Chris Piece of Shit Watts Is Going To Have a Trial

August 25, 2018

4th Circle of Hell currently making my way to the 5th Circle

Hello my lovelies.  It is me, pretend Judge, totally awesome fake lawyer (let’s be honest I am a better lawyer than most people that have passed the bar), dog lactation consultant, horse whisperer, author of the big book of words and as always Queen of all I Survey.

I come to you today to tell you that your queen has been very busy working on this whole family murdering bastard thing.  The entire day actually.  I have called in a few favors and the consensus  is that Chris Watts is going to trial.  He is going to argue diminished capacity (huge shock I know) but barring a last minute plea deal to spare that poor father who I will be very surprised if he does not take his own life, Chris is going to get what is coming to him.  Unfortunately it won’t be the electric chair with a metal suppository shoved up his ass.

Chris fuck face was having an affair as I am sure you are all aware by now.  He was also a complete control freak, so much so that he ordered his wife who had Lupus for Christ’s sake to have another baby.  She was understandably frightened, but as so many abused women do, she agreed.  A baby that will never be born.  Sadly, there are no laws on the books for babies that are not viable outside the mothers womb so he gets a freebee on that one.

I don’t know how many of you watched his press conference where he had the unmitigated gaul to tell the world that his family was everything to him and that the house was so empty without them and he just wanted them back safe.  Well, at least the part about the house being empty was true at least until his tart came over.

I have nothing but rage against this woman who was well aware he was married and chose to have a relationship with him anyway.  for all we know she is the one who set this all in motion with the “if you don’t leave your wife I won’t fuck you anymore.”  Oh I do hate me some home wreckers.  I hope she has an STI and I hope he gets it and I hope it’s the flesh eating variety.

So many ruined lives and so many lives no more.  Shananns father will never ever be the same I guarantee it.  I have never seen such raw emotion, such raw pain and I’ve been doing trials for a long, long time.  Fuckfaces family is in tatters and even they don’t believe him.  Their friends are wrecks.  The carnage in the wake of this is almost incomprehensible.

There is a rumor the tart is shopping around a book which I encourage you to NEVER EVER BUY BECAUSE IT IS BLOOD MONEY AND EVERYTHING IS GOING TO COME OUT IN THE WASH ANYWAY.  Don’t support this woman.

Chris thought originally he’d report them missing, wait the allotted amount of time, have them declared dead and collect the insurance.  Unfortunately his story was really stupid and it unraveled very quickly, hence plan B.  blame the wife.  A wife who was completely devoted to her family and her husband who she by all accounts genuinely loved.

The wheels of justice grind slowly my children so we probably have at least a year and and maybe more.  we are going to have to find something else to amuse ourselves with so pick a trial and I will write about it.  Give me something good.  Something with some bite, something we can all get into.

That is it for tonight

really Big Mean Dog Peacing the Fuck out

Dalia Dippolito Hearing To Dismiss-Bitch Please

February 23, 2016

Hello my lovelies.   Tis me, your law professor/dean of fuckery/Dr. of Doctoring, resident sarcasm expert, and Queen of all I survey.

Dalia Dippolito is in the middle of a hearing to dismiss murder for hire charges.   As a quick refresher, here is the rundown on Dalia Dipshit. She was originally convicted in 2011 and sentenced to 20 years but a new trial was ordered when a judge decided that the jury pool had been tainted. So since the retrial isn’t until May the defense decided they might as well pull a Nurmi and start with the motion filing. They are asking for dismissal of charges due to police misconduct and, AND entrapment.

The love story of Dalia and Mike is beautiful. She was a hooker that was apparently really good at what she did, and Mike decided it was probably cheaper in the long run to just marry her and stop paying for call girl sex. Fiscally responsible, always good in a husband.   Dalia fell hard…for Mikes money and property. Him, apparently not so much. Mike was on probation for scamming a bunch of money and would remain that way until he paid restitution. Mike was also not the brightest bulb in the lamp and Dalia convinced him to sign over his house to her name and give her 100000 towards the restitution he owed. She said she would put in the other 91000 and once his financial obligations were taken care of she would sign the house back over. Poor dopey Mike believed her. After trying to get his probation revoked by planting drugs a couple of times and trying to poison him with anti-freeze she decided that she required a professional.  She asked one of her ex side pieces if he knew anybody and when he realized that bitch be crazy, he went to the police and told them that Mike Dippolito was going to be air-holed if somebody didn’t rein in this woman, much like you would rein in an insane horse.


The police got Mike out of the house and staged it like he had actually been killed.  And that is when Dalia put on an Oscar worthy performance of being shocked and mad with grief about her husbands sudden violent demise.

Please note how adamant she is that she would like to see her recently murdered husband. When they kept telling her no, Dipshit decided that maybe asking to get the dog would gain her entry. No dice and as you can see they hustled her ass down to the station.

Dalia was questioned and the hit-officer was brought in. She was asked if she had ever seen him before and she said nope, nuh uh. She was then informed that her hired hitman was a police officer. She started saying she didn’t do anything once she was told Mike was still alive. It was then that she was cuffed and Zombie Mike strolled on by.

She begged Mike to talk to her but he was understandably somewhat hesitant. Dipshit later had the unmitigated gall to actual call him and ask him to help her get a lawyer.

Sorry about the sound quality. My favorite part is when Mike says sign my house back over so I don’t have to go through the legal bullshit and Dalia says she isn’t signing anything.

I don’t think the motion to dismiss is going to pan out, but it is Florida so you be the judge.

She is prepared for a new trial and is now going with the Kardashian defense. It was all an act to get a reality tv show. oeahfovghreg Sorry, hit my head off of the keyboard.
That is it for tonight

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I Decided To Go Spelunking And See What I Could Find.

October 25, 2015

Good day everyone.  Your Law Professor/Dean of Fuckery/Doctor of Doctoring/Honorary DVM and Queen of all I survey has been doing a little bit of background on our precious little snowflake Philip Jism.  I had to look under a lot of rocks and at a lot of nasty bugs but I did find a veritable cornucopia of EWWWWWW.

Let us start where all good psychopaths start, at home.  Diana Jism, mom of Beelzebub was asked down to the station in hopes she might know where Colleen Ritzers body was.  She asked if she would require a lawyer and then went on to chat about how much Satan loves soccer and how he had only been in trouble one time in the two whole months he had been at Danvers High School.  At this point she was unaware that he was at the station.  Once she found that out the  first words out of her mouth were “did he hurt somebody?”  She thought it was the Spanish teacher.  Not another student but the Spanish teacher.  She admitted having no idea what her kid was doing between the end of school and when soccer practice started.  The next words out of her mouth and the ones that burn my ass like I ate a jar of hot sauce for dinner were “I do know he is capable of snapping, my son could have snapped, he is capable of that.” 

So, mom of Jism knew she had a rabid dog on her hands, failed to get any kind of intervention for said rabid dog like councelling  or a psychiatrist and sent him off to school every day.  She should need a fucking lawyer.

Moving on to the next rock lets bring out the legal aid attorneys.  I know we talked about who they are but now lets take a look at what they have done so far.   Firstly, I’d like to add the caveat the everyone has a job to do.  ditch diggers dig ditches, garbage men pick up garbage and legal aid attorneys do their best to get their slimball bastard clients off.   You know how in class there is always the top of the class and then that guy that barely makes it through?  Welcome to legal aid.  Thus far they have had his confession tossed as being coerced, they have pleaded Jism not guilty and have tried but failed to have him tried as a juvenile and to have the venue moved.  This is the job they get very  little money to do.  Now, since they are aware they are pretty much screwed they have decided on an insanity defense.  Just to waste some more time.  And money.  Billable hours add up you know.

Rock number 3 brings us to Philip Jism and it was a particularly icky one.  Covered in slime and crawling with bugs.

Jism has been a busy little Psychopath.  Not only did he rape, kill and desecrate the body of Colleen Ritzer, the sweet gentle little snowflake also made time to assault a staff member at the department of youth services in June.  He “allegedly” tried to strangle the woman at the Metro Youth Facility.  He followed her into a bathroom, and assaulted her until co-workers heard her scream and rushed in to help.  Charges are attempted murder by strangulation, assault with intent to murder, kidnapping and two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.  My goodness, if I didn’t know any better I’d say our budding your psychopath has a modus operandi.

