Merry Christmas!!

December 25, 2015

From our Shelter to yours….

Our Queen of All She Surveys wanted me to wish everyone a Very Happy Christmas!  We hope that during this Season of Joy you find great happiness and even greater love with family, friends, neighbors and especially, the special relationships you’ve developed here at Our No-Kill Shelter.  

We are especially grateful for each of you for everything that you bring and share here. You are the reason RBMD survives and is what it is.  Without your comments, your concern, your laughter and jokes we would be nothing except a place where Mama posts an occasional rant!  :). Yes, even those of you who quietly visit, rarely saying a word.  We know you are there, the statistics tell us tell us that you’ve visited, and we are grateful that you spend a moment of your busy day in visiting us.   

We wish you one and all a Very Happy Christmas.  You have our heartfelt and eternal gratitude.  As 2016 dawns, I pray that each of us has a year that far surpasses any other in our life.  

Three things will last forever–faith, hope, and love–and the greatest of these is love. 

Love and Joy to you and yours….here’s to a beautiful Christmas and an amazing New Year!

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