Fred Durst Would Like You All To Know He Is NOT Robert Durst

April 1, 2015

Poor Fred Durst. He has no luck. First he becomes the front man for the entirely sucky Limp Bizkit and then he gets confused twice in the news for supposed serial killer Robert Durst.


The dude wearing the NOT ROBERT hoody is Fred Durst. He is guilty of doing it all for the nookie and fronting a shitty band. On the right we have crazy assed crazy Robert Durst who is guilty of hunking someone up with a bow saw, a couple of kitchen knives and assorted other pointy things. He is currently under arrest for allegedly killing his best friend Susan Berman. She had recently called him to let him know the police wanted to talk to her about the disappearance of Roberts wife Kathleen. He probably figured he’d told Susan way, way to much so he whacked her and made it look like a mob hit.

The judge that gave him five years for jumping bail and evidence tampering believes he mailed her a decapitated cat’s head. They are also looking into him for a girl that went missing in 1971 who used to shop at the health food store that he and his wife Cathy owned at that time. The 1971 disappearance of college student Lynne Schulze has been the bane of authorities in Middlebury Vermont for more than 40 years. On December 10, 1971, Lynn, then 18, just vanished from the face of the earth hours after buy dried prunes at Durst’s health food shop. She was last seen across the street from the shop.

Kristen Modafferi disappeared on June 23, 1997 in San Francisco. She was 18 and had completed her freshman year of college in North Carolina. She had only recently moved to San Francisco to go to summer school at the University of California at Berkeley. Durst was a person of interest in her disappearance.

Karen Mitchell disappeared while walking alone in Eureka California. She was only 16. She vanished on November 25, 1997. Robert Durst owned a house a very short distance away and frequented a business owned by the Mitchell family. On the day she disappeared, she was seen getting into a car with a man who looked like Durst.

Other stunning (spoiler, no they aren’t) revelations that have come to light are that he liked hookers although nobody knows if he killed any of them, it would appear that handwriting experts have confirmed that the cadaver note was penned by Durst, and his wife who has up till now kept her gold digging mouth shut is currently shacked up with one of Durst’s stable of lawyers. Debbie Charatan is supposedly working out a deal for her testimony, but I have looked more into that being that it is marital communications and odds are about 9 to 1 that it won’t be allowed so I don’t know what the great debate is about. Obviously she knows a shit ton of stuff and is definitely guilty of aiding and abetting but it’s probably never going to see the light of the courtroom.

Just to add to the already good time being enjoyed by Robert Durst, former DA Jeanine Pirro who has been up Robert Durst’s ass for just about ever. She currently works for Fox News and got booted from the courtroom during arraignment when the defense stated they planned on calling her as a witness. Pirro contested hotly that she was there as a member of the press but she got the boot anyway. Her lawyer argued and she was eventually allowed re-entry where she sat in the front row and shot daggers from her eyes at Durst for the remainder of the proceedings. She has since received a subpoena.

Robert Durst basically blames Pirro for all the bad things that have happened to him, you know like being accused of capital crimes and shit.

More on Durst to come because he is suddenly everywhere.

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