A Very Peanut Update

September 30, 2013

Thought I would drop in and give you all an update on how Peanut is doing.  The vet was today and he was absolutely amazed that the emaciated, matted, terrified, flea infested dog he had seen only six weeks ago had transformed so dramatically. 

She greeted him enthusiastically, wagging her tail and standing up doing her ballerina routine to say hi.  Next she showed him how tough she is now when she pounced on my Mya who outweighs her by a hundred lbs.  Mya seems to find the live stuffed animal quite amusing and takes a ton of abuse from the little mop dog.

Peanut has put on six lbs and is now at a proper weight.  All her sores have healed up, her skin is back to normal, her hair is silky and soft and mentally she is a different dog.  Dr Arora was absolutely amazed.  He told me he could not believe it was the same dog. 

She still has fleas, but mostly because we are having a flea epidemic in Ontario this year and they seem to be becoming resistant to Advantage. 

Mya and Bruno are also quite well.  Peanut has come a thousand miles in just under two months. 

Hopefully sometime soon, something in the courts will entice me once again and I can get back to writing about what I love.  Until then folks, I will keep you updated on other stuff.


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