A Really Big Mean Dog Rant About Justice

March 3, 2015

Everybody needs to take a deep cleansing breath right about now.

As your Queen/Dean of Fuckery/Law Professor/resident sarcasm expert, sometimes it is up to me to make the hard decisions and I’m making one now.  Unfortunately, the things I am about to say are no doubt going to upset some of you, but I speak from experience and from a place that has come to accept that life is not all sunshine and rainbows and unicorns.

I have watched twitter today, for the first time in months.  I’m very sorry that I did.  There has been fighting, there has been name calling, there has been freaked out posts every 2 seconds.  Every time Juan, or Flores or one of the Alexanders moves there are 50 bajillion tweets about what it all means.  I’m about to tell you.  IT MEANS NOTHING.

The Jury has been out for a long time.  They have already come back and had to have a dynamite charge given.  This means that as of this minute they are deadlocked.  There is no conspiracy, there is no stealth juror.  If anything, the weight of knowing you are the person responsible for the death of a living person, even one as vile and undeserving of that life is maybe to much to have to carry for some of them for the rest of their natural lives.  The Jury did not give an oath to give death because if they had there would have been no need for a penalty phase.  They said they would be able to impose death if they felt it was merited. There is a huge difference there.  A grand canyon sized one.

I believe strongly that we may have a hung jury. AGAIN.  I’m not saying that is a hundred percent, but I would say that odds are good.  Now I’m going to say the thing that is going to bother some of you.  If we have a hung Jury, so fucking what.  So what if the jury hangs again.  Stabby is still convicted, Stabby is still going to Perryville and Stabby is still going to be sentenced.  And if anyone thinks that Not a Judge would give her anything less than natural life is out of their minds because her career as a jurist would be over.  In theory she could, but odds are slim to none.  And in reality this solves oh so many problems.  With a death penalty Stabby can appeal for the next 20 years.  20 more years of the spotlight every time she files an appeal.  What if during one of those appeals she is granted a new trial and the Alexanders have to go through this all over again.  What about them?  I know they want her to die right now.  And I totally get that, I really truly do.  I’d want her to die. But being sentenced to death and the sentence being carried out are two entirely different animals.  What if Arizona abolishes the death penalty before her number is up after all of those appeals?  The way things are going with lethal injection I wouldn’t be even remotely surprised.

Imagine for a moment what natural life in Perryville would be like for the special little snowflake that is Stabby fucking Einstein.  All of my sources tell me that she will be a target from the moment she sets foot in the place.  Imagine the cred that someone who managed to shank her.  People do get killed in prison sometimes, but it is not a rampant thing like they would have you believe on TV, and besides, the inmates would probably have more fun air holing her a couple of times then flat out killing her.   Imagine what it will be like for her when the spotlight is turned off for the last time and she has to assimilate into a prison where she is basically hated.  Where everyone has heard all the versions of her trumped up bullshit.  No more trips to the courthouse, no more being the center of attention, no more anything.  Just spending time in her 4 x 6 cell with nothing to do but read and think about how it was her that got her where she is now.

A lifetime of prison food.  A lifetime of prison entertainment and prison noise and prison showers.  A lifetime of absolute misery.  I like the idea of watching her slowly rot in prison.  Don’t get me wrong, I will be doing the happy dance along with the rest of you if it is death, but I may do an even bigger one if it is LWOP.  Life for this particular person is a much worse punishment than death as far as I am concerned.  Does she deserve to die?  In my opinion yes she does for the horrific acts perpetrated on Travis Alexander.  Will she die?  I think not.

Another thought.  Do you think that Travis would want revenge or repentance?   Think about that, and the man he was.  Do you really think that a man the caliber of Travis Alexander would be screaming for her death or do you think he would try and find it in his heart to forgive her for what she has done?  I think Travis was that kind of man.  I think (although of course I can not know) but I think he would think that her having to live with what she has done for the rest of her natural life would be the ultimate punishment.

And that is my two cents on deliberations as they stand.

Justice in whatever form it comes for Travis Alexander and please god let his family have some peace.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.



A Whole Bunch Of Stuff

March 2, 2015

how can there be this many crimes?