The insanity defense I am pretty sure came from Jism, the lawyers are just going with it.  All of a sudden, Jism is hearing voices, banging his head off of things and asking officers to shoot him.  I wonder if that would count as assisted suicide and we could just be done with this.

This brings us to now. Jury selection has been halted while we play out this little charade of insanity.  Totally a Judge David Lowy ordered an evaluation which could take up to 20 days. He is being evaluated at the Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital where he is being held in an adult locked unit and has no access to any unsecured areas.

Lead prosecutor Kate MacDougal while rolling her eyes so hard they almost bounced across the room said she expects the exam will find Jism completely competent.  He has a long and storied history of manipulation to get what he wants.

I turned over a lot of rocks.  You’re welcome

RBMD Peacing the Fuck Out

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Court Will Soon Be Back In Session And A Few Odds And Ends

October 8, 2015

Apparently Nurmi has a brother

Hai everybody. Hope everybody has been doing okay in my totally sucky absence. I have been busy with the puppies and my son since school started and unfortunately the blog has suffered for it. I sincerely apologize.

Bug is starting cornerback on his football team this year. That means a ton of practices that he needs to be picked up from, and I have to at least attempt to go and watch the games. With a lot of help from mamma I have made it up to seven minutes outside of the car in a crowd before I can’t take it anymore and so I watch the rest of the game from the safety of my vehicle. Bug is absolutely thrilled that I am trying to deal with my mental issues enough to come watch him play.

In Waterford there is this thing called pumpkinfest every year. I believe this is the 35th installment. For the first time ever, they are having a dog show of sorts. Categories are best costume, prettiest all around dog, best male puppy, best female puppy, best puppy in show and best trick. Bug has agreed to take the dogs for me so Hutch is being entered in best male puppy, prettiest dog and best puppy in show. Ewok is being entered for best trick. We have been working with them every night to prep them for the show and Bug has surprised me greatly with how well he is taking to properly training puppies.

My other puppy had to be taken to the vet because her mamma tried to pick her up and she is so heavy that Panzer put a hole in her neck. It was accidental and she didn’t even cry. I cleaned it up and disinfected it but she unfortunately got a pretty bad infection anyway. I had to take both of them because they won’t be without each other so I got Hutch his deworming and his heartworm stuff. Little girl ended up having to get shaved all around the wound and has two weeks worth of antibiotics to take. It is a mess. It didn’t look that bad on top till they shaved her and I could see how far it had spread, but apparently it is deep and by the amount of puss they drained out of it, it is a bad infection. The vet said she will be perfectly fine, but the antibiotics were a must. They also both got weighed. At 10 weeks they weigh 22.9lbs and 20.6lbs. The vet said they are going to be gigantic dogs. She is a great vet. She researched the three best antibiotics and found me the least expensive ones and she gave me the deworming and heartworm stuff for cost plus 10%. Even still it was a 188 dollar visit. They are aware of my financial problems so they are doing everything to help me out which I truly appreciate and I told her so a hundred times.

Bug is doing well in school but I cannot believe how much things have changed for the crazy.   I was the best math student out of my entire highschool and I just shake my head at some of the things they are expecting of 14 and 15 year old kids.  He is the top of his class in history and still hates French.

Now, on to our next court trial. Philip Chism of Massachusetts is the next piece of shit on the hit list of my snarky disgust. Here is a link to bring everyone up to speed. Link provided by Rie. Thank you.

This one is just a disgusting piece of excrement and I can’t wait to take him apart as only I can.

I am suspending the serial until the trial is over because there is not enough time to finish it, and truthfully I don’t think that many people were interested. I will still finish it for those that were following it, just not till after this trial.

In best news I’ve heard all day, Oscar Pusstorias’s early release was put on hold and an appeal to Judges that actually understand the law is being heard. YAY!!

So your homework is to read up on Chism. Trial opening arguments are slated to begin October 20th.

Really Big Mean Dog peacing the fuck out!!

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Just Like a Bad Penny, You Cannot Get Rid Of Me…or some shit like that

May 25, 2015

Hello my lovelies. It is me, back from my hiatus. Before I get into the meat, potatoes and other assorted vegetation of todays blog I would like to thank my Mama for covering for me during my absence. I want you to know that I have missed all of you, missed the blog and the Fuckery that I bring.

To everyone who has emailed me, I apologize for not getting back to you in a timely fashion, I have simply not been up to emails or blogs, or pretty much anything for that matter. That being said, nobody ever gets better wallowing in their own whatever, so here I am.

A note about my child and it will be the last one. For those of you who do not comprehend the English language, my child did not live with me for a long period of time for safety reasons. The police, victims services and myself all agreed that him being somewhere that my ex did not know about was probably in his best interest. Since he was outed we all convened and decided that I should bring him home for several reasons that are between myself, my son and the police. So yes crabs, I have a child and had you read one of my very first blog posts, you would know that. It isn’t like I tried to hide the fact that I had given birth. And yup, you pissed me off. So please by all means EAT A DICK!

Over the last several weeks your Law Professor/Dean of Fuckery/Queen of all I survey has been thinking about a ton of stuff. First and foremost is why won’t Stabby go away. The in house psychic got out the Pretoria pukebucket and read the letter to the idiots that are still enamored and promised a reading on what she really meant. Look forward to it.

What I have mostly been thinking about is the afterlife. I have several theories I guess on what happens after you die, and I am more than a little curious about what you all think. I know that the consensus seems to be that you are reunited with your loved ones (and for obvious reasons that doesn’t fly for me) but makes me happy for all y’all that subscribe to that notion.

So here is what I came up with. (I actually dreamed it one of my fun filled nights.) My physical and mental infirmities would no longer be a factor. I would be strong physically and mentally like before all this shit happened. I would discover that I had a Bear as my new best friend. We would spend our days wandering the earth, which had been purged of all the nasty assed people on it and only the good people remained. The people with truly good hearts. Everyone that has become friends on the blog would somehow find each other and decide that even in person we all loved each others company. We would form one solid group that always had each others backs. If there was ever trouble we dealt with it as a single unit. If anyone was ever sad or scared all the rest of us would help hold them up until it passed.

Arkham(the bear) would find us all of our food and we would all journey together. We would let all the animals in the zoos free and watch as they all happily galloped away. We would figure out a way to free all the cetaceans in captivity and watch as they swam happily away, having to never do tricks for fish again. Once we had accomplished that we would destroy the last of the vehicles. There would be nothing but a couple of electric cars for emergencies and only rudimentary electricity which would immediately shut down if we got greedy with it. The climate would stabilize because there were no more factories and stuff. We would discover a huge castle somewhere that was obviously owned by someone less than nice since it would be empty and we would live amongst its 2000 rooms. Everybody would have whatever pet they wanted whether it was one they currently had or one that had died previously and had been waiting at the rainbow bridge for the owner they loved when we crossed it. We would be completely self sufficient. Men would be allowed but the first time one raised a hand to anybody the offended party would get to decide how to deal with him. No matter what the punishment was we would all back that play.

Mama and Gramma would show us how to plant in spring so we were ready for winter. Renae would have her medical degree so we had a doctor if anybody got sick, but nobody ever would. We would live in our castle completely content until I woke up and I don’t know what happened after that.

I hate the theory that when we die it’s just like a light going out. It is as good a theory as any I suppose but it is my least favorite theory. Funny thing is it used to be the thing I yearned for. Of course if that does happen I guess I won’t ever know anyway.

What I want is to know what you guys think. It isn’t a morbid thought, it’s a happy thought. So think about it. What happens? I know everybody has a theory, it is the one thing on earth everyone has contemplated at one time or another so tell us. I know I want to know.

I know it’s a short one, but it’s my first blog back so please, a little patience while I readjust to my normal smart assed self.

I missed you guys and I’m glad I’m back and Mama, thank you a bajillion for covering for me. You were great.

That is all for tonight everybody. I’ll be back tomorrow, or the in-house psychic will be, one of us anyway.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

A Sea Of Blue

April 13, 2015

Travis Alexander you were loved by an entire nation.

