex expert. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Flores quickly removed the muzzle and threw himself backwards while the vet aimed and fired. The first dart hit home but we won’t know for a few minutes if it is having the desired effect.

The dart didn’t work. “When her father smacked her across the back of the head and she yelled “FUCK YOU BILL” would you call that suffering in silence like you have been alluding too? Suddenly Great Nana Dr. Sexpert didn’t look quite so comfortable on the stand. Nurmi of course objects to everything. At one point I think he may have objected to his own objection.

Juan asks about a transcript of an interview with Carl. Dr. Sexpert says she never reviewed that transcript. Juan then barked out who is Carl. Dr. Sexpert answered (and I’m not making this up) Stabby’s Father. Once he was done laughing Juan said no, it’s her brother and then he said (you stupid useless bitch) in that tone only other dogs can hear.
Juan is demanding yes or no answers and Dr. Sexpert seems to think she doesn’t have to provide them. I guess she didn’t see what mincemeat LaToilette looked like and it looks like she may be headed in the same direction. He wants to know if she reviewed all the documents and she seems unsure and then he did it. He asked Dr. Sexpert if she was having problems with her memory and I laughed till I almost fell out of my chair.

It has been under 20 minutes and Great Nana Dr. Sexpert is beginning to crack like a walnut. A really, really old walnut. Nurmi of course is trying to do damage control and asked for a sidebar I would assume to let his expert collect herself. Good luck with that Nurms. Your expert is not prepared.

Sidebar is over and it would seem that Dr. Sexpert is anxious to spar with the mighty pit bull. Maybe it was all the talk of sexual deviance that didn’t exist that got Great Nana Dr. Sexperts juices flowing but she was definitely ready to roll around with Juan for a bit and Juan was every bit as ready to make her his bitch. And he proceeded to do just that. Juan asks a question, she tries to dance and it is that moment that sometimes Judge Stephens remembered that she is indeed sometimes a Judge and ordered Dr. Sexpert to answer. The good Doc seemed less than amused that she was not allowed to continue to offer complete dissertations instead of yes or no answers. Stabby was in deep discussions with Jenny from the Cell Block probably telling her she better get a leash on this expert or she was gonna get Stabbied. Juan got her to admit that she flitted from boyfriend to boyfriend and was not the stable slice of happy that Dr. Sexpert was trying to make her out to be.

Juan is now showing Dr. Sexpert a whole shit ton of papers that she has never seen. I’m SHOCKED. They all say that Stabby is a sociopath. Dr. Sexpert had no idea. It was a beautiful moment. She also has no idea at what point Stabby and Travis became a couple. Silly little facts that are maybe kind of important. She finally just agreed to go with 2007. YAY we’ve made progress. Juan actually had to prod her by asking if she watched the 48 hrs program. Dr. Sexpert said yes. Juan said do you recall her saying the date that they started dating? She said she vaguely remembered something like that. Pesky damn details anyway.

Dr. Sexpert didn’t feel that Stabby’s admitted violent streak, you know the one where she kicked holes in walls, smashed mirrors, maybe strangled a cat and disappeared a dog were not important facts to consider after a vicious murder. She outright admitted that Stabby’s anger issues had no bearing on her opinion on the case. (and then Jenny had someone wheel some more money out to Dr. Sexperts car) She said that Travis was the poisonous ingredient in the relationship and Stabby being a violent sociopath had nothing to do with it.

Juan asked if she was a mind reader for trying to answer questions before they are asked. She said she wished which of course is the totally professional thing to say in answer to that question.

Juan jumped slightly forward as another tranquilizer dart was successfully deployed and then continued with his questioning although he did seem to mellow just a little. He wanted to know if she knew the secret. She was rendered speechless. Of course he was referring to the Secret that Stabby adhered to that was in the notes that Dr. Sexpert had obviously not read.

Nurmi had a very bad day objection wise. He got overruled almost every time. Ahhhh, they must have had a lovers quarrel. Dr. Sexpert admits that all the info she went by was provided by the defense because that is who she was hired by.

Juan then put up the text about how she was getting her cooch waxed so it would be nice and smooth and asked Great Nana Dr. Sexpert which one of them instigated that particular email and poor Dr. Sexpert had to concede that it was the totally not seasoned stabbykins.

Court was dismissed till Monday at 9:30 am and we have a hearing about Nurmi’s evidence tampering tomorrow. YAY!! It would be so cool if he conducted the rest of his trial from closed circuit television from a prison cell.

That is it for tonight kids. Have a great night and I will C U 2morrow if I get anything about the hearing.

RBMD Peacing the fuck out.

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The Stabby Arias Never Ending Penalty Phase Retrial – The Lets Keep The Witness Under Direct Forever So Juan Can’t Cross Examine Edition

November 17, 2014

There is not enough Tylenol in the entire world for this shit – Arizona

Hai Kids. Welcome to another edition of the never ending Stabby Einstein penalty phase retrial. The penalty phase that the Convict would like to turn into the I’m getting out of jail by Saturday do-over.