Hello everyone.  Your Dean of Fuckery/Law Professor/Queen of the region of mean and surrounding areas/ resident sarcasm expert and owner of one in house psychic has bunches of things to discuss while we wait (possibly forever) for the verdict that will put an end to Stabby and her quest for fame.

First, Eddie Ray Routh, killer of American Sniper Chris Kyle has been found guilty by a jury of is peers of capital murder. It took that Jury just over 2 hours to reach the verdict.  Of course his attorneys plan to appeal.  Good luck with that. It’s Texas, and you killed a man that many consider a hero to the United States.

Jury Selection continues in the Colorado Theatre shooting case.  Selection began on January 2oth and as of March 2 is still ongoing.

The trial of Dzhokhar Tsamaev, the living Boston Marathon Bomber is set to begin March 4 2015.  Is anyone besides me interested in that one.  Since it is kind of historically significant for several reasons I think it might be worth covering but I will defer to you all.

Justin Ross Harris-the human piece of shit that cooked his baby to death in his car was set to begin in January but was delayed.  I cannot find a start date for this trial but if anyone is interested let me know.

If there are any cases that I have not thought of, or flat out forgot that you are interested in let me know.  Stabby is sooner or later coming to an end and we need a new trial to sink our teeth into.

As for our special little snowflake. I’m concerned with the amount of time the deliberations are taking.  I get that this is a heavy load to bear, and I get that these Jurors will have to live with putting someone to death if that is the verdict (there is no verdict yet.)  The way I look at it is that Stabbykins is a lot like a Rabid dog.  Not putting her down puts everybody at risk.  She is dangerous.  It has been shown over and over again her chameleon like qualities and how easy it is for her to sway the opposite sex (see Jury foreman first Death penalty deliberations.) The amount of time being taken tells me that there is a fairly definitive split on life or death and that my friends cannot be a good thing.

That autopsy photo of poor Travis, throat slit ear to ear should have been enough to garner death.  How could anyone look at that and not see the all encompassing evil underneath?

That’s it for tonight kids.  Let me know your pleasure for our next trial and I will begin my homework.

Everybody please keep the faith and pray for an outcome that is so richly deserved.  Hopefully we will have a verdict and hopefully closure for the Alexanders sometime this week

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Re-Trial The Somebody Is A Complete Hypocrite Edition

February 11, 2015

I’m everywhere-nowhere Ontario

I still do not have a definitive answer to the denial of the supreme court thing and since Skyping Arizona was obviously sarcasm I’m going with it was denied since that seems to be on most feeds.

Hai everybody. Hope you all had a perfectly lovely day. I apologize for not being around much today, I was much to busy being every single person on the internet. The global village is a lie, it’s all just me on 7 Billion different computers. To all the Russians out there, sorry my Russian is a little rusty, I’ll try and bone up so you think you are really talking to your friend Boris next time.

EDIT:  I have now read from Paul what actually happened and it is as many of you thought, much ado about nothing.  Mikal swore to Paul she was  just singing about somewhere they were going to eat. I sing for no reason sometimes so that is entirely plausible.  So to Mikal I’m sorry I even said that you allegedly may have done this.  You seem like a fairly nice woman and I probably should have just asked.  You have my sincere apologies.

So court started today with it’s regularly scheduled sidebar. I wonder if her calendar actually says, bring in Jury, sidebar, seat whoever is testifying, listing to Alfred E. Asshat whine about whatever, sidebar, start proceedings.

Detective Brown was sworn in, NOT Detective Smith who we were expecting because Alfred E. Isadick is still having kittens about him testifying at all. Anyway Detective Brown was a member of the Mesa PD from 2003 to 2014 and assigned to computer forensics. He is a computer forensics specialist certified. He took Travis’ harddrive on November 11 2014 and he became involved because of the alleged porn sites. The pitbull was in fine form and asked Brown about how many porn sites were involved and Jenny, who was most definitely out of weed and not happy about it deployed the objectomatic 3000 and a sidebar ensued.