The courtroom in Maricopa County Arizona was a sea of blue today.  The family, the jurors who came back and sat in the jury dock to see the final chapter of this travesty of a trial, everywhere you looked there was blue.  Blue in memory of a man that almost none save the family knew, but a man who an entire nation had come to love.  Ten of the jurors plus an alternate from the retrial and several from the first trial all wearing blue and blue ribbons and blue wristbands because this is how much this mans life and death has affected them.  Conspicuously absent was Juror 17.

The family of Travis Victor Alexander walked up to the podium one last time this morning, one by one sobbing as they begged “Today I am a Judge” Stephens to give them at least some modicum of peace and throw the evil entity known as Stabby Einstein in jail for the rest of her hopefully exceedingly long natural life.  Stephen did not speak, my guess being that he is at the very end of his frayed emotional rope.  The strain on his face the last time he spoke was a live thing.

Travis’ sisters went up one at a time and spoke poignantly of the brother they loved so very much, now long dead.   They spoke through tears that threatened to spill over into gut wrenching wails of torment at any moment and it was only by sheer force of will that they held them back.  They brought us back to the memory of Travis, dead and decaying in his shower for five days and relayed that they felt his spirit was screaming for someone to find him.  They went through once happy and now gut wrenching memories of their big brother, so good, so kind, so giving and what a large part of their lives they were.  There was anger at Stabby, anger at a judicial system that they felt had let them down and rage at the rights afforded the murderer as opposed to those of a dead man.

Hillary spoke of how she has had to completely block Travis from her mind in order to continue to function.  It was perhaps the most heartbreaking thing I have ever heard.

Tanisha spoke eloquently but the heavy sadness she carried with her conjured images of Sisyphus having to push that huge boulder up the mountain only to watch it roll down and have to start all over again.  The futility of it was not lost on anyone I don’t think.  She said she and the family had tried to get Stabby to take a deal of natural life and no appeals and Stabby refused.  It would have saved them the second trial and millions of taxpayers money but no, Stabby would not have it.  The Judge began to nod in agreement as Tanisha continued to speak.  I watched with rapt attention as a seasoned Jurist worked very hard to keep her face neutral and not react to the pain laid out before her.

They went through the lies that Stabby had told and how she had killed Travis not once, but three times with the lies she had told and how she had dragged the name of a good and decent man through the mud.  They told the judge that they understood all of the delays she allowed the defense and actually apologized to her that she too had had to go through this again.

Samantha went last and spoke of how she had seen Travis only a couple of weeks before his death.  How he had been excited about his book. She expressed her disgust at Stabby using that book as part of her completely ridiculous defense.  She told the Judge of Stabby being at the memorial, having the same smirk on her face as she did in her booking photo.  She expressed her appreciation to Judge Stephens for seeing this through to the end.

The Judge paid rapt attention to what these poor broken women had to say and I saw her quickly dab at her eyes twice.  The pain they all share and the pain they shared with all of us this one last time was almost to much even for the judge.

Juan Martinez this one last time spoke for Travis.  He was subdued but his words, so passionate reverberated throughout the hushed courtroom.  Gone was the pitbull and in his place was a man who felt the pain of this entire family and chose to bear some of that weight on his own shoulders.  The fire was out and in its place was an earnestness that the Judge needed to do what was the right and decent thing to do.    He spoke of hope and how that hope had been dashed by a lone holdout, but that now there was hope that Stabby would never see the light of day again.   Gone were the wild hand gestures and the pacing.  He spoke of the butchery of Travis because that is what it was.  He spoke of how his screams and his cries of pain ring in their ears.  How they hope he was unconscious when the knife was used to slash his throat, how it was something they held on to.  He told the judge how they could not get the brutality out of their minds and the extreme distress their brother must have felt.  How that two minutes must have been an eternity.  He said he hoped that the judge would remember that out of one side of her mouth she praised him and out of the other side she called him a pedophile. How she fabricated evidence, how she tormented the family.

There was a 10 minute recess so that the Judge could read whatever Stabby had to say since she didn’t appear to want to say it in public.


Mom of Satan’s most beloved child got up to address the court.  She stated that she was the only one from Jodi’s family there today because of financial hardships. Gotta get the puke bucket, hang on.  Mom of Stabby said that her daughter tried to be a good and wonderful fucking human being until she met the worst mistake of her life and had to fight for her life because Travis was abusive.  Oh you fucking cunt.  As a mother she felt like she should have been able to protect her.  The can cage her, and strip her of her rights but they cannot take away her beautiful soul.  You know that beautiful soul that slaughtered a man.  Mom does not condone what stabby has done but she totally gets stabbing a man 27 times and shooting him and slitting his throat.  Stabby has touched so many lives with her story. BARF.  Although stabby is still alive they have lost their daughter although she has dreams of seeing Stabby walk free.  Stabby has always helped people less fortunate than her, she has written letters for people and sang for people and done many things to help inmates.  Oh she is now praying for judge Stephens.  Awwwww. BARF.


She wants to respond to a few things that have been said.  Travis’ family refused to settle not her (I WOULD JUST LIKE TO POINT OUT  FOR THOSE THAT MISSED IT THAT STABBY WANTED TO SETTLE FOR SECOND DEGREE AND 10 YEARS, THAT WAS HERE IDEA OF SETTLE) The Alexanders wanted natural life with no appeals.

She said that it would hurt her wittle family if she got the death penalty.  She is actually standing there talking and not only is she not remorseful she is fucking mad.  OMFG she is SATANS DAUGHTER.  The cunt just said she does remember the moment the knife went into Travis’ throat and he was conscious. He was still trying to attack her. Wait what?  he had all those stab wounds and he was still trying to attack her so she slit his throat?  Way to take that little bit of solace away from the family you fucking whore.  She then said the gunshot wound did come first and Juan and Detective Flores got together and changed the story.  Welcome to the beginnings of story number 4 for the state funded appeal.

Willmott went on for about a hundred hours but nobody cared.

Well, what do you know.  Judge Stephens picked today to be a Judge.  Judge Stephens just looks pissed off.  I’d be pissed off too after that little tirade by Stabby.

“The aggravating and mitigating factors have been considered. As aggravation the court finds the crime was especially cruel, the crime involved at least two deadly weapons, the crime took substantial planning and preparation, the defendant did not render aid to the victim, the defendant went to great lengths to cover up her crime, the defendant destroyed evidence at the crime scene and has also found as an aggravating factor the emotional and financial harm on the family of the victim.   The court finds any mitigation presented is not sufficiently substantial to call for leniency and a NATURAL LIFE SENTENCE IS APPROPRIATE. IT IS ORDERED THAT THE DEFENDENT BE INCARCERATED FOR THE REMAINDER OF HER NATURAL LIFE. Just let that sink in for a moment.  I hope the cunt lives to be 753

Nurmi took a moment to beg for the millionth time to be released from this whore and with that court was adjourned.

That is it everybody.  The Stabby Arias trial is at an end.  May the Alexander family finally find some peace.

RBMD peacing the fuck out!!

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The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Re-Trial The Somebody Is A Complete Hypocrite Edition

February 11, 2015

I’m everywhere-nowhere Ontario

I still do not have a definitive answer to the denial of the supreme court thing and since Skyping Arizona was obviously sarcasm I’m going with it was denied since that seems to be on most feeds.

Hai everybody. Hope you all had a perfectly lovely day. I apologize for not being around much today, I was much to busy being every single person on the internet. The global village is a lie, it’s all just me on 7 Billion different computers. To all the Russians out there, sorry my Russian is a little rusty, I’ll try and bone up so you think you are really talking to your friend Boris next time.

EDIT:  I have now read from Paul what actually happened and it is as many of you thought, much ado about nothing.  Mikal swore to Paul she was  just singing about somewhere they were going to eat. I sing for no reason sometimes so that is entirely plausible.  So to Mikal I’m sorry I even said that you allegedly may have done this.  You seem like a fairly nice woman and I probably should have just asked.  You have my sincere apologies.

So court started today with it’s regularly scheduled sidebar. I wonder if her calendar actually says, bring in Jury, sidebar, seat whoever is testifying, listing to Alfred E. Asshat whine about whatever, sidebar, start proceedings.