Just before we get to todays foray into the almost insane some of you may have noticed the disclaimer that I have posted on the bottom right hand side of my blog. It is more about the people and entities that are NOT allowed to post my blog than who is. If I have failed to mention you by name or by site than consider yourself allowed to use my blog in whole or in part as long as it is credited to the Really Big Mean Dog Article you have used. This is just more stuff that my lawyer friend said would be pertinent for me to do, makes litigation much easier. So, if I forgot to name you by name and you have been linking my blog or using parts of it or whatever and you have not been expressly forbidden from doing that, please just continue to do what you have been doing all along. People were not listed in order of importance, just who popped into my head at that particular moment and I had to stop naming specific people that were allowed permission because I ran out of room.

Court today started an avalanche of questions in my head, non of which have been answered to any satisfaction even by some of the greatest legal minds that I know. They are doing the exact same head scratch that I am. Questions like how is a paid expert allowed to give an opinion on a seven year old email with no context and without speaking with either of the people the email was between seeing as one of them is dead and the other was not approached. How is that not all just hearsay? How is there any foundation for the email? How is someone does someone who is purported to be an expert in sexual kink not know what a fuck buddy is, or a friend with benefits? Does that not toss the whole sex expert thing directly out the window? How do you get any sense of what is truth and what is a lie from Stabbykins (other than if her mouth is moving she is likely full of shit) when you have spent less than 8 hours with her split between two sessions? How does she spend a day and a half on the stand talking about Chris and sky hughes perceptions of the relationship between Travis and the murdering bitch without ever having an interview with Chris and Sky hughes? A day and a fucking half and never talked to either one of them? Really? I have obviously made some egregious career choices in my life and would now like to become a sexual kink expert. This sunshine filled lollypop of triple dipped psycho is going for $300 per hour. That the Aunty Sue we need more money for appeals and experts and stuff definitely isn’t paying for. You are Arizona. I would have done it for half just so you know. Of course it would have been over Skype, but still. I could have saved you a fortune and done a way better job.

This is Dr. Sexpert. dr sxpert Thank you Jeff Gold. She will now for the duration of the retrial be referred to as Dr. Sexpert.  Also, just as an aside, it’s pretty bad when the kink expert is looking at the defense attorney like she needs an adult.  Just sayin’.

Anyway, we started the day going over emails from Lisa Andrews. Lisa was crazy in love with Travis AKA T-Dogg AKA Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at one point and wanted to marry him. She apparently had a hard time staying away from him once they broke up which proves…what? Travis was kind and funny and attractive and dated people. THE BASTARD!!

Dr. Sexpert started to get into the idea that Travis had a thing for young girls. Juan was up barking lack of foundation (thank god I was starting to think he was sick or had lost his voice or something) and was sustained. Alfred E in his usual “I’m getting paid by the word fashion” began again. Dr. Sexpert got in that Stabby with a bald cooch and braids raised a red flag for her to which I said “why, did Travis hold her down, shave the bitch and braid her hair..OR did she show up that way?” Myself and Jeff Gold seemed to be on the same page because he was as confused as I was as to how this was relevant to anything. Dr. Sexpert also took Ms Jodi’s *BARF,BARF, and BARF* word for it that Travis was pulling it to pics of little boys, never mind that in all these years absolutely ZERO evidence of this has ever been produced and said that was another huge red flag. Because I am nothing if not thorough even if the subject matter is ridiculous and happens to disgust me I did a bunch of research on pedophilia and am now probably on some fucking watch list somewhere. By definition pedophiles have a sexual attraction to children predominantly 11 yrs of age or younger and do not generally cross gender lines. That means that they either like little boys or little girls. Of course as with all things there are those that don’t care, but as a rule, they like boys or they like girls.

Now before we move on to the rest of the paid $300 an hour by the not so great State of Arizona’s witnesses testimony, I have a question for you all. You don’t have to answer out loud if you don’t want to, but answer it in your head and be honest. How many of you were doing sexual things when you were 12, 13, 14 years old. Not forced things, those don’t count, but sexually curious things, be it masturbating, giving someone a handjob, or anything of that nature. With yourself or with someone, doesn’t matter. My point is that at those ages, kids become sexually curious and aware of themselves sexually. Travis was 12 and 13 and 14 at some point. So what are the odds that he might have been playing I will play with yours if you will play with mine with someone around the same age as him and she had an orgasm and that is how he knew what that sounded like? That is a perfectly reasonable and also perfectly normal part of growing up to me. That does not make him a pedophile. I know it’s a gross conversation but somebody had to say it. It is a perfectly reasonable explanation for why that statement ever came out of his mouth. If that was his first experience with a female orgasm it would have been a fond memory and a memory that would have aroused him because he is a man and the wind blowing in the right direction will arouse most of them.