Back from the sidebar Brown read the list of porn sites found on the computer. He conducted an experiment. He cleaned the hard drive, wiped and zeroed it out. He then installed spybot the same version that Travis had. He also added the same Operating system. He found every single one of the porn sites after installing Spybot search and destroy. The program lists the sites it’s looking out for. Kind of like inoculating the computer. Juan asked if any of the sites were manually accessed and Jenny was shrieking objection loud enough to be heard in Japan before he even finished the question. And of course we have a sidebar. Is this the new normal? Can’t anybody just object and be denied or sustained anymore.

Brown said he found thousands of malicious sites, not just the thirteen that the defense alleged that Travis looked at. Detective Brown next discussed the N-Case forensic copy of the hard drive and he can wipe a hard drive with it. Detective Brown looked for child porn for 3 straight days and he didn’t find any, zero, none, nada, zip in the child porn department. He did find 4 adult pornographic thumbnail images. OMG hang on, a thirty year old man looked at porn. Someone get the smelling salts I think I feel faint. Sometimes Judge Stephens called recess and ChaCha and Stabby went and fought over the swings.

Back from recess Jenny is up on cross and she is still pissed about the whole weed thing obviously. She begins to ask Detective Brown about when he made the copy of the hard drive and Stabby is so enthralled she is doodling horns onto Nurmi’s head. Jenny says that Melendez never found the images he found and Brown speaks slowly so maybe Jenny will understand that programs have improved and something that may not have been found five years ago now can be found. Jenny wants to know if the photographs he found were porn. Brown says two were. Adult porn. There is no earth shattering evidence being brought to light and everybody is bored. Jenny brings up some porn dating site that Travis apparently visited. Once again a man interested in porn. Someone catch me. Jenny wants to introduce pictures from the site, Juan strenuously objects and I think Alfred E. might be playing pocket pool at the very idea. Jenny gets shut down and pouts for a minute. We are still talking about porn. Porn porn porn porn porn. Corn, horn, forlorn, born, worn, reborn, torn, born, suborn, adjourn…..

Juan is back up and we have an immediate sidebar. Because of course we do.

Juan asked how often Travis visited porn sites. Detective Brown very definitively answered one time. Juan then asked if there were any porn movies found on the hard drive. Brown answered that no there were not.

We had one Juror Question only
Can spybot search and destroy software add to the computer registry. Answer: No, internet explorer needs history in a different part of the registry.

Noon Recess is called so that Alfred E. Imabitch can whine his way through a motion to preclude Detective Smith. Smith is in the courtroom waiting to see if he is going to be testifying and for whatever reason Jenny wants him ejected. Maybe he knows where to get some weed? Jenny says that the fact that there is no report from him is a problem and just scrolled through the computer and did an interview and she can’t just take his word for it. Juan argues back at the defense idiots as to why Smith should be allowed to testify. Smiths boss took him off of everything so that he could speed up his report. Juan reminds sometimes Judge Stephens that this is a motion for reconsideration of the original motion to preclude which was denied. It was re-denied. The next order of business on the all whine all the time train was the ChaCha incident. Now, if what has been said is true (and it rings true I have to say) then what a bunch of hypocrites the fans of Juan Martinez are. Juan is Hispanic in case none of them noticed. So is Cha Cha. To make fun of one because of their ethnicity is to make fun of the other. Is this really that hard to figure out? Alfred E. wants Mikal and 3 others removed from the courtroom, sometimes Judge Stephens says since she didn’t see it she cannot just boot them without a hearing. Nurmi wants a hearing. Sometimes Judge Stephens says she is not making the jury wait any longer but there is going to be a hearing on this at some point trust me. Even the Judge said she was not amused.

Finally Perry Smith is sworn in. Juan asked about the computer being turned on between 10 and 11 on June 19th while in police custody as the fucktards of the apocalypse have implied and he corrects Juan and says no it was last opened at 4:10. Jenny is immediately up and bitching about the report she doesn’t have that will say exactly the same thing he just said on the stand. Smith says that the computer was in defense custody when it was turned on. Juan points out that the defense has interviewed Smith three times to which Jenny objects because of course she does.