Detective Brown was sworn in, NOT Detective Smith who we were expecting because Alfred E. Isadick is still having kittens about him testifying at all. Anyway Detective Brown was a member of the Mesa PD from 2003 to 2014 and assigned to computer forensics. He is a computer forensics specialist certified. He took Travis’ harddrive on November 11 2014 and he became involved because of the alleged porn sites. The pitbull was in fine form and asked Brown about how many porn sites were involved and Jenny, who was most definitely out of weed and not happy about it deployed the objectomatic 3000 and a sidebar ensued.

Back from the sidebar Brown read the list of porn sites found on the computer. He conducted an experiment. He cleaned the hard drive, wiped and zeroed it out. He then installed spybot the same version that Travis had. He also added the same Operating system. He found every single one of the porn sites after installing Spybot search and destroy. The program lists the sites it’s looking out for. Kind of like inoculating the computer. Juan asked if any of the sites were manually accessed and Jenny was shrieking objection loud enough to be heard in Japan before he even finished the question. And of course we have a sidebar. Is this the new normal? Can’t anybody just object and be denied or sustained anymore.

Brown said he found thousands of malicious sites, not just the thirteen that the defense alleged that Travis looked at. Detective Brown next discussed the N-Case forensic copy of the hard drive and he can wipe a hard drive with it. Detective Brown looked for child porn for 3 straight days and he didn’t find any, zero, none, nada, zip in the child porn department. He did find 4 adult pornographic thumbnail images. OMG hang on, a thirty year old man looked at porn. Someone get the smelling salts I think I feel faint. Sometimes Judge Stephens called recess and ChaCha and Stabby went and fought over the swings.

Back from recess Jenny is up on cross and she is still pissed about the whole weed thing obviously. She begins to ask Detective Brown about when he made the copy of the hard drive and Stabby is so enthralled she is doodling horns onto Nurmi’s head. Jenny says that Melendez never found the images he found and Brown speaks slowly so maybe Jenny will understand that programs have improved and something that may not have been found five years ago now can be found. Jenny wants to know if the photographs he found were porn. Brown says two were. Adult porn. There is no earth shattering evidence being brought to light and everybody is bored. Jenny brings up some porn dating site that Travis apparently visited. Once again a man interested in porn. Someone catch me. Jenny wants to introduce pictures from the site, Juan strenuously objects and I think Alfred E. might be playing pocket pool at the very idea. Jenny gets shut down and pouts for a minute. We are still talking about porn. Porn porn porn porn porn. Corn, horn, forlorn, born, worn, reborn, torn, born, suborn, adjourn…..

Juan is back up and we have an immediate sidebar. Because of course we do.

Juan asked how often Travis visited porn sites. Detective Brown very definitively answered one time. Juan then asked if there were any porn movies found on the hard drive. Brown answered that no there were not.

We had one Juror Question only
Can spybot search and destroy software add to the computer registry. Answer: No, internet explorer needs history in a different part of the registry.

Noon Recess is called so that Alfred E. Imabitch can whine his way through a motion to preclude Detective Smith. Smith is in the courtroom waiting to see if he is going to be testifying and for whatever reason Jenny wants him ejected. Maybe he knows where to get some weed? Jenny says that the fact that there is no report from him is a problem and just scrolled through the computer and did an interview and she can’t just take his word for it. Juan argues back at the defense idiots as to why Smith should be allowed to testify. Smiths boss took him off of everything so that he could speed up his report. Juan reminds sometimes Judge Stephens that this is a motion for reconsideration of the original motion to preclude which was denied. It was re-denied. The next order of business on the all whine all the time train was the ChaCha incident. Now, if what has been said is true (and it rings true I have to say) then what a bunch of hypocrites the fans of Juan Martinez are. Juan is Hispanic in case none of them noticed. So is Cha Cha. To make fun of one because of their ethnicity is to make fun of the other. Is this really that hard to figure out? Alfred E. wants Mikal and 3 others removed from the courtroom, sometimes Judge Stephens says since she didn’t see it she cannot just boot them without a hearing. Nurmi wants a hearing. Sometimes Judge Stephens says she is not making the jury wait any longer but there is going to be a hearing on this at some point trust me. Even the Judge said she was not amused.

Finally Perry Smith is sworn in. Juan asked about the computer being turned on between 10 and 11 on June 19th while in police custody as the fucktards of the apocalypse have implied and he corrects Juan and says no it was last opened at 4:10. Jenny is immediately up and bitching about the report she doesn’t have that will say exactly the same thing he just said on the stand. Smith says that the computer was in defense custody when it was turned on. Juan points out that the defense has interviewed Smith three times to which Jenny objects because of course she does.

The bombshell of the day came when Juan let the defense know that Lonnie Dworkin (of the defense) would be testifying for the prosecution tomorrow. AND THE FOUR IDIOTS OF THE APOCALYPSE COMPLETELY LOST THEIR SHIT. Nurmi is calling it unethical, not on Juans part, on dworkins, and saying his testimony should be precluded. Juan is in such a good mood he ever offered the defense a copy of the questions he planned to ask him. I would call this check and mate I believe. Nurmi, after phoning in an order for one of everything at taco bell for pick up tells the Judge he isn’t going to have a witness ready until the 18th and proceeded to blame everyone from the prosecution to his witnesses to the Judge herself. Sometimes Judges Stephens was not the one today however and told Numnuts he better have a witness on the stand on the 17th mmmmmkay. Bitch wasn’t playing either. She wants this damn trial done, just like everyone else on the planet.

That is it for tonight. Special thanks to Mama for holding down the fort today.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Re-Trial The Fucktards Of The World Unite Edition

February 5, 2015

Dr. DeMarte is quite possibly the best expert witness in the history of ever -Arizona

Hai Everybody.  Your Law Professor/Dean of Fuckery/Doctor of Doctoring/PhD of Sarcasm/ Stabby hater extraordinaire/and purveyor of facts is back to regale you with yet more tales from the courtroom.  Before we get to that, I have a question.  The coffee mugs.  I cancelled the order because of the bullshit that was being bandied about regarding my character, but have since reconsidered because fuck them.  If I don’t complete the order I am on the hook for a 200 set up charge (I have documentation for that) which they are willing to let me pay a little at a time, or I can go ahead with my original plan and order them.  As I have said a hundred million times, I do not want payment up front, I want to wait till I have them, but does anybody still want them?  If you do then I will go ahead and get them.  If not that is cool too.  Just please let me know.

CarlT came up with the perfect video for today and POINTS for Carl cuz this shit is funny.  I dedicate it to those of you that know who you are. Nobody on this blog.  I sincerely hope you enjoy it because I sincerely mean it. Sincerely.

Now, on to todays fuckery. Alfred E. was up to bat and started the day with good morning to Dr. DeMarte. She declined to reply. Alfred E let his douche flag fly immediately when he said I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. You could tell right away that it was going to be a spectacularly antagonistic day just by that one interaction. Alfred. E. Isadick demanded Dr. DeMarte’s CV since going over it infinitum yesterday apparently wasn’t good enough and also if there is one thing that good old Nurmi can do, it is waste time.

He asked about a couple of other Death Penalty cases that she worked on and when pressed she said with a lot of snark that it was 3 cases. Alfred E. actually called her a defacto Dr. Death. Juan immediately lost his mind and was darted without incident. Nurmi asked her how many hours she had put into this case and DeMarte who was definitely NOT THE ONE today answered “several”. It was becoming very apparent that Dr. DeMarte and Alfred E Numnuts may actually hate each other. Not just strongly dislike, but hate. He asked her how much she makes an hour and she answered $300 and worked more than 50 but less than a hundred hours on this case.

Nurmi Suggested that violent relationships follow a pattern to which the good doctor vehemently disagreed. He then had her define physical and emotional abuse because someone in another courtroom or on the street or in another state might not by now know the definitions of those fucking terms. He actually asked her to explain the law of attraction and I laughed so hard I hurt my side (I don’t have documentation for that) when she said that it is not a psychological practicum.

