And Robert Durst Takes The Crazy To A Whole New Level

April 9, 2015

Good God is there even anything in the DVM 5 to cover this guy? Every psychiatrist on earth.

I guess there isn’t much to do while sitting in a cell in Louisiana so “nobody is crazier than I am” Durst decided to pen a letter to the Los Angeles Times. It said absolutely nothing about his current legal conundrums but did include his interests in Opera, the NFL, Politics and his health problems. He pled not guilty in Louisiana to weapons charges when he was caught dead nuts with the gun and just for shits and giggles the Fed is not exploring the option of Federal weapons charges. Meanwhile back in LA he is currently facing murder charges for killing his best friend Susan Berman in 2000. His Attorney Dick DeGuerin concurs that the handwriting in the letter to the times appears to be Durst’s.

As for the gun charges in Louisiana, DeGuerin and company are trying to have the charges thrown out as an illegal search. DeGuerin has also filed a subpoena with the court regarding Jeannine Pirro, the hair that has been up Durst’s ass for just about ever. In the documentary it was stated that Pirro and her then team had scheduled an interview with Susan just before she was killed, the defense contends that this request never happened and if it never happened there would be no reason for Durst to kill Susan.

Just because the amount of insane has not yet hit its ceiling (and with this dude it may never) Crazy Asses wife has come into play. Reports indicate that the wedding was rushed, that Robert seemed less than a jubilant new groom and that they married because Debra Charatran maybe knew one or a thousand too many secrets for Dursts liking. As for Charatran she is up for the gold digging hall of fame award and she gets bonus points because she has managed to somehow stay alive. You go girl.

According to the New York Post. Durst might have married Charatan as a means of protecting his own secrets, as Charatan could not be compelled to testify against him under the law of spousal privilege. In fact Durst told his sister Wendy that his relationship with Charatan was simply “a marriage of convenience.” Now, Charatan can not be compelled to testify, but she can if she wants too, although odds are likely that the court would not allow it as too prejudicial.

durst motion Here is the latest motion filing with backup law and the subpoena for Pirro. It is sideways, I apologize I cannot get it to turn for some reason and thank you Renae for digging this out for me.

Because I just cannot adequately explain the crazy here is Durst living as a mute woman. durstaswoman

And Susan Berman, currently dead susanberman

So there you have the fairly up to date insanity

RBMD peacing the fuck out

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