Now, back to Dr. Sexpert. She is officially LaToilette 2.O and has downed the whole gallon of Stabby Kool-Aid. Why oh why would poor Stabby go back to a man she had just allegedly discovered masturbating to pictures he shouldn’t have been, never mind that Napoleon never barked when she came in, never mind that the Christmas decorations she was supposedly there to help him put in the attic were never found, never mind that he decided to masturbate to illegal material in the middle of the day when he knew she was coming and didn’t lock the door, she caught him and it sickened her to the point that she vomited and got a headache. Then she went back to him. According to Dr. Sexpert this would be because she was so blinded by love for him that she could not help herself. (somebody remind me to send Mi’Lady a thank you note for the Pretoria puke bucket) Then she emphatically stated that she was not calling Travis a pedophile, there were just some red flags. She next said that Travis and Stabby were not engaged in any type of unlawful sexual activities which kind of cancels out the red flags she spoke of earlier yeah?

Then she said the most hilariously funny thing I have ever heard in my life. It was put a half can of pop though my nose funny. She said that Travis was the sexually seasoned one and poor wittle Stabbykins was completely unseasoned. This is a woman that could turn at least two aisles in a candy store into sex toys but she was sexually unseasoned. What exactly is Dr. Sexperts standard if this succubus is considered sexually unseasoned by her?

Alfred E. Nurmi was STILL on direct when court was called for the evening and it was announced that due to some magical emergency court would be dark till Thursday. Yup, December 18th is totally going to happen.

Juan apparently has filed a motion for sanctions against Nurms because the hard drive that was provided to the State was one that belonged to some dude name Tony and had nothing to do with the case. He said that Nurmi is obviously trying to stall and he wanted the mirror image of the correct hard drive by noon today, or he wanted Nurmi in front of an ethics committee or facing some jail time. Totally won’t happen, but it goes to show how pissed off Juan is getting.

In totally unrelated news, Charles Manson applied for a marriage license in Kings County today. He is going to marry some chick named Star. Hey, Stabby thinks she’s a star, Manson is marrying a star. Maybe Manson and Stabby are tying the knot. Ewwww, I just gave myself the willies. Christ on a cracker, can you imagine.

So there you have it, a big huge bunch of nothing, much like the rest of the big bunches of nothing that seem to be this entire penalty phase retrial that the defense is trying to turn into a whole new trial. I hate Stabby. I hate this trial. I am starting to hate Arizona. I still love pop tarts.

RBMD peacing the fuck out. Have a great night everybody.

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The Never Ending Stabby Einstein Penalty Phase Re-Trial I Think There Are Antibiotics For That Edition

November 13, 2014

Computer experts should really learn some stuff about computers -Arizona

So sorry about last night everyone.  Apparently whatever they shot me up with at the cardiac center yesterday did not sit well with me and I ended up feeling quite ill.  My Cardiologist is supposed to have the results today and I will know more.

I have been getting the most fascinating emails lately.  It seems that the more ridiculous this farce of a penalty phase retrial becomes; the more desperate becomes the Stabbyites in their desire for me to shut the fuck up.  For example, I one stating that my love of four letter words makes me semi-literate, I got one saying I have no idea what I am talking about, I got one saying I am a flat out idiot.  There are 7 or 8 more which I am going to post in a special I got Stabby’s goat edition.  Oh, and YAY me.

Something happened at yesterdays court part whatever when it appeared that not a Judge Stephens decided she would like to retake the title of sometimes Judge Stephens and put the braked on the I’m Stabby Einstein bitch of course I get my way train.  She denied Alfred E. Nurmi’s motion to remove the cameras from the court room because we might all be reading lips you know.  He filed that motion after we all got to see Cha Cha chewing her cud while everybody was up at the sidebar.   Next, maybe sometimes Judge Stephens told Nurms she wasn’t aware he had made another motion for anything especially anything concerning porn files being deleted from a hard drive.  And then she may or may not have rolled her eyes right into the back of her head.   She then told him to get a fucking witness on the stand.  OK, so as of right now she is back to sometimes Judge Stephens.  Of course whiney pants boohoo’d that he needed at least a two or three day hearing preferably at golden coral to argue the matter and then just for good measure said his next witness was the “computer expert” and they wouldn’t be ready till the 21st of never.  Sometimes Judge Stephens wasn’t having it FOR ONCE and told him to put a witness on the stand NOW.

Nurmi continued to whine, claiming his “computer  expert” had found  the porn files on Travis’ Computer. Then he accused the police and the prosecutor and probably the entire Mormon population of erasing them so Travis wouldn’t look bad.

Someone removed Juans muzzle and he effectively shredded nurmi’s accusations along with an attack dummy shaped like Stabby before he could be darted and quietly led back to his seat.