Dr. DeMarte said that personality disorders are enduring and begin early in life. Nurmi is intent on riding the mental illness train and when Dr. DeMarte says she prefers the term psychological disorder the Anal Wart of the defense team says “you understand that I don’t care about your preferences”. I fully expected the pitbull to stand up, march over to Nurmi and punch him directly in the face, but Detective Flores, dog handler extraordinaire managed to get the catch pole on him before that could happen. Nurmi then said that Dr. DeMarte did not diagnose Stabby as having adjustment disorder. He told her to look at the last page of her notes. She began her answer with I think and Alfred E. was all up in her face again with I don’t care what you think and Juan roared an objection that was probably heard in New Mexico. Alfred E. was being so aggressive that it was definitely turning the Jury off in a big way. Because he is a fucking tool he failed to notice. He asked if borderline personality disorder is a serious mental illness and she agrees that it is. Dr. DeMarte is holding up well under what I can only describe as an outright attack.
Dr. Demarte says that Nurmi is only reading part of the report and not where she diagnosed adjustment disorder. Alfred E. asked if she needed to read it again. She said no, but maybe he needed to read it again. I think the court reporter wanted to high five her right there but it would have been bad form.

Alfred E. was positively dripping sarcasm, or maybe salsa from last nights Taco Bell as he tried to get in that Geffner said that the PTSD test was a diagnostic impression and not a diagnosis. Wait what? They have been saying since the first trial that the bitch had PTSD, now she doesn’t? The Jurors certainly didn’t miss it because everybody took notes on that one.

Alfred E. Asshat asked if BPD makes a person childlike? Dr. DeMarte stated emphatically that she never testified to that. Are BPD’s emotional? DeMarte said yes. 10 minute break.

Back from the break Nurmi is riding this Borderline Personality Disorder right into the ground. He asked if some people are born vulnerable to the disorder (now it’s a disorder again, guess he forgot that his special little snowflake is mentally ill) Dr. DeMarte says yes it could develop in those who are genetically predisposed if the persons feelings are continuously invalidated. Asked for examples in Stabby’s background DeMarte said that Stabby and her parents did not agree. When parents don’t understand why the child is upset and sais stop it it perpetuates the environment. BPD is hard on parents and they do not know how to react.

Dr. DeMarte explains the fear of abandonment and the fact that Stabby felt a need to constantly check Travis’ myspace account and emails. She also suggests that Stabby got her boob job and new car while with Daryl in an attempt to hang on to him. With Matt McCartney when he told her the relationship was over she reacted by extremely idealizing him. Stabby told Dr. DeMarte she could change depending on who she dated.

Nurmi next demanded proof from Dr. DeMarte that Stabby had suicidal ideations. Zenya(the chick from yesterday)mentioned that Stabby wrote a suicidal letter in High School, she wrote about wanting to die in her own journals and mom of Stabby said she had called her and said she wanted to die. There was no evidence that Stabby got any help for that. Lunch was mercifully called and both Juan and Dr. DeMarte were led away without incident.

Once court reconvened Nurmi wanted to know about Stabby’s relationships with earlier boyfriends. He asked if it was true that Stabby broke it off with Brewer. Dr. DeMarte said she couldn’t recall. From yesterday I remember her saying that Daryl wanted distance from Stabby. Asshole, I mean Nurmi hs now picked a fight about the amount of cordial stabby remained with many of her ex boyfriends. He actually said to Dr. DeMarte “I understand you are not aware of much but, and he was cut off by a thunderous objection which was sustained in record time.

Dr.DeMarte said Stabby breaking up with Daryl and going right to Travis was part of the pattern of Borderline Personality Disorder. Nurmi stated that she turned herself into a worker for PPL, converted to Mormonism and became his sexual plaything in order to please him and totally not because she was a conniving slut with one or more STD’s.

Next he questioned her about the supposed PTSD. Can someone with BPD also have PTSD. DeMarte said that yes it can happen. But Stabby doesn’t suffer from PTSD according to our interpretation of the testing. DeMarte says that is correct. Nurmi wants to know when is the best time to Diagnose PTSD? DeMarte says there is no set time. She is getting a little hostile herself because Numbnuts keeps trying to put words in her mouth.

ChaCha is holding poor little Stabbykins as the mean old state witness shreds her totally made up mitigating factors. Dr. DeMarte says that the way Stabby described the Bobby Juarez incident wasn’t PTSD. Nurmi slides in there that Travis kicked, choked, slapped and grabbed Stabby’s shoulders, which has zero to do with what they are talking about right now.

Since none of the questions he has asked thus far seem to be going his way, Alfred E. Eatadick decided to attack the length of time Dr. DeMarte has been practicing. He iasked if she had been licensed for about a year when giving Stabby the initial tests. DeMarte said NO it WAS a year. Nurmi tried again. Well, about a year. NO, IT WAS A YEAR was the answer, again.

He wanted to know if DeMarte was aware that their expert was licensed in 1980? Are you aware they are published in and the pitbull roared objection and the vet deployed another dart.

Nurmi isn’t giving up on this line of questioning because maybe he can make the jury think she doesn’t know what she is talking about. He asked if she did lectures or peer reviews when you were testing Stabby. She said no and we had a sidebar. Back from sidebar Nurmi continued the character assassination (this seems to be a running theme) So you didn’t publish, do research or give lectures on PTSD. DeMarte answered that was correct. Nurmi then tried to have her disqualified as an expert witness to which Sometimes Judge Stephens told him to eat a dick and ask a fucking question. Nurmi told her that both of the doctors that diagnosed Stabby with PTSD had over 30 years of experience (and wheelbarrows full of money). Juan calls for a sidebar since Nurmi seems to be the one testifying.

Back from the sidebar Alfred E. Asshat seems to have toned it down maybe a little. He asked if you can’t just look at someone and say whether they have PTSD? You have to be trained right? DeMarte agreed to that statement. Nurmi pointed out again that the doctor had only one year of training when she interviewed Stabby. You were only licensed for a year when you gave Stabby her tests? Dr. DeMarte may need a dart from the vet soon because she is getting a little fed up with this questioning. She said that experience doesn’t come the minute you become licensed. She fended off all accusations that she was not inexperienced and she kept her cool while doing so.

Changing gears again Nurmi asked why Dr. DeMarte did not read Travis’ journals. She retorts that she was not hired to evaluate Mr. Alexander. He then asked if Travis was abused wouldn’t that be important. Juan at this point objected that this is not mitigating factors. There is yet another sidebar and the guiness world record book just tore out their last page and started a new one. After the sidebar, DeMarte reiterates that she was hired to evaluate Stabby not Travis. Nurmi then says, and I’m not kidding, “so your case review is incomplete?” DeMarte comes back immediately with No, I was evaluating Stabby.

Moving on to victims of domestic violence Alfred E asks if victims don’t always report. DeMarte agrees that this is true. Nurmi said that Travis was telling people he didn’t want Stabby around but he continued to contact her (take that however you want, me I will be visiting the puke bucket). DeMarte stated that Travis did not like her intrusive behavior. Do you think Travis loved Stabby? DeMarte said that in her opinion that he did early in the relationship. The jury is no longer taking notes. Nurmi seems to think that Travis not only knew that Stabby had BPD but took advantage of it to have sex with her. Dr. DeMarte shook her head and emphatically said NO! Nurmi asked the Dr. about Travis portraying himself as a virgin. She agreed that he wasn’t telling people he was having sex. She does however disagree that he was selling himself as a virgin, he just wasn’t advertising he was having sex.

Nurmi brings up a text where he talks to Michelle about an invasion of privacy but that he was still having sex with Stabby at that time. DeMarte replied that he liked having sex with her because she was willing to literally do anything in the bedroom but he did not like her behavior of invading his personal space, his privacy, his emails and his social media sites.

And with that court was mercifully called for the day. We are in recess until Monday at 9:30am

RBMD peacing the fuck out

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The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Retrial – The Hundred Million Sidebar Edition

February 4, 2015

All the people you will never know, that you brought to their knees.
Dedicated the Detective Esteban Flores and Family

Hai everyone. I am so sorry about the wait. I know that everyone is waiting for the smack down that has been presented over the proceeding two days. I did however have something last night that unfortunately could not wait. On advice of um, a person, I cannot discuss it here. Suffice to say it was well worth my time. Your Queen/Dean of Fuckery/ Law Professor/ Doctor of doctoring/ qualified sarcasm expert/and all around bitch will not let you down I assure you.

Before we start, I’d like to say something. When murders occur, you always remember the name of the perpetrator. Not the victim. Hell, I bet I can name every murderer of any noteworthiness from Ed Gein on up. It’s not something that gives me any joy, it just is. I’ve listed victims in other blogs because I think it is important that we never forget them. This victim was Travis Victor Alexander. He will always be thirty years old. When this is over, please don’t ever forget that.