The bombshell of the day came when Juan let the defense know that Lonnie Dworkin (of the defense) would be testifying for the prosecution tomorrow. AND THE FOUR IDIOTS OF THE APOCALYPSE COMPLETELY LOST THEIR SHIT. Nurmi is calling it unethical, not on Juans part, on dworkins, and saying his testimony should be precluded. Juan is in such a good mood he ever offered the defense a copy of the questions he planned to ask him. I would call this check and mate I believe. Nurmi, after phoning in an order for one of everything at taco bell for pick up tells the Judge he isn’t going to have a witness ready until the 18th and proceeded to blame everyone from the prosecution to his witnesses to the Judge herself. Sometimes Judges Stephens was not the one today however and told Numnuts he better have a witness on the stand on the 17th mmmmmkay. Bitch wasn’t playing either. She wants this damn trial done, just like everyone else on the planet.

That is it for tonight. Special thanks to Mama for holding down the fort today.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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It Must Be My Birthday

January 14, 2015

Is there such a thing as too good of a day? just wondering.

Hai everybody.  It has been such a fun day hasn’t it? The fun and games continue on Christine’s blog and by our count I’m up by 7, Jenny from the Cell Block objected to her own evidence on the record, the motion to remove the death penalty was DENIED.  All of these are wonderful things. They make your queen so very happy. I thought there was nothing on earth that could make me feel any better than I did right at that moment. And then my dear friend presented me with a gift that could have come from baby Jesus himself.

These are letters from all of Stabby’s supporters. Most likely literally. Read them, they are fascinating. Especially the one from the world famous Heather Soper. I love how Stabby is running her murder money corporation from jail. Throw away the bands you had made because they will take away from the white bands I am selling? Holy fuck. You are a cold hearted bitch lady. No remorse, it’s all just for show. Just give me that murder money bitch!! As an aside Stabby supporters, isn’t it nice to know that we have people EVERYWHERE?

stabby supporter letters 1

stabby supporter letters 3

stabby supporter letters 2 stabby supporter letter 4 stabby supporter letters 5

As for the 16 page smack down that was laid down by sometimes Judge Stephens, it is hilarious. They forgot to ask for a dismissal because Juan was all yelly and grilly. They also forgot that he looked mean at Stabby or called her the blonde haired thing. Maybe next time guys. I will deal with todays shenanigans tomorrow. There is a lot, so this will just have to keep you giggling until then.

Oh, and Stabbyites; Eat a dick mmmkay.
RBMD peacing the fuck out!!

We’re All Stars Now, In The Dope Show-Or Something Like That.

January 14, 2015

So, lets get right to it my lovelies the infamous magical I can explain everything except only in secret trascripts that were released yesterday. They are mind numbing. I’m afraid I lost brain cells. Dave Erickson warned me they were boring. Hey, I like boring I said, I live for boring. I did not expect I would want to stab myself in the eyes with a fork just to get away from them.

She brought the bullshit, I will give her that much. Enough bullshit to collectively fertilize all of our lawns. That strong fuck you Martinez, I am more Einstein-y than you are voice was gone and the mighty pitbull had to ask her to speak up about eleventy billion times. First, she said how much she wished she could change the way things turned out that day. Mama Via was kind enough to translate for us. ” I wish I could do the day over again so I could have prepared better…and taken my own damn camera, which takes better pictures anyway! I’ve always imagined her pulling off to the side of the road to throw away the knife and gun…and stomping around yelling “oh SHIT, damn, Damn, DAMN!!! WHERE DID I LEAVE TRAVIS’ FUKKIN CAMERA!!!” And then, consoling herself with..”well, at least my EINSTEINy brain remembered to delete the pictures! The cops will think NINJAS did it!! Tee-hee!” Thank you Mama.

You’d think she was scared mommy and daddy were outside of the door listening as she busted them on their coke and weed habits. I KNOW!! I too was shocked that somebody was doing a little blow in the 80’s when Stabby was four. THE HORROR!! And mom of Stabby smoked a joint the day she was born. A joint. ERMAGERD. I think I have the vapors give me a moment. Wait because it gets so much worse. Somebody took some of the Peruvian marching powder to a wedding. Now, had they held her down and shoved it up her nose, I’d say that Houston we had a problem, but other than that, they did some coke, they never got caught end of that particular mitigating factor. Oh yeah and when she found the coke, it was on a mirror chopped into lines with a razor sitting on the mirror but she didn’t know what it was. That is some memory there. Jesus. Oh but wait, the weed. The weed that Mom of Stabby smoked before Stabby was born. Stabby admitted she was smoking weed herself for exactly five months during her formative years so that kinda negates mommy fucked up my brain cuz she smoked a joint. Just Sayin’.