Remember that virus I told you all about the other night?  Well, guess what?  It was that virus that I told you all about the other night.
He also mentioned that the computer was accessed six days after Travis was murdered. Gee, I wonder by whom?  The day in June when Nurmi claims that the police deleted the files, would be a time when  the computer was in the possession of Stabby’s’ prior defense team. They were the ones who insisted on looking at it, no doubt because Stabby had made sure there was porn on there.   Juan was in the room with them at the time.
Alfred E was so stunned that he actually started to stutter and I actually started to howl uncontrollably because that right there is KARMA with a capital K.  Nurmi of course immediately threw the other defense team under the bus and cried ineffective council yet again.  He also tried to blame the prosecution anyway because why the fuck not.

Judge Stephens was not the one so she told Nurmi she would hear all about it at a later date. Then she said get a witness, get one now or there were going to be issues far more pressing than deleted porn.  Nurmi kicked at the ground, called her a mean old lady under his breath and called Clinical Psychologist, Dr. L.C. Miccio-Fonseca.  She is apparently an expert in Sex disorders.  Sounds like we are probably all going to need an adult before this testimony is over.

The majority of her bought and paid for testimony was about emails between Travis and Chris and Sky Hughes. (Just as an aside, how does anybody know what anyone really means via text? There is no inflection, no body language, it is a sterile written word.) It was just the same stupid email from the trial where Stabby got COVICTED OF FIRST DEGREE AGRAVATED MURDER and was fairly boring.  The only interesting thing is that both the paid for expert and Nurmi kept referring to Travis and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

I pity this bitch when Juan gets up to cross examine because he is still pretty pissed about the whole prosecutorial misconduct thing.

Again guys, so sorry about last night.  This was the very first thing I did when I got up.

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The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Re-trial – The “I Fought The Law And The Law Won” Edition

November 4, 2014

What Constitution?-Arizona

Hai everybody. So sorry about Saturday. I had an emergency with one of my dogs and I didn’t have time to write a blog. It remains half done and I remain trying to get the smell of skunk out of my house, my nose and my dogs fur. Someone recommended Oxy-clean and I am almost ready to go there. Since court is dark tomorrow I might finish it up and post it tomorrow. Either that or The Really Big Mean Dog School of Law is going to have an emergency class. I won’t know till I know.

Over the weekend Aunt Stabby had some very nasty things to say about the Alexanders. I will NOT post that horseshit here. In a nutshell, Stabby good, Travis bad, someone owes the Arias family an apology. From me to you Aunt Stabby. EAT A DICK!!

Today in Stabby land the jury was sent packing till 1:15 so that an emergency hearing on the motion to quash not a judge Stephens ruling could be heard at appellate court. The appellate court Judges were looking less than thrilled to even be hearing this nonsense, and on an emergency basis pfffffft. This has a snowballs chance in hell of surviving appellate court. Speaking of less than thrilled, Media Attorney Bodney looks absolutely disgusted that he has to go before an appellate court to get this crap overturned.

I have no idea why but this was stuck in my head as everyone made their way into appellate court so…….here.

I suppose it’s David Bodneys fault. He just seems so….determined that he has had enough of not a Judge Stephens and her horseshit. As soon as I got a look at him on TV it started playing on loop in my head. Juan, Bodney and the taxpayers of the not so great State of Arizona vs Stabby, Alfred E Nurmi and not a Judge Stephens.

David Bodney was up first and I was right. He was very focused and quite annoyed. You could hear it in his voice and see it in his demeanor. He gesticulated while he made his case. He took about 8 minutes on direct saying “dudes, dudette, this is pretty much fucked because we have this thing called a constitution which says you can’t do this, there is not case law anywhere saying you can do this, therefore not a judge Stephens can’t do this.”

Bodney is a smart man. He pulled Nurmi’s argument out from under him before Nurms ever spoke, which of course wouldn’t stop Nurmi from speaking. He figured out just like I did that Nurmi was planning on having all the witnesses testify under seal and he addressed it before Nurmi did and argued very, very effectively against it. He pretty much fucked Nurmi without the benefit of KY.

Juan got up, smirked, told the appellate Judges that he objected to a stay of proceedings because the Alexanders deserve closure and sat down. He figured Bodney had this. Juan was mellow, like three ludes deep mellow. Apparently the vet was at court today.

Well, well, welly, well, well. Looks like Mr Bodney and I were right. Nurmi is trying to leave wiggle room to have the entire defense testimony under seal. WOW!! Just when I think bitch cannot possibly think up anything else to try and stall the proceedings, she goes and outstabbys herself.

He’s bitching about tweeting, about reporters running out and reporting on it. He said he gets death threats to which I said “NO, DUH!” One of the Judges said the exact same thing when he said and I quote “Isn’t the threat of intimidation always existing then?” He then looked at Alfred E. like the bottom bitch he secretly is and rolled his eyes hard enough that I expected to see them leave his head and bounce jauntily across the courtroom.