I took copious notes all day yesterday so that we wouldn’t miss anything and again today. Enough notes that my wrist may never be the same (I don’t have documentation for that) There were some questions posed in the comments section that I am going to try and get to as well, but this is going to be an exceptionally long blog post so I may save them for tomorrow. When I say long, I mean bring a snack long. I have a ton of ground to cover.  I also now know why Juan didn’t want to have Stabby’s super secret testimony stricken. It will become clear very shortly.

 I present to you the most perfect song for these two days in the history of EVER.

Esteban Flores, consummate professional set aside his own grief to be in court today realizing that today was going to be the day that his pitbull was likely going to really need him. And he would have been right.

Please remember that this blog covers the two days of Dr. DeMarte’s testimony. Day 1. Court started with a motion to preclude Dr. DeMarte because there is no fucking way that Alfred E. or Jenny wants her anywhere near the stand. Nurmi said that they were not provided with documents regarding Dr. DeMarte and the pitbull snarled in the first 60 seconds of court. It was going to be that kind of day. I have now promoted the Judge back to Sometimes Judge Stephens because she said she was satisfied with the States word that they had indeed provided the documentation. Nurmi pitched one of his by now I am sure copyrighted fits that this put the defense at a disadvantage…because having a convicted murderer as a client totally doesn’t do that.

We next found out that Great Nana Dr. Sexpert and Dr.(not a doctor) Geffner would be back for sur-rebuttal. There are a couple more (my sources haven’t confirmed yet so I will let you know.) Nurmi, realizing his fit was not getting him anywhere asked for a delay so that he could interview DeMarte and while he was at it he motioned to preclude Detective Smith from testifying. Sometimes Judge Stephens wants Juan to call Det. Smith at Lunch. That was unfortunately not possible.  There is a request for a chambers report from 10/30/14 to which Juan giddily said no objections and Nurmi had a complete meltdown. And sidebar.

After the sidebar Dr. DeMarte was called to the stand and sworn. Juan took her through her CV and the fact that she has been in private practice since 2012 and has testified in 5 criminal trials. Juan paced as he asked her if any judge anywhere ever told her she was not credible. She smirked a little as she said no that had never happened. Juan asked how many times she had met with the defendant and he spit the word defendant like it tasted bad in his mouth. His disgust is like a live thing at this point. Dr. DeMarte said she met with the defendant on 4 separate occasions for a total of about 17 hours. Juan, who was almost giddy asked if DeMarte disagreed with the experts. Juan asked her how she formed her opinions. She said she watches her subjects and doesn’t take just one piece of info as fact. She watches people to see how they behave. She explained how she does testing and interviews and how she testified in the first trial.

She went into the tests she did that showed that Stabby had high intelligence and between the shrieking of Jenny and the mayweapproach of Nurmi we got a sidebar. Me thinks that maybe they want the jury to think Stabby is a little slow now instead of all Einstein-y.

Stabby was shooting daggars at Demarte. Does anybody remember that movie Scanners. Well, Stabby was staring at Dr. DeMarte like she would really like it if her head would explode.

Juan brought up the trauma symptoms inventory and the DT immediately called for another sidebar. Oh it’s going to be a loooooong day.

Finally Juan got to ask about the trauma symptom inventory. Juan is not a happy pitbull right at the moment. This was passed on to DeMarte By Dr. (and I say that term loosely)Samuals. He gave her the bubble sheet. The trigger answer by Stabby was non sexual attack by Stranger which we already know is a big fat non existent ninja lie. Dr. DeMarte said that because the answer was a lie the entire test is invalid. The Jurors are completely engaged and taking a shit ton of notes. Dr. DeMarte concluded a personality and adjustment disorder which is related to anxiety and a depressed mood due to the change in her circumstances. To paraphrase, the special little snowflake didn’t like that she was in jail. Goddesses don’t belong in jail. Yup, she described herself as a goddess. I’m totally serious.

Juan paced as he asked Dr. DeMarte to explain what an adjustment disorder was. It is an inability to cope with life changes. Juan smiled for the first time possibly ever when he said you mean like being in Jail? Dr. DeMarte smiled back as she answered in the affirmative. The vet looked relieved that Juan was so mellow at the moment and put the catch pole and dart gun down. Juan rocked back and forth and asked the good doctor if this was a mental illness. Dr. DeMarte was more than happy to explain that nope, nuh uh, not a mental illness. It is a psychological disorder.

Juan next asked when Dr.DeMarte got Geffners notes. She said Dec/14 and that he told her that she can’t release the data he’s given her. Dr.DeMarte told him that she didn’t need him to school her on this issue and that he quoted the wrong statute. (excuse me a moment please) ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaha. Thanks. DeMarte said that the way Geffner led the questioning was a problem. He provided the trauma. So the test was invalid.

Juan skipped back and forth to the prosecution table for goodboy treats every once in a while as he happily let Dr. DeMarte rip apart Stabby, Dr. Geffner, the defense premise and whatever else she felt like mauling.

Juan wanted to know about the PTSD test. She said she would consider it invalid because stabby used different answers and because Dr. Getagrip led her. He talked about things not on the test invalidating them.

Stabbykins, you know the special little snowflake that all of these bad men took advantage of, turns out bitch had an STD and she told Travis about it. He apparently was a little less than impressed about it. She says that he threw her down and she was all afraid and shit. She said she tried to protect herself by scratching Travis’ eyes but she didn’t want to hurt him. Now, if this particular statement makes sense to anybody here, please raise your hand. The defense had a collective stroke over the STD thing because god forbid anybody think Stabbykins was as promiscuous as a rabbit and a screaming match ensued that culminated in a sidebar. Defense claimed that the prosecution failed to disclose. I’d say maybe they ought to talk to their client about not disclosing things and maybe ChaCha better hit up a clinic on the way home. Just sayin’.

Juan now started to bring up all the holes in poor muffins story. There was a question about forced sex to which Stabby answered never. The next time she was asked it she answered sometime. Alfred E. turned the color of eggplant and called for a sidebar. The Jury got to tour the hallway and DeMarte was asked to leave the room. It was a long sidebar.

Nurmi was having a complete right there on the spot meltdown about the character assassination of his client. Sometimes Judge Stephens seems to be completely over this entire farce of a trial and told him to sit the fuck down. Over ruled. Everybody trooped back in and a completely giddy pitbull had Dr. DeMarte read into the record an affidavit from a relative of Stabbykins that said she was snide and a Bitch. And we have a sidebar. Next Dr. DeMarte read into the record that Gramma Stabby said that Stabby was always mean to her mother. The Grandparents also said that Stabby Einstein constantly corrected everyone’s grammar. Don’t you fucking hate that. I know I do. DeMarte gleefully said that those examples would be classified as aggressive and overbearing. DeMarte begins to bring up the Purple Plum and Nurmi immediately went for a sidebar. Sometimes Judge Stephens called a break. The pitbull skipped jauntily out of the courtroom on his way to a porterhouse steak and a nice run in the park.

Back from the break the pitbull mentioned that Dr. Sexpert and Dr.(not a doctor) geffner said Stabby lacked self esteem. He asked Dr. DeMarte if the statement she was about to read might just sort of refute that maybe just a little. Dr. DeMarte said yes and began to read. Stabby once pretended not to know Yreka and asked some hot dude to show her around. She also gave her number out to a guy on the way back from Travis’ memorial service.

Juan paced again as he asked Dr. DeMarte if in her opinion Stabby was a victim of Domestic Violence. She said uhhhh, not even close. Travis was never violent with any other women ever according to records and interviews. Juan then asked if there was a difference between physical and verbal abuse. DeMarte said yes but their interactions were normal. Was there a pattern of verbal abuse. She said no. Stabby was furiously scribbling horns onto doodles of Dr. DeMarte and Juan. That poor little golf pencil is going to snap if she puts much more pressure on it. Juan stopped in front of Dr. DeMarte and asked what would be crossing the line. She said the text message from the 26th was inappropriate, but Travis was angry because she had been intrusive, crossed boundaries and lied.