Other things we learned from the “I am now much less intelligent than I was before I started reading this drivel document” is that Stabby has a brain that needs to be removed and studied like preferably immediately because she can remember things from when she was two years old. Now, you know me. I would never just pull information out of my ass like some “other people” so I look up what the odds are of having solid memories at the age of two years old. and I quote ” while a two year old can form short term memory of an event they are lost by the time the child is three or four. It even has a name. Childhood amnesia. Solid memories which are carried forward as lifelong memories typically form between the ages of three and five usually at the mid point of these ages. Basically what that means is that a two year old can have a memory that they can tell you about within a certain amount of time but within weeks or months the memory will have been swept into the pool of childhood amnesia. Why is this important? Because little Stabbykins can remember a softer gentler time with her daddy when he used to bounce her on his knee and tell her he loved her to pieces. Isn’t that sweet? Squeee. I’m still shocked she didn’t say she got confused and thought he was saying someday princess cut someone into pieces. That may come yet who knows.

Anyway then we got to read about the terrible abuse that Stabby suffered by being beaten with a wooden spoon. Please raise your hand if your parents hit you with anything when you were little. Spoon, hotwheel track, ironing cord, belt, coat hanger,  switch, walking stick, all of the above? Anybody get shot? How many of those of you who raised your hands have killed someone? Bye Bye mitigating factor number 2. Just as an aside, Stabby’s brother Carl apparently got the same treatment and he has yet to kill anyone. Good Job Carl!!

Juan spent a great deal of the day throwing random objections around mostly just because he could and the supply of goodboy treats were running low. It was amusing to read them because while on their face they were real objections, they weren’t really necessary other than to annoy the shit out of Jenny from the Cell Block and it worked in spades. Jenny got all mad and shit. I think she’s still pissed about that comment about him wanting to off himself if he was married to her too.

Apparently somewhere along the line between her last mitigation testimony and this mitigation testimony the fog lifted because Stabby remembers pretty much everything now. Another Stabby Einstein miracle. Praise baby Jesus. Nana Stabby can walk AND the fog has lifted.

Around the age of 7, things began to change in the Stabby household. Punishments got more severe. (maybe the coke and weed ran out?)

At 17, Stabby’s huge gigantic type dad shoved her into a door frame and she hit her head and was knocked unconscious. She remembers this because all people that lose consciousness remember everything that happens before and after they wake up. Ask any of the nurses on the blog. They will tell you that totally happens all the time.

Then her grades began to slide because of her parents and she didn’t finish school because of her parents and she moved in with Bobby Juarez because of her parents and he screwed around on her probably because of her parents and she basically hopped from relationship to relationship because of her parents.

I just discovered that the wrong person is on trial here. Her damn parents need to be facing the death penalty because this is very obviously all their fault. Case solved, lets all move on.

We have now come to the end of part 1 of the never ending mind numbing super duper secret transcript.

I will fill you in on the rest of the earth shattering news later. My brain hurts right now.

RBMD peacing the fuck out!!

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The Stabby Einstein Penalty Phase Whatever the Fuck This Is Part Nine Thousand Four Hundred and Seventy Five

January 9, 2015

The IRS people are very nice. They seem to like it a lot when you rat people out. Especially when you have proof in writing.

Hai my loyal subjects. Your Queen, Law Professor/Dean of Fuckery/Professor of Economics/Resident Sarcasm Expert and all around pissed off bitch right at the moment has had a very busy couple of days.  First. If you have donated and I have not sent you a thank you I sincerely apologize. It has truly been pandemonium around here the last little bit. I truly appreciate that you took the time to donate to my not freezing to death.  It means a great deal to me.  Second. I report all of my earnings through donations just to nip that little thing in the bud.

Janet Cook, a friend of mine was attacked viciously by the wanna be anything other than what it is PV. Yet more scurrilous bullshit that has no basis in reality what so ever. Janet Cook is one of many, Stabby’s Pencil, myself, Jen wood, Beth Karas, Dave Erickson, Troy Hayden, Jeff Gold, Juan Martinez, Esteban Flores, Pesky Varmint and the list goes on and on and on.  Now lets get to the fuckery that is the never ending trial so that Alfred E. can purchase a small island somewhere when this is over all paid for by the nice folks in Arizona.