Bodney was up again and proceeded to take down Nurmi so very well that the little pit-bull looked proud. He told the Judges that Nurmi is conflating (combining into a composite whole) not a Judge Stephens rulings and he is correct.

Quote of the day goes to Bodney for this. “if people cannot see what is going on, faith in the justice system is threatened.” Think about that statement. I am Canadian. We have a justice system that we are pretty proud of. Even we do not arbitrarily close court except in very exceptional circumstances. Paul and Karla Bernardo come to mind. Media was NOT banned as I have seen people post on other sites that post my blog, there was a publication ban on what was in the tapes to preserve the victims dignity because it was so fucking horrible. Even that was only until the trial was over. Media was in the courtroom AT ALL TIMES. I was in the courtroom. Christie Blatchford of the Toronto Sun and I had lunch twice. The gallery was not allowed to view the videotaped evidence because it showed the torture and rape of two children. Only the Jury and the Lawyers and Judge saw them. Audio was played in court and that was enough to send members of the gallery running from the courtroom. I counted 27. That is how bad, how horrifically bad this was. I wept against a perfect stranger who wept against me it was so bad. At no time during that trial, which is one of the worst cases in Canadian history was the court closed to reporters OR the public. The American Justice system is supposed to be better than ours. Americans say it all the time. I see it coming off the rails more and more every day. It pisses me off. America is supposed to have the most transparent Justice system in the world and a LOT of the rest of the world looks to America. Know who is looking at America right now and saying see, we were right? Russia. North Korea. Places where democracy is just some beautiful unattainable dream. What not a Judge Stephens has done is a travesty. I am pretty sure the appellate court feels exactly the same way judging by what I am hearing. So now we wait.

Everybody trekked back over to regular court. And we waited, and we waited and we waited. Then we got a ruling. The appellate division issued a stay of the order sealing the testimony of witnesses. Everyone now stand, face Arizona and salute the appellate court. Thanks. Interesting thing, a stay is not a decision. Basically what a stay says is that there is enough merit in the motion that the appellate judges have to look into it. It means that the proceedings will continue without seal until the appellate court renders a decision. They did this because it was either stay the proceedings, which is not fair to the Alexander family or stay the order which effectively shuts not a Judge Stephens and the defense down without having to take the time to render a decision. A decision on this might not even be issued by the time the trial is over, so this was very important.

Juan and Detective Flores laughed and laughed all the way out of the courthouse, Jenny hit the bong hard, Nurmi once again had that FML look planted squarely on face and not a Judge Stephens was absolutely flabbergasted that the appellate court thought she might have made an error. Stabby had that I will cut a bitch look back on her face since the appellate court basically told her to get stuffed.

Court was cancelled for tomorrow so that they could figure out how the fuck to move the trial forward.

So, we already know it was Stabby on the stand. I expect now she is going to pull a complete hissy fit and say she will refuse to allow herself to be cross examined. She can do that, they cannot force her to speak. What they will likely do in this event is strike all the testimony (which I hate), the STATE can request a mistrial which Juan probably won’t, or she can be held in contempt and the Jury can be told she has refused to comply with the court. I like that one, gives you a really good idea of what Stabby is. Unfortunately, here is yet another appealable issue.

here is a link to Mr Bodney and company seeking relief through the appellate court. Sorry I can’t embed it, it has been disabled.

Because the entire Stabby family is determined to get that murder money, mom of Stabby AND dad of Stabby put this little bit of shit up on the internet today.  I honestly thought at least dad of Stabby was horrified at what his precious stabbykins had done.  I was mistaken.  I thought his avoidance of the trial had to do with his horror at what his daughter had done.  I was wrong.   I suggest something to vomit in while you watch.  The Pretoria puke bucket is being used at the moment.  Sorry.

I just CAN’T with these people. Aunt of Stabby wants an apology and Mom and Dad of Stabby would like your cash please because being related to Stabby is like humping on a money printing machine. This takes capitalism to a whole other level doesn’t it? Christ on a Cracker. Murder is becoming huge business in Arizona. Someone please drop some Ebola, or Anthrax or maybe just a small nuclear weapon on these people. I hate this entire fucking bloodline.

Everybody have a great night. RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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The Stabby Einstein Penalty Phase Retrial-Kelly Bounced, So You Get The In-House Psychic Edition

October 31, 2014

Kim Jong Un just friended Arizona on Facebook-Arizona

Hello.  Um, Kelly said she needed to take a minute….something about Stabby and then PV going out trick or trouting and crazy people on twitter and communist countries…..I don’t know either and I can fucking read minds, I just know she mad!!!

Anyway, she said to tell you she would see you tomorrow for sick fuck Saturday and to try and keep you all entertained with Stabby news of some kind.   Since  I am a fucking Psychic and NOT a blog writer, I ‘m not exactly sure what that means, so I have been bouncing from mind to mind of the Stabby camp to try and come up with something, anything to write.  I don’t know if I mentioned it, but your Law Professor/Dean of Fuckery somehow managed to wrangle me into a thousand year contract of indentured servitude.  That and she scares me a little.