Next Juan, with all the skill of a ballet dancer brought out that in her past interviews Stabby had never indicated any domestic violence by her parents. DeMarte had asked about substance abuse by her parents and she had answered in the negative to those questions as well. She never said she saw cocaine, or saw her father use cocaine. SIDEBAR.

Juan pirouetted and handed Dr. DeMarte a paper to read. And I quote. My parents never physically or sexually abused me. End quote. Samuels notes from 12/09 corroborate this statement.

Juan had a shit ton more evidence and all four idiots of the apocalypse were having fits. Jenny screeched in that sound like nails on a chalk board, Nurmi wanted an approach and Cha Cha was trying to distract Stabby with her funky disco earrings. After another sidebar during which time Sometimes Judge Stephens told Nurmi to give it up we got some evidence.

Exhibit 886 was admitted an interview with Zeyna C a childhood friend. It stated that no abuse occurred by either of Stabbyy’s parents and that Jody loved nothing more than playing victim. every juror in the place is taking notes.

Exhibit 888 admitted Aimee L – Cousin. She is not aware of any physical abuse or sexual abuse to Stabby or her siblings. She was never even spanked. all the kids were spoiled.

Interview Julie Arias-half sister. Parents said that Stabby was purposely secretive and didn’t want her parents to know anything about her life.

Juan, who now had an almost shit eating grin on his face worked hard to keep his voice from going into singsong mode. Juan wanted to know if Travis was officially dating anybody while he was testing 12 women at once. DeMarte gave an unequivocal no. Stabby meanwhile was in a deep philosophical discussion with ChaCha about her goddessness and how she couldn’t understand why nobody was paying attention to that particular mitigating circumstance.

The pitbull asked if Dr.DeMarte knew that Stabby kept her relationship with Bobby Juarez (the ninja bread man) a secret? DeMarte said yes. Juan then with much glee handed the Dr. an interview of Sandy and Bill otherwise known as mom and dad Stabby. Nurmi may have objected himself into a hernia he is working so hard to keep this particular piece of evidence out. Stabby apparently had a fear of abandonment and engaged in behavior to pull people towards her and then stab them 29 times…hang on I read that wrong, and then create conflict.

Juan looked over at Detective Flores who quickly flipped him a goodboy treat before he continued. He offered Dr. DeMarte one but she passed. Next up was a text between Michelle and Travis and of course WE HAVE A SIDEBAR!wcp;wihhetdzgivw. Yeah, head off of keyboard. (I don’t have documentation for that.)

Juan looked a little less than impressed that the idiots are fucking with his flow and he smacked the text down on the overhead loud enough that a couple of people jumped. The vet slowly reached for the dart gun and Detective Flores pulled out the squeaky nurmi chew toy. The text was about Stabby spying on Travis. Another text said that he doesn’t know for sure if she slashed his tires but he caught her twice spying on him making out with someone. Dr. DeMarte explained that this behavior came from her fear of abandonment and her unrelenting continuous pursuit of Travis. My hand is getting sore, can we all just agree that the chick is whack and call it a night? No? You need to read the rest? Fine, I love you guys so fine.

Deanna and Lisa told DeMarte that Stabby always showed up uninvited. No, I don’t know why this isn’t hearsay, I just write it. Dr. DeMarte and the king of the courtroom are doing a spectacular job of dismantling the defenses psychological diagnosis brick by really stupid brick.

Next is a text between Travis and someone regarding a missing diamond ring. Jenny objected, but more out of habit than because she thought it might actually work. Sometimes Judge Stephens said a quick “Bye Felicia” and it was admitted.

The Transcripts just kept on coming. The next one was taylor S. And we have a sidebar because at this point why the fuck not. The transcript of Taylor Surely’s interview was admitted. travis told her he dated Stabby for several months He told how Stabby hacked his facebook, emails, and entered his home uninvited.

Juan then gracefully transitioned into conversations with Sky Hughes. Sky caught Stabby listening outside of a bathroom door while Travis was on the phone, and found her waiting behind a closed bedroom door while he was talking to Deanna Reid. She followed Travis all over the house. She said that when Travis said he didn’t want to see Stabby anymore she got exceptionally upset.

Exhibit 907 was brought out to be entered and I thought this may be the one that pushed Alfred E over the edge. Darryl Brewer. Nurmi Objected like they were closing down his favorite icecream parlor. and we have a sidebar. Once again Sometimes Judge Stephens told Nurmi to get stuffed and the exhibit was admitted. According to Daryl Brewer said he was afraid he was getting too involved with Stabby. She was clingy and needed and it caused him to begin to pull away. Nurmi looks at the next item up for review and I swear his head exploded a little.

The next transcript was from Matt McCartney. Matt McCartney stated that he moved to get away from Stabby. He tried to break off the relationship but she cried a lot and threatened to off herself (which would have saved a shit ton of money)He felt bad so he continued to date her but with no physical contact. At that moment a sharp noise was heard in the courtroom. It was the golf pencil that had been snapped in half. Matt stated that he needed space from her needy clinginess. She displayed the same stalker tendencies that she had with all of her other boyfriends.

Dr. DeMarte chimed in now. Borderlines tent to have very fast attachments to other people. They idealize them but can devalue them just as quickly. Stabby drove to crater lake to confront Bianca, not exactly the m/o of a wilting flower. DeMarte said that Stabby moved fast with her feelings. She devalued Travis by killing him but then started courting other men on the way back from the memorial. DeMarte said that Stabby’s friends called her a chameleon and could change personalities depending on who she was with.

Dr. DeMarte painted a very vivid picture of a very unstable person. Nurmi who just as an aside looks a lot like he sat on a hand grenade asked for an approach before the next bomb went off. Sometimes Judge Stephens maybe feeling bad for him allowed it.

The next piece of evidence was a text from Travis to Stabby

It gets old when you dramatize everything. you moan when you can’t make PC(no clue) you hung up on me. Now you are on your own. DeMarte said that being dramatic along with anger is part of boarderline.

Juan, who you could have almost forgotten was there so engrossing was Dr. DeMarte slapped a letter up on the overhead from Stabby, on valentines day. It tells Travis that her anger can be very destructive Seething violent outbursts when she feels criticized.

It was brought out that Stabby kicked her mother. give it another week and I bet we find out Stabby was the one beating people with a wooden spoon.

Like a magician pulling out a bouquet of flowers, juan brought out the transcripts of 2/14 regarding stabby’s totally fake suicide talk. The go over Stabby’s statement about nobody convicting her and then how she amended it to say it was because she planned to be dead but the paper cut was to stingy. Then she thought suicide by advil but for whatever reason that didn’t work out.

Juan spun, bowed and finished his cross of the effervescent Dr. DeMarte. Court was called for the day and Alfred E is up to bat tomorrow. Good luck with that Alfred E.

So, that is it for tonight kids. On the sur rebuttal train we for sure have Dr. Sexpert and Geffner. There may be two more, but I can’t say until I confirm. Sorry. As soon as I know you will know.

The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Re-Trial – Whip Your Hair Back and Forth Edition

January 28, 2015

Deanna Reid for President! – Arizona
(I will apologize for the video now, but it is the one that really sums Stabby up the best today so…Sorry.)

Hai everybody. The verdict is in for the Vandy Trial.  Guilty on all charges  for Vandenburg and Gatey!!  YAY!!

Court started with a bang today. It started without the Jury since Alfred E. had his panties all up in a bunch about Deanna Reid and Abe A and the Bishop testifying. He said they were only told about Deanna and the Bishop last week and Abe yesterday. Of course he had to know that Juan was calling them so this is all just for the record bullshit. Not a Judge Stephens succinctly denied the motion to preclude but said she would limit Abe’s testimony and give them time to interview him.

Not a Judge Stephens then turned to Stabby and asked if she was planning on continuing the magical mystery testimony to which Stabby said naw. Then she put a really sad face on and told the Judge she would like too, but for the reasons given in chambers she won’t. Juan grinned as he informed the room he would NOT be striking Stabby’s testimony. Ahahahahahahaha. Nurmi then freaked the fuck out again and told Not a Judge Stephens that he doesn’t want the jury hearing that Stabby will not finish her testimony…because the jury isn’t going to wonder why Juan never cross examined her right? Not a Judge Stephens rolled her eyes and recessed court so that Abe could be interviewed.