Alfred E. went to the supreme court. The supreme fucking court in an attempt to put some more dollars in the coffers, I mean to save poor stabbykins from having herself outted for whatever utter garbage she most recently spewed. Can’t wait to read it and I am still betting she said her Daddy diddled her when she was a kid. Anybody want to take that bet? I can’t believe that Alfred E. thought that Stabby was so important that the Supreme Court would even entertain hearing this bullshit and I was right. The supreme court has way bigger fish to fry than Stabby not wanting the world to know what she said. Poor poor muffin. According to my source, the transcripts should be ready by Tuesday at the latest. All four hundred fucking pages of them. Testimony that was used to set up for the paid witnesses that should be ashamed of themselves for even being there. And isn’t it funny that Geffner has no problem testifying in public, Dr. Sexpert also had not problem testifying in public. This leads me to believe that any remaining testimony is a bunch of bigger lies than the ones before. I am quite frankly disgusted with the whole entire thing. A man is dead. I don’t give a flying fuck if there was porn on his computer. Do you? As Dave Erickson said, can we all just agree that there is porn on the computers of all men over the age of thirty and move on? Was there child porn? NOPE. Was there animal porn? NOPE. and even if there was, does it matter? One has nothing to do with the other. And what everyone forgets is that porn or no porn, according to Stabby, who never ever lies, it was not the porn, but a dropped camera that started the fight that never fucking happened. What started that fight was the fact that he would not capitulate and take her to Cancun.

Has anyone given any thought to those receipts from Walmart other than the gas can? Two bottles of sunscreen. Now with the new rules for flying liquid can only be in a certain size and guess what, those two bottles of sunscreen were the size that one is required to have to take on an airplane. Why would Stabby not just buy one big bottle of sunscreen which would have been cheaper since she was saving all her pennies if she was just using it for around California or Arizona or whatever? That has bugged me for a really long time and now I have my answer. Same thing with the facial cleanser. Two small containers when it would have been cheaper to buy one big one. She needed the smaller sizes to meet flight requirements. The one that was supposed to take her to Cancun. Now of course this is speculation, but it is a hell of a theory. Here is the receipt. receipt stabby

Stabby went to Travis’s house to try and convince him that the sex was worth taking her to Cancun. Travis being a dude, appreciated the sex but had not intention of taking a complete fucking whore dog skank to Cancun. I think that she went prepared in case he said not and we all know the aftermath.

Stabby is running out of options rather quickly.  I guess that whole home for Christmas thing didn’t work out. Why don’t we shoot for Easter now, because you know she is going to be freed any fucking day now.

I have another shocker for all you tinfoil hat wearing fucktards. If there has been misconduct in this case, cha cha and Alfred E are leading the parade. So, from me to all of you Stabbyite idiots, eat a fucking dick in your goddesses honor.

RBMD Peacing the Fuck Out!  At least for now. I may be back later with more.

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The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Retrial – The Dr. Geffner is an Asshat Edition

December 17, 2014

Hai Kids.  You know, it’s nice to be nice once in a while and try and stretch out an olive branch and all that happy peace on earth good will towards men stuff.  I do however feel rather remiss as your law professor/Dean of fuckery/Queen of Mean/ possible supreme ruler of the universe.  You will have to forgive me.  It is a lot of hats that I wear and I get them all confused sometimes.  You know, like how some people get confused that they are still 21 and gorgeous.  Like that.  Now, my palace is just a run down old farm house in the middle of nowhere and I don’t pretend that it isn’t.  I owe back taxes on it but you know what?  When I was still normal I worked hard, I bought it at the age of 19 all by myself and I paid it off all by myself.   It’s old, and it need a makeover badly, but the dogs and cat at least keep it from becoming a rat haven so there is that.  I do have a complete law library (my lawyer is constantly shipping me cartons of law books) in hopes that even now I might somehow be able to fulfill what he considers to be my destiny.  I also study science so I can be all Einstein-y and shit, and I bet I can write an amicus brief better than Jenny from the Cell Block.  When I am not busy doing that I have taken up a new hobby.  I am now making tinfoil hats to send to each and every one of the stabby/mormonmafia/skateboardninjafrapuccinogang/juan Martinez is a bad man because he wins/ conspiracy theorists.  We can read their thoughts because planetary alignment or radio waves or because I have a contract of indentured servitude with my in house psychic who the fuck knows.

