The Philip Chism Trial Day 4: The Judge Got Mad Edition

November 22, 2015

Still on the borrowed computer that is older than dirt.

So, as I feared and predicted, the Judge was not amused in the slightest with the shenanigans of the pool cameraman. I do not know what exactly this particular idiot was thinking, but he fucked us for a live feed for the foreseeable future. I fucking hate this bullshit of let’s see how far across the line we can get. He didn’t just cross it, he pole vaulted across that fucker. Showing jurors faces, zooming in on the prosecutors notes, etc. Judge Lowy has  always been a huge proponent of cameras in the courtroom, he gives leeway if it is accidental, but this was so blatant that he pretty much lost his shit.  He did not say the cameras were banned for the remainder of the trial, but cameras are likely banned for the duration of the trial.  Maybe he will allow a different operator or something.

Mr. Pimentel, the Spanish speaking gentleman was back on the stand today.  His English is quite poor, but for the life of me I cannot understand how his supervisor Danny could possible confuse blue and blood, no matter how thick the accent. They just do not sound anything alike, in English or Spanish.  Danny apparently just gave him a hose and a key to turn the tap on.

Pimentel, doing his job, hosed down the floor and walls, then got a floor cleaning machine and then for good measure he used a mop and bucket.  Everything had cleaning solution in it so bye bye DNA.  In total the bathroom took about 45 minutes to clean and Pimental said that since his boss was not concerned, neither was he.  Let that sink in.  45 minutes to clean up all the blood in the girls bathroom at a high school.  A room roughly the size of my laundry room.  That my friends is a lot of blood.

Defense was up for cross examination and still asking some of the most mundane questions I have ever heard in a court room, which makes me wonder exactly what kind of fuckery they have up their slimy little sleeves.  First question was “have you ever seen so much blood there before?”  Think about that question for a moment. Is the defense trying to infer that blood in the bathroom in large quantities is a fairly regular occurrence?  Does he mean as opposed to say someone who has their period and decided to just let her rip on the floor? Is he just an idiot?  You decide. Pimental answered that nope, nuh uh, he had never seen that much blood in the bathroom before. The next question was “did you tell the prosecutor it looked like a slaughterhouse?” That was answered in the affirmative and just like that Pimental’s cross examination was over.

Former custodian Dan Marshall was next up on the prosecutors list of basically useless witnesses.  Just as an aside, if I ever get murdered in Mass.  Someone please move my body to an adjacent state.  Thanks.

Dan Marshall testified that he thought that Pimental was saying blue not blood and he thought a bunch of cleaner had been spilled. So instead of going to look for himself he just handed over a hose and a key and probably went back to watching internet porn or whatever had him so busy he couldn’t go see if maybe Pimental even needed a respirator or something with a bunch of industrial cleaner spilled all over the place. Once again the defense had no questions and Danny was excused.  Not for being a complete idiot, just from the stand.

Kelly King a forensic scientist with the state crime lab was then called by the prosecution. (I’m sorry, I’m in shock that they have a crime lab. Please give me a moment.)

Apparently, King was on site and as they were walking back a trainee noticed a toe with nail polish sticking out of the leaves.  King went back with a paramedic and uncovered the rest of Colleen.  The paramedic checked and said that she was deceased.  She was naked from the waist down and had been heavily beaten and raped.

King went to the bathroom and despite the cleaners best efforts to totally eradicate all the evidence, she found several blood stains on a wall and in the stall.

The prosecution has brought out round six hundred of the exhibits. First is a blood caked white glove, and then the other. Next was the note found saying I hate you all.  Then a sock and a yellow backpack with Jism’s identification on top of it. The backpack itself was stained with blood.  The rest of the parade of recovered clothing is brought out, both Jism’s and Colleen’s pants and underwear again. Jism’s blood stained jeans had the jury’s rapt attention.

Defense is now up. Let us see what asinine questions they ask this witness.  First question Osler asked was about the wounds.  They were very deep cuts was the reply. Jizzy perked up considerably once they started talking about his handy work.  He listened intently with a hint of a leer on his face.  Osler wants to know why there was such a small amount of blood found with the body.  That would be because she bled out in the bathroom and all over Jism you stupid, stupid person.  King didn’t say it, but you know she was thinking it.   There was a sidebar and when it was over there were a couple of questions about the tree branch that was used to violate Colleen some more and the defense released the witness.

Next on the stand was the paramedic who pronounced her pretty fucking dead.  No questions from the defense and he was done.