All the lawyers trooped back to chambers for a moment and then came back because good ole’ whiney pants wanted to be on the record. Alfred E told the court that due to the late disclosure and lack of time with the witness Stabby wants to be present during interview. He then mumbled “because she is totally running this show” under his breath. Not a Judge Stephens booted the gallery and closed the courtroom. She said that Stabby could stay so her feelings didn’t get hurt. Alfred E says he doesn’t want Travis’ family present. Juan says they have a right to be there. Judge Solomon compromises and says Travis’ family can listen from jury room. Juan is cool with that.

Alfred E. still objected to having the victims family being able to listen to the interview but not a Judge Stephens was over it and told him to move on. Nurms looked like he might be headed for a stroke. Next he said he was concerned with the character assassination of Stabby by Abe and I put pop through my nose. So…POINTS for Alfred E.

(no Jury)
Abe discussed making out with Stabby (barf)and putting his hand down her pants in a parking structure.(I have to dig out the Pretoria puke bucket, be right back.) Nurmi didn’t want Abe’s testimony allowed because he didn’t want Stabby to be considered promiscuous. Wait what? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Juan wants to discuss manipulation of Travis Alexander by Stabby. Stabby’s defense doesn’t want this heard. Alfred E. looks pleadingly at the Judge and asked if the court would pretty please with sugar on top reconsider allowing Abe to testify. Nope, nuh uh. Stabby called Abe and asked him to lie about their physical contact if Travis asked according to Juan. Juan brought up the magic panties and Stabby suddenly and creepily smiled. The bailiff saw it too and immediately started biohazard procedures on his eyes. Stabby is making googoo eyes at Abe and she flipped her hair. TWICE. Not a Judge Stephens asked why Juan wanted to ask Abe about Stabby asking him to lie to Travis? Juan said it was to discredit her honesty. Stabby started furiously whispering to Jenny who was hitting her bong as hard as she could. Juan kept insisting that this was relevant to credibility. Stabby looked totally disgusted that Not a Judge Stephens was allowing her fake mitigation to be destroyed. Alfred E. huffed and puffed and said credibility is not relevant in penalty phase. Wait what? Nurmi demanded a chance to recall Abe after looking through all of his interviews and blog once the state has completed their direct. The Jury is finally brought in. The defense officially rested with no other mitigation witnesses. None of her family testified. Abe is officially on the stand.

(jury present)
Juan wandered up to the overhead or whatever it is and displayed the email from Stabby to Abe on screen and asked if he was that Abe. Yes he answered. Abe looked like he was not amused that he had been dragged into this any deeper than he already was. Jenny was poised to spit the word “Objection” the second that she got a chance. I hope the objectomatic was oiled during the break. It is learned that during their 3rd date over dinner Stabby made the statement that she “dabbled in Mormonism.” In Stabbyland that means you call yourself a Mormon and do whatever you want.

After the date Abe walked Jodi back to car and they had physical contact. Abe said they kissed and got into it. It was passionate for about 15 minutes. (glad I found the bucket!!) Juan asked about Abe putting his hand down her pants and Jenny deployed the objectomatic for leading. It took her a second to find the button through the cloud of weed smoke. Jury still heard it though. Stabby called Abe days after their date to tell him she was getting back with her ex. Stabby complained about Travis not committing for most of 2007, to which Abe said he told Stabby that it sounded like Travis Alexander was not as interested in her as she was in him. (Ladies and gentlemen give the man a prize for the understatement of the decade.) Stabby called Abe & said “We have a problem because she told Travis about their date…THAT HAPPENED A YEAR BEFORE. Abe responded, WE don’t have a problem. He said he was pretty mad that she made such a big deal out of it and that they were no longer friends after that point. The email that she sent to Travis and allegedly to Abe was brought up. Abe said he did not get the email. The Jury was asked to exit stage left momentarily. Jenny began her cross. She asked Abe if he’s using Stabby to market himself and his business. I’m totally serious, she asked him that. Abe just sighed loud enough for the microphone to pick up and said a sardonic uh no. Jenny then asked Abe if Stabby was wearing capri pants on their date because I don’t know why. Maybe she thinks Capri’s ARE the look. She next asked if Abe was 13yrs older than Stabby and he corrected her to say 17years. He was very cocky as he said it. Alfred E was the one that requested that the magic panties not be mentioned so of course Jenny brought them up knowing that Abe could not explain himself. If she was going for making him look bad, I don’t think it worked. Jenny snapped “You don’t recall reading this email, correct?” Abe fired back that he never received it. Juan just sat back, smiled slightly and munched a goodboy treat. So, you don’t recall reading this email she tried. Abe was not the one today though because he snapped back again “I never received this email.” He drew it out like maybe Jenny would understand better if he spoke slowly. Jenny said well it could have bounced or gone to spam. It was meant to be a statement but she was rattled enough it sounded like she was trying to reconcile it in her own mind.

Juan was up and as usual he has fire coming out of his nose. It isn’t the witnesses I have finally decided. He is furious that he has to deal with this amount of stupid and he takes it out on whatever is in front of him. Juan asked if Abe had some special email that didn’t contain his email address and magically got to his email anyway? Abe chuckled slightly and said no. Juan asked if this was a homing pigeon email that gets to him without an address listed in the TO: section. I’d like to request a sidebar because I just peed a little. Abe, trying desperately not to start laughing said no and added that he got all the other emails from Stabby. Juan asked about Stabby asking him for advice regarding Travis. Abe told Stabby not to be so attached to Travis and go meet another guy when she would complain.

No Jury questions. Abe was dismissed with an admonition because he will be recalled.

Deanna Reid takes the stand!! Deanna left for Costa Rica in June 2000 and didn’t come home for over a full year. She came back in Nov 2001 Deanna said she kept in touch with Travis while she was gone via snail mail. After awhile Travis told Deanna he was seeing someone else. Deanna didn’t know the name of the person. She said she had been to Bishop Parker’s house and that she has never met witness 1 AKA Marc McFuckstick. After her mission Travis wasn’t even living at Bishop’s house. The Objectomatic was deployed but way too late. And the last shred of mitigation witness testimonyaffidavit went right out the window. Deanna said that Travis never touched her in any way and that incident never happened. Juan apparently wanted to drive the point home and barked at Deanna. This never happened he queried. Deanna repeated very strongly that Travis never harmed her or shouted “get it through your fuckin head I will never marry you. Stabby will not look at Deanna right now. Juan asked about Marc McFucksticks fiancé or whatever consoling her. He was dripping sarcasm, or maybe it was the rabies I’m not sure, but he was foaming. Deanna said no one ever consoled her because this never happened. It came out like a gunshot. Jenny from the cellblock put down the joint she was rolling and tried to do damage control. Good luck with that Jenny. Jenny started by asking Deanna if she wasn’t exactly truthful when it came to Travis. Deanna said I’ve always told the truth.” Jenny asked well weren’t you misleading when the defense interviewed you? Deanna answered back sharply “the only one misleading here is you!” Jenny completely lost her shit and asked for an approach. Juan pretty much skipped up to the bench. Deanna got a quick reprimand from the Judge to just answer the questions and not interject anything. I think Deanna should interject away personally. If Dr.(notadoctor)Geffner can ramble on, Deanna should too. A transcript was produced and Jenny wanted Deanna to read it. Deanna said there was audio and she would rather have that. Deanna is mad! If she was any hotter she would be on fire. Jenny tried desperately to get Deanna under control. She told Deanna to just read the transcript “You can read can’t you?” Deanna looked at Jenny like she’d like to punch her directly in her face and said yes. Deanna said she wanted to hear the audio of what she said in this transcript. Jenny requested sidebar number (I don’t know I lost count days ago) Deanna won’t answer Jenny. Apparently Deanna is harshing her mellow because she said “Well you had no problem answering Mr Martinez questions” The pitbull managed to object without bursting out laughing and said “I didn’t ask her about an audio” like an innocent little lamb. Alfred E. started bitching about having Deanna declared a hostile witness.(Oh, she was fucking hostile all right.) Since Not a Judge Stephens only noticed in that minute that the courtroom had pretty much been reduced to pandemonium court was called for the day. Late start tomorrow and due to scheduling conflicts no court on Thurs or Friday. BEST COURT DAY EVER!! I cannot wait for tomorrow.

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