I actually caught a break since the whole lot of them ended up back in court today for the pesky little court blackout thing.  Of course sometimes not a Judge Stephens denied it and it is now being appealed to a higher court. Troy Hayden of Fox10 went on air to say that he has had three separate sources say that it was indeed Stabby on the stand yesterday just like the bosslady figured. (she made me say that) Anyway, Stabby jingle jangled her way into court today in her lovely stripes to see what not a Judge Stephens had to say.

I decided to save Stabby for last since getting into her head is every single bit as nauseating as it sounds, and I like to save the vomit inducement part of the program for last whenever possible.  I started with Nurmi, but as usual lately he was crying in his head so I figured I would come back to him later.  Next I stopped on Jenny….wait, something is coming in from the boss.  Yes I am writing your stupid blog.  Yes I do know what indentured servitude means.  You’re a law professor, it’s not like you haven’t told me a million times. Uh, huh.  Okay.  Yes. Can I finish this sometime tonight now?  Kthxbai.

She said to put up a link to Troy on Fox so……here.

Anyway Jenny from the Cell Block was sitting next to Stabbykins because she and Nurmi need to be separated by at least one person at all times. Jenny looked as high as usual and like Stabby had managed to drain a little bit more of whatever life force is left in her. Her defenses are pretty much nil at this point so I had no trouble getting into her head.
Why do I have to be here? Fuck. I was supposed to meet my dealer at 4. No way I am going to make that now. And why do I have to sit here? Why does nobody remember what she said to me during the last trial.
Then this popped in her head. stabby escape God this chick is a nutbag. Smile and nod Jenny, she’s looking at you again. Remember to put extra hair spray on tomorrow. I think she may actually be scaring me bald. I wonder if my dealer can hook up with me later. Can we just move this along. We all know that Stabby’s friend Judge Stephens is going to deny this motion so WHY ARE WE EVEN HERE!! I wonder if she is going to ask me for another ball gown and an Oscar like last time. And I don’t want to hear about how she plans on smuggling it into the jail. Gross. Damn, this motion hearing is harshing my mellow in a big way. Fuck it, maybe if I turn towards Alfred E just a little, I can play angry birds on my phone and Stabby won’t notice.

Next I bounced over to Juan because Nurmi was still sobbing in his head. Juan is always fun to get a read on. DIEBITCHDIEBITCHDIEBITCHDIEBITCHDIEBITCHDIEBITCH…….Hey!! Why has nobody tossed one of those good boy treats at me yet? I like those. This Judge is a complete fucking idiot. I have never come across a Judge like this in the history of my career. It’s quite disturbing when you think about the implications of what she is doing. That’s okay, I am sure the level heads in a higher court,  judges separated from this trial will see the error is Judge Stephens ruling. Even if the ruling remains intact, it’s not going to make even a scintilla of difference. The facts are on my side. She is a convicted murderess and all that is left to do is finish my case and then DIEBITCHDIEBITCHDIEBITCHDIEBITCHDIEBITCH………..It went on like that through the whole hearing, while he left the building, as he walked to his car, when he stopped for coffee and until  he saw a puppy.

Nurmi was up next. He had himself under some semblance of control so I went ahead and took the read. FUCK.MY.LIFE. FUCKIT!! WHAT DID I EVER DO TO DESERVE THIS SHIT. It’s nice that Jenny stays so stoned she hasn’t realized that she is a screwed as I am. I should probably tell her, but she will come down soon enough and realize where she is and that is always a fun moment. I can’t believe this dumb assed judge is going for any of this. Anti death penalty judges are AWESOME!! I can’t help it if the crazy bitch wants the court closed. She won’t tell me why, but I know. I bet a billion dollars that we are on the cusp of story number 4 and she doesn’t want anyone to know she is going to change her story again. Watch her say her daddy diddled her when she was a baby now. Or her mommy sold her ass for heroin money. Something. Well screw it, I’m just going to sit here and let her say whatever the fuck she wants. I’m not asking her anything because that way I’m not suborning perjury, but if she wants to say she was abducted by aliens and the anal probe is what got her started down this road, that’s fine with me. Fucking Bitch. I FUCKING HATE YOU SO HARD YOU FUCKING BITCH.

I went to not a Judge Stephens next but all I got was that horrible white noise sound from the sidebar. Weird!!