Now the prosecution started calling students. The first one up was the one I was waiting for; Emily.  Emily was one of the people that saw fuckwad rolling the recycle bin.  She was not supposed to be there, she was supposed to be at track practice but she had shin splints and instead she was seated at a picnic table doing homework when the murdering fuck wheeled on by.  Big man who likes to kill tiny little teachers was having a difficult time of it.  She watched him wrestle with the bin for about five minutes.  No questions from the defense because what the fuck could they possibly say with that print powder covered bin sitting prominently in the courtroom.

Last witness of the day was another student who was in Colleens class with Jackoff, I mean Jism that day. She stayed after school to get some help but ended up just drawing on the chalk board and talking with Colleen.  She wasn’t really listening to what they were talking about but said Jism seemed angry when Colleen left the room. She said before she left she told Ms. Ritzer what a great teacher she was and that seemed to piss the psychopath off.  She was the last person besides the fuckwad to see Colleen alive.

There was a sidebar and court was called for the day.

So, here are some things to ponder since lots of people are asking.  Jism definitely got blood on him, but I think he slit her throat from behind which is why his dominant hand was completely soaked in blood compared to the rest of him.  Once most of the arterial spray had subsided he spun her and did what he did and that is how the blood got on the shirts and pants.  The first pair of shoes was covered likely from a heavy rain of gravitational blood.  The second pair if you remember had only a couple of gravitational drops likely from when he was moving her.  I am also fairly certain this is not the first time the psycho has killed something or someone using a blade.  He was waaaaaay too prepared.  Scarily prepared. Like Ted Bundy prepared.

So, there you have it, Day 4, sorry for the delay.

RBMD Peacing the fuck out.

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Fred Durst Would Like You All To Know He Is NOT Robert Durst

April 1, 2015

Poor Fred Durst. He has no luck. First he becomes the front man for the entirely sucky Limp Bizkit and then he gets confused twice in the news for supposed serial killer Robert Durst.


The dude wearing the NOT ROBERT hoody is Fred Durst. He is guilty of doing it all for the nookie and fronting a shitty band. On the right we have crazy assed crazy Robert Durst who is guilty of hunking someone up with a bow saw, a couple of kitchen knives and assorted other pointy things. He is currently under arrest for allegedly killing his best friend Susan Berman. She had recently called him to let him know the police wanted to talk to her about the disappearance of Roberts wife Kathleen. He probably figured he’d told Susan way, way to much so he whacked her and made it look like a mob hit.

The judge that gave him five years for jumping bail and evidence tampering believes he mailed her a decapitated cat’s head. They are also looking into him for a girl that went missing in 1971 who used to shop at the health food store that he and his wife Cathy owned at that time. The 1971 disappearance of college student Lynne Schulze has been the bane of authorities in Middlebury Vermont for more than 40 years. On December 10, 1971, Lynn, then 18, just vanished from the face of the earth hours after buy dried prunes at Durst’s health food shop. She was last seen across the street from the shop.

Kristen Modafferi disappeared on June 23, 1997 in San Francisco. She was 18 and had completed her freshman year of college in North Carolina. She had only recently moved to San Francisco to go to summer school at the University of California at Berkeley. Durst was a person of interest in her disappearance.

Karen Mitchell disappeared while walking alone in Eureka California. She was only 16. She vanished on November 25, 1997. Robert Durst owned a house a very short distance away and frequented a business owned by the Mitchell family. On the day she disappeared, she was seen getting into a car with a man who looked like Durst.

Other stunning (spoiler, no they aren’t) revelations that have come to light are that he liked hookers although nobody knows if he killed any of them, it would appear that handwriting experts have confirmed that the cadaver note was penned by Durst, and his wife who has up till now kept her gold digging mouth shut is currently shacked up with one of Durst’s stable of lawyers. Debbie Charatan is supposedly working out a deal for her testimony, but I have looked more into that being that it is marital communications and odds are about 9 to 1 that it won’t be allowed so I don’t know what the great debate is about. Obviously she knows a shit ton of stuff and is definitely guilty of aiding and abetting but it’s probably never going to see the light of the courtroom.

Just to add to the already good time being enjoyed by Robert Durst, former DA Jeanine Pirro who has been up Robert Durst’s ass for just about ever. She currently works for Fox News and got booted from the courtroom during arraignment when the defense stated they planned on calling her as a witness. Pirro contested hotly that she was there as a member of the press but she got the boot anyway. Her lawyer argued and she was eventually allowed re-entry where she sat in the front row and shot daggers from her eyes at Durst for the remainder of the proceedings. She has since received a subpoena.

Robert Durst basically blames Pirro for all the bad things that have happened to him, you know like being accused of capital crimes and shit.

More on Durst to come because he is suddenly everywhere.

RBMD Peacing the fuck out!!

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