Here in  a nutshell is what I know.  I will type slowly in hopes that the fucktards that still think stabby is going to magically be freed in the next 8 days might get it.

1. Stabby, your patron saint of debauchery(look it up stabbyites I don’t have time to spoon feed you this) has been CONVICTED OF FIRST DEGREE PREMEDITATED MURDER.

2.Stabby is eligible for the death penalty. Now nurms can write motions till he gets carpal tunnel syndrome and that is NOT going to change the fact that she is DP eligible. And if you think that you aren’t starting to piss off the jury with all these stall tactics then you sir are an idiot.

3.Stabby is a fucking liar. How do we know? Her mouth is moving. I bet she lies about what she has for breakfast. We certainly know she lies about being starved to death by good ole sheriff Joe. How’s that lawsuit coming Stabby? Just wondering.

4.Stabby is what I like to call a weasel. Have you ever seen a weasel. Vicious little things. Kind of like ferrets but with rabies and their period all at the same time. Weasels will go into a chicken coop and they will kill a bird and eat it. Then just for the fuck of it they will kill every other bird in the coop. I guess so there aren’t any witnesses. Kinda like tossing a camera in the washing machine. A weasel would do that.

5.Stabby thinks that the whole entire world is dumber than her (and that ladies and gents says a lot). We have I wasn’t there, and then two American ninjas did it and then not only did the ninjas do it but as luck would have it the gun misfired and the one with the knife forgot how to use it and I grabbed my purse and ran. Because a purse at that point would be so important. Then, I killed Travis in self defense. Because he said mean things to me and I didn’t like it. He called me a fucking whore. Because you were a fucking whore. I’m a fucking blonde. Deb is my fucking star student. Mama is a fucking great story teller. You see where I am going with this? It all means NOTHING.

6.Now she has her brother in on the action. He has signed a statement that was read into the record that Stabby mom did indeed beat not just stabby but now both of them with a wooden spoon and Dad of stabby had paddles with their names emblazoned on them (but those never got used). It is AMAZING how the story is evolving to suit her new idea of mitigation.

7.Speaking of mitigation. When are we going to see some. you don’t get to claim the PTSD you (doubtfully have) that you got from killing a guy. Mommy hit you with a spoon. Poor muffin. My dad shot me and I didn’t kill anybody.

8.Geffner is a wash. He has pretty much completely swung his entire testimony and it’s a damn shame the jury isn’t going to find that out till after. He did however make that fairly large goof and call Stabbykins a psychopath. That would be one of the only truthful statements of the “paid experts” thus far.

9.Juan is going to turn him into steak tartar. JUST. LIKE. LAST. TIME.

10.Alfred E. is gonna go to the supreme court. Bless his heart. He probably had the motion already written so he could get it in in time for Christmas bonus dividends as Christine Beswick said.

11.I am sick of the eleventybillion tweets a day that Stabby is innocent

12.I am completely pissed off at the ones saying Travis deserved it because he hurt poor muffins feelings.

13.Porngate turned into nothinggate just like I said it would. Unless you are PV. In that case Juan bad, prosecutorial misconduct blah, fucking blah.

14.I will be very happy when Stabby is stuck in a shu somewhere awaiting her ultimate punishment, whatever that may be.

15.There is no way in hell that LWP is even a remote possibility. LWOP is the very best that she is going to do.

16.Walmart never loses anything EVER.

17.This trial is likely to drag out well into the middle of 2015 and if Nurmi really goes to the supreme court (and he will) maybe longer.

18.That could present us with a mistrial and that would probably be the best thing all the way around. Stabby gets LWOP and goes away and we all get to start ragging on some other trial.

There, that feels better. I feel like my old self again.

A very good friend of mine told me today “meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy and taste good with ketchup.”     I say fuck dragons.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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