Last and absolutely least, and after downing several gravol and some alka-seltzer just for good measure I got to Stabby Einstein. Ahahahahahahahahahahaha…………Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Oh my god, I cannot believe that she is going for this. Got myself out of my cell on a Friday, got the entire legal panel for the media here, fucked with that goddamn nasty prosecutors day, and Alfred E. is looking pretty pissed. Ahahahahahahahahaha. I swear, that perfume that Jenny is wearing smells just like weed. She says it’s called ESCAPE. Love that name, gonna get some as soon as my appeal gets done and I get out of here. Can’t wait for trick or trouting tonight. I have no idea what that is, but my new number 1 flag waver PV tells me it’s way better than trick or treating. I bet I can get 1500 for this pair of glasses. Cha Cha better be picking up all these Styrofoam cups I have put wonder hole number 3 on so that I can auction those too. You know George and Joe will buy all of them because my DNA has graced the rims….ohhh that sounds so dirty….now I’m horny. Hopefully, I will be incarcerated at least long enough to win Prison Idol for another year. Peons. They should all just realize that they need to bow before me like this stupid judge. She gets it that I am so much more Einstein-y than she is. I won’t have to de-edify her I guess. God I hate my hair. Can’t wait to get back on the stand. Wait till they hear the story I cooked up this time. It’s awesome!! They want mitigation? Oh I’ve got your mitigation bitches. It’s not lying if the jury doesn’t know what I said on the stand the first time. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Why is Jenny turned away from me like that? Bitch better not be playing on her cell phone again. Maybe it’s time to have another talk. About sharp instruments and stuff. Hope we can drag this out till dinner. Jenny better have gotten my gown by court on Monday. I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and….EWWWWW that is it!!

There you go. I have written a blog and lived up to my contract. Kelly will see you tomorrow with her regularly scheduled programming.

In house Psychic DEFINITELY peacing the fuck out!!

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The Stabby Einstein Penalty Phase Re-Trial- Welcome to North Korea Edition

October 30, 2014

We suddenly have ZERO complaints about our justice system – Anywhere that is NOT Arizona

Hai kids. It is me, Stabby hater to the Nth degree, Law Professor and Dean of Fuckery, blogger extraordinaire and resident sarcasm expert Kelly.  Hope everyone is well.  There was no blog yesterday because as we all know, Stabby had a day off and Bashara, who I was going to cover picked the day before to lose his shit and then pass out cold so he’s probably in Psych till Monday.

Court reconvened today in the never ending Stabby trial.  Sometimes Judge Stephens began the day with a 10 minute recess because why the fuck not at this point.  The only reason she said December 12th was because of all the fucking sidebars and recesses.  Court would be done in three weeks otherwise.

After the recess we of course went right to a three minute sidebar before the Jury even came in because that is how every normal court should work. srfoesathoshnf269wyu. Sorry, banged my eahd off of the keyboard  I think the “Judge” has hot pants for Nurmi.  He spends more time in front of her than he does trying to get the CONVICTED MURDERESS something less than death.

Travis’ sister Tanisha, who has been there every day of both trials was present and looking very much like she was going to vomit or pass out.  She was a color that only those who have suffered a horrific tragedy ever are.  That color that is not quite white and not quite grey.  She was carrying papers and everybody realized at about the exact same moment that she was going to read a victim impact statement. It was at this point that I realized this was not going to be one of my normal blogs.

For the very first time since this re-trial started I was grateful that I was not watching this live.  I was suddenly grateful for the buffer that an emotionless tweet can bring, and I was sick for my brethren in the courtroom who had the terrible task of conveying this information to us.  Please everyone give a big thank you to Dave Erickson, Jenn Wood, Jeff Gold, David Lohr and everyone else who has been supplying us with tweets throughout this mess because the price they pay is high.  Not as high by a mile as those that have lived it, but high enough.

Stabby for the first time looked nervous to which I say GOOD.  SWEAT YOU EVIL BITCH!!  She knows that the victim impact statements are going to carry a lot of weight and since they are edited so that things like “I want this bitch to die, preferably by 27 stab wounds” are not heard by the Jury she already knows what they say.  Unfortunately things like this are not allowed in victim impact statements.  It is the exact same in Canada.  I know, I’ve written one for myself.

Tanisha says she is going to do her best to speak for her family, but just a few words in she is already fighting hard against the inevitable tears. Because the fifty billion tears she has already shed have not lessoned her pain, not by a longshot.  The woman standing at the podium right now is a broken human being.

She says she feels fortunate to be blessed with such a wonderful brother.  Sadly at 34 she is now four years older than her older brother will ever be.  He was her best friend growing up, the one who comforted them all in times of crisis and when he died there was no one to comfort them.   She tells how she has been diagnosed with PTSD.  The real PTSD not the fake I need to get out of a murder conviction kind.

She tells how the family has fallen apart since his death, how she cannot get the images of her brother dead, grey and rotting out of her mind. She says she feels guilty now when she has fun, how she alienated her husband and how she lost her faith in God.  It would be here where most of the gallery and a good portion of the Jury gave up even trying to remain emotionless and collectively cried for this family’s pain and loss.

Tanisha’s voice was alive with agony as she described making her brothers funeral arrangements with her Grandmother.  Even Stabby was crying now, really crying not that fake bullshit from before.  She was feeling something.  She may be crying for herself, she may actually be reacting to this woman’s pain, but the tears are real this time.

Tanisha is crying and at a near shriek telling the Jury how she has been forced to relive this over and over.  She just wants to be able to close her eyes and see Travis her brother but she can’t.  Every time she sees Travis it is the dead, grey, decaying and thrown away body crumpled in that shower stall.  Tanisha is done.  She did this one last thing for her brother through her own pain and she did it very well.  Even with the buffer of twitter I found myself crying for the horror that  Stabby has visited upon this family.   And for what?  The wound to her ego was so great that she had to make sure that if she couldn’t have him nobody could have him!!

Tanisha Alexander This is what Stabby does to people.

Steven was up next.  He looks more gaunt then he did during the last trial the pain in his face was very evident.  You could hear a tremble in his voice even more this time and there is just a deep sadness about him.  Here is a link to the last trial so you can hear the victim impact statement in its entirely if you feel so inclined.

Some of the Jurors began to cry once again as Steven read his victim impact statement although not as many as during Tanisha. Jenny from the Cell Block is now obscuring the media view of Stabby. I don’t know if this is tactical or accidental but I am going with column A. After the victim impact statements the sometimes Judge called a 15 minute recess which was desperately needed. The entire REMAINING Alexander family left the court in complete devastation.

Because the Stabbyites are such caring feeling things here is a sample of what they were saying after the Alexander siblings gave their victim impact statements.
the compassion of the Stabbyites. Lets see now.  We feel pain and sadness for the loss that this family has suffered.  They worship a lying, conniving, convicted murderess and say things like this of their obvious pain still after all this time.  Yup, we are totally the haters here.  We should all be ashamed and immediately beg Stabby Fucking Einstein for forgiveness.  If every man that ever called me a bad name was dead we wouldn’t have an overpopulation problem.  Where do all these FREAKS come from?  WHERE?  do they ship them in from some island somewhere?  Island of the fucking idiots?  Island of the brain dead?

Of course because nothing in Stabbyland is ever the way it is supposed to be a sidebar is called again while the Jury is not present. That sidebar is over, the Jury has reconvened and we are immediately taken to another sidebar. This one is never ending. Because of course it is.

The sidebar ended and the media and gallery were kicked from the courtroom. WTF???? We came to find out after a long wait that the defense wanted the mitigation witness to testify under fake names and seal. The sometimes Judge has allowed this farce and the super sekrit witness was allowed on the stand. The media held out for the rest of the day in case anything else happened but the day ended with the Jury leaving looking tired but unemotional and the super sekrit witness remaining unidentified.

For what it is worth; my guess is it was Satan herself on the stand today. Why? Because if there are no witnesses and she is testifying under seal, she can say pretty much with impunity whatever she wants without the backlash of last time. For all we know she could be admitting to everything and begging for forgiveness…….. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! OMG I just put pop through my nose. Yeah, stabby is going to admit that she did something wrong and ask for forgiveness. Zombies will walk the earth before that ever happens.

Of course the media has concerns for things like the constitution, you know that thing that COURTS are supposed to uphold and their lawyers immediately began filing motions. There probably isn’t a lawyer in AZ that is not getting rich off of this trial. This is more serious than money though. This is some Judge that has very obviously gone off of her medication pissing all over your constitution. Is she secretly related to Stabby? Is she secretly from another country? Not mine, we don’t do media blackouts in Canada.
Here is a statement from Mark Casey: Statement from 12 News VP & Station Manager Mark Casey on appealing judge’s ruling closing courtroom:“I am very concerned with this court’s many decisions to conduct secret proceedings. We respect Ms. Arias’ right to a fair trial but do not believe banning the public and the media is constitutional or necessary. We should not become a state or nation of secret courts.”

This tweet today pretty much summed it up. It has been used with permission PV so you don’t have to rush and tell Dave it is here. “This must be a helluva witness if they can command an entire courtroom to be cleared” – Dave Erickson. Journalist, Producer, Social Commentator.

Here is a thought.  Maybe the court could put the Christmas decorations up early and the media could hide behind the Christmas tree.  Or perhaps the court could install a doggie door for the media to crawl through.  It’s totally not breaking any law as long as you go through the doggie door.

I get it now why so much time was allotted for the re-trial. It was for motions to be argued. It has nothing to do with the length of the actual trial. Sometimes Judge Stephens just got demoted to Never Judge Stephens. I swear to you all that this is the most fucked up trial I have every seen. She is going to appeal, it IS going to be granted, and everybody is going to have to do this ALL OVER AGAIN. All because of this Judge. Stabby is probably laughing maniacally back in her cell because she is obviously still pulling all the strings in this trial and she knows it and Judge Stephens better start downloading the paperwork for her unemployment papers because she should be losing her job any time now.

Since Court is dark tomorrow I am dragging in the in-house Psychic for some Halloween readings on Stabby and the Funky Bunch.

RBMD peacing the fuck out!!!

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